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The Hemp



and Money

If You Object to an American, Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry . . .


is the Doorway to

Ending the anti-Drug Wars

and a Return to Financial Sanity

 Why focus on Hemp?   Because legalizing hemp
will trigger  a series of reactions and actions
the results of which are way
beyond profound.





Page Four


The Eye Opener





Now that we have set the context, let me share a short story with you.   We begin  by addressing the issue of parallel universes. (***1)  

The story you are about to read sounds way to similar to planet Earth to be simply a coincide.   One could claim that we are conning people and just making up an American story and re-labeling it Rosetta Hemp Story?   Here's the question: "Why are the stories from two planets that are light years apart so similar?"

The answer lies in what Earth scientists say about alternate realities.   Their theory is that there actually are alternate realities where humans exist in a manner similar to that which we find here on Earth.   This story is about one of those alternate realities.   






The Rosetta Hemp Story  

About a week ago in my regular meditation/prayer time I directed the Source/Creation Energy to "Show me how be of service and at the same times, fulfill my own Earthly needs and desires."   Here's the response I received:  

My consciousness immediately shifted to the characters in my online E-book,  "An Interview with the Devil."  Again, I began listening to the two main characters having a conversation.   The two main characters are Big D, playing the role of The Devil and Stoney L. Tonto, a staff writer for The Life Changer Magazine.  Here is the Story I heard.  


Big D
      "Let me tell you a story, and then you can do whatever you choose with it."  

      "Why use a story format?"

Big D
      "Because the American Constitution still protects your freedom of speech and your right to tell a story."

      "OK, I'm listening."  

Big D
      "I'll tell you a story about a planet in a nearby galaxy that went trough a situation quite similar to what Earth is going through right now [2012] and how they ended the oppressive, financial tyranny of their planet.   The planet is named Rosetta.  

      "If Rosetta is like Earth, then
on planet Rosetta, their monetary system was obsolete, fundamentally flawed, consistently and incredibly dysfunctional, grossly unfair, managed in secret,  filled with ethically questionable loan practices, riddled with conflicts of interest, owned by the super-wealthy, run for the super-wealthy, and managed by excessively self-centered and arrogant multi-millionaires who don't give a damn about the people, their plight, their rights, the truth, or the environment.  

Big D
      "Yes, and those who controlled Rosette's financial system were also Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts  A
bout 75% of the multi-millionaires were drug addict, and 100% of the billionaires were drug addicts.

      "A planet run by drug addict?   You're putting me on again."

Big D
      "Definitely not.   Have you examined the evidence?

      "What evidence?"

Big D
      "Your scientists tell you that making large mounts of money  and  snorting cocaine both have the same effect on the human brain.   Both stimulate the brain to produce dopamine and it's the dopamine that produces the high.

      "Are you saying that the human brain is it's own drug factory and when outside stimulus such as cocaine  or  making a large amount of money come into the brain, the brain responds to the stimuli by producing dopamine and it's the dopamine that actually produces the altered state on mind?"

Big D
      "Stoney, it's not me saying that.   I'm telling you what the evidence indicates.  

      "So you're saying . . .  I mean the evidence tells us that making large amounts of money produces a dopamine high that is very similar to a cocaine-induced high?

Big D

      "And as a result of making more and more money, the super wealthy commonly become addicted to  making more money.   So no matter how much money they have, the brain is stuck in the 'Make-More-Money Rut'."  

Big D

      "And planet Earth is also controlled by drug addicts"

Big D

      " And that a few super-wealthy men behind the scenes control the corporations that spend the money to elect the politicians who write the laws that control anything of any significance in the United States.

Big D
"Yup.   They're hopelessly addicted to making more money and many of them are also addicted to high-stakes gambling and addicted to facing physical danger.   These men dominate and control anything and everything of any significance that occurs anywhere on the entire planet.  

Their brains have been turned into drug factories.   Their activities of making money and high-stakes gambling trigger their brains to release brain chemicals (dopamine and others chemicals) that produce highs similar to those induced by snorting cocaine.  

(Readers are referred to the Enron Scandal and to the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme as clear examples of out-of-control drug addicts in action.)  

      "Drug addict make incredible poor decisions"

Big D
      "That's why the Rosettians dethroned their  Their nation's financial dictators."

      "And the same is true here on earth?  

Big D
      "Yup.   Planet Earth in presently being secretly run from behind the scenes by drug addicts.   This is why, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that marijuana and drug prohibition should end,  prohibition continues.  

What do you mean?  

Big D
Let me give you an analogy.  Suppose you went to a cocaine addict and asked his permission to take away his drugs, what kind of response would you get? 

I'd get very strong resistance.   If necessary, he'd fight me in every way he could possible imagine.  

Big D

Because he's an out-of-control drug addict.   The drugs are running his life.   His only interest is his next fix.

Big D
And the exact same thing is true for a Money & Profit/dopamine Addicts that control the politicians that make the laws in the United States.

      "Let me give this back to you and see if I've got it right.   Attempting to end hemp and marijuana prohibition by requesting that those in control make the changes is like asking a cocaine addict to willingly give up his source of cocaine? 

Big D
Yup!   You've got it.  

So this is why change comes so incredibly slowly and why it come so grudgingly and why it come one tiny step at a time and why it comes with ridiculously complex restrictions that keep the power in the hands of those in control? 

And this is why the people of Rosetta used a hemp rebellion to end their prohibition.  They did it because their leaders were controlled by drug addicts who would not end the prohibition until they were forced to  do so by mass people power -- by the people taking back control of their own government.  

Big D
I couldn't have said it better my self.

This is just too far out.   When I write this story, nobody will believe me."

Big D
      "Then don't write it.   And don't examine the evidence, either.   Just continue to live by lies and then die as a consequences of the dysfunctional fairytales that most humans pretend to be real."





Editors Note:   Many of you reading this are going to do one of two things.  
1)   Go into Normalcy Bias, discount everything you've read so far on this
       page, and just go away.    
2)   Declare the author to be another fool stuck in the lunatic fringe,
       discount everything written by this author on any of his websites,
       and then go back to all those seemingly-incredibly-important things
       that fill your life.  

Before you take either of these options consider this: 
a)   Reality and our human beliefs about reality are two very different
b)   Even if fifty percent of what's one the TLC-Life-Center websites
       is wrong, the other fifty percent is so incredibly important
       that ignoring it  will leave you living under deadly illusions. 

c)  Take a moment and look at the following truths more closely:  
      1)  Almost every major change on the planet has come out of
           the lunatic fringe.
      2)   Life is not what you've been led to believe by those
           who claim to know 
       3)  In an insane society, a sane person is considered crazy. 







Update May 2017

This story was written in 2008. 
Since then, major, new revelations have come to light.  
The fact that  the super wealthy are addicted
to making money has become a small piece
of a much more sinister behavior
on the part of those in control.  

The evil parasite have gotten so bad that
Source/ Creator/ Goddess had to step in
and is now in the process of cleaning up the mess.  

Check our websites and you'll find information
that is  almost impossible to believe,
some incredibly evil like human slavery,
and satanic ritual murder of children,
and some incredibly positive, such as learning that
we (all humans) are actually eternal God-Beings t
hat have come here to assist Source/ Creator as S
he cleans up the mess.  

You're invited to examine our index and
read some pages that you find eye-opening.





Now back to the Story


      "Big D, you have this seemingly-innocent way of saying wake up or die.   You are the Devil, himself.   Why are you explaining these things to me"

Big D
      "Because you asked. 

      "It can't be that simple!"  

Faahzzuumm     &    Reality Check     Reality Check  .

Big D
      "Ahh, but it is.   
Stoney, I've already told you, that there is no evil being just waiting to ship your ass off to hell forever.   That belief about the Devil living in hell beneath your feet is a fairytale creation of human consciousness.   

There are. indeed, some incredible evil beings, however I am not the devil.   I am not evil in any way.   My job is simply to reflect back to humans whatever they call forth by their thinking.   Remember you are presently living in a biological thinking machine.  

You thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations are all acts of creation.   Your physical activities inspire  thoughts.   It's the thoughts that create and not the physical actions.   You physical actions are the machine that builds some of your thoughts into physical form.    When you call forth Llove and joy, I bring you Llove and joy in physical form.   When you think  fear,  anger, and lust for revenge. I bring you destruction.   It's not good or bad.  It's just the way its.    

You may have heard of me as the Law of Reflection.   "What you put out is what you get back"    

And likewise,  there's no place called hell beneath your feet.   Even the Roman Catholic Pope, John Paul II, told you that.   Did you not hear him?  

      "No, I didn't"

Big D
      "Then let me be the light bearer.   Heaven and hell are not physical places.   They're both in your mind.   These two words represent states of being which you are, by free will, able to change at any time you choose.  

The game you are playing
while here on Earth in a physical body,

is to figure out how to change things
in the Earthbound world. 

The first step is done by consciousness,
by focus of attention, by your stated intention,
and then by your bodily physical activities. 

Consciousness in the leader.   That's you.  
You are the being, the consciousness, who knows by experiencing.  
You are here on Earth to know yourself as
the doer in the body
(that's also you)
having expressing,  and  experiencing.  
Let me say that again.

You are a divine being!  
You are a Great Creator.  
You are the doer in a physical body. 
You are a trinity of Creator/ God-Goddess consciousness   
You are an  indivuated Soul-Self.  
You are a body consciousness, (called Innate or Smart Body).  
You are a personality self, and on Earth,  and 
you control  a Physical body.  

Within the context of human life on Earth,
the physical manifestations you experience
are direct results of your most-strongly held thoughts.  

You are a creator here on Earth.   You are also a creator beyond Earth, but you have chosen to temporarily hide who you are from yourself.   So in your self-chosen play world, you must use certain techniques and procedures in order to create the physical things and experiences that move you in the direction of the ultimate feel good feelings, to the state of being called FahZoom.  

Faahzzoomm     Faahzzoomm  

Faahzzuumm   Faah  zzz  uuu  mmm 
is the closest we can come to
giving a sound you can make (an auditory link)
to the ultimate feel-good feeling.  

Faahzzuumm  (Faahzzoomm)  is a combination of
the elixir of anticipation,
the peak experience, itself,
the satisfaction, the fulfillment,
the  peace of mind,
and the contentment
that follows a Faahzzuumm experience. 

Faahzzuumm is the internal (invisible)
part of you meeting the physical part of you.  
Together, you team-create
a manifestation of God here on Earth.  

                                   For ease of writing and communicating,
                                    we commonly spell the Faahzzuumm as FahZoom.    

WOW!   Where did that come from? 

Big D
From the part of you that you have chosen to temporarily forget.  

And what's your role?

Big D
I am an angel of light playing the role humans created for me thousands of years ago.   My job is to wake up humanity before you commit collective suicide, which is what you are in the later stages of doing right now."

      "Human, mass, collective suicide!   Again, you're so far out of mainstream  human thinking that nobody will believe me when I write this story."  

Big D
      "Then don't tell them, simply show them the evidence."

      "What Evidence?"

Big D
      "Direct their attention to The Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.  

      "What's that?"

Big D
      "The Ross Ice Shelf  is a huge block of ice that is attached to Antarctica.   It's not on land.   It's floating over the ocean.   It's so big that when it falls into the ocean, the ocean water level will rise by about 16 feet.   If humans allow global warming to continue, its fall into the ocean is inevitable.   If this break-off occurs in one single event, it will raise the ocean level by about 14 feet in a single day and create a worldwide tsunami disaster that will directly kill billions of humans.  

This could occur any day now, and it's inevitable within the next fifty years unless humans wake up and reverse global warming."

      "How come this potential disaster is being ignored?"

Big D
      "Because your world is controlled by Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.  And as you know, drug addicts make very poor decisions.   A drug addict is only interested in getting his next fix.   In this case, the next fix comes from making more money.  So you have a choice.  Wake up!   Or kiss your ass goodbye."

      "Six billion people are not going to wake up in time"

Big D
      "They don't need to.   All that is needed is for about 5,000 people to wake up and collectively take step one of the seven-step transformation process I mentioned  a moment ago."

      "What do you mean?  How is that possible?  What are the seven steps?  Where do we start?   Who are the 5,000?  Who is going to do this.   What do we do? . . ."

Big D
      "Woa!  Woa!   Stoney, slow down.   We need to take this one small step at a time.     

      "OK, where do we begin?"

Big D
      "With the story of planet Rosetta.  

      "Then please tell me the story."  


End of Page Four


The Story Continues Page Five



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***1      Editor's Note:

Clarity of Meaning  Versus Correct Grammar:  
Frequently on this website,  groups of words, collectively, are used as if they were one word, such as the subject of a sentence.   Two examples are: "Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts"  and    "Mary & Jane Hemp foundation/ corporation partnership"   You'll notice these collections of words are sometimes underlined and/or italicized or both.   Our purpose is to transfer a message as clearly as possible and not to follow traditionally correct grammar.  Here's an example of how formatting aids in comunicating the message   

Because it's a sport with very high intensity and frequent sports-fan bursts of emotion.  

Because it's a sport with  very high intensity  (and frequent)  sports-fan  bursts of emotion


You'll also notice a dash (-) will sometimes be used to connect an adverb to the word following the adverb, such as  "seriously-inappropriate behavior."    Again, this format is used when, in this writer's opinion, clarity  is more functional than is correct grammar.  

Normalcy Bias:       

Normalcy Bias is a belief held,  in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that the way things are  is  the way they will continue to be.   It's closely related to victim consciousness.   Normalcy Bias is denying potential problems and failing to prepare for them.   In an emergency people with Normalcy Bias will deny what's happening and simply do nothing.  

As a result, when the predictable problem or disaster shows up, they will deny their responsibility for lack of preparation and see themselves as innocent victims of outside forces that damaged or destroyed their lives. 



Imagine that every thought you think has an invisible cord attached to it.  Each thought you think throws a cord out to Source/Creation.   It immediately begins pulling you toward a manifestation of that thought. 

By way of our thoughts, we have each thrown out hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of cords.   Our thought-cords pull us in every direction, all at the same time.   What we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch are manifestations of those invisible cords pulling us toward our most frequently repeated, most strongly held, and most emotionally charged  thoughts.  

If a long-held desire doesn't show up in your physical world, it's because you focused more strongly on not having your desire than you did on having your desire.   You may also have several belief blocks in the way, such as: 
I'm not worthy of having an abundance of money, or
If I do this or that I'll die and go to hell, or
If I do or have this or that, then something bad will happen,
etc. etc. etc.  

The best technique this author has yet discovered to deal with dysfunctional internal programming is called Theta-Healing / Theta-Transformation.    



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