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Secret War   Exposed

The Secret War Against Humanity
                     is now  Exposed.

The Evil Ones are Being  Deposed.

and Their Matrix Is Being  Destroyed






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C S 18-06-22


War---Lizzerdz -Style   



When you examines the human history of war,
you'll immediately notice that
whichever side had the superior technology
was always the winner. 
Throughout history, as a society's technology advanced,
its weapons of war also advanced.     

Now imagine the evolution of the art and technology of war 
advancing thousands of years
beyond our human, present-day level of war technology.  
What might such a war technology look like?

What if it didn't look like anything?  
What if it was invisible.  
What if you didn't even know that you had an enemy?  
What if you didn't even know that your enemy even existed?  

What if there actually was an enemy
that you didn't even know existed. 
What if that unknown enemy
were waging a secret and silent war against you? 
How would you know that you were being attacked? 
What would you do about it?  
You wouldn't know and thus, you'd do nothing

In all of human history there has never  been a war like this.
That is until NOW!  
Welcome to the Lizzerdz art of war.  
YOU are in that war right now, today,
as you sit reading these words,
you are being silently and secretly attacked
by agents of an enemy that, as far as you know,
does not even exist.  

In a war of this nature, who is destined to win?   
Again the answer is the side with the most advanced technology.  
Wait a minute,  
Secrecy is not an advanced technology. 
It's not a technology at all.   
We've known about secrecy since that dawn or mankind.  
How can we be defeated by secrecy?   Here's the Lizzerdz answer:   

"We wage secret and silent wars because they work.   By the time our enemy realizes that it is being attacked, the war is all but over.   Our enemy has been defeated.   By the time they wake up, it's way too late for them to do anything to stop us.    We never openly attach.   We infiltrate.   We secretly and silently destroy them from within. " 
<><><>   <><><>  

The absolute, core, critical component
of a war of this nature is Secrecy.  
Secrecy is not their only weapon, but it is THE KEY WEAPON.  
Add to that, lies, illusions, and deception. 
Add to that, real technology advanced almost beyond our imagination.  
Add to that an enemy with a psychopathic consciousness.  
Now that's a real, seemingly undefeatable enemy.  

Keeping secrets and discovering the enemy's secrets
has always been a part of war technology.  
But, until now, secrecy has never been used
at the level of sophistication that it being used at today.  

So, how do we counter a war based first and foremast on
secrecy, lies, illusions, and deception? 

We've know the answer for about 2,000 years.  
Do you recall these words spoken to us by Jesus?  
"Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free."  

That's part of  the missions of our websites.  
***   To counter the lies of omission
       by filling in the missing information.   
***   To expose the deceptions,  uncover the illusions,
        and speak the truth into the face of the lie.  





C S 18-07-16




The intentional
Secret War Against Humanity 
is now Exposed for all the world to see

The unity of everything will again, soon
be understood as the the New Normal.
We will return to expressing and experiencing life
in its rightful, Llove-Consciousness format.

At this time (Jan 2019) we are well into
the shift, the change, and the  transition
through, out of, and from  Secret Slavery
in which our minds and our lives
were based on and filled with sheyitt.~

We are headed into and creating
a world of Llove, Joy and Abidance for all.

Let us begin.    





C S 18-06-22

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C S 18-06-22




You are invited to wake up and
realize what is going on all around you.
If you cannot or will not wake up and
face what the overwhelming evidence tell us,
you are going to experience a very rough future.

The Bad News:
The third-dimension Earth
is an authoritarian, service to self,
secret, mind-manipulating, slavery system.

Until very recently,
the entire Earth  was controlled
by Cabal banking criminals.
The Cabal bankers are mind-controlled slaves to
an off-planet species of beings known as the Lizzerdz.
The Lizzerdz are also mind-controlled slaves.
They are mindless, mind-controlled slaves of
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI secretly controls  our Third dimension world.

AND:   You have been secretly mind-manipulated
            not to believe any of this.

So, if you think AI and their

is in any way, 
going to save you ass,
Guess Again.

See the Money Challenge below: 

Wake UP!
You are one of evil's mind-controlled slaves.
You are at the bottom of their sewer of evil.
Humans are/were the prime targets for evil,
all the way from the bottom to the top in their
Hierarchy of Horrors

The horrific way We-The-People have been 
treated is about to be disclosed.
Face It.   Get Pissed for a short while,
Forgive yourself for getting tricked.
Because getting angry and
acting from anger.
takes not only you
but all of human society
            EXACTLY IN
You turn away from Llove and
take yourself into more sheyitt.~
You tell the Universal Law of Attraction:
"Give me more to be angry about."

        GET OVER IT.

Personal Note:
When the shit hit my fan,
I was not only pissed ,
I was outraged,
outraged beyond anything
I ever experienced before.
It took me years to get over it.

When Source-Goddess showed me
The Satisfaction or Higher Technique,
I quickly went from pissed to pleased.

If I can do it, so can you.
What took me years,
you can do in a few weeks with
The Satisfaction or Higher Technique,

The Good News:
The old, 3d, secret prison system
is being replaced by
Fifth Dimension freedom~
where there are
NO Secrets.   NO Lies.  NO crime.   NO criminals.
NO Authoritarian control system.
5d is based upon Llove, Compassion,
and  Service-to-All.~

Here's The Future of Humanity:

Fifth Dimension Earth will be managed
by teams of humans who carry Christ-Consciousness,
i.e.  God Consciousness / Universal Consciousness.
In other words, God-Goddess is going to be
directly on hand and available to
oversee the well-being of everyone and everything.

We are all headed for the Fifth Dimension version of
the God-Goddess's Garden of Eden.  
To get there, all we have to do is
Llove ourselves,
Llove each other,
celebrate Llove with each other.

You are invited to joins us
every month  at the time of the full moon. 

The Bottom line:
*   Wake up to the evidence based truths,
*   Forgive yourself, and
*   Realize that you are
     Connected, Worthy, Deserving, Llovable, and Enough
      you are a mini-version of God-Goddess.  

Holographic Universe: 
All the things and experiences that we think of as real
are actually perceptions of reality
in a holographic Universe.

What we call Reality is actually
a single Universal consciousness
that we call God
(Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess).

We each see, feel, and experience
that universal consciousness
from our own unique set of
beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and expectations,
all of which were taken on by each of us
from your parents, our physical environmwent,
and our social structures,
schools, religions, and
The Cabal secret control system.

So, We find ourselves immersed in
a sewer of lies and and carefully orchestrated illusions.
Our job is to realize
*   where we are,
*   the circumstances in which we find ourselves,
*   figure out how to escape from
     our prison of lies and illusions, and
*   Take the consciousness path back to
     our natural state of Being

Making these changes is
Our Pathway to Freedom.    





C S 18-07-16





Learn the mind-chilling truth about
what our so-called leaders are doing today 2019,
to the human population:

The Cabal' killing machines have evolved
from anthrax infected blankets in the late 1800s
to exterminate Native Americans
GMO foods, Vaccines,  and oh so much more.

Vaccines and Autism
Mind Bending Truth Awakening Consciousness
In A Post Apocalyptic World

The Matrix Human Control System~

MK ULTRA & Project Monarch   The Evil one's mind-control machine

The BIG LIE Exposed~    A new truth about planet Earth


Deception -- The Ultimate Weapon   The Invisible Prison

   ///   ///





C S 18-06-22





.Remember the Universals Law of Rhythm
"The swing to the left is equal to the swing to the right."
That law tells us that great joys awaits us.

Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

     ///   ///
      ///   ///

The Death of Money:
Service to All Social Structure will create  so much wealth that
Money Will Become:   Unnecessary.!   Worthless.!    Useless.!
Before that happens, let us show you how to protect
and apply your excess/unused- money
according to your own and your family's best interest
and at the same time, be of service to all of humanity


A Visionary's Vision~  

     ///   ///

And best of all, we invite you to

Take The Llove Path  
from the present, 3d, Cabal~ world of Sheyitt~
all the way to   Mastery of
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.~

Learn, Llove, Live by
Practice, Teach, and Celebrate
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove





C S 18-06-22

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