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Hemp - The Hidden Gold Mine




What's the big deal with hemp?

      "What's the big deal about hemp?

Rev Cote'
      "The big deal is that
hemp is one of the most useful plants on
both Rosetta and on Earth.  
Hemp has literally thousands of uses,
some of which are very valuable,
such as food  (oils, supplements, etc.),
industrial lubricants, diesel fuel,
paints, varnishes, cloth, paper,
stronger-than-steel auto bodies, and
stronger-than-cement building materials.  

Just imagine what can be created with
a material that's stronger than steel and
considerably lighter in weight.  

Imagine a concrete-like building material
that is stronger that cement and considerably lighter.  

Imagine a fiber that rivals cotton for making cloth and
a fiber that surpasses trees as a source of fiber for paper.  

As a fiber for paper, hemp can
save thousands of acres of forest land and 
save vast, natural ecosystems in which the trees are
the largest and most obvious life forms.  

And a multi-billion dollar hemp industry
can and will be a major step in
recreating a healthy American economy.  
That's the big deal about hemp!"  

http://     www.RedwoodForests.info/if-trees-could-speak.html


      "If it's so good, why are the Super-Wealthy  
trying to prevent the existence of
an American hemp industry?"  

      "The short answer is Money, pain, power and control. 
Hemp products can replace many existing products
at a fraction of the long-term cost.  
The fact that these products can be created
with far less environments damage is intentionally ignored.  
Another major reason the big money interests
are fighting against hemp is that many of the existing products
can be produced without the need of
multi-million-dollar investments.  
This dramatically reduces the need for
big, multi-billion-dollar corporations.  

"Here's an example, 
'Every man-made fiber we wear, sit on, cook with, drive in,
are by-products of the petroleum industry --
all of which could be replaced by hemp'."  

      "Can I get a marijuana high on hemp?"  

Rev. Cote': 
      "No.   Hemp is a non-psychoactive plant.   
Hemp has .05% to 1% THC while
marijuana has between 3% and 30% THC.  
Medical marijuana is more likely to be on
the high end of the THC and other cannabinoid  content."    

      "Where can hemp be grown?"     

Rev. Cote': 
      "It and can be grown anywhere that corn grows.  
Hemp can be grown anywhere
in the continental United States.  
Thousands of now-struggling family farms
can easily shift into producing hemp"  

Imagine the Kentucky tobacco farmers
shifting to hemp production.  
Imagine Mississippi cotton farmers
shifting much of their cotton production to hemp production."  



No-Hemp-Gold    No-Hemp-Gold   ...



Whose Raking in the Gold Because

Hemp Production in America

Is illegal? 

About Profits

One of the Facts of Life that totally escapes the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts is that:  Cooperation is far more fruitful than competition.   If we stopped the fighting and worked as team members,  we could produce so much wealth that
financial sovereignty would be as normal as poverty is today,
the super-wealthy could have even more wealth and
nobody would have to go without.  

To do so, we'd need to let go of at least two of our major false beliefs -- the belief in scarcity and the belief that we are separate from God, separate from nature, and separate from each other.   But this is another story for another time, so onto the gold hoarders   

The Oil Companies

As you know, most plastic products in use today are made from oil.   Oil is biological matter that, over eons, has been naturally converted into crude oil.  

Any plastic product in use today can also be produced directly from the hemp plants.   All plastics, without exception, can be produced from plants such as hemp.   The raw materials to make plastic can be grown by American farmers.   We DO NOT need the  multi-billion-dollar oil industry and their billion-dollar off-shore oil platforms to produce strong, durable, high-quality, recyclable, plastic products. 

The hemp plant can be converted into a  plastic that's much stronger than the plastics used today.   Because no multi-million dollar investments in oil exploration are required, small companies could easily enter the plastic production business and offer stiff competition to the plastic-production-portion of the oil industry.   Also, this could and would dramatically reduce both environmental destruction and dependence upon foreign oil.  

The excuse (the lie) for keeping hemp illegal is the  patently false claim  that the hemp plant looks like and is all but indistinguishable form the marijuana plant.  

Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the multi-billion-dollar oil companies.   Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.  

The Pharmaceutical Corporations:  

The pharmaceutical corporations want hemp to remain illegal because legalizing hemp is a stepping stone to legalizing medical marijuana and that will lead to decriminalizing marijuana which, in turn will lead to legalizing marijuana for personal use.  

Free and open access to marijuana would open a vast new area of research about both hemp and marijuana.   We simply don't know how many illnesses and how many other medical problems can be cured, treated, or prevented by way of products produced from hemp and marijuana plants.   As a pain reliever, marijuana is already a serious competitor to the sellers of pain-killer drugs.  Medical marijuana is also proving itself to be very valuable in treating many other medical problems.  

Here's something about the legal-drug industry that you probable don't already know.   Because their first and foremost goal is making money, the pharmaceutical corporations are focused on creating drugs that treat the symptoms and not on drugs that cure diseases.   If they cure an illness, they lose millions of customers.   They are not interested in losing customers.  

Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the multi-billion-dollar Pharmaceutical companies.   Legalizing hemp is step one in resollving this problem.  

The Petro-Chemical industry:  

The petro-chemical industry  (the producers of fertilizers and pesticides producers) want's hemp kept illegal.   Cotton production is a good example.  Cotton tend to exhaust the soil and require massive amounts of destructive chemicals, (fertilizers and pesticides that end up in the ground water, and in the lakes, rivers, and streams) while hemp replenishes the soil and enquires that little or no chemicals be added to the soil.

Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.   Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the multi-billion-dollar petro chemical companies.  

The Lumber / Logging / Tree-Harvesting Industry:  

The portion of this industry that produces wood pulp for paper will be all but eliminated by the establishment of a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.   Why   Because hemp fibers are superior to wood pulp for making paper.   Both yield per year of growth and yield per acre of land are significantly higher.   The resultant paper quality is also higher.

Shifting paper production from a wood-based fiber to hemp-based fiber has huge ecological advantages. No U.S. forest ecosystems are threatened by the production of hemp.   Clear cutting (cutting down every tree), logging roads, and other types of ecological destruction will no longer be a first step in the production of paper.   No special and/or heavy-duty equipment is required, either.  

Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.   Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the major lumber companies and the people who manufacture all the heavy equipment required to harvest trees and destroy ecosystems.    

The Military-Industrial Complex:  

Billions of dollars go to the manufacturers of thousands of high tech products and other not-so-high-tech products required in the war against hemp, and against marijuana, and the other illegal mind altering substances.   Billions more are wasted in the war against the resultant crime caused by hemp and marijuanaprohibitionprohibition  -- crime that will go way all by itself when drug abuse is turned over to the medical establishment.  

Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.   Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the multi-billion-dollar military industrial complex.  

The Religious Dogma Peddlers:  

How, you ask, could legalizing hemp  have anything to do with religion.   To find the answer, one has to step across the degrees of separation.   The answer has to do with a human beings ability to connect directly to Source/Creation (God) instead of listening to what the religious dogma peddlers tell their mindless sheep.   Today, millions of spiritually-minded people understand the truth of what Martin Luther said centuries ago:  "One does not need the church to find god."

The chain from hemp to religion goes like this:   Legal hemp  -->Legal medical marijuana  --> Decriminalized marijuana  --> Legal marijuana for personal use -->  Drug misuse shifted from police to the medical profession  -->  LSD, peyote, magic mushrooms, ayawaska (ayahausca) become legal.  

When one uses any of these mind-expanding substances as part of a sacred/spiritual journey, the religious dogma being peddled to the people by many so-called religious leaders shows itself to be grandiose distortions of the truth.  

For example, a genuine truth seeker soon becomes aware of the fact that the masterful, and extremely valuable teaching of Jesus and the Bible itself have both been set aside to make way for religious fairytales like The Rapture. and the Forced Motherhood war.   Regarding both of these issues, the people are being told mind bending distortions of what both the physical evidence and the Bible tell us.  

(For example, Biblical passages such as  Genesis 2:7,  Ecclesiastes 11:5,  John 3:13,  and Job 33:4~ are being intentionally ignored.   Why? because these four Biblical passages (and several others) reveal the intentional fraud that is being peddled by the forced motherhood promoters, in their never ending struggle for more money and more, mindless true-believers.   They've declared that life begins at conception.   But the above Biblical passages tell a very different story. See: God's instantaneous, supernatural transcendental magic act  

The Forced Motherhood promoters declare that abortion is murder.   If they're correct, then God, Himself, is the vilest, cruelest baby murder in all of creation.   

Neither the rapture or the forced motherhood war are what their proponents claim them to be.   Both are huge cash cows (moneymakers) for the religious leaders who promote them.   Maintaining hemp prohibition supports keeping marijuana illegal.   Maintaining marijuana  prohibition maintains the prohibition of  LSD, peyote, magic mushrooms, Ayahuasca.  

Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the false religion peddlers.   Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.   The genuine followers of the Christian Bible and the teaching of Jesus will become respected again by the millions of people who see through the fundamental Christian lies and hypocrisy. 

When the people realize that all humans are eternal, non--physical  God-Beings having a temporary human experience in a physical body, in source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph, this shines a new light on the concept of intentionally terminating a pregnancy. 

And one other note:  Genesis 7:2 tells un that an independent human life begins with first breath    
Genesis 2:7   The Lord God formed a man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. 

Another little-known and absolutely repulsive reason why the Cabal Criminals trick  the Christian leader into opposing abortion  is because forced motherhood provides a huge supply of unwanted human children for the Cabal satanic rituals in which these sick, psychopathic criminals rape, torture, and murder children and then drink their blood.

The Cotton growers:  

In almost every way, hemp fibers are superior to cotton fibers for making cloth and related items.   Growing hemp is also far less toxic to the environment than cotton.  

Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.    Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the cotton-growing industries.    

The Auto Industry:  

The auto industry doesn't want hemp legalized because that would bring attention to the undisputable fact the auto industry has been ripping off customers for decades.   The auto industry sold hundreds of millions of cars in which the auto bodies, the fenders and the rocker panels were made of steel, which were easily damaged in minor auto accidents and/or rusted out and had to be replaced.   In 1941, Henry Ford demonstrated that auto bodies could be made from hemp plastic.  

Imagine an auto body that does not rust away, is lighter than steel yet can withstand ten times the impact of a steal auto body without denting.  Lighter weight also increases fuel mileage per gallon of gasoline.    Now that most automobile bodies are made of cheap, weak  plastic, the same or a similar impact differences also apply.  

Legalizing hemp is the next step in making future cars almost dent proof, thus saving car owners billions of dollars, significantly reducing auto manufacturers profits. and putting most collision repair shops out of business.

Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.   Maintaining hemp prohibition is a big win for the Auto Industry.    

The beer, wine, and Hard Liquor Industries:  

Why buy beer, wine or hard liquor when you can get a much more pleasant high or buzz from a weed you grew in your back yard, and you can do so for free and without damaging you liver or experiencing a hangover?  

Maintaining hemp prohibition maintains marijuana prohibition.   This is a big win for the beer and hard-liquor industries.    

The Police and Prison Industry:  

The police and prison industries require criminals.   Seventy percent of all crimes are drug or marijuana related.   Without marijuana and drug-related crimes, the need for police and prisons will be dramatically reduced.  

Since former President Richard (I'm not a crook) Nixon instituted the War on Drugs in 1972, the prison population in the united States has risen from 300,000 to 2,600,000.  That's an 800% increase.   The United States has, by far, the highest incarceration rate of any industrialized nation in the entire world.  

Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.   Maintaining hemp prohibition maintains marijuana prohibition.   This is a big win for the police and prison industry.   

The Federal Government's War on some Drugs:  

In the present war on marijuana and drugs in the United states, the state and federal governments, collectively, spend over 45 billion dollars of your tax money each year fighting the so-called "bad" drugs.   That's  ($45,000,000,000,000) and that number doesn't include the police industry, the prison industry or the military hardware industries that sell all the sophisticated equipment used to hunt for pot smokers, marijuana growers and drug peddlers.  

Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.   Maintaining hemp prohibition maintains marijuana prohibition.   Maintaining marijuana prohibition is a big win for the hundreds of thousands of people who work for the government's anti-drug agencies.    

Gangsters, Hoodlums, Major Criminals
      and Petty, Street Thugs:

There are vast networks of organized criminals producing, distributing and selling both marijuana and illegal drugs all over the world.   Collectively, these organizations have hundreds of thousands of people working for them.  

Maintaining hemp prohibition maintains marijuana prohibition.   Maintaining marijuana prohibition is a big win for the hundreds of thousands gangsters, hoodlums, major criminals, and petty street thugs.   Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.  

Laundering 250 Billion Dollars Each and Every Year:  

Let's ask the most ignored question in this entire marijuana / drug controversy:   Who are the big-time, multi-billion-dollar money handlers?   Who is laundering 250-billion dollars in illegal drug and illegal marijuana money each and every year?   There are only two possible answers, governments or major corporations.   Whomever it is, their financial income will take a big hit when the marijuana prohibition  insanity ends.  

Maintaining hemp prohibition maintains marijuana prohibition.   Maintaining marijuana prohibition is a big win for those laundering 250 billion dollars each year in illegal drug money.   Legalizing hemp is step one in resolving this problem.  

Additional Prohibition Beneficiaries for the Controllers:  

There are undoubtedly, many other reasons
why hemp is still illegal that this author
has not yet thought of.  
They too, will almost certainly be about money.  
In each of the above examples,
the motivation to maintain hemp prohibition is about
money and profits going to the criminals
and to the super-wealthy, but

Here's the Ignored Secret:  

      Hemp prohibition in not about money
      for the super-wealthy Criminals. 
      It's about depriving the people of money. 
      It's about creating pain, grief, and misery because
      those who control the Cabal
      LITERALLY feed on the energy that radiates
      from a human body when the dweller in that body
      is experiencing anger, fear, confusion, frustration,
      or any other negative emotion 

The Bottom Line:  

The evidence tells us that Hemp Prohibition is about money and profits for dozens, perhaps hundreds of multi-billion-dollar corporations and for hundreds of thousands of individuals.  

Here's the real bottom line:    1)  Hemp prohibition is the key to keeping the multi-billion-dollar anti-marijuana war in place.   2) Marijuana prohibition is the key to keeping the multi-billion-dollar anti-drug war in place.   3)  Hemp  prohibition and marijuana prohibition is such total, complete and absolute insanity that these prohibitions are about to end.   The only question is how soon will it end?  4) When the anti-drug war ends, the financial system, as we presently know it, will collapse and have to be replaced.   To see an example of a new, fully-functional, easy-to-implement business structure, please go to:  





And There's More? 



An Expanded Tax Base:

Creating a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry would and will provide a multi-billion dollar tax base.   That tax base can and will provide billions of dollars for essential social services such as education and health care.  

Revitalized Family Farms:

Creating a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry would and will easily revitalize the nations family farms by allowing farmers to grow hemp for making cloth and paper and for hundreds of other uses.  

Dramatically Reduced Crime Rate:

Creating a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry would and will lead to the complete legalization of medical Marijuana, which will lead to the legalization of marijuana for personal use.  

This will result in the overall crime rate being reduced to a fraction of what it is today.   For example, gang violence on our city streets would and will be dramatically reduced.   The cost to the public in terms of death, injury, and financial losses would also be dramatically reduced.  

Ending the hemp/ Marijuana Insanity would and will allow our police to shift much of their focus from protection to service.   Imagine the police providing an education service to children about public safety, and about how to avoid the misuse of drugs, and firearms.   

Most of the Prison Industry Eliminated:

Ending Hemp/Marijuana Insanity would and will drastically reduce the multi-billion-dollar prison industry.   Since former President Richard (I'm not a crook) Nixon created marijuana prohibition in 1972, the nations prison population has risen from 300,000 to 2,500,000.    That's more than an eight-hundred percent increase.  Seventy percent of all crime is drug-related.   Most crime is the direct or indirect result of marijuana prohibition.   Imagine what could and will be done with the billions of dollars now wasted of keeping people in prison for minor, non-violent offenses such as the possession of marijuana.  



There are so many reasons for creating a national hemp industry that it's far more than can be explained on a single website.   A few of the sites that we've found are listed in the section  below. 





Hemp has so may benefits and use that's it takes more than just this one website to explain it's potential.  Here are a few websites that explain more of the Hemp and marijuana potential.

The Marijuana Conspiracy

The Real Reason why Hemp is ILLEGAL   by Doug Yurchey  

This is an excellent overview of the history and the controversy of marijuana.   Here's the opening paragraph:  

"Pot is NOT harmful to the human body or mind.   Marijuana does NOT pose a threat to the general public.   Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies, alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations.   Various big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed the truth from the people.   POT IS ILLEGAL BECAUSE BILLIONAIRES WANT TO REMAIN BILLIONAIRES!"  

You can find this article in video format at:

Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts   

John Morgan, Retired Professor of Pharmacology at City University of New York Medical School  

Professor Morgan spent 28 years teaching students the good and the bad things that drugs do.  

He is the co-author,  Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts:

There are literally hundreds of websites that provide a counterbalance to the anti-marijuana propaganda peddled by those who are raking in billions of dollars by keeping it illegal.   A few that we have found are linked below.   More will be added as  time permits.    







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Hemp is an ignored gold mine  because when it is allowed to freely flourish, it will become a multi-billion dollar industry.   For example, hemp it will replace trees as a source of fiber for paper, it's medical benefits are profound, and as plastic for auto bodies, its strength and damage resistance will save billions of dollars in auto repairs.  

The Foundation:   

We are creating a medical-marijuana, access-assistance foundation.   The Mari-Med Foundation will provide funding and access to medical marijuana for those in need who cannot, by themselves, afford to pay for the products and services.   The Foundation will own controlling  interest in the Mari-Med Corporation so that the majority of the corporate profits will go to the Foundation.  

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