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This is part of a fiction story of the people on the planter Rosetta  It is written in march of 2013 and offered for entertainment purposes only.

     Tires        Tires   

Concept Summary

How the People on Planet Rosetta (the 99%) countered and outsmarted the 1% with Ice Picks 

The People's of planet Rosetta declared Eminent Domain

1)   The people declared that they owned their city, their county, their entire planet.

They then announced attempts to subvert the power and authority of the people was no longer tolerable.  

2) They announced the following: 
It is hereby decreed by the powers of the people, that the people of Planet Rosetta now own and control any and all tires, automobile tires, truck tires, and every other type of tire without exception.
All tires on any vehicle are hereby declared to be the property of the people.  

3)  The right to use the people's tires was revoked for any and all vehicle used to interfere in any way with the natural human rights of the people of planet Rosetta
The right of use of the tires on any vehicle used to interfere with the peaceful and free activities of the people at large was simply declared to be revoked.  

4)   Vehicle used for offending purposes had their tires decommissioned and withdrawn from use.  
Using short-blade ice picks, holes were punched in the sides of the tires making them flat, useless, and unrepeatable.  

5)   All organizations supporting the dictatorship or otherwise interfering with the rights of the people were notified that beginning immediately their right to use the people's tires was revoked.   

*** The term Dictator and the term Dictatorship
was defined as  
Any person or group of persons attempting to usurp the God-given rights and freedom of other human beings by violence or by threat of violence.

The Consequences of Continued Interference
with the People's Rights

*** The People shut down the entire system of control.

All banks, all financial institutions, and all lenders of fraudulent, make-believe, plucked-from-air non-existent, valueless money were considered to be agents of the dictatorship and declared to be subject the people's rules of tire use.
The tires of their owners, controllers, and employees were withdrawn from service.  
Bank employees were advised, not to show up for work.   

*** Post office vehicles and all other delivery trucks that support the dictatorship had their tires decommissioned

*** All garbage  and trash collection trucks had their tires decommissioned.
Trash began to pile up all over the city.  
This made the protesting obvious to everyone.

***  Limousines and all expensive vehicles were also decommissioned, make significant inconvenience for many influential people.

*** The pile up of uncollected trash was a message to the still-sleep-walking people and
to get the public-information media to inform of the public of the new rules of tire-ownership.  

*** All vehicles used in service the dictatorship were subject to having their tires decommissioned

*** The goal was to prevent those in control from accomplishing any and all activities that interfered with the rights of the people.

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Rosetta People's Winning Strategy

*** All protest activities were non-violent.
NO people were hurt in any way.
All protest activities  non-violent.  

*** The reformation leaders new that the  controllers actually welcomed street protests because the controllers knew that if people did nothing  except walk or stand in the street and shout and then went home, the activity simply dissipated the person's energy and actually accomplished little more than attracting attention.
The people used marching and shouting to distract the dictator's enforcement agents and to get public attention, while  their real power was in the clandestine assault on the system by tire-control.  
Rosetta history later referred to the protesters as the equalizers

***   They knew  what happened when a single hole was punched in the side of tire on any and a vehicles used to suppress the people.  

*** The hole in the side of a tire, not only slowly flattened the tires, it make the tires un-repairable.  
The tires didn't go flat immediately.   By the time the controllers realize that their car tires had going flat, those who punched holes in the tires were long gone.  

*** Taking control of all tires transferred power and control from the controlling evil ones to the people.  

*** Ambulances,  fire trucks, and police vehicles carrying our their normal duties were left untouched.  

*** Vehicles servicing water and/or electric power were left untouched.  

*** The People's personal cars were left untouched.
Police vehicles used in harassing the people had their tires decommissioned.  

*** Many of those who supported the controllers found their personal cars and their entire  family's cars with four flat tires.  

*** Personal Consequences:
Targeting family vehicles was particularly effective.   When the person's wife, his children, his siblings, his parent, his grand parents, and/or all his in-laws were royally pissed when they, too found themselves with flat tires.
This brought the consequence of opposing the people's rights back home to the controllers and made all
the control supporters realize their their acts against the people had personal consequences.  

*** The reformers always avoided direct confrontations with any and all opposition.  
Their  action teams dealt with cars and tires, not with people.  For example, when tow trucks, police cars, and other vehicles come to rescue a stranded controller-vehicle, their license numbers were  record  
Later, when the controllers are not looking, those vehicles also received flattened tires.  

*** When the controllers began using un-marked police cars, and other city vehicles the  unmarked police car and every car available to the controllers was subject to flat tires, without exception, no matter what was being used for and no matter where it's located.  

*** With the obvious exception of normal police, fire, medical service, and utility services, all city employees were advised not to show up at work.   Those who continued to support the control system, receive  flat tires.   The targeted vehicles include personal vehicles of police who support the controllers and their family's vehicles.  

*** By our actions, the reformers sent this message:   "Harassed us and we'll harass you your family, and we'll shut down your control system ."  

*** Those who were advised not to participate with the controllers included all bank employees.   Every bank in the city was told to comply with the people's instructions or shut down.   Target vehicles included all vehicles that provided services to the controllers.   Taxi services vehicles and limousines were also target vehicles.  

*** No human and no animals are ever intentionally hurt   Obviously there will be some people significantly inconvenienced.  The Reformers intentions were to keep collateral damage to an absolute minimum.  
It was considered better to pass on an opportunity than to succeed while creating unnecessary damage.   

*** Nobody in the entire city was immune from retribution if they supported the controllers."  

*** The action teams never went into  parking garages or into any other structures where we could be trapped by police.  
They never directly confronted police.  
They always avoided police in riot gear
The action teams used
 "end-run" tactics.  

*** When in public, the action team members moved singly or  in small groups.  
Most  walked separately as individual pedestrians.  
When they happen upon an important target vehicle, part of the group created a division while an other part surrounded the target vehicle and punches out one or more of its tires.  

Their randomness and their spontaneity made it impossible for the controllers to plan any defense strategy.  
As much as possible, the action teams avoided engaging in activities that could be considered creating a pattern  --  a pattern that the opposition could use to predict future behavior.   

Even when large numbers of reformers walk to the same destination, as much as possible, they move separately.  
Their intention was to attract little or no attention.  
For example, when a targeted parking lot required a large group, they approached the target form two or more separate directions   
Then they descend on a bank and in less that five minutes, every car in the parking lot had one or more tires with holes punched in them.  
Then, the team immediately disburse and moved away as individuals and not as a group.  
Thus, by the time opposition forces showed up to confront the team the reformers were long gone.  

***  They employed the military tactic of keeping a reserve force nearby that did not engage in the "action".   
If one of the action team was accosted by the controllers or by any of the controller's agents, the reserve team descend upon the controllers and by sheer number, intimidated the opposition and almost always rescue their brothers (or sisters) from the opposition.  
They also had a team of observers.  
If the controllers engages in any violent or unlawful activity, the observer team recorded it. 

*** When punching out tires, they usually employed a variation of a pick pock teams tactics, where the victim's wallet is immediately transferred to someone else.  
With the reformer's action teams, it was the ice picks that were transferred from the person who punches the tires to some one else, who in turn passed it a third person.  
The shortened ice picks were usually placed in dark colored cloth bags to help conceal their transfer from
hole-puncher to the punch-carriers.  Thus, if the actual hole puncher was confronted, there is simply no evidence.  

In order to enhance anonymity, team members often wore wigs, false mustaches, dark unremarkable clothes and the like.  
They devised a team technique to exchange shirts and jackets.   To further confuse the opposition, the exchanges were often between gender. 

For a short time, chaos reigned supreme.   Thousands of cars and trucks all over the city sat idly with four flat tires.   The national media could no longer ignoring the reformers

 The message went out, "If you subvert the will of the people, you will personally be held accountable."  

As it turned out, the initial  revelation triggered a national movement and then an international movement.   Here's just one example. 

The reformers picked one on the most offensive corporations and gave the company this ultimatum --   You can shut your corporation down or you can make the major changes in your corporate structure:  
You can comply with our request or you will be shut down.   

It seems that the people had reached the point where they simply would take no more.  
The most incredible part of this story is that the people had simply declared that
by the powers of eminent domain, they then owned all tires.   It appears that this declaration, along with the ice pick enforcers  forced the dictators to flee to safety.

The amazing aspects of 
The Ice Pick Revelation/Revolution was its simplicity,  its incredible power,  it's effectiveness,  and the speed with which it was accepted by the people.     .    


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