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TLC-Life-Center is a meta-religion, inside-of-God, spiritually focused organization that transcends churchianity 
and religiosity.   We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal connection to Source/Creator/God.   Our goals
include creating Personal freedom,  Financial Freedom, and Enlightened Consciousness for all   

Eden   or   Cosmic  Titanic

Your Choice ?

Welcome to TLC333.com
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Illusion Busters

For Whom do you Speak 

And on Whose Authority






We speak for the plants, the birds and the animals; 
for the whales, the seals and the eagles; 
for the children and grand children as yet unborn; 
and for the billions of humans on this planet
who have no spokesperson.  

We speak for the ignorant, the unschooled, and the naive.  
We speak for Planet Earth as a living being
and for the 1.7 million different species
that share it with us.  
That is for whom we speak!  


We speak with the authority of
Llove, Truth, and Beauty
which know no authorities other than themselves.  

We speak in the name of
Compassion, Caring, Joy Peace, Harmony,
and in the name of all the FahZoom (feel good ) feelings
that defy words and can only be experienced

We speak in time and in timelessness.  
We speak the Wisdom of the Ages. 







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