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Go to-Page Three to read these messages
Message to  Dr. Bruce Lipton  
Message-to  Marisa-Peer
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Message-to  Sam-Ovens---Consulting-dot-com
Message to  Tai Lopez
Message-to  the-Q-anon-Team
Message-to  President-Trump

Message-to-the  Former-"Bad-Guys"
Message-to   Those-Still-Hiding-Technology
A-Rosetta-Story   All-Home-Loans-Cancelled

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Regarding the names written below,
the messages and requests are not yet written

Foster Gamble   Organic community Gardens
Corey Good  James Gilliand Alex Collier  Galacic Disclosure
Simon parks 
Patric Flanagan   Reincarnation of Nichola Tessla
Teacher of organic gardening  Curtis Stone
Robert David Steele connector to  panet leaders
Patricia Cotta Robles
Story Waters

Message to those whose names are not yet on this list
In 5th D., when something requires doing, we do it.

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   More Key Players




C S 18-06-22

Antarctic Ice Wall Mystery Solved   



Are you wiling to be the one
who makes an open public declaration
Regarding the answer to The  Ice Wall Mystery

CE-WALL  Mystery in Antarctica    Is Now  Solved
Are you ready for The Big Surprise?~
This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
an evidence-based
truth that will completely shatter
a major, false belief about your life on Earth.

As Team Leader for the creation of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
I/we request that you join with us
and  become part of the team players in
*   The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     Update June 2019

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If you are not yet recognized
as one of the 777-Team
Contact us. 
If you play any aspect of your life
in 5th D. Consciousness,
Join the teem. 
The family of 777 is a Team that  has at least
 7,777 people supporting them.

Remember, every one of us is a primary
If you are reading this,
you are either a primary player or a supporting player.

If you haven't yet found Your Joy-Niche,
(i.e. your place, position, function, what excites you,
what inspires you  into action, et cetera)
that's OK.
Join us and you'll find it.

Even if you do not feel important,
Why?    Because the Llove you carry, the Llove you are
affects the entire project,
the entire Earth,
the entire universe.    
Just be your authentic self.
Whatever that is, you decide


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C S 18-06-22


You call me crazy?
Have you looked into a mirror lately?
The section below is your loony- bin mirror. 


C S 18-06-22




Message to the The Team leaders at:
Brazilian researchers at Dakila Research and
the Zigurats Technological Center

Message from:  
    The Family of 777
    We are 5th-Dimension, Transition Masters.

Thank you.. 
Your contribution to waking up of humanity
into 5th D. Consciousness
is awesome and  profound.

As Team Leader for the creation of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
I/we request that you join with us
and  become part of the team players in
*   The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     Update June 2019

If you please, we have a request:
Would you be willing to create a ten-minute in-your face video
clarifying what a viewer standing on the beach is actually seeing.

A person looking at the ocean horizon line,
is seeing a left to right straight, flat  line
at the level where  sky an water meet.

With three boats  on the horizon several miles apart
please show the viewer on the beach that
the view which he or she is seeing
is perfectly flat  line on perfectly flat ocean water.
The horizon line is several miles long with no vertical curve.
If the Earth were round,
it would be impossible for them to see what they are seeing.

For a detailed description, of what we are requesting.
 see the link below:

The Irrefutable Evidence:
The Dakila / Zigurats research proves that
all the bodies of water on Earth,
oceans, lakes, ponds, etc. are all completely flat. 
(See the documentary video.  (Link below)

The Implications of this Documentary Evidence:
are about to shatter a major, 500-year-old lie.

The lie is that humans are meaningless, useless,
insignificant acts of random chance,
that humans are worthless specks of dust
in a vast emptiness that has nothing or nobody in control. 
i.e.   *   Humans are alone in he Universe.

       *   Non-physical reality does not exist
   *   God does not exist. 
       *   For those who don't buy the story
            that goes does not exist,
            the next lie is that humans are separate from God.

Based on these lies, the Cabal mind-manipulated humanity
and set themselves up as replacement for the missing God.
They installed their agents as religious leaders,
then using their hidden agents,
they tricked humanity into believing that
the church leaders
were the only ones who could talk to God.

In non-physical reality, they set up a false god 
for for those who could see and hear things
from non physical reality.

With  these lies, and with fear of eternal damnation
for not obeying the church leaders,
the evil ones were able to control everything,
including telling our uneducated ancestors
what to do,
what to believe,  and
what you think.

Many people still believe these fairytales.
Many people are waking up to the evidenced based truth.

Hundreds of thousand of pieces of evidence 
from thousands of independent sources
prove these Cabal assertions to be  lies.

In our day to day life,  the  shape of the Earth is irrelevant.
It is the Cabal's false belief system that is being challenged.

Few are yet to realize that for literally thousands of years,
humanity has been secretly  mind-controlled
by lies, illusions, false beliefs and incredibly sophisticated illusions.

Because the  Convex Earth Documentary
is so powerful that its evidence cannot be denied,
it is being completely ignored.

When the truth does emerge,
it's profound implications
will shatter centuries of lies.
     Where will this truth lead us?               

Watch the Convex Earth - The Documentary -
YouTube  1:32:56    First published 30 March 2018

The Challenge and the Solution:
To expose the irrefutable (flat water) evidence
in a simplified way that
would be a major contribution
in ending the Cabal's stranglehold on humanity's beliefs.

The Request from We-The-People:
Our request of The Brazilian Team leaders:
Researchers at Dakila Research and
the Zigurats Technological Center

Please Create a short, simple, ten minute video
described above.

The TLC-Life-Center Team has designed the video.
We ask the Brazilian team to create it,
Find the proposed-ten-minute-video at

Thank you.  
Robert  Cote'  aka  AhhHoom   FahZoom   
Contact us at
      Because my email messages,
      both incoming  and outgoing,
      are often not delivered / received,
      please also contact me by phone.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  
This is a video exposing two of the techniques of deception.

Flat Earth vs. Round Earth Explorer - YouTube 10:10

This video was produced by National Geographic.
When analyzed, it shows  evidence of
how those in control lie to us and defend the lie.
They do so by providing incomplete evidence
and declaring partial truth which supports the lie
to be the full truth.
When we examine the full truth, it exposes the lie.

The video begins with someone telling us,
"We have photos from space proving that the earth is round."
The truth is
There are
No, None, Nada, Zippo, Zero, pictures taken from space.
The pictures shown to us are
Photoshop images that were created
by a NASA artists most notably, Robert Simmon
The now famous Blue Ball so-called picture taken from space
was actually  a Photoshop image
created by a NASA graphic artist, Robert Simmon. 
Robert Simmon - AKA Mr. Blue Marble


The National Geographic conducted a test to prove their lie.
They sent a boat out onto the Salton Sea in Southern California
until it disappeared into the horizon and then said,
The boat has gone over the horizon.
Then claimed their test is evidence
proving that the Earth is round.

Mark Sargent, who gives the appearance of being
a leading promoter of the Flat Earth movement
was  present and watched the so-called test.
He failed to say, "Now that the boat
seems to have disappeared over the horizon,
look for the boat through this telescope
That did not happen.
If they had looked through a telescope
the boat would have been still visible.
If the water surface were curved,
seeing the boat through the telescope would have been impossible.

Also, when confronted with what the interviewer called
Photos form space, Mr. Sargent replied
"Right,   and nobody here believes any of that any more."
He did not say that the so-called pictures taken from space
are actually Photoshop images
created by a NASA graphic artist, Robert Simmon. 
See the Robert Simmon  link above

Shortly after the Dakila   Zigurats video was published,
we sent Mr. Sargent  telephone messages and emails,
regarding the research evidence, butwe got no response
We sent messages to flat earth organizations ,
and again, we got no response.

Regarding Mr. Sargent, there are three possible explanations
for his behavior that does not fit the attributes of
a real flat Earth proponent:
*1   He  does not know about the Brazilian  research evidence
     and the Photoshop images being passed off as pictures from space.
*2   He is intentionally lying to us.  
*3   He, like millions of other humans, is a slave to
unconscious programming installed in his mind
by agents of the Cabal criminal bankes.
The evidence from my 30 yeas of dedicated study and research,
tell me that the third possibility is most likely the truth.

Mr. Sargent's behavior fits a common pattern.
In a controversial issue, both sides
are controlled by the Cabal criminals
The Cabal's hidden agenda is to avoid the truth and
maintain controversy, fighting, and separation.

Remember. the con game technique is
to give little pieces of truth
to imply legitimacy 
in which  
 they hide a huge lie
In this case, they begin with a huge lie,
     (Photoshop pictures created by a NASA Photoshop artist
     claimed to be Pictures taken from Space,)
Then they gave us incomplete, thus false evidence to prove their lie.
The boat seeming to disappear over the ocean horizon)

Now back to the evidence:
In their research, the Brazilian team did look through the telescope
and they did see the boats way beyond the point where
they could not be seen if the Earth were round.
The false claims combined with incomplete evidence
turns the National Geographic video into a fraud.

Who owns and controls National Geographic?

The same people who own and control our banking system.
The same people who are responsible the human slave trade.

*   Why are there no real photographs taken from space?
*   Why are none of these people telling us about
     The Physics of Consciousness
*   What if life is not what we have been told it is
     by those who claim to know?

Need more evidence?  
Here it is in the form of
an entertaining musical tribute to the fakery of NASA
    Awesome Flat Earth Song - No Photographs of Earth!
    Must Watch song from flat earth man ) - YouTube   5:19

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C S 18-06-22  9-Jun-19


Are you courageous enough to
be the first major Christian Minister to teach
Conscious Christianity  



Message from:  
    We are 5th-Dimension, Transition Masters.

Message to:
     Rev Joel Osteen

Present day Christianity (June  2019)
is still teaching  their followers
that human are separate from God.

This is a gross lie that deliberately denies the Teachings of Jesus.
It also denies the scientifically proven evidence.  
The Physics of Consciousness~

Jesus said that Humans Are  God-Beings.
He tells us directly three times,
right there in the Christian Bible. 

Psalms 82:6 <> John 10:34, 35 <> Isaiah 41:23     
Jesus also tells us that anything He did
we can do and more.   John 14:12

As humanity transcends from the Cabal-controlled
Service to self, Sheyitt-filled Social structure
to the new Service to All Social Structure,  
Humanity needs to wakeup to their true nature.

We-The-People are seeking a prominent Christian minister
with courage enough to promote The Teachings of Jesus.

Conscious Christianity---Home Page~

Also see the gospel According to Thomas

As Team Leader for the creation of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
I/we request that you join
and  become one of the team players in
*   The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     Update June 2019

A gifted Christian leader such as yourself, is needed
 to update Christianity  and to tell the truth to We-The-People.
Are you courageous enough to be a real Christian Leader?

Please examine our page titled
A Fresh Look intothe Christian Bible:

Thank you.  
Robert Cote'  aka  AhhHoom   FahZoom   
Contact us at
      Please also contact me by phone.

Joel Osteen Ministries   Contact his ministry at

Lies of omission are intended to deceive the listener.  
Intentional deception  by commission or by omission
are both violations of ethics and morality
and are in sharp contrast to the. teachings ofJesus

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C S 18-06-22




Gregg Braden 
Sara Childre, President and CEO, HeartMath Institute .
Deepak  Chopra

Message from:  
    We are 5th-Dimension, Transition Masters.

Our intention is to

inspiring  millions of people to 
*   to learn and practice,
     The First Lost Secret of
   The Seven Lost secrets of Llove
*   And then each month at the time of the full moon
Celebrate God's gifts of of Life, Llove,
     in whatever way they choose,
     with whomever they choose,
     and where ever they are

We ask you to work with us in this endeavor.

The TLC-Life-Center Team has designed this  project to merge  
two essential ingredients for waking up humanity
*   Mutual Cooperating
*   Single Point of Focus.

Our  intention is to speed up humanities transition
*   from  third dimension service to self
*   to Fifth Dimension Service to All  

Imagine 777 of the
*  most gifted,  
*  most powerful
* most dedicated leaders of human-awakening
all cooperating as a single unified team
and leading all the rest of humanity
as we  all focus on a single idea at the same time,
each month at the time of the full moon. 

Where can and where will this take us?
Imagine, in a mater of a few  months,
the momentum you inspired  will turn into
live, televised, 36 hour events
each month at the time of the full moon.
(24 hours before and 12 hours after
the precise moment of the full moon)

Now add about 777 more of the world most gifted people,
this time in  the entertainment industry.
Imagine tho power and potential  of 777 times 777
 all creating and sharing consciousness-expanding entertainment
for 36 hours each month.

Imagine the power of the collective consciousness of
a millions, or more, perhaps 20 millions celebrators
all focused on giving Llove, all at the same time.

To give you more information on
the power of combined human consciousness,
examine the next section below this message.

Do you see why we are
contacting the three of you
and asking you to be team leaders?

*   Because, by working together, you can provide
     a combination of technical credibility and public recognition
     that cannot be matched anywhere else in the entire world
Because you can spearhead a mass human awakening that will
     shock everybody by its speed and its effectiveness.

Your task, if you choose to accept it,
is to inspire  at least a million people
to focus on Giving Llove,
each month at the time of the full moon.

and to do so in less than three months.

Together,  you can provide
an incredibly powerful service to all of humanity,
a service that no single individual can provide alone.

Your job is incredibly simple. 
Inspire. Lead, Laugh. Llove,  Have fun.
Remember, humanity is headed for 
orgasmic/ bliss level FahZoom
(feel-good feelings)
in every aspect of human life.

As Team Leader for the creation of
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
I/we request that you join
and  become one of the team players in
*   The Master's Plan for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     Update June 2019

Thank you.  
Robert Cote'  aka  AhhHoom   FahZoom   
Contact us at:
      Because my email messages,
      both incoming  and outgoing,
      are often not delivered / received,
      please also contact me by phone.

     About Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove
     Creating a day to Honor and to Celebrate of Life and Llove
     Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations of life and Llove

     Ways to Celebrate Llove

     Creating Llove-Day parties

     The Best Job you could ever possibly have

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Old Address      





C S 18-06-22




RE:  If you're wealthy, you need my services.

Fifth Dimension Money Consultant
Robert Cote'

I am available to save your ass-ets, assets,
to teach you how to protect your possessions,
your holdings, and  your resources.

I will guide you in preparing for
both of the major, money trends:
*   A cashless money system.

*   The trend into the new Service to All
     social structure in which humanity
     will produce  abundance for all.
    This will cause the decline, the demise and
     eventually, The complete Death of Money

*   If you are interested, I will also guide you
     through the  inevitable cosmic shift into
     Fifth Dimension Consciousness

First, the Cashless system:
The Cabal criminal bankers
are still in control the entire world's money system
and will likely remain so, for some time yet.

They are in the advanced stages of
doing away  with cash.  
Then, to further strengthen their control,
they'll also outlaw barter.
Your money will soon become nothing more than
numbers in a computer
that the bankers own and control.
Guess where that is going to leave YOU ?

If you are NOT researching via
the alternative media,
you have no idea what's going on.
Their activities are being kept
as hidden as possible.
For example, are you aware that
Sweden is already almost completely cashless?
They are also ignoring
the activities of We-The-People  
If we don't beat them to the punch,
they'll turn everybody, including you, into
a  money slave with them in charge.

If and when they succeed in
getting  their system set up,
you will have to follow their orders.
Why?   Because,
if you don't follow their orders,
your money will simply vanish.
We recommend that you 
prepare yourself ahead of time.

For only $22,000 per month,
I'll be your outside-the-box
Fifth Dimension Money Consultant.
Call me.  Leave a message with
your phone number and the best time
for me to reach you.
You have everything to lose, if you wait.

Robert Cote'

P.S.  Get on board today.
My service fee is about to double.

My work has recently reached the point
where I have mastered the topic
about which choose to consult.
I am now looking for a business partner.
I do the consulting.  He or she
uses Sam's consulting tools
to manage the business and
handle the detail-activity portion  of my
Fifth Dimension Money Consultant Services.
We share the profits.

He or she must be  
or actively working toward
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Sam Ovens
Tai Lopez
Vishen Lakiani
You and Your Clients Need My Services.

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13 April 2019

More Key Players





The Master's Plan -- Present Status June 2019

We-The-People Advisory Council~ 

The Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

More Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

Organic Food Gardens  by and for We-The-People

Overview of How to Prepare for
the Decline, Demise, and DEATH of MONEY

Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge  

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

The Masters Detailed Plan
for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness

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13 April 2019

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Make Copies from Here

See    promo-06-yoni-dance.html







1   May   2019




We'd like to know how we can improve our products and services.
Please tell us:
*   What you   liked best   about the content of this page?
*   What you   liked least   about the content of this page?
*   Offer your comments and suggestions.    


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I/We/Robert Cote   aka   Aum FahZoom
have asked for and have received
a working knowledge of
*   Llove,~
*   How the Universe Functions,~
*   How to Wake up Humanity.~
Beyond that, I know next to nothing..

My job is to guide you into finding
your own version of a working knowledge of
how to live your own life
in the Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
of Joy, Peace, Llove, and Abundance
     Learn more here.    

.     About-The-Author





Take me to

The Masters Plan for Acquiring
Fifth Dimension Consciousness 



The Grand Plan

Our Mission Plan   and   Business Proposal

Four of Nine





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