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Death of Money -- Overview

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We have an extensive treatise explaining
the transition from third dimension service to self
into the Fifth Dimension  and, into Service to All.~

5th-D. is a world without money.~
It's also a world without criminals,
lies, false-illusions~ and Sheyitt-Consciousness.~

It is detailed on several pages.
This page,  this overview, 
is one of those pages.

As we begin cooperating with each other,
in the new Service to All Social Structure,~
we will create so much wealth and abundance that
scarcity will decline and disappear.
Since money is only valuable within a   context~   of   Scarcity,~
money will also decline in value until
it, too, become useless, obsolete and completely worthless.

The wealthy people
will find their wealth-created-privileged status gone.
Their entire lifestyle will require a new mind-set.

Poverty, artificial scarcity, and hunger will end.

This will also result in  the demise of the Cabal
and the end of the A.I. bit-coin scam.

We introduce you to the
inevitable, Unavoidable Death of Money at: .

We describe in detail the decline, demise, and Death of money at
The Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge

This page is a summary / overview of
how this process work.s.    





13 April 2019




*   Millions, of
people are waking up and realizing
     What and Who humans really are.

*   Our social structure is shifting
     from separation, fighting, and artificial scarcity to
    Cooperation,  Abundance,  Llove,  and  Service to all.  

*   The awakening of humanity, along with
     Mutual cooperation and rapidly-advancing technology,
     is beginning to create so much wealth
     that scarcity is declining.
     Distribution still sucks, but scarcity, itself, is declining

*   In the absence of scarcity,
     money will continue to decline in value until it becomes
     completely useless, worthless, unnecessary,
      and, dead.!   Dead.!    DEAD.!

*   Money can only exist in a system of scarcity.
*   Scarcity is an artificial creation of the Cabal criminals.
     They manipulated human consciousness, 
     they manipulated conditions on Earth, and
     introduced money a tool to control and enslave humanity.
*   The new Service to All Social System is eliminating scarcity.
*   Other galactic civilizations do not use money.

*   You'd be wise to  prepare yourself and your family
     for life after the end of money.

This raises an important question
for everyone, particularly for wealthy individuals:
     How do people with excess money prepare for
     The Decline, the Demise, and the DEATH of MONEY?
If  you are wealthy and not yet prepared, we can help you:

We explain this concept in detail at::   
and explain the six other major changes that are also happening.
We offer specific suggestions for individuals at   

If you are wealth, here's how we can help you
and how you can help us do our job.
It's a four -parts mutual support system.

*1   Dealing with the physical money part is relatively easy.
     We teach people how to secure their present wealth
     within the context of the pending and inevitable
     decline, demise, and death of money.
     and how they can do so according to their own
     and their family's long-term best interest.
       Excess-Money         Excess-Money
*2   Dealing with the excess/unused- money
     is also relatively simple.
     Excess/unused- money is
     the money wealthy people own and control
     that is more than they could possibly ever use
     for themselves or for their family.
     a)   You  can ignore it and allow it to become useless.
     b)  You can use it while it's still valuable.
           Use it to be of service to all of humanity.

Are you aware that being of Service to Others
is the best way of being of service to yourself.?
Being of service to others is a
built-in, innate part of our human nature.

This is the big Question
      What are you going to be and do
       in a world of so much abundance
       that making money is an obsolete occupation?

       The world we are headed into can be shocking, upsetting
       and for those unprepared, it can be a huge challenge.

     I and my transition team are willing to  work with you
     on a one-on-one basis and coach you on
     preparing for the new world of abundance
     where money simply does not exist.

     This is one of the steps into understanding and
     becoming  a human being
     with Fifth-Dimension-Consciousness.
     For those interested, we will also guide you into
     Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

Here's how you can help us do our job 
       It has taken years of dedicated effort
        to prepare ourselves and this plan for public exposure,
       This page is part of the  master's plan
        for teaching humanity to behold,    and  live by

       Guidance told me "Stay under the radar,
       to prevent myself and this project from being destroyed."
       That meant living quietly and avoiding publicity.
       I became pretty much of a mission-dedicated loner.

       During all those years,
       I have had almost zero assistance,
       zero financial support,
       not even a person for website-text-editing..

       I'm good at my job as an author
        and as a Fifth Dimension Systems Designer,
       but at things like, soliciting donations and
       Social Media Marketing, I know almost nothing.

       I'm a visionary. 
       That part of my job is temporarily on hold.
       My job, now is to show the world
        where present situations and circumstances
        will most likely will take humanity,
       If this project is going to survive and reach the world: 
Support from people like you MUST show up NOW.
Right now, Today.

       Robert and wife, Ryce require
       *   Dependable transrtation
       *   a fully functioning  home
            out of which we can continue our work, and
       *   enough money to take us out of the survival mode.
      Thank you..

Robert Cote'   aka    Aum  FahZoom
1-818-727-0727   ....

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*   Death of Money / Overview




13 April 2019

Death of Money Oveview  888




The Master's Plan -- Present Status June 2019

We-The-People Advisory Council~ 

The Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

More Key Players in the We-The-People Advisory Council

Organic Food Gardens  by and for We-The-People

Overview of How to Prepare for
the Decline, Demise, and DEATH of MONEY

Living Library of Human and Cosmic Knowledge  

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.~

Monthly, Full Moon Celebrations of Life and Llove

The Masters Detailed Plan
for Acquiring Fifth Dimension Consciousness

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Section Title Index  Master's Plan




13 April 2019




We'd like to know how we can improve our products and services.
Please tell us:
*   What you   liked best   about the content of this page?
*   What you   liked least   about the content of this page?
*   Offer your comments and suggestions.


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I/We/Robert Cote   aka   Robin FahZoom
have asked for and have received
a working knowledge of
*   Llove,~
*   How the Universe Functions,~
*   How to Wake up Humanity.~
Beyond that, I know next to nothing..

My job is to guide you into finding
your own version of a working knowledge of
how to live your own life
in the Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
of Joy, Peace, Llove, and Abundance
     Learn more here

What is required now:
A fully functioning home that can also serve as an office.


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Death of Money -- Overview

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Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    



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