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The Master's Plan

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Present Status    June 2019

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Our Major Mission
is to design, write, publish, and manifest
A Master's Detailed Plan for Waking up Earth Humanity
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

This page is an update and status report for June 2019

The planning stages are complete.
The basic plans and designs are available online
here on Earth under the title of
Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

We are now entering into
the physical manifestation stage.
This is where you come in. 
See the section below  titled   Message-to-All





C S 18-07-16

Page-Content   Page Two   



The Context-in-Which-We-Find-Ourselves

For-Whom-Do-We-Speak    and  On Whose Authority
A Message-to-All-People-with-Special-Talents  





C S 18-07-16




Because the general public presently
has no collective voice in anything,
or current, primary  point of focus
is creating a We-The-People Advisory Council,

As Team Leader for the creation of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
I/we request that you join
the We-The-People Advisory Board
and become one of the team players in
*   The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness

We are gathering together about 777
of the most powerful and most skilled leaders
in the transition into the Fifth Dimension
and into the new Service to all Social Structure.

Because of your awareness and your unique ability,
you are being invited to be one of the 777 Leaders.

We are requesting  several of you
perform a specific task. for which you are well qualified.
If you choose to accept this task and work with us
you and  I and the other  777 Leaders
will rapidly lead all of humanity into  the new
Service to  All Social Structure.

We Want You and you voice, your wisdom,
and your mastery on the Team.
Please find your invitation at 

When all 777 of us work in harmony and as a mutually supporting team,
our success will be "easy as pie"   "a piece of cake"
and an incredible gift to all of humanity.

Contact Us
     Robert Cote'

There are teams almost everywhere
diligently working to wake up humanity
into Fifth Dimension (5d) consciousness

All are providing great services

That is changing as of right now, Today!  

The Council will include both
the feminine and masculine perspective.
We suggest that the
We-The-People Advisory Council
be created and managed mostly by women.
Here's why.

How we are accomplishing our mission
is explained it detail at:

What we are doing is so far outside of
the old, obsolete 3rd D. belief boxes
that we may be challenging your personal belief box

Play with us.  Test our evidence based truths. 
Even try to prove us wrong,
because in trying to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right.

There are two major, positive, joy-filled, social transformations  
that are about change humanity forever:

*   The first is already common knowledge.
     Our society is changing:
      *  from a service to self system run by the bankers.
      *  to  a Service to ALL social structure
         controlled and manage directly by We-The-People.

*   The second major change is also inevitable, equally dramatic,
     only, this major change  is still almost completely unknown. 
*   The new service to All social structure
     will produce co much wealth that

     money will decline in value
     until it becomes totally obsolete and useless.

This raise an important question
for everyone, particularly for the wealthy individuals:
     How do you /they prepare for
     the decline, the demise and the

    The Death of Money
We explain this concept at:  
and offer specific suggestions at

*   We are requesting three prominent multi-millionaires
     Vishen Lakiani~   (Mind Valley Academy
     Sam Ovens   (Consulting .com)
     Tai Lopez   (     )
     to work together and
     be our role models and demonstrate
     how to use some of their
     for an extremely worthy cause
*   Remember,
excess/unused-money is
     money that people  will never be able to use for them selves.
*   If they do nothing with that excess/unused-money
    It will decline in value until it becomes totally worthless.

We are requesting that they work as a team to avoid
An incredibly severe, easily avoidable,
but otherwise inevitable, multi-trillion-dollar disaster.

Thad disaster  about to overwhelm The world, the United States,
and particularly 25 million people who live in southern California.
Find the problem, the challenge,
and its incredibly simple solution
described in detail at:

As a representative of We-The--People and
as Team Leader for the creation of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
I/We humbly request the assistance of
all 777 leaders in the transition into 5th D.

If we haven't listed you yet, 
it's because we are still building the transition teams
Don't wait,  Step up. 
You are invited to become one of the first 777 members of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge

Check us out.
Let us know what you choose to do.

If you are not yet sure how you can help,
begin with the  five
From there, you will be guided into your heart.
There you will find  what inspires you.

Thank you,.
Robert Cote'   aka   Aum FahZoom  

Join us in
Adventures  in  5d  Consciousness~

Celebrate Life and Llove each month
Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove


Begin with The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets ofLLove  

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     25  APRIL 2019





Remember, in every
context controls and dominates its content.
In order to succeed, we must function within our present contexts.

We are in the middle of several
major shifts / changes / transformations.
If we are wise, we will be among the leaders of the changes.

*  Earth humanity is shifting
     from third dimension consciousness~
    to       Fifth Dimension Consciousness
*   We are shifting
      from  a service-to-self    invisible prison
      into a      Service to All Social Structure.
*   Service to All will create so much wealth that,
    As we  shift into the new social structure,
     money will become obsolete.
     Money will become useless, and worthless.
Numerous wealthy individuals will realize that
     unless they give away large  amounts of
excess/unused-money ,
     their money will simply die,    and be dead , Dead, DEAD .
     It will wasted,  and  be forever  gone Gone, GONE. 

*   Literally
Hundreds of Billions of dollar
     will be directed and at creating new education systems,
     new infrastructure  facilities and new service structures
     designed to service
*   The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge~
     will be among the organizations
      receiving that otherwise, useless money.

*   The first, major physical change will be
     to build a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait
     at the north end of San Francisco Bay.
     The Barrier will prevent a major earthquake
     in or near San Francisco from requiring
     the  California aqueduct t be shut down
     leaving 25 million people without
      their primary source of fresh water for two years.
     If we waste this  opportunity,
     the consequences will be devastating

*   The present, centrally controlled,
Cabal-criminal-owned  energy sources
     dependent upon fissile fuels will end.
*   New energy source will be limitless, free and
    in small independent units
     that can be used by anyone and everyone
    anywhere in the entire world.

Monthly, full-Moon celebrations of Life and Llove
    Will rapidly  and almost effortlessly transform
     collective, human consciousness.
     Crime, criminals, and evil minded being
     will simply no longer able to access 
     the new high vibration planet earth.

*    With  Spiritual Awareness we will have accomplished  things
    that  war technology could not do in its
    eons of wars and fighting.

   ///   ///   ///

The Bottom Line:
*   Just knowing the truth is not enough.
*   Just knowing how to
     get beyond the 3rd D. world of
     Cabal Sheyitt is not enough.
Without follow up action just knowing is

Inspired action is now required.
We cannot act  out of fear and doubt,
We cannot do  for the sake of seeking a solution.
Action must come out of knowing who you are.
We take  action only
because it feel like the right thing to do

When in doubt about what to do,
the classic answer is:
Do What Feels Right.

The Context-in-Which-We-Find-Ourselves



13 April 2019




We have already told you that the solution,
The Path to Freedom and Abundance
     is to cooperate with each other
     and to collectively
     focus our attention on a single goal.

Now we are going to get very specific.
We are going to name names and make specific requests.
Those who fail to see the power of cooperation
will simply be left to their own devices.
We will move on without them.

We begin today addressing  those of you
who realize the plight humanity is in,
but do not know how to help or what to do.
Your job is first and foremost to take care of yourself.
Here's how:

1)    Forgive everyone and everything about whom
      you hold any negative feeling.
     This includes everyone,
     *   from personal to political
     *   from fools to intentional deceivers.
     *  from petty criminals to
         the worst being that you have ever know about
     Learn why this is critically important here:
     Forgiveness is one of the two
     most powerful keys to manifesting your desires.
     ( Gratitude /being grateful for everything  is the other)

     ///  ///   ///

2)  Reclaim Your Self Worth.
Learn how to reclaim your
Natural,    God-Given,    Positive    Self-iImage.
We are  all     Worthy,    Deserting,    Llovable,   and    Enough
We are all   Connected to God,     
                     to Nature,   and    to Each Other

All of us have been lied to from our very first breath.
by parasitic being that feed on human life-force energy
It's time to begin anew.
     ///   ///   ///

3)   Focus on  your feelings.  
      Focus on what brings you feelings
      that are  at least one step above emotional neutral.
      Learn Why Here:
      Create Emotions of Satisfaction or Higher~
      ///   ///

4)   Play in and experiment with
The First Lost Secret   and
The Sixth Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
This is quite simple, easy to do
and is actually a lot of fun.

The lessons begin  with
the basic Universal Law of Llove.   
The Universal Law o
f Llove.
is incredibly simple.

   The Way to Receive Llove
      Is to Focus Your Attention on
         Giving Llove.

There's nothing to it,
but to do it.   Give Llove.
It's a piece of cake
It's as easy a pie.
It's as exciting as lightning
And the glint in your eye.

Learn the Art, the Craft,
Rewards and Much More
can be found found
in  the power of Giving Llove.  

Find us at The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.  

Join us in our Monthly,  Full-Moon
Celebrations of Life and Llove

     ///   ///   ///

5)   Participate in your local  Community-Owned
organic farms and Gardens   Created and owned by and for We-The-People   (no government involvement)

Owned and managed by the local community
of those who chose to participate.
Organized as an affiliate of the national network of community gardens

Neighbor helping neighbor
Growing organic food for ourselves and for each other.

This concept when applied collectively
will provide food everybody who chooses to prticipate.
When we begin working as community teams
we can also create a money generating businesses. 
Almost everybody will be our customers.

For gardening financial assistants
See the section  on the Death of Money:
How to Prepare for the Now Inevitable and unavoidable
Decline, Demise, and DEATH of MONEY  


Our wealthy brothers ands sisters will:
*   Fund training programs,
*   Provide tools and materials, and
*   Set up distribution systems
    where you can sell your excess food.
Your job is to
*  play in the garden,
*   feed your family, and
*   make money from the sale of your excess food.
REMEMBER:   this is  community program.
Mutual cooperation is the prime calling.





13 April 2019

On whose authority



These questions are answered at:
and at:
Chief Seattle   The Web of Life    




13 April 2019



You are each  a master in your own field of expertise.
thank you
Pleas participate. 
Join the  777 member,
core, Fifth dimension Transition team
Together, we can easily create our
new Service to All social structure

Remember, the more of us there are,
the more powerful we become and
the faster we will reach our Goal of
waking up all of humanity.

Almost everyone is still  still ignoring
The Power of Collective Human Consciousness.

Your choice. 
Join us and ride the Phoenix on her wings
ignore us and ride under her tail feathers.





13 April 2019

Master Plan  222





The Master's Plan -- Present Status June 2019

We-The-People Advisory Council~ 

The Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

More Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

Organic Food Gardens  by and for We-The-People

Overview of How to Prepare for
the Decline, Demise, and DEATH of MONEY

Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge  

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

The Masters Detailed Plan
for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness

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13 April 2019




We'd like to know how we can improve our products and services.
Please tell us:
*   What you   liked best   about the content of this page?
*   What you   liked least   about the content of this page?
*   Offer your comments and suggestions.


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I/We/Robert Cote   aka   Robin FahZoom
have asked for and have received
a working knowledge of
*   Llove,~
*   How the Universe Functions,~
*   How to Wake up Humanity.~
Beyond that, I know next to nothing..

My job is to guide you into finding
your own version of a working knowledge of
how to live your own life
in the Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
of Joy, Peace, Llove, and Abundance
     Learn more here

What is required now:
A fully functioning home that can also serve as an office.


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