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Human Christos


Fifth Dimension
Human Beings who Carry

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Human-Christos are Fifth Dimension humans
who carry Christ Consciousness.
We are the part of humanity
that is becoming aware of ourselves
as pure God-Consciousness.

Those of us who are becoming Human-Christos
will literally be
God (Source/ Creator/God-Goddess)
in physical form.    

Remember, God is the Ultimate Everything
When some of us in physical form
reach full God-Consciousness,
we become the ultimate power,
the ultimate authority.
the ultimate creators,
the ultimate in and of physical expressions.

We are God-beings in physical form.
Our mission is
*   to explore Llove
*   to express Llove. and
*   for the Self Gratifications of
    orgasmic-level Joy  experienced and felt from
    giving and receiving Llove in all of its physical forms.

The First of
The Seven Lost Secret of Llove. 


In 3d language, this is the first,
integration of heaven and Earth
We realize ourselves as
the ultimate physical expression of God. 

Learn About the Other Three Future Forms of Humanity~   

The Human Christos Story-Pt.-1   .



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I am / We are refining our art,
the Art of Being a Human-Christos.

I/We are ancient masters awakening in human form.
I/We now see with our ancient-master's eyes.
I/We bring our ageless consciousness
     into our present, physical forms.
We Trust the Laws of the Universe.
We are:
*   Self-Confident,
*  Self-Reliant,
*   Self-Lloved,
*   Self-Accepting,
*   Self-Exploring,
*   Self Expressing,
*   Self-Pleasing,
*   Self-Gratifying,
     and intimately interconnected with All That Is.

We trust ourselves.
We trust each other.

We see and hold
     God-Goddess's perspective of what we see.
The same God-Goddess-perspective
     applies to our other five senses,
     Hearing,   Feeling,   Smelling,   Tasting,   and   Knowing.
     Just knowing is called, Intuition.

We translate the Grander system so that
     other's may see it and make it their own

We are made of Consciousness.
We are made of Llove.
We are living, physical  expressions
     of thoughts and emotions.
We are multi-dimensional beings.
What we think of as mind is actually
    an invisible (to human eyes) perceiver of Divine Light.

     is the thoughts with emotions
     that seem to just show up)
Intuition is one of the avenues by which
     we expand our God-Consciousness

We empower our physical selves
     by joining, by connecting
     Masculine-Logic  (electric)
    Feminine-Feelings  (Magnetic).
From The Physics of Consciousness perspective,
     Sensual, Sexual, Llove Union
     is combining the energies
     of electricity and amsgnatism.
Together, we are  the energy of Cosmic Creation.

Human Consciousness,
     in partnership with
     Gaia, Sacred mother ,Earth,
     and with the contributions from
     several advanced civilizations,
     such a the Essassani and the Pelaidains.

When I looked closely at my old, personal, 3d, rules book,
     I discovered,  I m the author,
     But here's the real kicker.
98% of my rules were copied from somebody else.

May the Goddess giggle our bells , today

The Human Christos Story-Pt.-2









C S 18-06-22



C S 18-06-22


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       Humans Who Carry 5d-Christ-Consciousness

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      HumanChristos is the name for human beings who have brought God-Consciousness into their human bodies.

       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  

Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.

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