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The Ultimate

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Page Content  t.   



We explain our response When-Llove-Is-Attacked.

Then we show you The-Llove-Path-to-Freedom-and-Abundance

We'll show you why harming others
is a function of ignorance. 

Perhaps you will recall the last words of Jesus:
"Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do." 

Then we teach you The-Universal-Principle-Called-Game  

We show you the path

And finally, we share how




C S 18-06-22





 The Problem  aka   The Challenge:

We do not usually think of Llove as a weapon, however,
when facing the potential of being attacked,
Llove is the ultimate, unbeatable weapon.

This page will explain this principle
and we will then walk you through the application process

The Present Circumstances  
The Context in which we find ourselves
We, Earth-Humans are under attack by the forces of evil
They violate Source/ Creator's Prime Directive;
Thou Shall NOT Violate!

They are Vampires / Parasites
They produce nothing and take everything they  can get 
with absolutely no concern for anything except themselves.
They are a giant version of a disease.

They are attempting to destroy most of humanity,
except those they keep as
slave laborers, sex slaves, and
as victims of their satanic, rape,  torture, and murder rituals.

Our job is to eliminate them.
to free each and every one of us
who choose to be part of
Earth Humanity's new Service to All Social Structure.

Awareness is the first tool required
Learning is everybody's job
Let's examine the Llove process.
If you are wise, you will want to
play The Llove Game and
participate in Service to All.   





C S 18-06-22





We are here to help you remember that
Llove is the Easy  way, (God's way)
to Freedom and Abundance.

The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove
examines and explains The Llove Principle
so that all can  understand.

The Llove Principle:
     "The way to Receive Llove
            Is to focus your attention on
                   Giving Llove"

Let's look into what happens
when you focus on giving Llove.
For an example, imagine if all of us decided to participate in
an experiment to see what happens
when we all give Llove at the same time.
That's already been done.
To see how We-The-People re putting this principle int  action go here.~

Remember, Llove includes caring, sharing compassion,
forgiveness, and much more.
Love in action takes thousands of forms,
including sharing great sensual and sexual  pleasures.  
See our commitment to Llove in Action~

Every giver requires a receiver,
Thus, receiving Llove must grow to match the giving of Llove.
As The Universal Law of Returns tells us,
As a  result of  giving Llove, we begin receiving more Llove.  
When we receive more Llove, we have more Llove to give.

Remember, Llove takes thousands of forms.
You  can see that in The Sixth Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.

And, Our focus on Love brings us even more Llove.
We can stay in this "Joy-Circle-Cycle" as long as
we can keep our focus of attention
at least one step above Emotional Neutral.
See the universal principle called,
Living at the Emotional Level of Satisfaction or Higher

You soon notice that everybody is
feeling more connected with their fellow humans
Like in the early western USA  -- Barn Raising.
Like a heightened sense of community
This is the process through which
Unity replaces Separation.

We notice that Llove, compassion and gratitude
Are also growing.
This process is taking us into the Universal Law of Unity
and exposes and eliminates  Evil's lie called separation,
The truth is 
*   Unity with God,
*   Unity with  our 7 billion neighbors, and
*   Unity with Sacred Mother Nature.

Imagine much more cooperation 
Imagine the abundance we can and will create
when we cooperate. 
This is the process where
Cooperation  ( Service to All)  replaces Completion.  
The need for theft and violence fades.

Focus shifts  to creating abundance for all.
Service to All~    Replaces    Service to Self

This shifts our world out of scarcity consciousness and
into collective focus on wealth and abundance.
Everybody wins.
Everybody' personnel wealth and well-being expands.
This is the process where
Abundance replaces Scarcity.     

The  need for theft and violence is now dead.

The need for money fades and soon dies.
We soon realize that this
simple acts of giving Llove has replaced
The Three Pillars of Evil.
Separation,   Scarcity,   and   Competition
get replaced by
Unity   Abundance   and   Cooperation.

Here's the bottom line:
When we focus on giving Llove,
we receive Love and we also vibrate so high that
the evil ones can no longer reach us.

The results is that
the Earth Pathological, Parasitic Vampires
can no longer exist in our reality.
Llove has replaced evil.

The Earth Parasites and their three control tools
separation, scarcity, and completion (i.e. Violence)
have faded into non existence.  

We celebrate THE DEATH OF MONEY.

Remember the Law of Returns.
"We get back  according what we gave out."
With Lloving ourselves and Lloving each other,
we have defeated an entire deadly violent evil empire.

Have  you noticed how  Llove, Truth, and Beauty
have replaced  hate, lies , and ugliness?

Are you  beginning to realize that humans are Great Creators?
There is much more to this story, but that's it for now.   





C S 18-06-22





The Three Primary Laws of War:

***One    The side with the most advanced technology always wins.  
***Two    Know your enemy, your adversary.  
***Three   Understand the context in which you are functioning.   

The evidence points to the conclusion that
those who physically direct the wars in this galaxy
function by way of third dimension consciousness.
Thus they are basically ignorant.  
They do not know their is a better way and a simpler way
to eliminate an enemy.   

They may know Law of War number One,
what they do
tells us one of two thing:,
Either they are mind manipulated and
are functioning under someone else's control or
that they, themselves,  don't know
the second and third Laws  of War .

***   The third-Dimension, War peddlers  ignore
the four  basic rules of reality.  
The Law of Unity          
Humans are God-Beings.    
We live in a Holographic Universe    
Humans are Great creators.   

With a huge amount of powerful, negative emotion,
         they fight what they say they don't want.   
they violate
         The Universal Law of Returns
         They gat back what they put out
The Law of Returns,      aka      The Law of Attraction
tells us that

***   They are attempting to fix the problem with
         the same level of consciousness that created the problem.  

***   Past focus has been focused of treating the symptoms
        and ignoring the root cause.   

***   Pre-planning called prevention was and still is  absent.  
         Pre-planning is to move the planet population's
          rate of vibration (level of consciousness) so high 
          that the planet becomes invisible to the evil ones. 

***   They allowed planet Earth to be devastated
         to the brink of human extinction
         before they took action, and
         they only took action when it was obvious
         that their own asses were on the line.    

These warrior peddlers obviously possess  huge amounts of
third dimension intellectual and technological capacity, but
the evidence tell us that they possess
all but ZERO
Fifth Dimension Spiritual God-Power. 






C S 18-06-22





Living a human life
is based on the same, basic structure
that applies to playing any game.  
Playing cards,    playing chess,    playing golf,
playing baseball,    basketball,    Football,
each and very game has specific set of
rules, principles, and actions that apply. 
Those who know the rules
and also know when ,where, and how to apply them
live happy, joy-filed lives.

So it is with life.   
Because life functions on The Game Principle,
let's let's examine human life as if it were a game.

Are You ready?   Here we go.
We have recently made some very startling discoveries. 
Life is not what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.   

You and I and everybody else have been 
(and most people still are ) 
making critical, irreversible, life-altering decisions
based on false, incomplete, and/or
intentionally deceptive information.  

We now have the knowledge and
the power to change that.  
By learning the laws and principles
of the game called human life
and then applying them to your life.

You are now hereby INVITED to enter
Self-Awareness University.
Stick your toe in our  pool of  Llove
and feel  what Llove feels like.
Then stay or leave, as you choose.

Are you ready?  Good.   Let's go.





C S 18-07-16




The Cosmic Context:
Here is what the evidence and the circumstances  tell us
is  the most prevalent scenario.

We live in a universe that functions
by a very strict set of rules.  
not strict in the sense do it my way or else,
but strict in the sense that they never vary.
They apply to everyone without any exceptions.

The Cosmic Context Is God-Goddess's context
It is based on Llove, Compassion, Caring, Sharing

The Planet Earth Context:
Planet Earth was originally designed by Source/ Creator to be
a physical expression of God-Goddess-Consciousness.
You, me and all humans were
to be given God-Goddess-Consciousness
while living in physical earth bodies.
As an experiment, Earth humans were given complete free will
and the Earth was also declared to be a Free-Will Planet.

Evil beings discovered Planet Earth and
by force and violence at almost unimaginable scale,
they stole control of Earth
and turned it into a slave planet.

God-Goddess chose not to interfere.
Evil has been allowed to control Earth
for about 30,000 years
Here's the present Earth Context.

Evil has gotten so rotten
so despicable an disgusting  and so destructive
it threatened to contaminates the entire Galaxy.
Source/ Creator has now stepped in to cleanup the mess.

Here's where you and I
and the rest of humanity fit into the picture.
Most humans  are presently (2018)
unconscious, mind controlled slaves,
Most  people are tapped in an invisible prison,
but they do not yet know it,

The first step in getting out of prison
is for us to wake up to the realization that
we are in a prison.
That's  why many of us chose to come to Earth
We are part of God-Godess's cleanup crew.

Now, we'll show you how
Llove is the ultimate power,
how Llove is he  Ultimate Weapon of War.    





C S 18-07-16




We teach/ guide people regarding
how to receive Llove (love) and abundance
in  every aspect of their lives and at the same time,
to be of service all.  
Let us give you the answer and
then explain what happens when you actually
follow this simple technique
    The Way to receive Llove
          is to Focus your attention on
               giving Llove.

When you apply the Universal Law of returns
to the concept we call Llove
you have found
*   the magic bullet that kills the Cabal,
*   The Fifth Dimension's Llove potion 99,
*   The ignored teachings of Jesus,
*   The Elixir for a Life of Llove,
*   The Holly Grail
*   and The Ultimate weapon of war
          Llove is not really a weapon, its power simply
          Connects us to
                <>   Ourselves,
                <>   Our seven billion neighbors and to
                <>   Source Creator/ God-Goddess.

When we realize that we are God-Beings,
that we are parts, pieces,
physical representations of,
and physical expressions of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess,
we also realize our invincibility 
and our ability to cancel the power of any  and all evil beings

     "When you study, learn, and live by
       The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove,
       all your concerns and challenges
       will be resolved 
       with the grace and ease
       with which
       water flows down hill."

We invite you to prove us wrong.
We encourage and request
that you try prove us wrong.
We Challenge you to  prove us wrong


Because in attempting
to prove us wrong,
you will prove us right. 

Wake-up World.!
Blessings.  Be Llove.
       Robert Cote'     and     Robin  Aum FahZoom     





C S 18-06-22





Evil's war strategy has changed dramatically
in the last  few years

vil's former secret secret war
(infiltrate and destroy from within)
 is now an open no-hold-bared attack on humanity.

We-The-People have been working
with no power of Cooperation
with no mutual support and
withno single point focus
that left us losing and losing . . .   and losing some more.

Thus, a new strategy is required .of us.
Find the new strategy at:






We-The-People outnumber those intent on enslaving us
by about a million to one.

Then WHY are we such a bunch of losers
BECAUSE we have no collective strategy,
no plan,
no mutual support network, NO nothing.
and we and we ask for money from our fellow light-workers
instead af asking ,  What do you need?  How can I help.

Presently, everybody is working independently
with very little support between the independent teams
That's loser strategy.

Every major accomplishment on the entire planet
has been the result of team effort
 usually several teams working in unison.

Set up a light-worker, mutual support system

<><><><>   <><><><>
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*   Section Address:     ..     .......





C S 18-06-22

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The Ultimate Weapon
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       Llove Is Not a Four-Letter Word   

Llove,  Freedom,  and  Consciousness  are the three keys of Creation.  
Whatever the question is, Llove is always part of the answer.    




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Survival is their main driver. 
They live in fear that they will cease to exist.
They have no existence without something
to give them Life-force energy.
So they steal out of fear
They exist only in someone else's Consciousness

foolish enough to take on the ultimate power in th universe.  t
That power is known as Llove and as  God

They violate
The Prime Directive:
Thou Shall NOT Violate!

So, now, that they have been exposed,
the Law of returns gives back to them
what they put out  they cease to exist.