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The Science-of-Consciousness



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Giving Llove to yourself and  giving Llove
to everyone and everything else
are all acts of creation.
Every thought you think is an act of creation

Giving  Llove is making connections.
It'salso  being of service to others.
You can find a full explanation of this in
The First Lost Secret  of 
Seven Lost Secrets of Llove

Let's examine several seemingly unrelated pieces of evidence, 
then put hem together to see what they make.
Think of this like making a cake.
Each piece, in and of itself, is not the cake,
however when we put the pieces together,
 we come up with something that
none of the pieces could be by themselves..

Everything I'm about o share with you
is based upon thorough and extensive research,
and on independently  verified evidence.

At first, you may not believe what we have discovered.
When we began putting seemingly unrelated pieces together
we discovered that we were using
the Universal Law of Llove in practical applications.

Llove is in connections.
Llove is in the joy of discovering new connections,
then adding those new connections
onto our awareness of ourselves.

Connections come to us in
oh-so-many ways and forms
Things show up for us as if by magic.
Its called Synchronicity
such as
A cool breeze on a bright and sunny day,
A hot beverage on a frosty morning
Help from my neighbor when receiving help is in order.

Now that we have introduced to the New Normal,
let us invite you to
examine some  evidence with an open mind.
Simply withhold drawing any conclusions
until all the evidence is in.
This practice is known as a Beginners Mind.

Are you ready for some joyous moments?

OK, here we go.    





C S 18-06-22




The existence of God is NOT something you prove.
It's something you realize you are.

I am, you are, we all are
aspects, pieces, parts of, expressions of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

The incredible complexity of
the DNA in our human bodies
tells us that a super-intelligence exists.

The Law of Correspondence tells us that
patterns repeat themselves in multitudes of forms
"As below, so above.   As above, so below."

Because we (humans) are intelligent beings
The Law of  Correspondence
tells us that Consciousness exits at the cellular level  (below)
and that the super-conscious level, (above)
a super-consciousness exist.
The Fractal nature of physical creation
tells us that a super-conscious intelligence exists,

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers
tell us that a super intelligence intelligence exists.
From very human being that channels a non-physical being,
these being all tell us that a super intelligence intelligence exists.
Every master human teacher in all of human history
tells us the a super intelligence exists.
The Cabal,
                    Child murdering,
                       Blood -drinking
                              Pathological liars
are the only being that tell us God does not exist.

///   ///   ///

The source of everything is known as Consciousness.
Consciousness  is also know as
God    and
Prime-Creator   and as
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,   and more.

Consciousness expresses itself as Vibrations,
as the Magnetism we call Llove.
Everything is drawn to everything else.

The other half of Magnetism is Electricity
We live in an Electro-Magnetic Universe.
Magnetism (feminine) and Electricity (masculine)
functioning together
and create everything we call physical reality.

In other words, everything we call physically real
is actually the non-physical interplay
of electricity and magnetism.

Because God in not physical,
logical question is:
"Where does all our physical stuff come from?"

Let me introduce you to
The Universal Law of Holographics.~

A visual holograph is a visual representation
of something, but it is not the something it represents

Now imagine a huge holograph. 
Imagine that this holograph
is a multi sensory holograph. 
it offers five senses: 
sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Now, imagine that you are inside of
that five-sensory holograph.

Are you ready? 

Open your mind.
your are an eternal, non-physical God-Being
here on Earth experiencing physical reality
in a multi sensory holograph.

Your thoughts have created
everything that you are presently experiencing..

Our job is to welcome you to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
and to teach you the basics of holographic life.

Are you ready for The-New-Normal

This way please to
the First of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.


All of this, and everything else
is part of a single unified whole. 
The Science of Consciousness,~
calls this
The Law of One.

What directs this Electro-Magnetic energy interplay?
Consciousness! directs that interplay.
We are part of that Universal Consciousness.
We each direct our own play
It is my consciousness that directs my play
and your consciousness that directs your play.  


3D, 4D, 5D, The Dimensions and their Differences -
YouTube     21:53

The Science-of-Consciousness





C S 18-06-22





Here's where humans fit into the picture
We are parts, pieces of and directors of Consciousness.
We are known as
In other words,  we Earth-Humans
are part of God-Consciousness.
We are eternal,  non-physical, Divine beings
having a human experience in a non-physical reality
that we perceive as physically real.

You could say we live in a
Thinking Person's Universe.~

The Physics of Consciousness tells us that
everything we think of as physically real
is actually a product of consciousness.

///   ///   ///

We are pure, positive energy beings.
We are God-Beings in physical form.
We are extensions of Source-Energy.
Life is designed to be good to us and good for us.
We are creators that flow with energy.
With our energy, we can create
     anything and everything ,
     including entire worlds.
We, Earth-Humans are living on
      the leading edge of Thought-Creation
We are supposed to feel good, ecstatic,
     excited, orgasmic, blissful.
     We refer  all those feel-good feeling
       with the name FahZoom  (Aahh  Uuhh   OMmmm)
If you are living in negative side of Emotional-Neutral,
you have the creative power to change that.
We recommend that you use  the
The Satisfaction or Higher Technique.


I consciously will and intend
the rapid evolvement of my DNA.
My DNA is Light-encoded, Light holding  filaments
Light is the Cosmic word for information.

I choose to move through and then beyond
anything and everything
that is resisting
my personal evolution into complete cosmic Consciousness

The truth is now revealing itself to me.
I choose to pull light into my system.
I choose to oxygenate my body.
I call new ideas and new experiences into my body.
Of this, I am a conscious observer

We are Worthy, Deserving, and Good Enough.~
We are good enough to be God-Beings and that is
as "Gooder-enough-est" as you can get.





C S 18-06-22






First, you must realize that you live in an invisible prison.



The Invisible Prison









People are mentally programmed to think of a prison
as something made of stone and steel.  
Prisons are much more that buildings and fences.

A prison is also
anything that limits or controls
a person's behavior
without the persons knowledge,
and/or without his or her consent.


Let me introduce you to the invisible prison system
that has controlled humanity for about 25,000 years.  

Most humans still live in a mind-control prison
in which most of the prisoners do not yet realize
that they are in prison.  

The prison is invisible to the inmates
because it's not made of stone and steel.  
It's made of
*   lies of commission,   lies of omission,  
*   incredibly sophisticated illusions,
*   intentional deceptions,
*   secret mind manipulation, 
*   false beliefs
*   negative emotions (such as fear and anger)
*    money manipulation,
*    distortion and vilification of human sexuality, and 
*   thousands of distortions, unnecessary hardships,
*    Sheyitt-producing, twisted-truths,
*    fake money.  

You have been tricked into believing
the exact opposite of the truth
in almost absolutely, every aspect of your life.  

The Cabal criminal bankers and the CIA run the prison. 
These people are psychopathic parasites.   
They express evil that is evil beyond imagination. 


The TLC-Life-Center  team has created a Training Manual
and A Counseling / Coaching Service  to assist in
freeing humanity from this  mind control prison.
You can find us at www.TLC333.com   




C S 18-06-22




Deception is the Basis of third dimension Consciousness
There is so much more. 
It's hard to even imagine
how completely and how thoroughly
humanity has been mistreated.

Some additional Examples:
*   That you are separate from God is a MAJOR LIE.
*   Scarcity is another LIE.
*   Violence solves problems is still another LIE.
*   GMO foods  are slow motion poison.
*   Cell phone Microwave energy is also slow motion poison.
*   The CIA and the Catholic Church Leaders are
     into major sex trafficking of children to be used for
     Satanic, rape and murder rituals.
*   The Real issue about money is
      the 1% don't want more money,
      they just don't want you to have any.
      Their real intention is power and control.
*   Evil has run a hierarchy of horrors
     for literally thousands of years.

Fortunately, control by evil is ending.
The truth is being reveled
The criminals are being systematically eliminated

We recommend that you become aware of
the presence of evil,
But do not dwell on it.

///   ///  ///

Why Do You Believe Whatever It Is that You Believe?~





C S 18-06-22





The next step is to understand that we
(all of humanity) are on
An Adventure into Fifth Dimension, God Consciousness.

Please be aware that once you start on this journey,
there is no turning back.  
We  each enter this journey by choice.
Your are free to choose to
stay in  your Sheyitt-filled life and
continue live in the above-described invisible prison.

Realize that shifting in 5d consciounsness
is not a physical journey.   It's a journey in consciousness.
It's a journey into the invisible, non-physical  world where
God-Consciousness can be discovered and experienced.

There are many pathways to this destination..
 we have found that he easiest
and most joy-filled path
begins with the First of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

It will take about three Moon-Cycles
for you to learn the basics of
intentionally giving,receiving, and experirncing Llove
and to learn how it actually functions.

The other thing to realize is that
the journey   is   the destination.
On the way, there are a multitude of celebration points.
If there is any such thing as a destination,
we are already there.

Another technique for a more joy-filled journey
is to use the  positive emotion technique called
Satisfaction or Higher    










C S 18-06-22





The Art of Allowing is learning and then knowing
how to get out of the way and and
allow the universe to do its job of
bringing to us what we have chosen to experience.

Relax.    Allow.    Enjoy.   Just Be.
Relax.   Allow.   Forgive.   Appreciate.   Llove.   Enjoy.   Just be.

find the expanded version of this story
and add a link in the Living Library index

1)    We think of something we'd like to experience.
2)   The universe instantly creates it in the non-physical world.
3)   We feel the feelings of it as already manifested.
      We vibrate in harmony with our desired intention.
4)  We express our gratitude.
5)   We let it go, think about something else.

Abraham-Hicks 2019 - Allow the universe to deliver -
YouTube     14:49
Excellent video on the Art of Allowing
Reviewed 21 May 19

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*   The-Art-of-Allowing





C S 18-06-22

Service-to All---Levels-the-Playing-Field    



Are you prepared for
the decline, the demise and the Death of money.?

What will happen when everybody, without exception,
has access to anything and everything
she or he could ever want, need, desire or require?

*   The advantage of being wealthy will simply disappear.

*   The social, political, financial, and personal changes
     are will be profound

Some exmples:
*   In the area of Llove and relationships,
    the advantages of being wealthy will simply disappear

*   Establishments that presently cater to the wealthy,
    don't give a damn about you
    they are after a portion of your money.

*    Special treatment will require something about you
     that is special because the wealth of everyone is equal.

*   Lies no longer work, because
    the nature of 5th D. is completely open. 
     Nothing can be hidden

Crimes, criminal and other low vibration being
will be absent because the criminals
cannot access our high red ofvibration.

*   You will not be able to Buy loyalty.

*  Services will be given.  Humans will no longer be for sale.

*  physical things in the external environment
     will be toys and entertainment


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Lifestyle Diseases    



The Common cold is the most easy-to-describe  example
of a lifestyle disease.
A lifestyle disease is heavy-duty
khold-priki (feel-bad) experience
that got so strong that the energy
disrupted the natural workings of the physical body.

To Catch a Cold:
We were all programmed to believe that
if our body  got physically cold
we were also going to
get physically sick and
experience headaches, body aches,
runny noses, and the like.

The 5th D. Version:
Your physical body may occasionally get cold,
and what that means is
Your physical body got cold.
That's it, 
Nothing else.,

If you choose or have been programmed
to make it mean something,
then it will take on the meaning that you give to it.

The process of "catching a cold" has been programmed
into your subconscious mind.
It has become an automatic,  biologically built in behavior pattern.
You,   the conscious Personality-Self
          that is experiencing  a physical body

are no longer at choice.

What else do you suppose is hidden in your subconscious mind?
The Ultimate Weapon
Are you a Mind-Controlled Slave?.!
You are ruled through deception.
You live in an invisible prison.
*1   Learn the truth about
      what other behavior patterns
      have  been hidden your subconscious mind


*2   Choose to be free.

*3  Exit the Prison,  go the the prison exit door:




C S 18-06-22

The Energy of Orgasm   



. Why  was sex associated with sin, guilt, shame, and fear
and if acted upon (outside of strict rules)
was considered to be very bad behavior? 
The answer will soon be un-mistakenly  obvious.
Because making sex a sin
is as far as  evil could get from the truth.

I Am / We Are
a  team of grand-masters of
the interplay among God-Being susing
*   combinations of all five senses,
*   Fifth Dimension Consciousness~
*   in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's
*   Holographic Universe.

Robin Aum FahZoom
Is Your Tour Guide.

We are here to share the learning process with you
Remember, anything Jesus did, yes,  anything,
anything he did,   we can do and more.

We have now combined  the physical sensations
with the non-physical (internal)
states of benign called feelings and emotions.

The two together (physical /non-physical)
produces variations of
that  neither could ever create alone.

The variations in orgasm-ecstasy  are as varied
as are the variations in
sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and physical sensations

Feel the Joy that you experience in
something as  simple as giving Llove.
Llove expresses Herself in countless forms

Our doors are always open,  24 - 7 - 365.
Tast our elixir, You'll like it.  
You'll love it.  You'll Llove it

Link all Sex Related  pages here

It can be here as fast as yesterday.
Imagine a state of being that is very pleasing to you.
Put  the receiving of that _____into in your past
 and then express sincere and deep gratitude.
Feel the Joy Feel the gratitude

Imagine the Amazing Fifth-Dimension -level consciousness
applied to Sensual/ Sexual Joys, Pleasures, and orgasmic ecstasy.
Find victoria and her gender of  
Sensual/ Sexual Pleasures, giving friends
www. TLC333 .com/Sensuality-and-SEX-in-5d-Consciousness

Now revealed to all who choose to lear
The Seven Lost  Secrets of LLove.




C S 18-06-22




We want you to add your piece
to the Living Library's physical community.
We encourage you to continue doing whatever you are doing,
wherever you are doing it.

What we request is, for those who can afford to do so,
to find a site in The Colorado, Living Library  Area,
and on it, create a functional physical structure and content
so that you could do here whatever you are doing elsewhere.

There are many aspects of this system that we can all share together.
These will all function within the new
Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
Service to All

We also request that you support the creation of
the mutually shares aspects of the Living Library area.

Some examples of sharing include:
*   Food Production, Organic, Community farms and gardens
    with Green houses in which to produce
     fresh fruits, berries, and vegetable year around.
*   Recording and Internet Communication Systems.
*   Large group meeting and entertainment facilities.
*   Food preparing services.
*   Lodging for guess and clients.
*   Fifth Dimension education, training and experiencing facilities.
*   A coordination and cooperation system.
*   Emergency service faciliries,
*   An intra-area, physical transportation system.

As this area system begins to grow in its functionality,
many will move their main home base to this area.    





C S 18-06-22





When we do whatever we do for the joy of doing it,
We have succeeded in letting go of
our attachment to the result.
We already have joy far Above Emotional Neutral and thus
the Universe bring us more to be joyful about.

Compare this with doing for the sake of creating a result.
When we do whatever we do while looking for the a result,
we do not have the result.
We are focused on  the absence of what we want and thus,
the Universe bring us more not having..

To create something, we begin by imagining
how good we will feel
when we have our intention manifested

We don't pretend that we have something we don't  have
That would get into the question of lies and believability.
Instead, we skip this mental conflict by imagining
what the feel good feelings will feel like .
We are just pretending.
we know we are pretending, thus,
we have avoided the potential, mental conflict

We simply imagine how good we will feel
when we have our intention manifested




C S 18-06-22





For the vast majority of humanity,
the commonly accepted belief is:
"My life will dramatically improve if and when
someone or something in my external world changes."
Then we spend vast amounts of our life energy
trying to make changes in our external world.

Changes do NOT begin with activity in the external world.
They begin inside of one's self.
The external world is the result of
internal thoughts and emotions.

External activities only appear to be the cause.
For example, we do not earn money from working.
We receive money as a result of the thoughts we think
the beliefs we hold, the results we expect
and the emotions we feel while working.

Because we live in a holographic reality,
all of our experiences are
based upon, created by, and managed by
our internal thoughts and motions.

How to Manifest Our Desires:
To succeed,
we must understand, believe and know
that our desires
are real in the non-physical world of spirit.
We created them, consciously and/or unconsciously
by our thoughts and emotions.

To make them real; in our holographic reality,
we must lie to ourselves.
This is where the evil ones who controlled humanity
placed us in a situation known as
"Damned if we do / Damned if we don't

We were taught that to lie is bad.
It's a sin. 
You could even get yourself,
condemned to burn in hell foever.

We were also taught that
the non-physical side of reality is only a false fairytale,
and that we should stay in physical reality only.

But if we do not lie to ourselves
by telling ourselves that what we desire is already real,
we fail to get our desires to manifested.

Because, we are controlled by our beliefs, 
most of us are stuck in limbo.
We spend our lives living way below emotion neutral ~
and thus we are the farm animals of our controllers.

The evil ones feed on the negative energy
that exudes from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing negative motions.

The worst thing you can do
is to complain to somebody else
about what is wrong.

Such talk defies (is the opposite of)
the Universal Law of
manifesting Llove.
and it also annoys and drags down
the person to whom you complain.

Complaining invites the universe
to bring you more to complain about.

The Way Out is by
Learning The Rules of Reality,
(The Physic of Consciousness).

We manifest Llove
by staying above emotional neutral.

Because learning The Rules of Reality
is an extensive self-education process,
we recommend that you begin
with our simple introduction to Llove.
Learn and apply to your life
the first of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.








C S 18-06-22

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