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13 April 2019

Page-Summary  1 



Or websites, together, are a  college-level program in Self Awareness.
This section is titled
The Final Cycle Breaker
To succeed, will require you
     to translate the word's below
     into your own personal
feelings and experiences.

This process is about Blending, Combining,
and mixing several, different ingredients together.

We start by blending  Unity /Oneness,   Responsibility,  
Forgiveness,,   Gratitude,    Caring,    Sharing,  
Giving Llove,, and   Receiving Llove,  
To This we add
Global-level, Monthly, Full-Moon Celebrations
of Life and Llove
Full-Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove.
Next, we add
YOU and me and all the rest of humanity.

Here's what  we have when we put all this together:
We have Returned to
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove at:
We find ourselves gliding into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

The process will remove past "mistakes" 
For example, Forgiveness removes karmic ties.
Karma is actually a Cabal created lie.
Be aware that humanity has been
so thoroughly mind manipulated.
that the truth is often very difficult to believe.

Please do not believe or disbelieve
the statement about forgiveness
releasing karma (pay-back debts)..
Hold it as a working hypothesis
until you have had time to more thoroughly understand
Fifth-Dimension Consciousness.

Forgiveness breaks  khold-priki (feel-bad)  tentacles 
for those who forgive and moves the Low vibrations
back into the warehouse of infinite possibilities.
What remains within those who have forgiven:

*   Lessons Learned,

New ways to self-express,
*   New ways to enhance our joys,  and
*   New ways to serve each other.

We will also  focus on Gratitude,  on Llove,
and on rebuilding our Cabal-destroyed self images.
We are actually
worthy, deserving, balanced, grounded, enough,
and at the same time,
we are intimately inter-connected with
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

Now that we are all ready,

Let US begin.

Who and what humans are:
*   We are each an eternal, non-physical,  divine being
     Having a human experience of Earth
     in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Holographic Universe.
*   For each of us, our Soul-Self (Higher-Self)
     is the sum total of our other lives.
*   For an in depth analysis of this topic, please go to

The Context We Are In
*   Until very recently,
     all of humanity
     has been secretly controlled  by
     the Cabal criminal bankers.
*   We are now (March 2020)
     in mid-transition between the third dimension
     and the fifth dimension of Consciousness.
     The coronavirus is a kick-ass jump
     in the speed of this transition

For a July 2020, update go to

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13 April 2019




What is the Divine Purpose for the Coronavirus?
*   The Buddha gift in the Coronavirus is that
it is the Ultimate Cycle breaker.
     A cycle breaker is a technique used
     to stop an old obsolete pattern from continuing.

*   This virus is triggering rapid and dramatic changing all of
     our social and financial structures.

*   Cabal-criminal-controlled service to self
    Is changing into We-The-People controlled
    Service to All.

*   Personal behavior and how we relate
    to each other is changing rapidly.
    Decisions that used to be based on
     "Self-Interest" / "What's in it for me  
     are shifting into
      The service to all mode.
     When we realize that
     my best interest includes your best interest,
     everybody wins.
     This principle is clearly expressed in
 The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

*   With the arrival of he coronavirus,
     the speed of our transition
     into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     has shifted from numerical   (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
     to exponential speed, (1, 2, 4, 8, 16)

*   Pieces of our new Service to all Social Structure
     are beginning to show up.

*   Notice the increased cooperation,
     Increased friendliness, 
     Fewer cars on the roads

*   More and more people are working at home.

*   The internet is beginning to take on
     a much bigger role in our social structure

*   We are becoming a Global Community

*   The concept and the power of
    is finally beingRecognized
community and family grown, organic food
      *  Creating our own and our local community's
           major quantities of food
          is a huge step into shifting power and control
          from corporations into mutually cooperating
          groups of

*   National, community, and local production
     of goods and services
     will expand dramatically
     Oriental sweat shops will be  thing of the past

*   The Fifth Dimension Business Structure
     This new business structure
     combines foundations with  corporations.
     *   The foundation owns the corporation
     *   The corporation produces the wealth
     *   There are no money lenders.
     *   All the profits either  go directly  for
          the service of We-The-People
          or to the foundation.
     *  We-The-People are the foundation's beneficiaries.
     *   The foundation or the corporation
          provide or pays for all social services.
     *  The need for governments is dramatically reduced
     *   This wealth production process
          creates so much wealth for We-The-People
         that scarcity disappears and wit it,
          money declines in vlue untill it value completely disappears

Where will the profits Go?
We use the money
*   To upgrade existing infrastructure,
*   To produce new facilities for production of goods and services,
*   To educate humanity to the truth about the nature of reality,

*   To create a global communication system in which
     every home can access
     a holographic representation of reality.
*   Do you remember the "Holodeck"
    on the television and movie series Star Trek.
     That a piece of humanity's future reality.

Products will be designed to
dramatically reduce trash production
*   Intentional obsolescent will be eliminated
*   Computes will be designee so that
    upgrading will only require minimum replace of internal pieces

*   Efficiency and modular piece creation
     of vast numbers of products will be normal
     For example electric cords will be standardized
     into a minimum number of sizes and only when needed
    Electra  cords will be  given to the user
     separate from the electronic appliance,
    Appliances will till be designed to use one of the standard cords..
    given to the user only when he or she
doe not already have a standard cord.

*   Crimes  will be gone, because there will no need to steal.

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*   Section Title:   The-Divine-Purpose-of-the-Coronavirus    



C S 18-07-16




Some Core Points:

*1   This is NOT a quick fix.
     It is a permanent change.
     We will never return to
     what used to be considered normal
     It's part of the Master's Plan for
          taking humanity into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
     It's an evolutionary journey.  
     Prepare your self for an extensive, learning process,  

*2   One of the big advantages of this process
     is that it will take you
     into emotional/feeling states of being
     that are in perfect alignment with
     the feeling you will feel
     when your desires show up in physical form.

     Here is an Example of where this will take us:

*3   Everything on this page is designed
     to prepare you for and to enable you to
     successfully reach Fifth Dimension Consciousness

*4   The Bottom Line, Forgotten Truth:
Our relationship to everyone and
to everything is  internal,  and self-created.
It occurs inside of our own consciousness.
This gives each of us the power to re-create
our entire world, and every relationship
 in any way we choose them to be.
This will make sense
when you learn how the universe functions
Our reality is vastly different from
what we hav been led (lied) to believe it is..

*5   We are NOT changing anything in the external world. 
We are changing our perceptions of the external world,
and as a result we will experience
a change in our external world.

*6   Physical Life of Earth is a holographic illusion,
In our personal and/or in our collective minds,
we have the capacity to intentionally change only
our own  perceptions.
of reality.

Because Humans are
God-Goddess's  ultimate creation Machine,
this combination will produce  results
that are  way beyond profound.

When we put all this together:
We have a Hero's Journey
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
Our websites take you on that Journey

Here Are the Major Pieces:

Unity / Oneness:
Everything is connected to everything else
Everything in an intimate part of everything else.
We, collectively, are one giant being.
All and everything in one, single  wholeness.
There is nothing else.

Realizes that nothing stands alone.
Everything, including each of us,
is part of a Huge, Single, Divine Whole

Llove is Consciousness in action.
Llove is the core,
the foundation,
the natural base point,
the zero point in all of reality.

We live in a vibrating universe.
All things, all thoughts, all five senses, 
all beliefs, all experiences,
all expressions,  everything is/are vibrations
Llove is the most powerful vibration in the universe.

Consciousness is King., ruler, the supreme authority.
God-Goddess is Consciousness
Humans share God-Goddess Consciousness.
We are God-Beings in physical form.
We are co-creators with Prime Creator/ God-Goddess.

Here's the bottom line regarding reality:
Reality has two sides,  
One physical  
One non physical.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
It's  NOT  Crazy.
It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans 
     do  not yet understand.

There is nothing outside of ourselves
     to blame for anything.
We are completely responsible
     for everything we experience.
There are no bad guys,
     only fellow sleepwalking humans.

We have collected lifetimes of negativity.
Our job in this lifetime is to
get rid of any and all  all negativity
that we  find inside of ourselves.

Forgiveness is one of the five the most powerful
     personal -transformation tools
     in the entire universe.
Forgiveness is letting go of
     our past khold-priki (feel-bed feelings)
     memories  and feelings.

Gratitude is also being one of the five most powerful
     personal transformation tools tools
    in all of Universal reality.

God-Goddess's Creation Machines
When we incarnate into physical form,
     we become one of Source/ Creators
    Creation machines.

In every waking moment,. we are creating
     We create by our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions,
     and we support our creations
     with inspired or mechanical actions.
We cannot turn off the creating machine.
When we sleep, the creation machine is in "pause"  status.

We, like everyone else, 
     are constantly in the state of becoming
     something more/ new/different/grander/
     bigger/ more expansive
Everything is constantly in The State of Becoming.

No Beginnings / NO Endings:
When we incarnate into physical form,
     we step into an existing cycle.
We function in that context for a lifetime
     and then step back out.

Why Are We Here?
What is the Purpose of Earth Life?

Our our purposes are
*   Self-exploration,
*   Self-Expression
*   Self gratification
*  To expand and create
*   To become more and grander expressions of Llove.

*   Each of us has a personal/ individual purpose
    and a reason for being here.

Now, let's put all these pieces together as find out
    where this is taking us..

It's taking us into the emotional/feeling state of being
that is in perfect alignment with the feeling we will feel
when our desires show up in a physical form.

It is doing so in a manner that allows much flexibility
in what the manifestation actually looks like.
The focus is on internal feelings
without concern for the physical form
in which the feelings are felt
and without concern for
how our intention  actually shows up.

Our focus is on benefits, not on features.
For example:  A fenced back yard is a feature.
A safe place for the kids to play is a benefit
"Sell the sizzle, not the steak."
Our focus is on internal feelings and
NOT external stuff or experiences.

In the Fifth Dimension,
sex is NOT simply s union of physical bodies.
It's a complete union of two separate, divine consciousnesses
into one Glorified God-Being.





C S 18-07-16






*   I-Feel-the-Feeling-of-My-Intentions
          These are the feelings associated with manifestation.
*   My-Ideal-Self
          What are my feelings and emotions?
*   My-Future-and-Present-Selves
          Who and what do I choose to become?
*   Oh'oponopono-Personal-Transformation-Technique
          The Master's path to Cosmic Consciousness
*    The-Power-of-Group-Consciousness
          This powerful tool has only been applied in small setttings
          We bring this now to global Consciuisness

          Words of Llove and Joy

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13 April 2019




The answer written below to the question,
What is Earth Plane Reality

is based on the following 
*   Extensive, evidence from literally
     hundreds  and hundreds of independent sources,
*   26 Years of part-time independent study, (1963 -1989)
     plus attending about 75 Self-Awareness Training Seminars.
*   This author's 30 years of intense research
      and comprehensive investigations, (1989-to present)
*    A personal, face to face encounter with
     two off-planet, evil beings,
*   The wisdom to see how all the pieces fit
      into a single, unified, divine whole.
*   Further examine this author's credibility here.

Don't believe any of this.   Don't dis-believe it, either.
Examine the evidence. With an open mind,
and come to your own conclusions.

Earth Plane Reality - Overview / Summary
*   Reality has two parts, one physical, one non-physical.
*   The non-physical part controls the physical part.
*   Humans are eternal, non-physical, God-Beings.
*   Humans are parts, pieces, aspects of God.
*   Humans are Great Creators.
*   Physical experiences are created  by thoughts, and emotions.
*   Consciousness is King.   Consciousness controls everything.
*   Humans are an essential pieces of the controlling Consciousness.
*   Human consciousness
     has been hijacked by AI, (artificial intelligence.)
*   Life on Earth is presently controlled by AI . 
     The hierarchy is as follows:
*   For centuries, Cabal agents secretly controlled humanity
*   Off-plant beings, (mostly Draco reptilians aka  Lizzerdz)
    Control the Cabal
*   AI control the Lizzerdz.
*   as a result,  most humans are robot-like,
      mind-controlled slaves who who have been programmed
      to mindlessly do what they are told to do
     while believing that  they are free

The most logical and most evidence based conclusions
are that the reality we find ourselves in
is a cosmic-level, God-Goddess-created
computer-generated illusion.

The experiential evidence strongly points to the conclusion
that our present reality
is life in  a holographic,   mechanical,  
 god-created,    Cosmic-computer.

For the evidence, see:

Here is the core piece of reality
that almost everyone is ignoring

*   Newton's theory of an external, objective universe
      that we come along and experience
      is false,  intentionally-peddled  misinformation
     It's   a   LIE.  
*   There is No  Such Thing  as external reality.
*   Everything we call physical is totally and completely
    made of  non-physical Consciousness.
*   The external physical world is actually
     an internal, self-generated, self-manageable,
     multi-sensory perception of
     what appears to be an external world.
The Bottom Line, Forgotten Truth:
Our relationship to everyone and
to everything is an internal,  self-creation.
It occurs inside of our own consciousness.
This gives each of us the power to re-create
our entire world, and every relationship
 in any way we choose them to be.

For example, we are
NOT interrelating with our significant other.
We are relating with
our own perception of our significant other.
Change our perception of our significant other
and he or she will appear to change
to match our perception.

You are not changing or affecting your significant other.
He or she is everything from the worst to the best.
You are simply relating to the part of him or her
to which you choose to relate
gives us aclearexample  of this technique in action

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C S 18-06-22




At About Age Four,
I'm standing beside the living room couch.
The seat of the couch is about waist high to my kid body.
I'm looking into the kitchen
where my mother was doing her kitchen stuff..

These are not the kid-words but,
here's the essence of my message
to myself at that moment:
"This family Sucks.
Get me out of here!.
What could I have possible done
that was so terrible that
I got myself  banished to the crust of the Earth?"

I took in my made up story
as if the story were fact and then,
created my own mode of punishment which was
a match to what I was feeling at that moment
Deprivation, deprived of Llove, joy, safety, freedom,
Deprivation of abundance and The Good Life.  
All that designed  for me
to suffer for my crime or crimes,
whatever it was that I did.

The Childhood fairytale:
It was not until years later that I fully understood that 
my banishment story is my own made up story.
It was an attempt to understand what  was going on
and why I was where I was.  
At age four,  I took it into my subconscious mind
as if it were the real truth.

I also took on several other parental, false beliefs
racial bias,    anti sex,    Struggle,    No fun, 
Then Rich Bastards      Catholic guilt,    and the like..

Here's a lose-lose example: 
I felt bad when i was having fun because
"I was not doing something productive."
and anger while working
because was  not having any fun.

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C S 18-06-22




The New, Evidence-Based Reality:

I now realize that I am here
to  play my part in the fulfillment of
Earth's transformation into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.
I am a Master Creator in training and
I am a Fifth Dimension System's Designer.      See an Example

Who / What Am I?
I am Whole.   I am Complete.
I realize who and what my basic core self actually is.
I am an  eternal, non-physical, multi-dimensional God-Being.
and all that feels really, really Good.
For this I am grateful.
  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  

Where/ Why Am I here?
I am here on Earth as part of
a master's plan for waking up humanity
I am leading / guiding the leading edge.
I am point man for  the fast track..
I/We are so far ahead of the people
that getting recognized as real
was a significant challenge

Here's how I dealt with this challenge
Because I'm having a human experience
My Job is to get my consciousness,
my thoughts, beliefs, my attitude and emotions
to vibrate in harmony with my intentions. 
In doing so, I am preparing myself to receive
the attributes required for me to accomplish  my mission.
I am ready when my emotions match
the feelings I will feel
as a result of the manifestation of my intentions,

I get ready to receive physical manifestations
by matching my vibrations
with the vibrations which I choose to experience.
Because my thoughts are vibrations.
My job is to vibrate my thoughts and emotions
in harmony with my intention.

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13 April 2019

These are the feelings associated with manifestation. 



How Will I Feel
When My Intentions Are Manifested?

How do I feel regarding
the energy represented by each word?

I am    Ease,    Easy,     Soft    and    Gentle.
I am     Sure    Certain   and   Self-Confident
I am Peaceful,  Relaxed,   and   Comfortable.
I allow what is to be as it is,
I know what my manifested intentions feel like,
and that feels really, really good.

These are some of the feeling I will feel
when my intentions are manifested.
These states of consciousness feel really, really Good.
For all of these states of being
 I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 
So be it and so iti s

So, as I now can see,
I'm focused on the associated, internal  feeling
and not on external specific stuff

I  enjoying my Journey of Becoming.
Since everything is always moving/ changing
and becoming more / different that it was,
I Am a Master at the Art of Becoming.   
And that feels really, really good.

My confidence,   My beliefs,   My Knowing,   
My Self-Certainty,    My faith in Myself,   and
My  Trust in the Laws of the Universe,
all point to the showing up of
piece after piece of of my
new joy-filled life,
And that feels really, really good.

I am Comfortable,    I am At Ease,   
I imagine what Peace of mind feels like.
With peace of mind comes 
peacefulness,   safety,    security,   self confidence
relaxation,   joyfulness,   Lloving,   being Lloved,,
and all that feels really, really Good.

With relaxation comes body sensations of comfort
I am / my life is        Easy,     Soft    and    Gentle.
I am Peaceful, at ease,  Relaxed,   and   Comfortable.
I allow what is to be as it is,

and all that feels really, really Good

Momentum is movement in a particular direction.

My momentum toward more  
is carrying me into
experiencing more and more of the joys of living
in my fully functioning FahZoom Home,
and all that goes with it.
and all that feels really, really Good.

I know with absolute certainty that
I am  truly blessed.
I hold a powerfully Lloving  attitude of gratitude.
To all who assist,   I say Thank you.   Thank you   Thank you.
I Llove you.
  We Llove you.   Blessings   Be   Llove.
and that feels really, really Good.

I feel the strong sense of belonging
as I and my core team give, receive,
and share  Life and Llove
and that feels really, really Good.

I feel Llove
I am Joyous, Excited   and   Exciting,
I am  Sensuous, Sensual, Erotic,  and   Multi-Orgasmic
I am Soft   firm,    Gentle    Sure    Certain 
Sensual  Comfortable,   Sexually Confident
and all that that feels really, really Good.

Visually, I am perceived as ,
sexually attractive, and as a desirable partner
for sex, for sensual sharing and as
healthy, wholesome,fun-to-be-with  companion.
Visually and sensually, I am to women
as a beautiful women iare to me.
We perceive, see and experience each other
 as sexually inviting, sexually exciting

I Care and I Share.
I  am a master at The Art of Giving Llove and
I am a master of the Art of Receiving Llove
and all that that feels really, really Good.

I am a Great Creator with the ability  to
Be, Do, Have, Express and Experience
anything I could ever want , need, require, or desire.
and all of that feels really, really Good.

I have mixed all of these attributes of myself
into a Llove story
with myself playing the leading role,
and that feels really, really Good.

Remember, every one of us is a God-Being.
Our Collective Selves tells us:
     If you want to be of service,
          You must ,FIRST,  fill our own cup.
           (i.e. satisfy / fulfill your own needs and desires.)
I know this with absolute certainty
and that feels really, really Good.
Why is this the way to live?
Because it kills the old, obsolete
3rd  D. programming called selfishness
and that feels even better that really, really Good.

I look into a mirror and
say  to myself out loud:
     I like Myself.   I Llove Myself.   
     I'm  good to Me,   I'm good for Me.
     I know with absolute certainty
     I deserve Llove, Abundance, and Cosmic Clarity
     I am worthy.  I am deserving.  I am more than just enough.
     and that feels really, really Good.

I Choose  these words as a descriptions,
as  definitions of myself.
I am that which I think and say and feel.

I choose to share my life experiences with you because
We enhance each others levels of joy
and that feels really, really Good.

By Lloving yourself, you are also
giving joy and Llove to the entirety of humanity.
That is true because the collective consciousness
is made of billions of individual consciousnesses,
consciousnesses like yours and mine,
and knowing that inspires me to feels really, really Good.

Remember, you  get back
an expanded version of what you express.
This is what makes the Service to All Social Structure
so powerful - everybody wins, including you.

I'm Lloving and being Lloved
I am ready to receive
I am ready
All in right timing,    I Am ready
and all of that feels really, really Good.
For all this I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 
So be it and So It Is.   
It Is Done.   It Is Done.   It Is Done.

My websites speak to who and what
I perceive myself to be, do, have, express and experience..

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C S 18-06-22

What are my feelings and emotions?   



I am  Accepting   
Accepting is the act  of allowing,  plus welcoming.
Discernment is knowing what to allow
and what  not allow into my life
Discernment is knowing what is appropriate
     and what is not be appropriate.
If you offer Llove, I accept.
If you offer Sheyitt,~  I decline your offer
and being aware of these distinction,
inspires me to feel really, really Good.

I Llove myself.
For most of us, achieving the mind state of Self-Llove
    requires  getting beyond the huge issue 
     called lack of self-worth
Are you aware that the  3rd D criminals
installed a huge number of false beliefs
in our subconscious minds
Our job is to bet rid of their Sheyitt~
We'll share five  master technique to do that in a moment.

*   Oh'oponopnono. concept of 
     applying to any negative belief,
    the energy of
     I'm sorry.   Please forgive me,  Thank you.  I Llove you.

*   Fifth Dimension Manifesting
*   The FahZoom Breath and Release Technique
*   One Step Above Emotional Neutral
*   Creating with Emotions

I am and I feel Joyous.
I am and I feel Self-Confident.  
I am and I feel Self-Aware  
I am and I feel Safe   Secure,   Solid/Grounded,    
     Certain,  and    Self-Confident.
I am and I feel at home while incarnated in physical form.
I am at peace with myself.  I Llove myself.  
My state of being includes  peace of mind
I know with absolute certainty  who and what I am.
and all that feels really, really Good.

I am and I feel worthy.     
I am and I feel affluent, abundant, and  enough,
I am and I feel real, honest, trustworthy,
     dependable,  and reliable,
I am and I feel grounded, solid, and
     secure in my knowingness 
I am and I feel myself as the personification of integrity
and all that feels really, really Good.

I am and I feel Whole, Complete Balanced, and  Grounded.
I am and I feel Likable, Llovable, and a fun companion
I am and I feel infinite possibilities.
     open minded, expanded, and  enough,
I am and I feel full,  fulfilled, pleasing, and  pleasant,
and all that feels really, really Good.
For all this I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 

I am and I feel delicious and
     delightful when sharing  Llove in any of
     its multiple forms.
I am and I feel fun expanded, Lloving,  and Llovable, 
I am and I feel Easy to be with,   Easy to Llove
I am  and I feel exciting ,   Captivating, and
     sensually gorgeous to one's sight  and touch
and all that feels really, really Good.

I am experiencing a passionate, all encompassing Llove affair.
My heart is soaring.
My body is tingling with passion and excitement
I am a master at the Art of Sensuality and Physical Llove.
and that feels really, really Good.

My job is  sharing Joy.
Music, song, dance,  rhythm are part of my being.
Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Llove 
     are great joy for me and for everyone else, as well.

I am and I feel alive, brilliant,, focused,   clear-minded, 
    grounded, and balanced .

I am and I feel Abundance.
I am a master of right timing,
and all that feels really, really Good.

I align myself with all the self-attributes listed herein.
By focusing my attention on FahZoom (feel-good) feelings
I am aware of my alignment or lack of alignment
by becoming aware of how I feel emotionally,
and knowing all that feels really, really Good.
For all this I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 

Life is Good.   Life is stable.
"Life is much more than just a bowl of cherries.
I live, Llove,  and  laugh at it all.

Ease is the key concept in the principle
     (in the  process) of feeling good.
I am  and I feel Ease,  being relaxed,
I Allow what is to be as it is
I notice, then choose to ignore the external world.
All this this  tells me that
I am already in the desired state of consciousness
for joyous manifestations to express themselves in my reality.
and knowing that, inspires me to feel really, really good.

It's easy for me to feel good,
Knowing that I have the ability to feel good
whenever I so choose,
inspires me to feel really, really Good.

I like myself exactly as I am. 
If and when I meet a feel bad thought,
I say thank you because knowing about a feel bad,
triggers my knowing a much bigger Feel-Good,
and knowing all that, inspires me to feel really, really good.

Being aware of
 what I am thinking
    and    how I am feeling
is the key to bringing more  ease to my life,
and knowing all that, inspires me to feel really, really good.

For all this I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.
So be it and So It Is.   
It Is Done.   It Is Done.   It Is Done.

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C S 18-06-22

Who and what do I choose to become? 




What words describe
my relationship with my future self?
What words describe
my relationship with the
Fifth Dimension consciousness man
that I am becoming and
that I am  joyfully experiencing?

I remember that I am always in the process of becoming.
there is no beginning.
there is no end.
only and always, I am always changing.
I am in the process  of becoming
and knowing that inspires me to
feel really, really good.

I choose to be and I am
the  creator, the designer, and
the first incarnated human director of
Earth's Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge
and that feels really, really good.

Our next step is manifesting 
a high quality, functional and fully functioning
home/ office  structure / facility
in and around which I can do do my work.
Everything needed is already here,
and that feels really, really good.

My confidence,   My beliefs,   My Knowing,   
My Self-Certainty,    My faith in Myself,   and
My  Trust in the Laws of the Universe,
all point to the showing up of
piece after piece of of my
new FahZoom Home Training Center,
And that feels really, really good.

Our new FahZoom Home Training Center
     includes the four  core teams,
     totaling   of about 33 fellow self-aware humans
FahZoom Home  includes  home-office, 
     financial support,  transportation,
     garden areas,  the workshop, and
     everything else required to make this a,
     Easy, Joy-filled, soft, smooth, gentle,
     comfortable transition into
     Fifth Dimension, Cosmic Consciousness
And all that feels really, really good.

I now describe the general feelings,
related to who I am and
related to my/our home/ office
which I call  FahZoom Home.
I apply feeling words  that can fit into
a multitude of physical settings

I/We experience our transition:
    as Easy,    Graceful,     Natural,  
    as Soft,    Smooth    and    Gentle,   
     as Sure,    Certain,   and    Inevitable.

Everything moves like riding on a  Comfortable, floating, cloud
     like a gentle stream of well-being
     carrying myself and my playmates into FahZoom Town
     and all that feels really, really good.

The change/ shift/ transformation  is in process
     and  the Momentum is underway.
The momentum is gaining more Creative Power
     as it flowing into feeling  more and more Llove and Joy

I am
and I feel Llove.
I am
and I feel Lloving and Llovable.
I am
and I feel Joyous.
I am
and I feel  Excitement.
I am perceived as  Exciting to be with.
I am
and I feel Sensuous, Sensual, Erotic, Multi-Orgasmic.
I am now in FahZoom  Home,
And all that feels really, really good.

I am
and I feel    Soft    Gentle   
     Sure    Certain  Sensual  and Comfortable.
I have the ability, the capacity
     to be,  to Do, to Have,
     and to express and experience
     anything and everything
     that I could ever want , need, require, or desire.
And all that feels really, really good.
For all this I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 

Llove, Caring, Kindness  and Sharing 
     are my natural state of being.
     The same is true for my teammates.
     We immensely enjoy each others company
     and that feels really, really good.

I feel the feelings associated with each of the above words
     and each of the concept expressed
And all that feels really, really good.

For all this I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.
So be it and So It Is.   
It Is Done.   It Is Done.   It Is Done

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C S 18-06-22

The Master's path to Cosmic Consciousness



This is both
a conflict-resolution technique
an old-habit-pattern-release technique.

What this exercise is all about
It's completely and totally about
making changes within yourself
If you don't yet see this, please review: the above

Oh'oponopono has a long history od successful use  in Hawaii.
Thus the technique 
has a strong Vortex (matrix of energy) associated with it.
It's past use has given it an existence and a power of its own.
When using the technique, one gains
the technique's pre-existing momentum toward success.

One gains the data stream  (the life force energy)
of all who have previously used this technique..
For example, you've probably heard the statement,
"Nothing succeeds like success.."  
This means that success caries and energy field, a Vortex,

More examples are  words like
Mom/Mother, Jesus, Money, and Freedom.
Each of these words carry huge vortexes of energy.  
Based on their long, historic use,
these words have power of their own
So it is with Ho'oponopono.

It's described in exquisite detail online by
Aaron Doughty.  
Before reading about it's use
and before using it, yourself,
we highly recommend listening to
the first 16 minutes of the video linked to below.

@@@ @@
Ho'oponopono Meditation
The Most Powerful Healing Meditation EVER -
Aaron Doughty     32:41
Ho'oponopono Meditation: The Most Powerful Healing Meditation EVER - Aaron Doughty
In the first 16minutes,  Aaron offer
an excellent description of Ho'oponopono.
Here are the highlights of the technique:

It includes four very powerful tools for moving
from old to the new, from the unwanted to the wanted.

I'm Sorry.    Responsibility:
Saying "I'm Sorry." implies one's intention
to act differently in future situations

This implies an understanding that
there is  nothing out there in the external, physical world.
Everything is a self-created, self-managed perception
of an external reality.
See the introduction above

Given this understanding,
we have the capacity  to change our external world
by changing our internal perceptions of the external reality.
The Spoken word is 'I'm Sorry."
To say I'm sorry is to  take responsibility for
what what happened, and
for what I am presently experiencing.

With responsibility,
comes the power to change that for which
I have accepted responsibility. 

Forgiveness is one of the five the most powerful
personal transformation tools
in the entire universe.
Forgiveness is a statement of intention   to  let go of
 past khold-priki (feel-bed feelings)
and a request that parties  forgive and let g of  the past
The Spoken word is 'Please forgive me."

Thank You   Gratitude
Gratitude stands tall
as also being one of the five most powerful
personal transformation tools tools
in all of Universal reality.

Thank you  for recognizing the God-Goodness in self and  in each other
Being grateful, tells the Universe to bring you
more of that for which you are grateful
The spoken word is 'Thank you."

Thank you also  carries with it,  the power of
"It is done, and so it is.
This is a declaration of completion

Llove is Consciousness in action.
Llove is the core,
the foundation,
the natural base point,
the zero point in all of reality.

The spoken word is 'I Llove you."

Everything is constantly is the state of becoming
something more/ new/different/grander/
bigger/ more expansive.

I/we  can use this technique to change our relationship
to anybody and to anything

I can use this technique to change my relationship to
*   My inner child,
*   to change past relationships,
*  to alter, forgive and/or release past actions.
*   to change my relationships  with
     the people presently in my life.
*   To change perceptions,  interpretations, judgments,
     beliefs, attitudes, and experiences 
     regarding anything in my life.

Together, we are using this technique
     to change our collective world.
Full Moon Celebrations of Llove
     are our collective , monthly applications of Ho'oponoopono
Full moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

we are not changing anything in the external world. 

We are changing our perceptions of the external world,
and the what we will experience
is a changed external world.
Physical Life of Earth is a holographic illusion,
In our personal and/or in our collective minds,
we have the capacity to intentionally  changing only perceptions.

The Bottom Line:
Use this technique and
your perceptions of    and     your experiences in
the external world will change.

Change the programing in the computer
and what show up on the monitor screen will change

For all this I am grateful.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 
So be it and So It Is.   
It Is Done.   It Is Done.   It Is Done.

Contact - Aaron Doughty

Home - Aaron Doughty
Home - Aaron Doughty

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13 April 2019




The reason  Oh'oponopono works so well
is because it harmonizes with
the principles of Group Consciousness
In this case, its a group of powerful energies
all focused on a specific intention

The specific intention
is to change our perceptions of reality,
to change our  focus of attention  within one's self.
From old 3rd D. Garbage  guilt, anger, resentment, etc.
to 5th D. Gratitude, appreciation, caring and Llove.

I'm sorry.   
I did things that I will not do ageing.  
I've learned from my my hurtful behavior
I am a new me
I'm nowon, 
doing things for each everyone's benefit.

Please forgive me. 
Let's all of us let go of the past
 and move on into new ways of living an being

Thank you
In this new energy of gratitude, respect, and appreciation.
Your value is acknowlwedged

I Llove you

Regardless of your  topic of focus,
 you are changing a part of yourself
You are not changing the external world,
you are changing your own personal  perception
of the external world. 
You have shifted yourself into a different time line.


Bible  0009
Fifth Dimension version
     When two or more humans  are gathered
     for the purpose of co creating a variation of Llove
     the universal energies are amplifying their vibrations
King Jamws Version
     What two or more are gathered in my nme, I am there also,

*    Bible00000
Fifth Dimension Version
     When humans work together as mutually-supporting teams,
     They are now able create absolutely anything
     that they  choose to create.
King James version
     When humans  speak with one voice,
     nothing Shall be impossible fo them

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13 April 2019

Miscellaneous notes   



Words do not teachIt's our expereinces taht give us understanding

Wi live in a vibrating Universe
Our five physical senses are vibration interpreters.

Momentum"   momentum is movemennt in a particular direction.
Our natural human momentum in inthe direction of Joy, peace, Llove, Compassion andthelike.

Because we work as teams,
our poser of creation is exponential. 
i.e. The square of the number of player  on tthe team
Two together have he power of four working alone.
Three together have he power of nine working alone.

One of the physical sensations in Fuzzy angora

Melloe is the name of ne of  Aum FahZoom's team players

Men tend to be driven by sexual desire

Abraham-Hicks  17 seconds od focus

In the song, It's gettingto be a lot likechristmas.
 decribe your versin of Christmes.

Jazz, her colori d green ike grass

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13 April 2019

Copy prior to inserting text.   



I won.   We Won.   Humanity has  WON.!

Learn how We-The-People won the war
for the control of human consciousness.

I and my team took back control of our personal  consciousnesses,
We took back our our minds,  our beliefs and our behavior
As a result, I/we have dramatically changed
both our lives and oue worldly experiences

Let us show u how you can do the same.     

RE: The Final Solution Has Arrived

The final Solution to the
Criminal-Cabal Problem

has arived,
Learn how We-The-People won the war
for the control of human consciousness.

Join us in freedom, abundance,
and in the Fifth Dimension.
Find The Final Cycle-Breaker at   

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C S 18-06-22




As we already said,  nothing stands alone, so,
we introduce you now to our closely relate web pages

*   The Final Cycle Breaker     
<--  You are here.
I release the old by ignoring what is and
focusing on the feeling associated with my desires


Fifth Dimension Manifesting     Unsticking Stuckness
States of being expressed with exquisite grace and style.

*  Satisfaction  -- Living at the Emotional Level of
 Satisfaction or Higher,
at least one step above emotional neutral

*   Creating-with-Emotions~

*   FahZoom Breath and Release Technique

*   Cycle Breakers
cycle breaker is a technique used
to stop an old obsolete pattern from continuing.

Fifth Dimension Relationships
The Amazing Secret of Fifth Dimension Relationships

This is Abraham-Hicks applying
the above references technique called

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13 April 2019




My job, my joy is to
Make, express and enjoy  Llove
all the way from Here to Eternity.
I Am Patient,   Persistent,    Passionate,   
I am Affluent  I am Abundant, 
I am Enough.   I am Much More than Enough,
I am a master of Caring,  Sharing  and Giving Llove 
I know with absolute certainty that
focusing on giving guarantees receiving
Focusing on giving Llove guarantees receiving Llove.

I am consciously and intentionally activating
Source/God-Goddess's Law of returns.
My leading lady of Llove,
I call her Jazz.
She is FahZoom in feminine form.

Lunch at the FahZoom Town  Café
The smell of freshly baked bread
Warm  soup,  Cool beverage  Avocado sandwich, 
Delightful company
A cool breeze an a warm summer day.

I am Active,  Alive   Vibrant, Enticing,  and   Exciting,

I am an expression of  Nude and  Naked Amour.
I am sharing Llove and Lust with two  naked women
I am  the man in the middle.
I m experiencing
   Sensual,   Sexual     Sensual, Sexual Joy
FahZoom ten  experiences fill the entire afternoon
and continue into the evening.
I feel good, all the way to ecstasy and beyond
with miles of smiles along the way

Anticipation,  expectancy
I choose Love that is warm, wet, soft,  smooth
     Inviting, exciting, enticing, delicious,
     with a large helping of SLD-style ecstasy.

Llove potion 99  is the name of my team of spirit guides.   
My key words are
French Kissing.   Making out.     finger fucking  
Smooth,  Delicious.   Hot and Juicy,  

French kissing   making out   Joyously  passionate kisses

Let's do that again., this time we'll add music.
My fingers and tongue  dance on your body.

As the sun sets we bath in That freshly fucked feeling

Far and near,    Over and Under, 
In-Between   All around my world
Sweet Amour I am

I like myself.   I Llove myself.
I'm good to me.  I'm good for me
I know with absolute certainty,
I deserve , Llove,  hot passion
and cosmic conscious ecstasy

When the seasons change we adjust our style
A hot drink on a winter's morning

I'm Sorry.  I didn't do that intentionally
Please forgive me.  
Thank you.
I Llove you
Llove in for  giving.
If ever there was a time for Llove and forgiveness,
     that time is now.

Imagine my first day home after a long journey.
If I were a cat, I'd be purring.
I like myself, I Llove myself just the way I am
I like myself, I Llove myelf just the way I am

Roomy, spacious,  plenty and then some
Cozy, comfy and quiet
Handsome,  wholesome,  wealthy, and wise,
Wisdom's way
The first time ever
The last time ever.
"When the angels ask me to recall
     the thrill of them all,
     I'll tell them, I remember you."
Peaceful   peace of mind.
The path to joy and Freedom is
paved with Good Vibrations.

As it turns out, My Virgin Mother
was actually a great passionate Llover,    
How about some virgin daddies.
She taught me that Orgasm is
the closest one can get to God
     while still in physical form
Orgasmic ecstasy is the path o parenthood
The Grand Crescendo was followed by
     a gentle  ride on the river of Llove.
Nether God or the declared to be infallible pope
     know how to turn chocolate into chocolate.
But I'm not concerned because,
irrefutable, evidence has proven that
all the lakes and oceans on the entire Earth
are absolutely Flat.

Add more giving of  Llove and
see what all this turns this into
We oiled each other's bodies and played slide and seek.
If man were meant to fly, he wouldn't need wings
   All he'd need is to realize his godhood
*   Better than sex?   . whoever coined that phrase
     does not know Fifth Dimension sexual ecstasy..
How do I Llove Thee   Let me count the ways.
Waves of passion and joy.
Tastes like more.   Feels like more
It was only impossible until we did it.

Jesus told us that any thing he did,
     you and I can do it to too
     and we can do even more
Imagine what we can do when we work together.

The time for Llove in now.
Will you still Llove me tomorrow?
Apple pie and Ice cream

My favorite desert is whipped cream on pussy
I am your pleasure measure meter man.

If I had know you were a virgin, I'd have taken more time
     If I had known you had more time,
     I'd have taken off my panty hose.

Her Llove comes in a delightfully pleasing package.
Time and time again, it's time for Llove and passion.
*   See passion as a picture.   
     What does your passion look like?
     What does it sound, smell, taste and feel like?
     Describe its emotional package
*   Llove has seven sisters, each with her own style.
*   Teach me how to kiss.  What makes you think that
      I know something about kissing that you don't.
*   Fresh strawberry on real ice cream
*   Miles of smiles along the path to romance.
*   Splendor in the Grass
nothing can bring back the hour of
      splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower.”
     Wordsworth meant this to mean our childhood,
     whether it be childhood loves, innocence or the purity of naivety.

Still Another Blessing:
As I sit here in FahZoom Home,
I feel calm and Peaceful,  
I am Relaxed, Comfortable, and Contented
I enjoy the Quiet and the Stillness,  
I feel Satisfied and Fulfilled.
and al that feels really, really good.

I appreciate all my blessings
With sincere gratitude I say thank you.
It is Done. It is done, it is done
So be it, and it is.

Leona Lewis - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - YouTube
Notice her passionate presentation.

*   Can you top this.?
     Enough for now.  It's time for 
     a cool drink and/or some ice cream.

My Top 20 Greatest Voice Audition Around The World - All time - YouTube

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C S 18-06-22




Robert Cote'   aka   AahHoom  B.  FahZoom.
Can you feel the feelings expressed  by
AahHoom  B.  FahZoom.
Ahhh    Whooo      Mmmmmmm
Faahhh   Zuuuuuu      Mmmmmm

Feelings.!   Feelings. 
Dear Reader, What are you   feeling?
"What you are feeling,
Your Feeling God's words  saying I love you.
He don't use words. 
She (Ya, She.   God's a girl, too.) 
She gets you with her attraction.
She is an attraction magnet.
She pulls you because it is your nature  (your programing)
 is to be drawn to
Attraction  Mmgnets.
She is part of God's feelings."

So, the male point of focus
is severely distorted by Attraction magnet.
Less than 20% is functioning.
Women automatically see a much bigger  picture,
I was told by someone who would likely  know ,
Women are  about seven times more aware. 

Echo-Angel-Hillbilly speaks like the common language of a
person  from the lower east coast, USA, 
who has not yet been introduced to
 a more sophisticated lifestyle.
"Them is God's feelings."
is approval expressed in his laguage

As of Now, Jazz FahZoom will be joining with
AhhHoom, Robert, and Robin as active players in
Aum FahZoom's version of
"Let's Play  Life."

Open your hearts and listen
If I can hear/ feel / experience the emotion,  so can you.
Become quiet.    "hear/feel" these words?
Listen with your feelings, with  both the physical sensations
and your internal responses to the physical sensations.

Aum FahZoon 
Ahhh     Uuuhhh      Mmmmmmm
B,            B. stands for Be-Come
Faahhh   Zuuuuuu      Mmmmmm
When I had  put all this together, I began
to experience the invisible part of me,
the part who is guiding these words into a story and
the part of me who is reading these words
Right Here,   Right Now.

Hello, I am the creation machine programing responding to the Feeling sensations of being Right Here   Right Now.

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13 April 2019





Healing with Ho'oponopono (Parts 1-6) - YouTube
Dr. Joe Vitale
describes a healing method called Oh'oponopono.
The program  erases belief programming and limitations.
Whenever a program shows up, erased it. 
i.e.  remove it from the subconscious mind.

When I remove that negative program from my mind
my perception of the other person changes

Joe Vitale Ho'oponopono Healing with Ho'oponopono part 2 -
YouTube   9:44

I take 100% responsibility:
*   for what shows up in my life,
*   for what I am experiencing,  
*   NO Exceptions.!
When someone (or something) shows up,
I am and I accept 100% responsibility
for him or her or it being there.

What programming, what patterns in me
pulled this low-vibration person  into my Here and Now?

By programming we refer to the
thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, khold-priki feelings
with which I vibrated and thus attracted
this khold-priki experience  Guilt, shame, anger and the like.

My subconscious mind  holds memories iof
everything unwanted, including
all thoughts, all beliefs, and experiences
including programing from ancestor
going all the way beck to the beginning of my history,

My job is to clean out all the unwanted pieces
from my consciousness

When  a memory shows up,
notice what I am feeling.
If it's negative release it

Here's the known Library
It's filled with all of us.
We are all Gods (God-Beings)
and at the same time
we are parts, pieces, aspects of
a collective called God-Goddess, One Unity The All

We are the living Library
Every piece of every one of us
is accessible from the archives / Akashic Records

Dr.      Is doing the cleaning, the removing /cleansing
one tiny bite at a time
There is a faster way.  The Fifth Dimension way

Access the theta brain wave status and
change the programming.

Our ancestors, (often you, yourself) had an experiences
that altered their genetic makup.
We inheritedS those unwanted Programs.
Also, off-planet beings have alerted our DNA
Also Cabal Criminals have altered our  DNA.

Our Job is to get rid of that programming
If it fels bad, get rid of it.

I'm sorry because I was not consdious,
It was NOT me, it was my programming
I did not understand what I was doing.
I know now,  I'm Sorry.  Please forgive me.  hank you,
I Llove yo
Let the energy of its existence dissolve
burn up fade into nothing

My partner is speaking whatis secretly inside of inside of me.
Do I actually believe what she is sa

We are projecting everything out of our own minds
What is ot there is a reflection of my self beliefs

Failue is not something wrong.It's Feedback giving inspiration fo rthe next step.

I now create with inspirations. 
That's more than an intention

She is a reflexion of my self image being spoken

Everything is taking place inside of myself.

the extraneous sonds fade into silence
with beautiful music whenever desired

Gender Blending
is the name of
Our favorite Fifth Dimension  Game

We begin with intertwined breathing cycles
Relax,     Allow,      Enjoy.      Just Be       Feel Llove

We play
Caring and Lloving Intimacy Games
We Call the game CLICconnections   and    CLICircles
A few of us get together and
get ourselves and/or each other
into sensually and sexually excited states of being
in which we avoid going through

We float into ever increasing levels  of
semen-retained pre-orgasmic bliss

Do you know what it feels like
to have orgasm-sharing expereiences?
In 5th. D orgasm, we flow into ever intensifying,
shared  bliss, and ,
By going slowly,
we pass right by the ejaculation trigger
and rise 
full-orgasmic-level bliss.

Some people expereince a series of orgasms 
others experience   one long extended orgasm

The afterglow is Satisfaction-Supreem

extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate:
exquisite, jewel-like portraits"
synonyms: beautiful, lovely, elegant, graceful, magnificent,

Relate to self  

I know with absolute certainty
I Am Llove.      I Am Light.      I AM  IAM
and that feels really, really good.

I am   I Am
My Llove is    Gentle,   Kind,   Easy,   and    Peaceful
with many helpers
Like    Smooth,    Soft,    and    Warm,
Like    Ready,   Willing,    and    Deliscious,
Like    Enticing,   and   Exciting
When   Warm and Soft  are also  Wet, Juicy
     Slippery and Inviting
Consider yourself invited
Satisfaction Rating of Exquisite.

I AM   AhhHoom   FahZoom
Welcome to The Fifth Dimension

Relating to others
When I clean up what I feel about another person,
my perception of that person changes,
I then see and experience him or her
as I would choose to experience him or her.

I am separate from my thought, my  body, and  my emotins.
what am I?    I am the super human known as a God-Being.
I am an aspect of God experiencing and witness
human life on Earth inphysical form

Dr. Joe Vitale

Interview by  Michael Sandler

★ How to Become an Awakened Millionaire! Dr Joe Vitale As Seen on THE SECRET - YouTube     1:04:42

See the links below including
*   FahZoom Breath and Release technique
*   manifesting with emotions

How do I see myself?

Note the distinction between who we thing we are andwho we actually are.

I am wealthy
I have a well-adjusted relationship with mney
I welcome money into my life.
I Llove using money as a tool
I appreciate money.
I use money. 
I leverage money
My mission is to use money to create so much wealth
that money beamed useless and dead.
"the soul purpose of money  is to express appreciation."
While still in a world that uses money,
 I appreciate money for what I can create by using money

"Soul plus money equals more soul and more money"
I merge my spiritual nature with its expressions in the holograph
What is my calling? 
What is my soul's purpose? 
What is my Mission. 
Why Am ihere?
Money is a tool which serves my life's purpose
I accept money into my Life,NOW.
I want more money so I can speed up
the rate at which
I am accomplishing my mission

I now have the mind-set of wealth and prosperity
My inention is my inspiration

Look for and eliminate all couner-intention. 
What conflicts with my intentions?
False beliefs  such as money is bad.  Money isevil.
Have to struggle formone
I am now worthy, deserving enough connected to Gos.

I am responsible for dealing with
the beliefs that are now in my subconscious mind
I now realize that I have to power
to change the programming that is in my subconscious mind.

I forgive myself for all that I did while still believing the lies
I'm sorry.  My bad action were
unconscious responses  to false beliefs / programmoing.

I sincerely Llove and appreciate myself.
thank you, thank me for being and realizing he real me.
I am Llove.   I am Ligjht.    I Am . I Am>

Old beliefs:
I question them,  
I Delete, remove, erase and be free from them

How do I feel about all the new, unexpected 
and wonderful things in my life?
I an excirted, appreciative, anticipaning more.

I follow the clues.  I follow the inspirations. 
I follow the to opportunities.   I follow my feelings.

Nervusness and excitement are very close.

Surrender to spirit to the deeper consciusness.
Our job is to get our old garbage beliefs out of the way.
Give up the idea of perfection and just do what feels right.

When we work together,
 we function like master orchestra. 
We each play our part and the reslt is beautiful music.

Ride the enthusiasm taht comes wit a new idea.

Clear out old beliefs about  outreachig.
I change my perceptions and
my new perceptions tell the Universe to give me a new set of expereinces

When an idea comes to me I act on it. 
Why ?   Because it already has momentum in it.
If I wait the momentum fades away

When A story show up, I write it out in the computer
and then figure out where it fits in the book,
Adventures in consciousness

when ideas come you get what you accept

Chidren lear from parents as roe models
Childre become what you are
I cbecame a replica of my parents
Children do as you do and not asyou say.

I want mor money because it is a tool with which ai can do more of what ai ALlovedoing

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Release Technique,
FahZoom Breath and Release Technique

Release Technique   ---    To release negative emotios

Release Technique

This is both a conflict -release technique
and an old habit pattern release technique.

Emotional Neutral
Satisfaction  -- Living at the Emotional Level of Satisfaction or Higher, at least one step avove emotional neutral


Child of the Universe    You are a Child of the Universe
In-Between  The Great In-Between

Appreciation and Gratitude  

Appreciation  - The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation~  Video
Abraham Hicks – Pure Power of Appreciation   


Online videos

🌟JOE VITALE How to Manifest Miracles The Miracle 6 Steps to Enlightenment As Seen on The Secret - YouTube   54:52

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13 April 2019

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I/We/Robert Cote   aka   Robin FahZoom
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Beyond that, I know next to nothing..

My job is to guide you into finding
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Adoration:   To adore is to like, Llove,  admire, respect,
The obsolete meaning is to worship.  
To worship is to hold that worshiped
as outside of ones self as something of power and control
 exceeding one's own  self.