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This is a story about how the people of planet Rosetta created a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry 



The Hemp
Revolution Solution



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If You Object to an American,
Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp
Industry, shu . . .

HEMP is the Doorway to Ending the Anti-Drug Wars and a Return to Financial Sanity. Legalizing hemp will trigger  a series of reactions and actions the results of which are way beyond profound.


Legalizing Hemp

Is a Critical Step in Rebuilding the American Economy  




The First Key Is Hemp, Not Marijuana   

No matter what your vision, your goal, or your intention is  --  no mater what type of social, political, financial, or environment program you are working on, the HEMP Revolution Solution is a major step in reaching your vision and solving your problem.   Examine the evidence!    

How Do You Respond to This?  

LogicReason Common Sense The Evidence,  and  Overwhelming Public Support  all call for the government to end its war on Medical Marijuana,  BUT . . . 

Those in political power simply ignore everything and continue their anti-marijuana, domestic terrorism?    

And because they falsely claim that a hemp plant looks like marijuana, plant, they prevent the people from creating a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.   

The Response:
This website describes how a relatively small group of people, just like you and me, on a planet just like planet Earth, openly possessed and planted a few hemp seeds?   They created a domino-style chain reaction that began with legalizing hemp.

The Result:

The changes were so profound that they seem almost impossible to imagine. 

You're invited to read their story.  


The story on this website describes the success of a culture like ours where some of the people defied and then overwhelmed the establishment and did so through non-violence and mutual cooperation.  

The story describes the results that grew out of a few people taking one, simple, first step:   The took charge of their own lives.   They declared their sovereignty.   


What did the people of Rosetta do that the people on earth can't seem to do?   They let go of their own little piece of self importance and joined in a common single focus that accomplished everybody's goals.  

The people of Rosetta were successful because they focused their attention on one topic at at time.   Their focus was like a knife that cuts through all resistance because it was a massive focus of power concentrated on one small point at a time.  


If you pay attention and allow yourself to chose truth and freedom, the information on this website can and will bring you a huge personal revelation -- a revelation  which will allow you to remember who and what you really are


If you are like most people, you'll find thoughts and idea on this site that will trigger a reaction in you that says:  "What?  This can't be true.   The writer of this must be one of the lunatics of the world.   We invite you to take a moment and look into the Doubters Corner.  

Everything here on this site and on the other TLC-Life-Center Websites is based upon what the evidence tell us is most likely the truth about reality.   We are simply inviting you to examine options and choices that you didn't know existed before we showed them to you.





The Hemp Solution

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