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This is a story about how the people of planet Rosetta created a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry 



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If You Object to an American, Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry . . .



HEMP is the Doorway to Ending the
Anti-Drug Wars and a Return to Financial Sanity

Why focus on Hemp?   Because legalizing hemp
will trigger  a series of reactions and actions
the results of which are way
beyond profound.




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Hemp - Doorway to the Solution

Concept Summary   ... .



The People of Rosetta Legalized Hemp.
Here's how they did it. 


The Hemp Revolution Solution is is a true-to-life fairytale about how people on planet Rosetta simply, en mass, ignored their Corporate-Controlled, Financial Dictatorship, and first legalized hemp and then created a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.   Their first step, the civil disobedience of defying the hemp prohibitionists, triggered a series of reactions and next-step actions(***1)   The results they eventually produced were way  beyond profound.

When you compare the Rosetta Hemp Rebellion with most of the protest movement here on Earth, such as the failure of the Pro-Choice Movement, you'll notice that the common public reaction to dissatisfaction is to march down the street, shout and yell and then go home and continue life as usual.  

This type of focus and energy consumption defies the rules of reality.   The marchers focus on what they don't want and (by the rules of manifestation) Source/Creation gives them more to march and shout about.   By marching and shouting, they simply consumed their energy and empowered the opposition.  

The focus was:  If I can get you to change, then I'll have what I want.   The people of Rosetta, Rosetta succeeded because they turned that around.   They mostly ignored the establishment and began creating their multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.  They began with the Hemp Rebellion.   Once the hemp prohibition barrier fell, the rest of the changes seemed to almost fall into place.

When you examine human history here on Earth, you see that the successful movements such as Gandhi in India, and the civil right movement in America did much more than march and shout.   They added peaceful, civil disobedience.   The Occupy Wall Street movement is doing likewise by putting their energy into action. 

The Hemp Rebellion on Rosetta took civil disobedience to the extreme and their success was rapid, decisive, and unstoppable.   They did it NOT  fight or protest what they saw in their external physical experiences.   Instead, they went first inside of themselves and aligned themselves with The Universal Laws of Creation.   They ignored what was physically present and focused their attention on what they chose to be, do, have, express, and experience.   

They did it: 

(o)>   by ignoring the opposition,
(o)>  by mutual cooperation,
(o)>  by thousands of people, all at the same time,
            claiming ownership of viable hemp seeds,
(o)>  by en-mass, openly growing hemp plants
           just about everywhere, and  
(o)>  by creating the new hemp industry using a network of unique,
            mutually-supporting, financial structures known as
 Foundation/Corporation Partnerships.  

Whenever anybody got harassed for possessing hemp, dozens of other people stood up and claimed ownership of the forbidden, viable seeds and/or the hemp plants.   Thousands participated by simply claiming ownership of viable hemp seeds and /or hemp plants.   By shear numbers, and with non-violence and singing, they overwhelmed the opposition's ability to stop them.  

And remember, this was an economic, money-and-jobs-focused movement in times of severe economic repression by the super-wealthy.   They were dealing with hemp plants, and not psychedelic marijuana.   The public support for creating a national hemp industry was about 95%.   This was way beyond anything that planet had ever seen before.  

They created their multi-billion-dollar hemp industry by gathering together in local groups and creating a network of Mary & Jane Hemp Family Foundation/Corporation Partnerships They created their legal, financial structure using the Rosetta equivalent of The New Corporate World Foundation's Win-Win Business Structure.   

The New Corporate World Win-Win Business Structure was used:   Because it was incredibly simple to set up --  Because it was  a vast improvement over their existing corporate business format  -- Because it started from the people and grew from the already-existing infrastructure,  Because it was NOT pushed onto the people by some billionaires who thought that they knew best what the people wanted and needed --  and  Because the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts  could not control, buy, stop, or significantly interfere with it or its creations or its functionality.  


Let me step outside of the Rosetta story for a moment and invite you to examine the evidence on this website and elsewhere.     The links on this page  refer readers to descriptions of and in-depth discussions of the topics indicated. 



Planet Earth March 5,  2012  


When you listen to the stories about what's going on behind the Wizard of Oz curtains here on Earth, you'll notice that dozens of groups of multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires  are fighting over who shall have possession of thousands of tons of gold.   This fight is based upon the belief that "He who owns the gold rules."   This has been true for centuries.  

It may be true today, but as soon as control of the money supply is taken from the criminal that runs the Federal Reserve and becomes a debt-free function of the U.S. treasury, (and from similar sources in other countries) gold will become much like any other commodity.  It will have its own specific uses.   It will be a solid storage of wealth, a convenient measure of value, and a international base on which to build a medium of exchange.    It will have its place in electronics in jewelry, and the like.   The new system will produce so much wealth that fear of future poverty will make hording gold all but obsolete.  

The most logical, most fictional, and most fair business structure will come from the people and not from a group of elitists.   It will be based upon corporations owned by their partnering foundation  -- a revised and updated form of the traditional foundation.   It's designed so that the profits are circled back into the system for the benefit of those who produce the goods and service and not pulled out and hidden in the vaults of the super-wealthy.  The Foundation/Corporate Partnership Business Structure will become the main business format. 

The Two Sides:  
There are two sides in this present-day, financial war.   The dark side is known as "Cabal."   The Federal Reserve is it's most obvious expression.   It uses its wealth and power as a tool of destruction.   The Cabal have been doing so to maintain their positions of power and control.  

The other side, known as the "White Dragon Society," is working for a noble cause, for the benefit of everybody.   They are intent on ending the needless death and destruction.  

The Missing Pieces 
There are at least three  major pieces that are being left out in the discussions about this war,
<1> the non-physical (spiritual) aspect,
<2> the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addiction aspect, and
<3> what will replace the old financial system.  

Universal Spirituality
The overwhelming evidence points to the conclusion that those on the Cabal side have little or no understanding of the nature of reality.   They no not who and what they are, and do they do not appear to know how the universe functions.   I have no evidence to indicate where the people of the "White Dragon Society," are with regard to understanding the non-physical aspect of reality.  A reasonable guess is that at least a significant number of them are consciously source connected.  

The second major missing piece is the fact that making/acquiring large amounts of money has an effect on the human brain that is very similar to that produced by snorting cocaine.  The Cabal people are not alevil people.    They are out-of-control, Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.  They are addicted to making/acquiring money.   No matter how much money they already posses, they are stuck in the never-ending struggle for more money.  This fact is getting ZERO attention.   

The New System:  
The third missing piece  in this war, is what will replace the existing financial system?   Nobody seems to know how to create the new financial system without creating total global chaos that will hurt billions of people. 

Top Down  Versus  From the Bottom Up:
Everybody appears to be seeking a top-down solution to a problem that has a simple, bottom-up solution.  

Let's look at this problem using a rose bush analogy.  
You go out into your back yard and notice the rose bushes that have been growing unnoticed and unattended for years.   There are stiff, brittle, lifeless, thorny branches all over the place.  There are hundreds of dead bud that never turned into seed pods.   Several bushes are intertwined, and the tangle reaches well above your head.   To bottom line this, it's an ugly, overwhelming mess.   

Do you go out with a paint brush and color life onto the dead buds and branches.   Of Course not.   As the next  growing season approaches, you cut it all down to the stumps.   You add compost and water and the rose bushes rebuilds themselves.   The resultant flowers are abundant and beautiful.   

The same is true of the financial system.   Only here, there's no need to cut down the old.   Actually you'd best let it be and leave it alone.   You simply build the new, and the Foundation/Corporate Partnership Business Structure will replace the old with the simplicity and ease with which automobiles replaced horses and computers replaced typewrites.  

Nourish the soil (the context)and the roses (the people) will produce wealth and abundance that will astonish even the new system's most enthusiastic advocates.






DO NOT, apply the techniques described in this story to the U.S. of A.  
Doing so could result in dramatic social, political, and economic changes.  
This is a fictional story.   It is intended for entertainment purposes only.




Page Content





The Problem Solver



David Letterman is not the only one who has a top ten list.

Here are the top ten problems that can be solved using hemp as step one.  


Problem  10:  

Corporations on Rosetta were managed exclusively for profits and focused exclusively on profits.   Corporate leaders ignored the desires and requirements of employees, customer, the environment.   They bulldozed over and everyone and everything  that got between them and maximizing their short-term profits. 

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  9:  

The financial system of the United Federation of Rosetta  was obsolete,  fundamentally flawed,  consistently dysfunctional,  grossly unfair,  managed in secret,  filled with ethically questionable loan practices,  riddled with conflicts of interest,  owned by the super-wealthy,  run for the super-wealthy,  and managed by excessively self-centered and arrogant multi-millionaires who didn't give a damn about the people, their plight, their rights, the truth, or the environment.   

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  8:  

Rosetta's political and economic system was run by Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   They were addicted to making money at the expense of everyone and everything else.     

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  7:  

Rosetta's equivalent of the Federal Reserve was a masterful, money-making con game disguised as "service."   It was not a government agency.   It was a cartel of 12 private banks.   It was run for profit.   It was owned by Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   It charged interest for the use of non-existent, make-believe, fairytale money called fiat money.   It also scammed money out of everyone indirectly, by stealing the value our of their nations fiat money.  The technique is called inflation.  It was the most-lucrative, longest-lasting financial scam in all of Rosetta's history.  

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  6:  

A multi-billion-dollar hemp industry was prohibited by federal law in the United Federation of Rosetta.   The hemp industry was prevented by super-wealthy, corporate leaders who had (indirectly) hired their Federal Drug Enforcement Agency to keep out all competition.   These corporations knew they would face major competition if an incredibly valuable, versatile, and desperately needed hemp industry was allowed to be born.

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  5:  

Their illegal drug industry had an annual income of about 250 billion dollars in secret money each and every year -- 250 billion dollars with which to influence, buy, intimidate, corrupt, and/or destroy just about anything and anybody that opposed them in any way.

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  4:  

Their environment was being destroyed in the name of more money and profits for the super-wealthy.   The Corporate Dictatorship  that controlled just about everything economic or political called their activities "Creative Destruction."

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  3:  

The banking system in the United Federation of Rosetta systematically manipulated their economy into boom and bust cycles so that the bankers could, in times of bust, buy up anything of value at fire sale prices. 

The Bankers were not after the single family homes.   People's homes were considered as collateral damage in their lust for multi-million-&-multi-billion-dollar properties such a large commercial properties and land upon and under which natural resources could the exploited for profits in the hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. 

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  2:  

Corporations were shipping jobs to less developed countries because it increased corporate profits -- profits that went into the vaults of the super-wealthy.

Hemp was Step One in Solving this Problem!  

Problem  1:  

Home foreclosure crisis, an example of the boom/bust/steal-the-wealth-cycle, (described in #3 above)  was devastating millions of families.

Hemp was Step One in Solving their Problem!


*** The links on this page refer readers to a description of and an in-depth discussion of the topics indicated. 



Please don't believe us.   Don't disbelieve us, either.   Examine the evidence.





Their Guiding Purpose


Fundamental Principles



We the people of the United Federation of Rosetta, in order:

* To form a more functional social and economic union,
* To restore the values and principles of our Founding Fathers,    
* To rebuild a nation of the people, by the people and for the people,

* To promote justice and financial fairness,  
* To reduce the excessive income inequality, 
* To advance domestic tranquility,

* To provide for the common Good,
* To promote the general welfare,
* To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,

* To create hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs, and
* To create a multi-billion-dollar, national hemp industry,

do hereby ordain and establish the Mutually Supporting Network of Sovereign Mary & Jane Hemp Family Foundation/Corporation Partnerships in the United Federation of Rosetta.  


 Why?   Why?   Why



Instead of demanding changes, the people of the United Federation of Rosetta began creating those changes.   They began by legalizing hemp, and they did so by overwhelming the prohibitionists. with peaceful civil disobedience.

The reasons why they took action include the following:


* Because their government wan no longer a democracy.   It had been taken over by the major corporations.   It was being run as corporate dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

* Because their government was being run for the benefit of the corporate dictatorships. 

* Because the people demanded a return to honoring the social and political structures that their Forefathers had ordained for them.

* Because the men running the controlling the major corporations were, themselves, drug addicts  --  addicts addicted to the dopamine high, produced in and by their own brains when they made (took control of) large amounts of money. 

Are you aware that making large amounts of money and snorting cocaine both produce a dopamine high in the human brain?   The evidence indicates that making large amounts of money produces a Money & Profit/Dopamine High that closely resembles the high resulting from snorting cocaine.  

* Because drug addicts, regardless of the source of their addiction, have impaired mental faculties.   They lack common sense.   They're highly skewed toward one single goal.   That goal is getting their next fix (their next dopamine high).  As result, they make very poor decisions.  

* Because the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts have no use for the additional money they make.   They're after the dopamine fix they get from making the money, not the money itself.   It's the making of (the acquiring control of) more money that gives the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts their next fix.  

* Because a dopamine high never lasts, an addict is soon out seeking another fix, (another dopamine high).   For a Money & Profit/Dopamine Addict that next high comes form making still more money.  

* Because most drug addicts eventually reach a state of depression and self destruction.  Most Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts are on this same path -- a path to self destruction.   Because of their wealth and power, they are taking all the rest of us down with them.  


* Because several major corporations were each making extra billions of dollars in profits only because hemp industry was illegal.   Their corporate profits were significantly reduced by the creation of a legal, national, hemp industry.   The oil industry, the plastic industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the lumber industry, the cotton industry, and several others all faced significant competition by the existence of a national hemp industry.

* Because growing hemp and producing hemp products were already legal in numerous countries on planet Rosetta. 

When compared to planet Earth, again there's and uncanny similarities.  On planet Earth, growing hemp and producing hemp products is legal in over thirty countries,  including Canada, China, Russia, England, France, Spain, Austria, and Finland.   In these countries, hemp industries are already producing trillions of dollars in profits and billions of dollars in tax revenue.  

* Because the original promoters of hemp prohibition promoted and initiated its prohibition under false and fraudulent pretenses.  

* Because hemp prohibition always was about money -- about feeding the addictions of the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts -- about the money addicts getting their next fix. 

* Because the benefits of their national hemp industry far exceeded the  Anti-Drug Czar's declared benefits of hemp prohibition. 

* Because the main Anti-Drug Czar claims as to  why hemp should remain illegal were patently false.   They directly contradict the evidence.   Contrary to their claims:    Hemp is NOT psychoactive!   It is NOT possible to get high on hemp.   Hemp plants are  easily distinguished from marijuana plants.   Marijuana plants cannot be hidden in a field of hemp plants.

* Because hemp prohibition was one of the ongoing goals of organized crime on Rosetta.  Why? 

* Because hemp legalization turned out to be a stepping stone to the legalizing medical marijuana, and   
* Because
legalizing medical marijuana was a stepping stone to decriminalizing marijuana, and  
* Because
decriminalizing marijuana deprived organized crime of over 150 billion dollars is secret money each and every year, and 

* Because legalizing marijuana led to shifting drug misuse away from policing agencies and to the medical professionals.   This deprived organized crime of another 100 billion dollars in secret drug money each and every year.  

* Because shifting drug misuse to the medical industry reduced drug related crime by about 70%.  This dramatically reduced the need for the nation's huge police and prison industries.   The net result was it redirected billions of dollars away from the vaults of the super-wealthy and into the hands of the working class people.

Imagine how much safer you and your family will be when seventy percent of all crime simply goes away.   On Rosetta, 70% of all crime went away because the need to commit crimes to feed an addict's drug habit went away.  

Crime stopped because the money (the reward for crime)  also went away.   The criminals could no longer make huge profits by selling illegal mind altering substance at profit margins up to 2,000%.   For Herion, that's $2,000 in profit for every dollar in product cost.    

Kids no longer needed to become drug pushers and turn their friends into drug addicts to help pay for feeding their own addictions.  


* Because the over all net result was to collapse of the nation's drug based, corporate-dictator-controlled economy.   This put an end to the their nation's equivalent of the The Federal Reserve -- the most lucrative and longest-lasting financial con game in all of their planet's history.  

* Because a hemp industry dramatically reduced the power and financial control of the corporate dictatorship.   Prior to The Hemp Solution Revolution, illicit drug money was used (directly and/or indirectly and through laws) to bribe, threaten, intimidate, dominate, and/or control the nation's political and financial structures.   

* Because several major corporations did not want to compete with products produced by a legal hemp industry  --  products such as auto fuel, high-quality plastics, paper, food, nutritional supplements, construction materials, stronger-than-steel, auto bodies, and literally thousands of additional, cheaper, higher quality products that can be produced with far less environmental destruction and without the need for massive corporate infrastructures, such as off-shore oil wells.  

* Because a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry revitalized thousands of family farms and produced hundreds of thousand of high paying jobs.  

* Because The Rosetta hemp industry added hundreds of billions of dollars annually to their nation's tax revenue.  

* Because Even without a Hemp Revolution, hemp prohibition was doomed on Rosetta.   It's also doomed here on Earth.   On Earth hemp will become legal when the war on marijuana ends.   The demise of the anti-marijuana war is a social transformation whose time has come.  

So the main things a Hemp revolution  accomplishes is to hasten the inevitable.   The speedup dramatically reduces the grief, pain, suffering and the social, economic, and environmental costs.  


Let me step outside of the Rosetta story for a moment and invite you to examine the evidence on this website and elsewhere.   

The links on this page refer readers to a description of and an in-depth discussion of the topics indicated

Read the full Hemp Revolution Solution Story at: 

This story continues on:   Page Two -- Setting the Context.   



To Protect and to Serve

Has Been Disgraced



Protection:   Those charged with watching the world while the rest of us play, relax, and/or sleep are supposed to be looking out for our interests and our well being.   Instead, they protect their own paychecks and work to expand their own personal benefits, and they do so at the expense of everything and everyone else..  

Service:   Service to the people has been turned into serving the wishes of the corporate dictators who (in the name of more money for the wealthy) prevent the existence of a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.  

Addiction to Money:   In their never-ending struggle to make more money and in their zeal for higher, short-term profits, the corporate leaders became Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.  

In the 1930s, Will Rogers said that we have the best politicians that money can buy.   Well, that's all gone now.   Today, we have the worst politicians that money can buy.

Beyond Reason:   Those who run the corporate dictatorships have seriously overstepped the bounds of civility and coexistence.   They not only threaten the lives of every human on the entire planet, they are murdering trillions of other life-forms, causing the extinction of tens of thousands of irreplaceable species.  


But . . .   Never Mind.  

Just continue life and business as usual

because Mother Nature is about to

solve all our problems for us.



In a few short years none of this will matter.  
unbridled, dopamine-addicted corporate leaders will to keep global warming rising at its present course to global disaster,

Because to continue global climate change at it's present rate, will, with absolute certainty,  cause the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica  to fall into the ocean within the next few years,  

Because the collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf will cause the ocean level to rise by 14 feet in a single day,  

Because its collapse will kill billions of humans and cause a global tsunami that will kill a billion of so more humans,  

Because the tsunami will also cause world-wide destruction that is almost beyond human imagination,

Because another billion or so will die from starvation, exposure or in the fight over what's left after the disaster,   and

Because the consequence of this disaster will dramatically alter the surface of planet Earth forever.

So just ignore The Hemp Revolution Solution and continue business as usual.  

And one other minor thing: 
Prepare to die along with all your family and all your friends.  

Do you live anywhere within or near  14 feet of sea level?


This story continues on:   Page Two -- Setting the Context.   




The Hemp Solution 

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***1      Editor's Note:

Clarity of Meaning  Versus Correct Grammar:  
Frequently on this website,  groups of words, collectively, are used as if they were one word, such as the subject of a sentence.   Two examples are: "Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts"  and    "Mary & Jane Hemp foundation/ corporation partnership"   You'll notice these collections of words are sometimes underlined and/or italicized or both.   Our purpose is to transfer a message as clearly as possible and not to follow traditionally correct grammar.  Here's an example of how formatting aids in comunicating the message   

Because it's a sport with very high intensity and frequent sports-fan bursts of emotion.  

Because it's a sport with  very high intensity  (and frequent)  sports-fan  bursts of emotion


You'll also notice a dash (-) will sometimes be used to connect an adverb to the word following the adverb, such as  "seriously-inappropriate behavior."    Again, this format is used when, in this writer's opinion, clarity  is more functional than is correct grammar.










Empower the Opposition  

The Powers That Be  (the men behind the scenes who run the world) love and endorse all kinds of sports, particularly football.  Why pick on football?  Because its a sport with very high intensity (and frequent) sports-fan bursts of emotion.   The fans also tend to be physically active (standing, waving, shouting).   There are huge numbers of fans, and when you analyze the player, on-field activities, you see how closely they parallels war.   Football is symbolic war.  Its one of the nation's most violent sports.  

And the significance of what the players do or fail to do while on the field is internally generated by the team, its organization, the one-the-field players and the, fans.   The significance expand to include what the fans do as a consequence of their involvement with football.   But, there are no inherent external significances in moving an oddly shaped, pigskin-covered balloon from one end of the field to the other.   Any healthy human over that age of ten, male of female, could carry dozens of footballs from one end of any football field to the other in about one minute.   So, where's the significance in the symbolic war game called football?   The long term affect of the actual, on-the-field-activity is mostly totally insignificant, except (for example)  in the instances when a player is injured   

In addition to being entertainment, football provides a cathartic release for many of its fans.   All the jumping and shouting and cheering consumes vast amounts of pent up energy - energy that they no longer have to oppose the status quo.  



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