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Page Five


The Rosetta Hemp Story






The Creation of Big-Money, Organized Crime

Big D
      "OK, Here's the hemp story from planet Rosetta.   Remember, this is a story about what scientists call Alternate Realities.   

"Is this where things are in many ways identical and in some ways different?" 

Big D

"So this is a story that could be one of many  Earth-plane realities?  

Big D

Then on to The Rosetta Hemp Story.   

Big D
Rosetta was
similar to Earth, in that it also was controlled by super-wealthy Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   In one of the nation's on that planet, they, too, had a paranoid president who used lies and propaganda to get the legislature to make possession of marijuana a crime.   His first Drug Czar  got the ruling party to also make a crime out of possessing or growing hemp.  

Am I Correct in guessing that their dysfunctional president unintentionally gave birth to an epidemic of crime?

Big D
Unintentional?   Hardly.   Mindless Money/Profit/Power/Dopamine Addict completely out of touch with reality (***1) would be better adjective.   The man could not have been a complete idiot.   He was President of a huge and powerful nation, and his parents had first hand experience of alcohol prohibition.   How could he not have known what he was creating?   And if he didn't see the huge problems of another round of prohibition, his advisors certainly did.  His actions were neither intentional or unintentional.   His behavior was a function of his addiction.

Some of your advisors are going to suggest that you leave out the references to mindless money and power addicts in political positions.  Before you decide, consider this.   That same Energy Being that dominated President Paranoid is was and still is behind Earth's problems today.  

All you have to do to see the results of this destructive energy is to watch what's going on in Washington today.   It's a circus of the absurd run by big money and secret corruption.   It has only two points of focus  --  political control  and more money for the wealthy.   Congress has the lowest approval rate (10%) in all of the nation's history. 

Yuk!   Nixon actually started the current Money and Power Crime Wave.  He gave birth to a global-level criminal cartel that is orchestrating  most of the major events on the planet forty years later.  

Big D
      "Yup.   That he did.   Outlawing marijuana followed the same pattern that occurred here on Earth when the Christian do-gooders managed to outlaw alcohol, only this time, the criminal activity reached epic proportions.  

Drug-related crimes, political corruption, and corporate corruption soon became the norm on the entire planet.   With billions of dollars in secret drug and secret marijuana money to launder and spend every year, organized crime became the dominant financial force on the planet.   Their history remembers this president as president paranoia and as Mister P.  

In one country on Rosetta, after about forty years of anti-marijuana and anti-hemp paranoia, about 15,000 people joined forces and declared that they were birthing a hemp industry.   They applied their collective energy in 15,273 officially recorded, non-violent, act of civil disobedience, all within a three month period.   It began when three groups of about 100 people each, in three separate communities, simultaneously and openly started growing hemp plants and told the establishment that if they didn't like it they could shovel it"  In a matter of weeks that number had grown to about 4,000.  

Independent  Coordination

      "How was this rebellion intentionally organized?"

Big D
      "It wasn't.   It was inspired.   Once the idea took hold, it blossomed like a springtime flower garden.  
The movement was totally focused and yet, incredibly diverse.   Everyone new both the intention and the goal.   And like Islamic Al-Qaeda and like the fundamentalist Christian forced motherhood movement, everybody worked individually  and/or in small groups to that end.  

They Overwhelmed the Opposition by Shear Numbers

      "How did the establishment respond?"

Big D
      "In their normal way, by intimidation, by violence and by arresting non conformists.  
Before the bureaucrats gave up, 35,237 people had been arrested.   The final kicker came when seventy two grandmothers joined the rebellion.   The marched and rode in wheel chairs down the main street in that country's capital city each carrying a hemp plant and or a packet of hemp seeds.  

Fake Seeds & False Arrests

In order to expand the confusion, some people carried non-viable hemp seeds which were completely legal when mixed with other seeds commonly used as bird food.   Without testing them, the non-viable hemp seeds were indistinguishable from viable hemp seeds.   When a person was arrested for possessing these non-viable hemp seeds, he or she filed a civil law suit against the arresting officer and sued for damages.  

      "Did they file against the police as an organization?"

Big D
      "No only against the individual officer.

      "Why a civil suit and why against just the arresting officer?"

Big D
      "Because this create a huge number of law suits that had to be addressed by the courts individually.

Police and Jailhouse Chaos

      "How did the Hemp Prisoners respond in jail?"

Big D
Most of those arrested simply refused to follow any orders given by their jailers.   Many of them laid down and refused to sit up, walk or even move.   They had to be carried by police everywhere.  

Some of the protesters intentionally confronted and taunted police while wearing hidden electronic transmitters that sent an audio and video recording of the police/protester interaction.   These interactions were also recorded on video cell phones by others who were a part of police confrontation team.  

The prime protester had pictures taken of his faces, head and body prior to the confrontation.  If the person was physically assaulted or mistreated, the before and after pictures were used as evidence of police brutality.   These recordings were the prime evidence that later got laws passed requiring all police in riot gear to have plainly-visible identifying numbers on their riot gear, on front, back, and on the sides or their shoulders. 

Some Hemp Rebels went on hunger strikes in jail, and some even peed and pooped in their pants.   They all refused bail and refused to pay fines.   They refused to cooperate in any way whatsoever.   The alternative media had a field day.  Publicity on the internet overwhelmed everything else."  

Why?   Why?   Why?

      "This story sounds like the classic example of the power of cooperation.   Please tell me the hemp prisoners version of why they were protesting?"

Big D
he common reply was:  
Jobs for the working class!  
to the people!  
To save what's left of of our family farms.  
We are the charter members of what will soon become
       a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.  

Everyone new the goal was to end hemp prohibition and begin creating A Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry.   Everyone who actively participated in ending hemp prohibition was rewarded when the industry actually came into physical existence.  I'll tell you more about that in a moment. 

When confronted with the fact that growing hemp was illegal, the Hempsters  (the hemp rebels) responded with:  "If you can find a good reason to prohibit our getting together and creating a multi-billion-dollar, hemp industry, we want to hear it.   Otherwise, step aside and leave us alone."   Others who were a bit less polite said,   If you don't like it shovel it

      "That sounds like what here on Earth is vulgar response to someone who disapproves of what someone is doing.   The person says,  shove it, with anal implications."

Big D
It's probably is related, but that's irrelevant our story."  

Then back to the story."

Big D
A few bureaucrats offered to compromise with growing regulations,  to which the hempsters replied,  When you start regulating corn and potatoes, then come and talk to us.   





The Mary and Jane Hemp Family

Symbolically speaking, the Hemp Rebellion ushered in the new kid on the block.   There were already those who were directly defying the super-wealthy by doing things similar what Earth people called Occupy Wall Street.  

The new kid on the block was the Mary and Jane Hemp Family.   The  Mary and Jane Hemp Family was the first group on their planet to put passion into mass action.   The visionaries who sparked this flame did far more than protest.  They inspired people to take action, by making everyone's action incredibly easy and at the same time, critically important. 

To become A Charter Members of the Mary and Jane Hemp First Family one had only to openly and publically declare him or herself to be the owner of at least one packet of hemp seeds, and/or to openly and publically declare him or her self to be a hemp seed owner and a hemp plant grower.   

One did not need to physically possess the any seeds in order to make the declaration.   After making the declaration seeds seemed to magically show up.   Just like here on Earth, non-viable hemp seeds could be purchased at pet shops where non-viable hemp seeds were mixes with other seeds and sold as bird food.   Obtaining viable hemp seeds turned out to be planet Rosetta's  version of the underground railroad of the American slavery era.   People connected to people who connected to people who connected . . .   The tracks stretched from a country were possessing hemp seeds was legal to the Hempsters (the hemp rebels) in Rosetta's United Federation of States. 

Some people replaced the non-viable seeds in their packets of bird-seeds with viable seeds.   The prohibitionists did not know which people were violating the law an which people were not. 

Making a written, signed, witnessed, and dated declaration openly declaring one's self to be a hemp grower, entitled the person to become a charter member of the very first Mary & Jane Hemp foundation/ corporation partnership.   A roster was kept on the Hemp Rebellion Team's website.   People soon began connecting with other who lived nearby.   Additional groups began forming surprisingly fast.   Their history regards this as a classic case of the people taking back their power. 

The Kids Grow Up

These hemp-focused foundation/corporation partnership units became very powerful social organizations for several significant reasons:  

First,  membership was NOT tied to a physical location.  

Second,  participation was not determined by one's place of residence.  

Third, participation was NOT mandatory - no one was forced to participate.   Membership and participation in a clan of the Mary and Jane Hemp Family  was by choice.  

Fourth:   Association participants were not forced to financially support the association.   The association supported the participants.  

Fifth:   One joined to be with and to co-create with others of like mind.   All were free to opt out at any time. 

Sixth:   The benefits to the charter members turned out to be extensive.    

Compare that to the typical, political jurisdiction here on Earth in which participation is mandatory  because of the person's place of residence.  In the present-day social system money and or property is taken from the person by intimidation and/or by force.   One can only leave such a jurisdiction by changing one's place of residence and becoming part of a different forced-participation, political jurisdiction.  

The new system on Rosetta was/is dramatically different.   Although the new foundation/corporation partnerships were created inside  the political jurisdictions of the day, the participants soon began looking to the F/C Partnership for many of the benefits that originally came by way of the government.  

Well paying jobs, health care, and education were the first benefits to show up.   The F/C Partnerships became something similar to large extended families where cooperation and mutual support replaced the fighting and completion that ruled the the rest of the world.  There were no outside stockholders bleeding the people for money.   Profits paid the bills The people received the benefits.  When the individual partnerships began connecting with each other, the F/C Association became a financial powerhouse. 

Another major payoff of the foundation/corporate partnership was that the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts could NOT take over the new business structure.  The people loved the new system because nobody in either the corporation side or the foundation side of the partnership received excessive amounts of money for themselves.   Instead of profits going into the vaults of the super-wealthy, they were directed to the well being of all the people involved.

No one was excluded regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual preferences or for any of dozens other excuses for discrimination.   Even Christian and Islamic fanatics were welcomed.  

It's Just a Story

      "Wow!   Civil disobedience on Earth has a long and successful history, but nothing like that has ever happened here.  

Big D said nothing.   He just smiled and looked at me at with an intense stare and with what, when I was a kid, was called a  's_ _t-eating grin."  

      "Are you saying it will.  

Big D
      "I'm not telling anybody what to do, I'm just telling a story."

      "Yes, I understand that it's a story.   And it's more that just a story.   It's also something that could happen here on Earth."

Big D
      "Are you aware that what someone does with the understanding that he or she gleans by reading this website is his or her own choice and his or her  responsibility"  

      "Yes, I understand that.   My job is to inform, entertain and enlighten.   Hopefully my readers will receive all three."


End of Page Five



The Story Continues Page Six






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