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This is a story about how the people of planet Rosetta created a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry 



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If You Object to an American, Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry . . .


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 Why focus on Hemp?   Because legalizing hemp
will trigger a series of reactions and actions
the results of which are way
beyond profound.



Page Two


Setting the Context



What You'll Find on this Page



(o)>--One Step at a Time    

(o)>--What Doesn't work   

(o)>--What Would We Like to See Changed  

(o)>--The Core Cause  


(o)>--Justifying Grief, Misery, Death, and Destruction  

(o)>--Secrecy, Money, and Concentrations of Power 

(o)>--The World Is Controlled by Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts 

(o)>--Stopping the Destruction  --   A Biological Analogy  

(o)>--Dethroning the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts 


(o)>--Control by Default    

(o)>--America's Home-Grown, Corporate Dictatorship

(o)>--Civil Disobedience  

(o)>--What's Right Versus What's Legal   




Hemp Is Step One 


Setting the Context

One Step at a Time:  
The people of the United Federation of Rosetta found that the solution to several major problems could be reached by following a series of relative simple, steps.   They also discovered that the steps only worked when they started at step one.    For example, a builder can't build a fully functional house without first building a foundation.   So, to state the obvious, no matter what you're building, the first step is creating the foundation.  

The people of Rosetta focused on and stayed focused on step one (Hemp Freedom) until it opened the door to step two.   Then, they focused on step two until that step opened the door to step three, et cetera, all the way to what, at the beginning, appeared to be a very distant goal.  

What Doesn't work:  
Prior to the Hemp Revolution, thousands of Rosettians attempted to butt heads with unjust and destructive laws.   There error was that  they focused on what they did not want .   They didn't understand that Source/Creation  brings into reality that upon which a human focus most of his or her attention, particularly when that focus is combined with strong emotion.  

Whenever they bypassed the first small steps and directly confronted an incredibly powerful opposition, they were easily overpowered by the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts (***1  who  ran just about everything of any significance.  

What the People of Rosetta Wanted to Change:  
Rosetta's Hemp Revolution leaders examined the conflict between themselves and the super-wealthy Money & Profit Dopamine Addicts.   They did so as if they were military strategists.    The found conflicts all over the place, conflicts such as:  

***  Unjust home foreclosures,
***  Excessive health insurance premiums, 
***  The wiping out of vitally needed, social service,  
***  Big corporations raping their employees' retirement funds,
***  Allowing the nation's infrastructure to deteriorate,
***  Destroying the single most vital piece on of
          the their nation's infrastructure --The Middle Class
***  A completely and totally insane anti-marijuana war, 
***  A political system dominated by corporate greed and
***  Dozens of other less-obvious areas of conflict

The Core Cause:  
They found that each of these issues had the same common cause.   The core cause of every one of them, without exception, was the misuse of money.   Most of the profits from the people's labor  moved into the vaults of the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   The political system, the economic/financial system, the tax laws, and the corporate structures had all been intentionally highly distorted away from a free market system.   Their financial system had become heavily skewed in the direction of providing a huge financial advantage to the wealthiest 1% of the people at the expense of everyone and everything else.  

Justifying Grief, Misery, Death and Destruction:  
The propaganda peddlers for the Corporate Dictatorship called this money-making con game Creative Destruction.   They falsely claimed it was necessary to destroy the environment in order to make a profit.   And they made that claim as if making a profit was the only thing that mattered. 

A close examination shows that this attitude is actually a death sentence to the billions of humans that will die when Global Warming reaches the point where it causes the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica to fall into the ocean, rising the ocean level by 14 feet in a single day and creating a worldwide tsunami of monumental proportions.   

Lies of Omission:  
The favorite way for Rosetta's so-called leaders to lie and deceive the people was simple to ignore and leave out vital pieces of the truth.   This deception technique is called a lie of omission

An easy to see example of this here on Earth is
The Forced Motherhood War: 

The anti-abortionists ignore several extremely relevant biblical passages such as Genesis 2:7.  These ignored Biblical passages clearly shows that their entire forced motherhood campaign is based upon a false and intentionally fraudulent foundation.  

If the Forced Motherhood promoters are correct when they declare that God creates a brand new human being every time a human sperm and egg unite  and when they declare that  abortion is murder, then God, Himself, is the most vile, most disgusting, most despicable and cruelest baby murder in all of creation.   

A second example of this
The Natural Gas Industry: 

They advertise as "Clean burning natural gas,"  but fail to say that.   The natural gas industry is pumping hundreds of millions of gallon of toxic chemical soup into the ground all over the United states.   The process is called hydraulic fracturing.   It's poisoning ground water in dozens, perhaps hundreds of location and could even be the cause of poisoning the drinking water for millions of people in New York city.   The destruction in NOT reversible!  Once the ground water is poisoned, it will take nature thousands of years to wash out the toxins.   

Secrecy, Money, & Concentrations of Power:   Rosetta's political, corporate, and financial systems had unbridled concentrations of power.   They were run in secrecy by men who, behind the scenes, instructed those who appeared to be in positions of power.   The men behind the scenes were referred as The Powers That Be.  

Huge amounts of money (particularly the billions of secret dollars that resulted from the anti-drug, anti-marijuana war) allowed The Powers That Be to buy secret cooperation,  to inspire people to look the other way for a few minutes,  to dominate and/or control the Rosetta political system,  and to control what appeared in the print and electronic medias.  

At the core of each of the above-mentioned problems was a totally dysfunctional financial system.   Short-term profits were all that mattered to those who controlled the nations corporations and the nation's political structures.   

When the people of Rosetta solved the core financial problem, most of the other problems almost melted away.  

Drug Addict Run the World:  
Are you aware that making large amounts of money and snorting cocaine, both have the same affect on the human brain?   Check the evidence for yourself.   

Stopping the Destruction  --  A Biological Analogy: 
In biology, to stop the actions of a destructive life form such as an insect or a parasite, one looks for the weak point in its life cycle and applies his/her effort and energy at that point.   The same principle applies to stopping the destructive actions of the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.  






Resolving the Problems

De-throning the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts:    That's a good idea, but how do we do that?   The power brokers may appear to be unstoppable, but they have one incredibly weak point -- a point that is un-defendable no matter how much money and power they have.   They control only by default.  

1)   Control by Default:    Are you aware of the fact that political and financial controllers have only the power we, the people, allow them to have by our simply going long with whatever they peddle?   Even the most oppressive dictatorships cannot remain in control if and when to people stop supporting them.   Several examples of this have shown up recently in Middle East.  Repressive dictators in Tunisia, Egypt. and Libya have already fallen.  The Syrian dictatorship is about to topple.  

2)   America's Home-Grown, Corporate Dictatorship:   Here in the USA, we don't have an openly ruthless dictatorship.   We have a ruthless, behind-the-scenes, corporate dictatorship -- a dictatorship that is run by lies, by deception, by secret money, and by secret corruption.    The only thing that matters to the men in charge is to feed their addiction to making money.  This shows up as  more short-term profits for the super-wealthy.   These men are addicted to making more money.

The corporate dictatorship is run by  Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts who own the politicians, and (thus, by indirection) control the government.   They get the politicians they own to pass laws that give the super-wealthy huge financial advantages.   

Their public claims that the economy is run by a Free Market is an outright lie.   It's simply super-wealthy propaganda.   The super-wealthy have manipulated the the laws and rules that govern taxation and business behavior to create huge advantages for themselves.   We definitely do NOT have a free market.   What we do have is the spokesmen for The Super-Wealthy Powers That Be  peddle the illusion of a free market. 

They also get the politicians to pass laws against what they don't want other people to be, or do, or have.   And they prevent the government from passing regulations that would, in any way,  restrict their money-making activities.

The government agents use police intimidation and police violence against the very small percentage of the American people who don't just go along.  

Because the people still have the rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution, getting out from under the a dictatorship is much easier here in the U.S. than it is  in other countries.   A proven-successful, non-violent pathway to change is knows as civil disobedience. 

3)   Civil Disobedience:   Civil Disobedience occurs when the people follow their inner conscience and simply refuse to "obey certain laws, demands, and commands of the government."   Instead of being mindless, follow-the-leader sheep, those who engage in civil disobedience do what they, in their hearts, know is "right."   They no longer allow themselves to the intimidated by police violence or by threat of police violence.  

This infuriates those who peddle mind bending propaganda, and thus (from behind their Wizard-of-Ozz curtains) they pull the strings that control the political system.   And in short order, the system responds by sending out masked men in riot gear with guns, and clubs, and pepper spray to subdue the peaceful, non-violent protesters.

You'll also notice that if only a few people openly refuse to obey the unjust laws, they are easily squashed and/or eliminated.   But when enough people stop just going along, the status quo is no longer supported, and it withers and dies.  

4)   What's Right Versus What's Legal:   Martin Luther King, while in jail for civil disobedience, expressed this distinction with two examples.   He reminded us that everything Hitler did was legal, and everything the America's Founding Fathers did was illegal.  

Henry David Thoreau expressed his position of civil disobedience by saying, in essence, that he would not support (pay taxes to) a government that survives by stepping on the people.  

To say this another way, "It's morally repulsive for a any person or group of people to intentionally and willfully gain at the expense of other people.   In a truly free society, nobody can be forced to participate in such activities.  

5)   Change Is Inevitable:   Social, economic, political, and religious changes, and changes in the way we treat our environmental all come as the inevitable consequences of changes in human consciousness.  We (the collective we) created this mess are are in.   AND we (the collective we) can create something far better to replace it.   We can change at a snail's pace, or we can create a Hemp Revolution and make jack rabbit jumps into the future.   And one more thing to remember, "we"  includes you!

Now that we understand the problem,
lets examine the solution.


End of Page Two


The Story Continues Page Three


The Hemp Revolution Solution

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Advantages For The Super-Wealthy  

In the American economy, the super-wealthy have huge advantages.   Here are some examples.  

If a person buys solver or gold coins, and the total sale is under $1,500 he or she pays sales tax.   If the total sale is for more than $1,500, the buyer pays no sales tax.  

Estate taxes have been changed to favor the rich.  

Corporate taxes have been radically reduced. 

Laws prohibiting gambling on whether the stock market rises or falls have been circumvented. 

Laws against corporate monopolies have been dramatically watered down.  

The laws have been changed to allow business profits to be taxed as if they were investment profits, reducing taxes upon the wealthy by, in some cases, hundreds of millions of dollars.

There are thousands more advantages hidden in the fine print of government laws.   The bottom line is that any and all claims of a free market are outright, fraudulent lies.  



***1      Editor's Note:

Clarity of Meaning  Versus Correct Grammar:  
Frequently on this website,  groups of words, collectively, are used as if they were one word, such as the subject of a sentence.   Two examples are: "Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts"  and    "Mary & Jane Hemp foundation/ corporation partnership"   You'll notice these collections of words are sometimes underlined and/or italicized or both.   Our purpose is to transfer a message as clearly as possible and not to follow traditionally correct grammar.  Here's an example of how formatting aids in comunicating the message   

Because it's a sport with very high intensity and frequent sports-fan bursts of emotion.  

Because it's a sport with  very high intensity  (and frequent)  sports-fan  bursts of emotion


You'll also notice a dash (-) will sometimes be used to connect an adverb to the word following the adverb, such as  "seriously-inappropriate behavior."    Again, this format is used when, in this writer's opinion, clarity  is more functional than is correct grammar.









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