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Lizzerdz Team Theory



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The Lizzerdz Team Theory offered to you on this page
is weird, bizarre, all but unbelievable,
however, the probability of this theory being correct
is supported by overwhelming evidence.  

Update  October 19 2020
It's been six years since this page was originally written....
The theory is no longer a  theory. 
The circumstantial evidence is now overwhelming.

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According to the Newtonian perspective:
There is a single fixed, static, objective world.
It's made out of physical stuff
and we come along and experience it.  

When we look for the source of
our collective social problems
from the traditional perspective of Newtonian physics,
several thousand things, situations, circumstances,
beliefs, actions, laws, regulations, and the like 
make absolutely no sense.  

Let's look at these same, thousands of things
from the scientifically proven perspective that:   
***   the world is made of energy,  
***   That energy is controlled by consciousness, 
***   That we live in a holographic universe,  
and from the perspective that
the Lizzerdz Team Theory  is actually correct,

From that perspective,every single one of these problems,
Without Exception, make absolute and perfect sense.  
We may not like what we see, feel, or experience,
but they fit perfectly into the Lizzerdz Team theory.   

Remember, a context dominates and controls its content.  
In the Newtonian context,
the world as we know it
is insanity at its worst.  

In the context that we live in a holographic universe
that  is dominated and controlled
by the Lizzerdz Team
everything (whether we like it or not)
make absolute perfect sense.  

The bottom line is that
the human species is being attacked
in a secret and silent war
by an off-planet species of beings whose intentions are:  

***   To alter the Earth's ecosystem to suite themselves,  
***   To murder almost seven billion humans,  
***   To keep about half a billion mindless humans,
         as food and as slaves to do their labor,  
***   To keep a supply of humans to torture
        and then eat the negative energy of their  pain, and   
***   To keep a supply of human as sacrificial animals
         that they can torture and murder in their satanic rituals. 

<><><>   <><><> 
Is this theory so bizarre that it borders on the unbelievable? 
       Yes, absolutely!    
Is it also evidence-base truth?    
       Yes, absolutely!   



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Page Summary     

Lizzerdz Team Theory      

How to Control the Human Population     

The Lizzerdz Team and Their Hidden Agenda   


(o)>   War  --  Lizzerdz Style    

(o)>   The Lizzerdz/Cabal  Secret Corporate Control System       

(o)>   How the Lizzerdz Function on Earth       

(o)>   Who Is in Control?   Who Owns What?        


(o)>   Responding to People with a Psychopathic Personality    

(o)>   The Cosmological Trump Card      

(o)>   The Lizzerdz Lies      

(o)>   The Four Major Lizzerdz Lies    


(o)>   Additional Supporting Lizzerdz Lies    

(o)>   Creating Conflicts      

(o)>   The Fungus Among Us       

(o)>   Example of Lizzerdz Intentional Destruction    


(o)>   How to get Rid of the Lizzerdz         





Lizzerdz Team Theory


The Lizzerdz Team Theory is so bizarre and so outlandish that it borders on the impossible.   However, the scientific evidence clearly indicates that it is possible, and unfortunately, an examination of the Earthly, physical evidence indicates that it has a very high probability of being true.  

According to this theory, a species of non-human beings took control of planet Earth about 30,000 years ago.   They come from and live in the invisible 95% of the known universe that scientists call Dark Energy and Dark Matter.  They are invisible to us because they vibrate at a frequency that is just outside of the frequencies visible to human senses.  

Thousands of years ago, they altered the DNA of our ancestors from a twelve-strand DNA to a two-strand DNA.  They did this so that humans would vibrate at a much lower rate of vibration - a rate of vibration that they use as food.   Remember, from a scientific perspective, food is simply a source of energy that allows bodies to move.

They also created a small, select group of humans with Lizzerdz characteristics.   The DNA of these beings is such that in appearance, they appear as normal humans, but in their behavior they are what we call Criminal Psychopaths.   These beings are known as the Cabal.   Today, the Cabal control the Earth for the Lizzerdz in exchange for wealth and other special privileges.

The Lizzerdz intention was and still is to feed off of the energy that radiates from a human being who is experiencing negative emotions like fear, hate, and anger.  They create emotional chaos in humans and in human society in order to feed themselves.   

Because they use secrecy, lies, illusions and psychological manipulation of consciousness to control us, the vast portion of humans have no idea that they are being used and manipulated.  

We are their unconscious, mind-manipulated slaves.   We are controlled by lies, illusions, intentional deceptions, and false beliefs.   We live in an invisible prison.   You can deny this, however, you need to realize that you've been mind manipulated to consider this to be impossible and to ignore it.   You've been programmed to stop listening under threat possibly loosing your faith and then spending eternity of damnation in hell forever.

We've also been taught to believe that we live in a single, objective, external, physical universe that we come along and experience.  We've been taught that this single objective, physical universe is the sum-total of reality  --  that there is nothing else.   We have been taught to believe that the way things are is the way they will continue to be.   We've been taught that changes are made by manipulating physical stuff.   All this is false!    

The truth is:

You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a single unified whole.  

We are all 
***   Eternal  
***   Invisible  
(to the human eyes),
***   Non-physical,
***   Multi-dimensional,
***   Self-aware,
***   Divine beings
  (having a)
***   Human experience
  (in a)
***   Physical body,
***   Here on Earth  
 (in a)
***  holographic universe.  

Our individual consciousness is part of a collective consciousness.   Our Holographic experiences are all observer-created  and  observer controlled

We are extensions of -- aspects of -- sparks of --
holographic images of  -- Source/ Creator/ God.   

We have been mind-manipulated and mind controlled by a highly sophisticated network of Cabal Banking Criminals to believe numerous lies, silent deceptions, and  illusions.  

***   Much of the Evidence/ the Truth has been edited
         to alter its meaning.  
***   Pieces of truth have been
         removed and replaced by lies.  
***   And pieces of the truth have simply been
        left out completely.  

<><><>   <><><>

These malevolent space beings (the Lizzerdz) are doing everything they can to screw up humans and still keep us ignorant of who and what we are and to keep us ignorant of what they are doing to us.   Just open your eyes and look around you.   Does what you see fit into this possibility?

According to this theory, the "Lizzerdz Team" has two parts.   The human side is made up of genetically-altered humans who are heartless, sadistic, psychopathic criminals.   These being are part human and part Lizzerdz.   In there public behavior, they seem like normal human beings, but privately, they are secret pedophiles and devil worshipers.  

We refer to these genetically altered humans who control our planet as The Powers That Be. (TPTB).   This highly organized network of criminals is also known as the Cabal.   Because the Cabal own and control the banks and  the money supply, they're also known as the Cabal criminal bankers.  

The Lizzerdz created these genetically altered humans to look like humans but act like Lizzerdz.   The Lizzerdz set the Cabal up in positions of power and control and gave them everything a human could ever want.   In payment for the Cabal's gift of wealth and privilege, the job of the Cabal was to create a world filled with pain, grief, misery, fear, anger, hatred, and every other kohld-priki-(feel bad) negative human emotion you can imagine.  

The Lizzerdz are psychopathic parasites.   They are a variation on the biological form called Fungus. 

Why?   Because the Lizzerdz "ate" our pain for food just like we drink milk from cows for food.   The energy of negative human emotions was the food for the second half of the Lizzerdz Team  -- the Lizzerdz, themselves.   Thus, the Lizzerdz and the Cabal criminals supported each other and were dependent upon each other.  

Because the Cabal criminals were multi-billionaires, you may wonder why anybody with that much money would want more money?   Their two intertwining answers to this question.  

First is psychological addiction.   Are you aware of the fact that snorting cocaine and making large amounts of money both have the same affect on the human brain?  The Cabal were Money & Profit Dopamine Addicts.  

Money-Power-Control   Money-Power-Control<>

The second answer is that they didn't want the money.   They just want to deprive everybody else from having money.   Why?  

1)  Because pulling the money supply out of the infrastructure severely damaged the society,  

2)  Because financial deprivation was the key to creating more fear, anger, pain, et cetera, and that fed the Lizzerdz,  and

3)  Because the money supply was a critical ingredient in a functional infrastructure.  

To control an entire nation by way of money is actually incredibly simple.   When you pull this single one ingredient (money)out of an incredibly complex social structure, that structure collapses.   Humans call that a depression.   Put it back in and the economy flourishes.  

These manipulations of the money supply are called the boom and bust cycle.   He who controls and manipulates this one single ingredient, controls and manipulates the nation.  

You may have heard this quote from one of the Lizzerdz's genetically altered beings;

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

The Cabal orchestrated tyranny and the low vibration rate  dominated the planet for thousands of years was  replaced by a much higher rate of vibration.   This new, higher vibration rate took down, disassembled, and removed both the Cabal Criminals and their off-planet controller.


.Lizzerdz Team Theory 



R. F. 

  Tricked by The TurdS

The Lizzerdz, the poor bastards,
they go so completely tricked into believing in separation
from Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
that they began to believe that  they, themselves
were invincible gods.

Learn more at:











How to Control the Human Population

If Your Intention Was To

            Control The Human population,

                              What Would You Do?


Imagine yourself to be a leader of a civilization of non-human, intelligent beings that live in the 95% of the physical universe we call Dark Energy and Dark Matter.  

The Discovery:   
You have discovered planet Earth, and you are studying the planet with the possible intention of taking it over and using it as a farm in which humans produce your food.   Your food is a very low vibration energy.  

You decide to take over the planet.   How do you do it?   You certainly don't arrive as space monsters with laser guns and create murder and mayhem.   You don't invade openly.   You infiltrate secretly!  

Creating Minions:   Since you cannot directly live on Earth, you examine the human who live there and figure out how to genetically alter some of them to be your direct slave and then you get your slaves /agents/ minions to control the rest of the human population for you.  

Your have your genetically altered humans infiltrate all social, political, economic, religious, and environmentally-focused organizations.   Slowly, silently, secretly, and systematically, they sneak into all the the major social structures.   You program your agents to take control these organizations.  

You have them create a mutually supporting network of secret agents.   While all this is going on, the normal humans have no idea what you are doing.

You give your agents absolutely everything that a human could ever want or need to live in total comfort.   You give them everything except: 1) free will, and 2) awareness that they are you mind-manipulated slaves.   You give them the illusion of free will while keeping them slaves in an invisible prison - a prison made of lies and illusions.

You program their minds to be like your -- to be arrogant, self-centered, psychopathic criminals whose only concern is self interest.   You program them to be secret, sadistic, violent, hate-peddling beings who will torture and murder.  

Your agents / minions become the people in charge so that the human organization produce / create more of what you want and less of what the people want.

Why create human psychopaths?   
Because the energy the radiates from their victims while your agents are torturing them is your food   

Your Food Supply  
You've discovered that humans are highly emotional beings.   You've discovered that humans produce exactly the food you require.   They produce food for you when they are experiencing physical pain and  low vibration emotions called fear, anger, grief, jealously, sadness, and the like. 

You've also discovered that human are programmed to avoid the emotions that produce the energy you use as food.  

What do you do?   How do you accomplish your mission?   

Secret Control: 
You'd manipulate the social, political, economic, religious and environmental structures so that they they are  Upside down and Backwards, from what humans would create when left to themselves.    You'd
create gibberish and mix it all up.   Then you'd mind manipulate the humans to believe your lies and illusions.  

Lear More:  
For a detailed description of the specific steps that were taken: 
   ***   What has been done,   
   ***   How it has been done
   ***   Why it was done
readers are invited to examine the page titled:   Gibberish All Mixed up - Upside Down and Backwards.   










The Lizzerdz Team

More About Their Hidden Agenda


Here are some of the attributes, attitudes, and hidden intentions of the Cabal Criminal Bankers and the Lizzerdz that controlled them:  

To understand the who what, where, when, and why of these creatures, we must understand the context in which we live.    Please re-examine the page summary above, follow the links to understand The Nature of Reality and that we live in a holographic universe.    

<><><>   <><><> 

We hear numerous stories about what the Lizzerdz are (scaly green humanoids) and where they came from.   We hear a variety of names and descriptions of other extra-terrestrials, such as the Greys, (Short, grey-skinned humanoids with large black almond-shape eyes), and such as the Draconians (highly intelligent, masters of war, incredibly arrogant, and totally self centered).  

Many of those who attempted to destroy us were inorganic beings.   They were like highly destructive, emotionless, computer programs.   They had NO soul, NO guilt, NO remorse, NO empathy, NO conscience, NO compassion.   They completely lacked an internal feedback system.   They were masters of lies and duplicity.  

They had an attitude of arrogant superiority.   They had absolutely no care or concern about anything but themselves.   They were NOT affected by Llove, or humor, or any other emotion.  Humans were considered to be worthless trash.  

To interact with them in any social manner would be like trying to reason with a computer virus. or like attempting to negotiate with biological mass we call Fungus.   They appear to be completely parasitic.  

They function in the structural format we call hierarchy.   They are highly compartmentalized, regimental, ritualistic, with zero imagination.   They tend to follow repetitive patterns, like every  Sunday we do this,  every Monday we do that.      

They are so completely repulsive that the only way they could control humans was in complete secrecy, so that those they manipulated and controlled did not even know that they exist.   Lies, illusions, deception, false beliefs, con games, Ponzi schemes, and more lies are the only language they speak.
<><><>   <><><>

But, regardless of the source and description, we hear the same consistent commonly repeated story from a wide variety of the most credible sources regarding why they were here and what their intentions were.   Below is an overview of what they did and why they were here.  

Although there are variations among the evil-peddling aliens, in TLC-Life-Center documents, we focus our truth-exposure on the Lizzerdz because they are the ones that appear to be the most influential in directing the genetically altered humans that we call the Cabal criminal bankers who directed the destruction of the Earth's ecosystem.   

<><><>   <><><> 

***   The Lizzerdz, by way of the genetically-altered human, secretly and silently took control of all of the human social, political, religious, economic, financial, and environmental organizations and activities on the entire Earth.    We have an entire page devoted to this topic.  You can find it here.   

***   They functioned in two separate teams that worked together and mutually supported each other.   The genetically altered  humans (the Cabal) and the Lizzerdz.      

***   With the fraudulent creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the Lizzerdz/Cabal team took complete control of the United States monetary system.  

***   Shortly after WWII, they began the final stage of their plan to eliminate most of the human species and take complete and absolute control of the entire planet.  

***   With the murder of President John Kennedy, they seized  control of the executive branch of the United States government. 

***   The human species was  attacked by the Lizzerdz in a secret and silent war.  

***   Their goal (their intention) was to alter the Earth's ecosystem to make it more suitable to themselves.   Their goal was to alter the Earth's  ecosystem to make human life almost impossible.

***   The weather manipulation war was their final assault on the human population.   Weather manipulation was not their only tool for destroying the environment, but it was, by far, their fastest and their most powerful weapon of destruction.  

***   By destroying the Earth's ecosystem, they intended to murder most of the human population.   The purpose of the environmental destruction was to cause billions of humans to drown or starve to death.   If they won this final battle, the human species as we know our selves to be would have ceased to exist.     

***   Their goal, their intention was to eliminate about 6.5 billion humans and keep about 500 million of us

+++   as slaves to create for them and do their bidding.  
           (They cannot create for themselves.  
            They can only mimic what others create.)

+++   as cows that they can milk for for food
           by torturing and then murdering us, 
           (Their food is the energy radiated for a human body
           when the human experience negative emotions.)

+++ as sacrificial animals that the genetically  altered humans
         can torture, murder in their satanic rituals.   
         The cabal drink the human blood
          and the Lizzerdz eat the negative energy.

<><><>   <><><>

***   Secrecy was, for them, of the utmost importance.   Why?   Because an open and direct attack would have caused humans to wake up to the truth about The Nature of Reality.   We would then understand who and what humans actually are and we would realize that we live in a holographic universe.   Humanity would have very quickly throw off their invisible shackles and become free.  

***   Our awareness of the truth about The Nature of Reality, The truth about who and what humans actually are and the truth about the holographic universe would enable us to realize that our so-called leaders were actually not leaders.  

Humans were puppets owned and controlled by the Lizzerdz.   Our so-called leaders were a complete fraud.   They were secret manipulators of all human social, political, religious, economic, financial, and environmental organizations and activities on the entire Earth.   

***   Because we learned the truth, we are no longer their mindless slaves.   However, in the collective reality that we lived in, very few people understand that they are being mind-controlled.

***   Their hidden intention was to alter the Earth's ecosystem to suite themselves and

***   Their hidden intention was to murder, torture and enslave. (described above)  

***   In their minds, humans are expendable, mindless, worthless sheep.  

***   One of the reasons that they hated us is because we have talents that they don't have.   We have creative minds.   They can only copy (mimic) the results of what we do and what we create.   

***   They could not control us directly.  They could only manipulate our thinking processes so that we created mostly what they wanted and very little of what we wanted.

***   They had no emotions, no internal feelings which for humans is a way to receive yes or no messages from the non-physical part of ourselves that is our Soul - our God-Self.  

***   Theywere incapable of experiencing fahzoom (feel-good feelings) or  kohldpriki  (feel bad feelings).  

***   They were cold-hearted and emotionless with absolutely no concern for anything but themselves.    

***   By way of their genetically altered humans, they intentionally created situations, circumstances, and activities for humans that produced low-vibration, negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, grief, and misery.   











War  --  Lizzerdz Style


When you examines the human history of war, you'll immediately notice that whichever side had the superior technology was always the winner.   Throughout history, as a society's technology advanced, its weapons of war also advanced.     

Now imagine the evolution of the art and technology of war  advancing thousands of years beyond our human, present-day level of war technology.   What might such a war technology look like?

What if it didn't look like anything?   What if it was invisible.   What if you didn't even know that you had an enemy?   What if you didn't even know that your enemy even existed?  

What if there actually was an enemy that you didn't even know existed.  What if that unknown enemy were waging a secret and silent war against you?  How would you know that you were being attacked?  What would you do about it?   You wouldn't know and thus, you'd do nothing

In all of human history there has never  been a war like this. -- that is until NOW!   Welcome to the Lizzerdz art of war.   YOU are in that war right now, today, as you sit reading these words, you are being silently and secretly attacked by agents of an enemy that, as far as you know, does not even exist.  

In a war of this nature, who is destined to win?    Again the answer is the side with the most advanced technology.   Wait a minute,   Secrecy is not an advanced technology.  It's not a technology at all.    We've known about secrecy since that dawn or mankind.   How can we be defeated by secrecy?   Here's the Lizzerdz answer:   

"We wage secret and silent wars because they work.   By the time our enemy realizes that it is being attacked, the war is all but over.   Our enemy has been defeated.   By the time they wake up, it's way too late for them to do anything to stop us.    We never openly attach.   We infiltrate.   We secretly and silently destroy them from within. " 

<><><>   <><><>  

The absolute, core, critical component of a war of this nature is Secrecy.   Secrecy is not their only weapon, but it is THE KEY WEAPON.   Add to that, lies, illusions, and deception.  Add to that, real technology advanced almost beyond our imagination.   Add to that an enemy with a psychopathic consciousness.   Now that's a real, seemingly undefeatable enemy.  

Keeping secrets and discovering the enemy's secrets has always been a part of war technology.   But, until now, secrecy has never been used at the level of sophistication that it being used at today.  

So, how do we counter a war based first and foremast of secrecy, lies, illusions, and deception? 

We've know the answer for about 2,000 years.   Do you recall these words?   "Know the Truth and the Truth Will Set You Free."  

That's what this website is all about.  

***   To counter the lies of omission by filling in the missing information.   

***   To expose the deceptions,  uncover the illusions, and speak the truth into the face of the lie.









The Lizzerdz/ Cabal
Secret Corporate Control System>

All major organizations, in the entire United States (and in many other parts of the world as well)  are run and managed by a dual control system.   Hidden beneath the standard corporate structure there is the silent, secret and highly destructive Criminal Cabal Corporate Control System.  

This dual structure is in all major corporations.  It's  also in all the big and well-known political, religious, social-service, and environmental organizations.  

In the standard corporate hierarchy, the corporate structure is public knowledge.   The public can know the names, the positions, the basic functions of the corporate executives.   

And then, there's the secret corporate-control hierarchy which is under the control of the Cabal criminals.   Nobody is supposed to know that the Cabal portion of the control system even exists.  

For an in-depth exposure of this formerly hidden control structures please examine the page titled:  The Cabal's Secret Corporate Control System.   










How the Lizzerdz Function on Earth


The Lizzerdz, themselves, vibrate a slightly different frequency than we as humans here on earth do.   Thus they cannot function directly in our reality.   To overcome this problem they have genetically altered the DNA is a group of humans.   These beings look like human and act like Lizzerdz.  

Most well known among this network of genitally altered humans is the Rothschilds, the House of Morgan, and  the Bush families. 

These part-Lizzerdz part-human beings express the personality type we call Psychopathic Criminal.   Psychopaths lack a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.   They have no emotions.   They have utter disregard for anything but themselves.  

Psychopaths are impulsive, fearless, high-risk takers, and often extremely violent.    If they are in power positions usually they hire, bribe, or blackmail others to do whatever they want done including mass murder.   Dictators are Psychopaths.   The Cabal Criminal Bankers are psychopaths.  


According to several Internet sources, the Lizzerdz have been manipulating humanity for about 30,000 years   They've even installed in our heads what we call the reptilian brain.   Thus, the Lizzerdz's behavior patterns have become human behavior patterns.  

Scientists tell us that when the following behavior patterns are expressed by humans, the thoughts originate in the reptilian portion of the brain: 

Primitive and emotional responses,  
Cold-blooded behavior,     
Lack of empathy,   
Territoriality -This is mine,
Desire to control, 
Obsession with Hierarchical structures of power, 

Might is right, 
Winner take all. 
Lack of moral responsibility
No social conscience.  

No emotions.  
Utter disregard for anything but themselves.  

Contradictory behavior, 

Morose mental states, 
Fear of being discovered. 

Do you suppose hypocrisy fits somewhere in this picture?

Have you noticed in yourself an unusual obsession with food lately (Dec 2014)?  Well, the Lizzerdz are in the process of loosing their food source and that is a strong fear in their brains and thus it merges with our brains.   

In case you haven't realized this yet,  Humans are NOT at the top of the food chain.   The Lizzerdz are!    They use humans: 

+++   as cows that they can milk for for food
           by making our lives miserable,
           by torturing and then murdering us, 
           (Their food is the energy radiated for a human body
           when the human experience negative emotions.)

+++ as sacrificial animals that the genetically  altered humans
         can torture, murder in their satanic rituals.   
         The cabal drink the human blood
          and the Lizzerdz eat the negative energy.

+++   as slaves to create for them and to do their bidding.  
           You are a mind-controlled slave living in an invisible prison
          (They cannot create for themselves.  
            They can only mimic what others create.)

   To put the essence of the reptilian brain into one word, that word is self-survival.









   Who Is in Control?    Who Owns What?


Well, the Lizzerdz, of course, but only indirectly and by way of their well organized, highly sophisticated, and ruthless cartel of criminals who own or control everything of any significance in the United States and in Europe.  

Through secrecy, manipulation, lies, bribery, blackmail, extortion, murder, and mutual support among themselves, this unique brand of humans has managed to secretly infiltrate, take over, and now secretly control every major human organization, in the entire United States and much of the rest of the world as well, including every major economic, religious, political, social, business, and environmental organization.  

They secretly manipulate these organizations to create havoc, chaos, confusion and destruction in every way they can without exposing themselves as enemy agents in their secret and silent war against the human population.

They own the banks.  
By way of the Federal Reserve,
           they run the American monetary system.
They intentionally manipulate the money supply to
           create boom and bust cycles. 
They intentionally created and sustained
           the great depression of the 1930's.
They control the judicial system.   
They control the police and the military.    
They own every major corporation. 
They control every industry.  
They control the mainstream media.  
They own the politicians who run the federal government.
They dominate and/or control every government agency. 
They secretly control every major, non-government
           social service organization.   

They also own or control a vast amount of almost everything of significance in the rest of the world, as well.   

You can believe ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you hear from anybody in any major position of power anywhere in the entire world, be they business, political, religious, or otherwise.  

You can believe ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you hear from the mainstream media.

<><><>   <><><> 

Here's a quote from an article by an organization titled Global Research:   
First published on Global Research June 1, 2001

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch.

According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.  

<><><>   <><><>   

Every major problem on the entire Earth

         can be traced back to one core cause.  

                 That core cause is Cabal criminal bankers and
                 the off-planet beings who control them.   

For centuries, lies and money have been their two major secret tools for control.   Shortly after WWII, this cartel of criminals, under order from the Lizzerdz, expanded their hidden agenda to to include killing off most of the human population and altering the Earth's environment to more closely match their biology.  

They are now using  biological warfarechemical warfareenvironmental warfare,  and anything and everything else that they can possibly use to kill the human population and dismantle the human social structures.  

<><><>   <><><>  









Responding to People with a
Psychopathic (Lizzerdz) Personality


When we encounter a human being with the Lizzerdz's psychopathic personality, how do we respond?  

First, understand that about 0.5% to  1% of the general population has a psychopathic personality.   Because of the highly deceptive nature of people with his personality trait, accurate statistics are hard to make, so a reasonable estimate is that in the U.S. population of 300,000,000, there are from  1,500,000 to 3,000,000 people with a highly dysfunctional personality walking around among us. 

When you encounter a person of this nature, fill and surround yourself with Llove and ask Source/ Creator/ God to envelop them in  Llove.  

Because they cannot exist in an environment that vibrates as fast as Llove vibrates. 

<><><>   <><><>

Don't get angry or feel or express any negative emotions.     

Why not? 
Because a psychopath is not internally. negatively affected in any way by anything you say or do.   if anything, they will be proud of them selves, because they "got you."  

Remember, Your negative emotions are food for the Lizzerdz.   
So,   Stop Feeding the Lizzerdz.  

Q      How do I do that?   

With Love.   At first this sounds bizarre even offensive, but that response is part of your Lizzerdz programming.  

Q      OK, like I said, How do we do that?  

Here's an Incredibly Simple and
         Effective Release Process:

Whenever you feel a kold-priki (feel-bad feeling), acknowledge it. Just let it be there.   Feel it.

Remind yourself that the feeling
         is a cabal-created program
                        in a holographic reality.  
                                       It is NOT real
                                                  It is NOT  you.  

It's a make believe, multi-sense expression of a thought.   It's like a picture plus sound plus touch, etc.    It was created by the Cabal criminals and installed into your mind.   Its purpose is to control your life and milk your energy.   Remember that this thought is not you.   It belongs to somewhere away from you.  

Remember, you are a great creator in a holographic universe - a universe that is created by thought.  

Now take in a deep breath full of Source/ Creator's Llove.  Exhale that love into the unwanted feeling.  Mix the two together like you were mixing the ingredients to make a cake.  

Then, with the next exhale, gently and lovingly blow it away.   Let it go.    

The beings who feed on negative human energy will be repulsed by it.    Their food has been contaminated.   It's like someone put a turd in their warm milk. 

Watch the whole mess move away and fade into nothing.  

Reference:   The Faahh-Zzuumm Breath and Release Technique
<><><>   <><><>  











The Cosmological Trump Card

It turns out that no matter what the Cabal criminals and their Lizzerdz leaders do, they are defeated in the end by the cosmic evolution of the entire universe.  

The Earth's rate of vibration steadily increasing to match the rest of our solar system and the rest of the universe.   The rise in the vibratory frequencies of Earth is causing their low vibration, Cabal-controlled structure on Earth to implode, to self destruct and collapse back into into nothing.  

The hate, anger, grief, and misery that feeds the Lizzerdz is being replaced with Llove, compassion, wisdom, caring, sharing, cooperation, and mutual support.  

<><><>   <><><>

You could kick back and enjoy the ride, except for one, small, itsy bitsy, teen weenie, tiny, little, easily-ignorable Highly Significant, Over-the-Top, Unavoidable MAJOR Problem called:


Yes, the Earth is changing and it will change with or without us.  

It's the WITHOUT US part that I bring to your attention.   

Let me share this piece of information with you in a symbolic form using a football game analogy.   

There is a huge universe filled with beings watching and cheering for us.   There a several highly skilled coaches on the sidelines giving us pointer and instructions on how to win the game.   And here most of us are sitting on the playing field waiting for someone else to play the game for us.  

In the mean time, the Cabal criminals and their Lizzerdz leaders have pulled out all stops and are are doing everything they can to murder as any of us as they can as quickly as they can.   

And then there's the universal cosmological changes coming to us at its own timing.   

So, the question is:  If we continue to do nothing, how many of us will still be alive here on Earth when God's cosmological play is complete.   

We have the power, the way, and the tools to stop the destruction.   Where is the will?  

The Universal Law of free will tells us that we are free to do nothing and allow the cabal criminals to murder us.   We are also free to stop them.   The off-planet beings who can assist, can only coach and advise, 


<><><>   <><><>

Now that you know where we are and what we are facing, what are you going to do?  And don't give me that tired old worn out bullshit, victim story.  

If you don't know what to do, then your first job is to find out what you can do and I don't mean the relatively small things like recycling.   I mean, what can you really do the will have a huge impact?   

OK, here's the answer to the "What can I do? question.   

<><><>   <><><>

What are you doing?   Why are you still here?   
1)  Click on the above link.  
2)   Examine the options.  
3) choose one, any one.  
4)  Now, go do it!     

GO!   GO!    GO  NOW!  








The Lizzerdz Lies


In order to maintain control of the human population, there are five major Lizzerdz Lies that the people must keep believing.    

When a person realizes that these five stories are Lizzerdz Lies and that the opposite is true, he or she can no longer be controlled of the Cabal criminals that manage planet Earth for and with the Lizzerdz.  In addition of the five main lies, that are an multitude of  supporting lies.     



The Five Major Lizzerdz Lies




Unity   Unity     

The Lie Called   Separation


This lie states that: 
Humans are separation from Source/ Creator/ God  --  Separation form Nature / Sacred Mother Earth  --  and Separation from their fellow humans.  

The truth is:   
That everything is one single Unity.   The unity of all the oneness of Creation has been expressed by the wise ones thousands of time and yet, billions of people still function in the context of separation.   Let us tell you one more time.   

On the video titled:  
"It's Wake up Time - We Are All One" , 
the section  from minutes 6:15 to 12:20
you can hear the truth about unity as told to us byDr. John Hagelin
Quantum Physicist and PhD in Physics and Consciousness.   

The Truth about Unity: 

***   "An Ocean of Existence is at the basis of everything."   

***   "An ocean of pure potentiality."      

***   "An ocean of abstract potential existence."   

***   "A single, unified field of intelligence."   

***   "Everything is one."    "Pure being."  

***   "We are single ripples in a unified field of existence."   

***   "Non material, dynamic, self-aware intelligence
         made of Consciousness.   

***   "We are all waves of vibration in an underlying,
         unified, string field of intelligence.   

***   "There is only one consciousness.   We individualize
          our awareness of it through the filter of our nervous system."    

***   "The self is universal.  Knowing that through experience
         is called Enlightenment.

***   Scientists call this the "Unified Field or Super String Field."   

***   We live in  thought universe."   

***   "Intelligence is the fountainhead of all the laws of nature."  




The Lie Called    Scarcity


This lie states that:  
There is not enough for everybody.   If I am to have, others must do without.     

The Truth is:  
That Humans are powerful divine beings who have forgotten the truth about The Nature of Reality.   We are great Creators and we live in a holographic universe.   In a holographic universe, abundance is created first by consciousness.   Consciousness is then translated into the multi-dimension image we call Earth-plane reality.  

Scarcity Is a Lie.  

It is a Cabal-created illusion that tricks humans into believing that there is not enough goods and services for everybody to live comfortably.   The lie goes on to say that if I am to have someone else must go without.    This is one of the Cabal's primary lies.  

This lie promotes two other major lies, 
***   The lie of Separation and
***   The lie that Violence Solve Problems.  

Our rights come from our Creator.   Our so-called government is a fraud.   It Can grant NOTHING!  It has nothing to grant.  Everything we could possibly need, want, desire , or require is already ours.  

We've been tricked into believing in scarcity.  

<><><>   <><><>

In our holographic universe, what you believe is what you experience.   Lies or truth both show up as real in a holograph.   If you believe the truth, the truth shows up.   If you believe in a lie, the lie shows up. 

For example,
The truth is:  You're an eternal, powerful, shape-shifting divine being having a human experience in a physical body.  

The lie is:   You are a powerless, inherently evil body-being sent here to suffer, struggle, and toil for the benefit of your masters in order to to avoid burning in hell for ever.  

The Truth:  
How, how many believe that they can do what Jesus did?   Somewhere between zero and none! 

The Lie:   
How many people believe:  
***   That they are their body  
***   That they are powerless, 
***   That they are inherently evil, 
***   That they must toil and struggle for the financial gain
        of someone with all the money so that the rich bastard 
        will give them money in exchange for their labor,
         their minds, and a huge portion of their lives? 
***   How many are still afraid that
         they may burn in hell forever?  

How many human believe one or more of these lies? 
The number is somewhere in the billions.  





The Lie Called   

Violence Solves Problems


This lie states that:   
Violence Solves problems.   He that can produce the most powerful destruction wins.     

The Truth Is:  
That violence DOES NOT solve problems.   It creates them.    




The Lie Called   

Humans are Powerless Victims


This lie states that:  
Human beings are powerless and are at the effect of all those things they experiences outside of him or her self.   It's part of the lie that those things and situations that a human experiences were created by something or someone other than themselves.     

The Truth Is:  
That to believe this lie, we have to forget who and what we are.  It's a denial of our power  to create by thought.   Here is who and what you are:   

You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a single, unified whole.  

We are each an
   ***   Eternal  
      ***   Invisible  
(to the human eyes)
         ***   Non-physical
            ***   Multi-dimensional 
               ***   Self-aware   
                  ***   Dynamic  (mobile / alive)
                    ***   Divine being
  (having a)
                        ***   Human experience
  (in a)
                           ***   Physical body
                              ***   Here on Earth  
(in an invisible) 
                                 ***   Mind-Control Prison  (in a)
                                    ***  holographic universe.  





The Lie Called   

If it's Not Physical,  It's Not Real


This lie states that:  
We live in a single objective physical universe that we come along and experience.   Anything that is not part of our physical world and not made of physical stuff is not real. 

Is Source/ Creator/ God Real?   Source/ Creator/ God is not physical.  

Christianity tells us  that God is a super-human-being who lives in the sky above planet Earth?  

The Truth:   
Even a small touch of common sense exposes this lie for what it is - A LIE!.   As distinct from physical sensations, our internal feel-good and feel-bad feelings are not physical.   Are they real?   How about Llove or compassion or, anger, or fear?   Are they real?  

Everything we ever experience starts with a thought.   Are thoughts real?   Have you ever succeeded in saying or intentionally doing something without first having a thought about it?  

Reality is much bigger than the illusion which we call physical reality.  

Remember the line:  "In my fathers house, there are many mansions."   Each mansion is a different reality.   

The lie says that anything that is not part of our physical world and anything not made of physical stuff is not real. 

Here's the real real truth" 

Everything that is made of physical stuff is not real.   Everything that is real is non-physical.  

As far as I know, you and I are real.   Neither of us is physical.   We've decided to enter physical bodies and play together.  

Answer these questions:   What makes real real.   What are its attributes?   What are its characteristics?  What is the stuff we call real?   What's it made of?   If we are not made of physical stuff what are we ?   Who are we?  Why are we here?   What is here?   See the section called:  Perspectives on Reality.









Additional Supporting Lizzerdz Lies





The Lie Called   

The Universe Is Made of Physical Matter


This lie states that:  
he universe is as Isaac Newton described it -- a universe made of physical stuff.    

The Truth Is: 
The universe is not physical.  It's made of energy -- energy controlled by consciousness.     





The Lie Called    Money


This lie states that:  
Money an essential ingredient if human life is to survive and flourish here on planet Earth.   

The Truth Is: 
That money is one of the Lizzerdz's illusion tools.   It's used to control the people and destroy the environment.   It's being used as as a wanting and scarcity illusion in a holographic world, a world of infinite abundance.  

The game is played like this.   I want something and you want something.  I'll give you something that I consider valuable in exchange for you something of value that you have and that I want. 

This game can only be played in a context of scarcity and in a context of powerlessness.   Scarcity and powerlessness are perfect partners with the illusion that violence solves problems.   The illusion of separation is also and essential ingredient.   Why?   Because most people will not consciously and intentionally harm themselves or their love ones.  

And finally to complete the five pointed, inwardly pointing anti-star, there the physical / non physical intentional reversal.   Here's the truth: What's physical is an illusion.   What's real is non physical   

k<><><>   <><><>    

Along with it's other characteristics, money is:  
***1   A medium of exchange, 
***2   A measure of value, and  
***3   A storage of wealth.      

***1    A medium of exchange:  
This lie tells us that the only source of most goods and services is to buy them  with money.    If you do not  have money you cannot have  them. 

***2   A measure of value   
This lie tells us that some material possessions have greater value than others.   In other words, some things are harder to obtain that other things.

***3   A storage of wealth:  
This lie tells us that we need to store physical stuff.  

<><><>   <><><>

The Truth Is:   
When we understand who and what we are, we can create anything we choose to create.   In that context, there is no need for money.

***    We are powerful creators.  

***   We live in a holographic universe.  

***   The Universe is controlled by thought - by consciousness.  

***   We can create anything we choose to create
         without the permission of the assistance of any body else.  




The Lie Called   

God Demands Worship and Obedience


This lie states that:  
God must to be worshipped and obeyed.   Those who fail to worship and obey are punished by being sent to burn in hell forever.     

The Truth Is:   
That there is absolutely no evidence that Source/ Creator/ God  demands anything
.    Perhaps respect, honor and appreciation would be more appropriate.  





The Lie Called   

The Denial of Reincarnation


This lie states that:  
You are your human body.   You live only once on Earth and then at death you go to heaven or hell forever.   Life on Earth is a testing ground to determine if you are god enough to go to heaven.  If you are judged to be NOT GOOD ENOUGH, you spend eternity in hell.      

The Truth Is:   
We are NOT our physical bodies.   We live numerous times on Earth.    Earth is NOT a testing ground.   There is no place called hell where beings suffer forever.   We are eternal divine being having a human experience.  

One theory is that forced reincarnation back into another human body is a trap set up by the Lizzerdz to trick us into coming back to Earth when we do not need to do so.   Where reality fits into this piece of the story is, at this point, is anybody's guess.





The Lie Called    Hell


This lie states that:  
There is a place called hell.   It's owned and controlled by an evil being called the Devil.    

The Truth Is:   
Hell is not a place it's a state of being.    In 1993,  Catholic Pope John Paul II acknowledged that hell is not a physical place.   He said that hell is metaphor meaning one is separate from God.   The rest of the catholic leaders ignored him and still preach to the Catholic sheep that hell is a real place - a place of eternal damnation.       





The Lie Called    Original Sin


This lie states that:  
God, for reasons unknown, created humans to be inherently evil.  Then to correct your evilness, he tortured and murdered his own son.     

The Truth Is:   
If you say gullible really slowly, it sounds like orange.   Go ahead.   Say it really slowly.   It's the truth.  I promise you it's the truth.  Keep saying it.  eventually you'll hear the orange creep in an take over.  





For Your Information 


Liars eventually get suckered in by their own lies.   They come to believe their own lies.  

<><><>   <><><>

Here's a quote from Adolph Hitler:   "Tell a lie loud enough, long enough and often enough and people will believe you."   

<><><>   <><><>   

And there's the biggest lie about lies:  
                     A lie of omission is not a lie. 

A lie of omission is to withhold vital pieces of information.   It's the way most liars con their marks (those they con)  into change their behavior in favor of the con artist and against their own and everyone else's best interest.  











Creating Conflicts


The Cabal banking criminal are masers at creating conflicts, fights, arguments, and wars.   The technique is called, "Let's you and him fight."   Into any situation where differing beliefs and attitudes exist, the Cabal send in provocateurs on both sides of the conflict.   They provocateurs amplify the differences.  Where emotions are high, it's easy to turn the situation into violence.

They add false stories.   They program the people on both sides about how bad the other side is, etc.   They have secretly infiltrated the management/leadership aspect of both sides.   They sell weapons to both sides.  

They have the added advantage to look into the future and thereby know what to expect.   They adjust their provocations accordingly.   Remember, these criminals know the Rules of reality.   They know that life on Earth is a holograph.  They know how to insert incidents into the holograph so that they seem to be part of the existing pattern.  

The humans that they manipulate are kept ignorant regarding the true nature of reality.  

The Lizzerdz use the negative energy to sustain their existence.  









The Fungus Among Us


The Lizzerdz appear to be a form of fungus.   A fungus reaches out, touches, engulfs, kills, and consumes everything it comes in contact with.   This fungus exudes acid, bitter, sour, and repulsion.   The acid destroys that which the fungus has not eaten.   The Lizzerdz are a parasitic fungus.   They are part of the cosmic family of destroyers.  

The human species is sick.   We have a disease.   The disease is called The Lizzerdz.   

The medicine the antidote, the cure is THE TRUTH.    "Know the truth and the truth will set you free."  










An Example of Lizzerdz Destruction


The Weather Manipulation War is a clear  and easy to see (if you bother to look)  example of Lizzerdz intentional destruction. 

<><><>   <><><>

The Lizzerdz have taken the teachings of the incredibly gifted master teacher known as Jesus and turned them into a scam  --   into an invisible mind-control prison.   Check this TLC-Life-Center webpage,  "A Fresh Look Into the Christian Bible," and you'll see how, distortions, omissions, and misinterpretations are used to create invisible, prison walls. 

For example:  "I am the truth, the way and the light," has been taught as if Jesus the personality was the truth, the way and the light.  

In defiance of his warning not to create and worship idols, the church leaders separated Jesus from his humanity.   They put him on a pedestal, separate from themselves, and then, by example, instructed the people to worship him as a God.  

This is an incredibly destructive false teaching.   They intentionally ignore the fact that on at least two Biblically recorded instances, Jesus said that they, too, were gods.  

The controllers ignored truth in his statement:   What I teach you is the truth and the truth is your pathway into the Light.   The Controllers substituted the personality for the pathway.   Thus, instead of teaching people how to be free,  they made them slaves worshiping a personality.   By a simple distortion of the truth, they replaced internal freedom with external dependency.

Light, the light, is the doorway between spirit and matter.   Light is seeing.   Light is consciousness.  Light is self-awareness.   To know the light is to be enlightened.   To know the light is to experience ourselves as God Beings in physical form.   To experience God in a physical body.

All biological matter on the Earth is made from the energy we call sunlight.  

Light is knowing the unity of everything.   The Truth, the Way and the Light is your doorway into knowing and experiencing your divinity.     

             The truth is your pathway
                         into remembering
                                       who and what you are.






13 Nov 14

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