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This is a story about how the people of planet Rosetta created a multi-billion-dollar hemp industry 



The Hemp
Revolution Solution



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If You Object to an American, Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry . . .


is the Doorway to

Ending the anti-Drug Wars

and a Return to Financial Sanity

 Why focus on Hemp?   Because legalizing hemp
will trigger  a series of reactions and actions
the results of which are way
beyond profound.






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About the Foundation/

Corporation Partnerships




The  Foundation/Corporation Partnership

Business Structure: 

<0>-  Is by far, the best economic revitalization process yet proposed by anyone, anywhere. 

<0>-  Is incredibly-simple and easy-to-implement.   It partners a corporation with a foundation.  They work as a team.   The foundation holds controlling interest in the corporation.   It holds a minimum of  51% interest, and in many cases there are no outside stockholders.     

<0>-  It's designed to direct billions of dollars in corporate profits to the working class.   It's designed to give corporate employees, corporate  customers, and the environment equal priority with making a profit.  

<0>-  Because profits are NOT the driving force of the corporation, this new, win-win business structure completely eliminates outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries.  

<0>-  The Foundation/Corporate Partnership is an independent
self-contained business and social structure combined
and is designed in a format that makes it financially self-sufficient. 

<0>-  With regard to where the money comes from to pay for social service and other expenses like health care, compare the old and the new systems.  In the old system, the people pay all the bills.   In the new Foundation/Corporate Partnership system, corporate profits pay all the bills.  

<0>-  The people on Earth are trying to run their pluralistic social structures using one, single, forced-participation, black-or-white, winner-take-all political structure.   Participation is a function of one's place of residence.   One cannot opt out.   The participant is forced to pay for supporting the political structure.

In the new, foundation/corporation partnerships, participation is by free will choice,  participation is NOT a function of one's physical location, there are a multitude of groups that one can participate in, one can opt out at any time.   In this structure the business profits pay the bills. 

<0>-  It's also self-regulating in that each partner provides checks and balances for the other.   It also receives bi-annual outside auditing by the National Association of Foundation/Partnerships.  The foundation beneficiaries ultimately control who runs both the foundation and the corporation.  

<0>-  It's a masterful at self regulating in that it's filled with transparency and it's managed by groups that oversee each others activities.     Corruption and seriously-inappropriate-behavior are almost impossible in structure of this nature.   And it gives absolutely no focus or attention to attempting to regulate anything outside of itself.

<0>-  Is a vast improvement over the existing corporate business formats because the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts cannot control, buy, stop, or significantly interfere with it or its creations or its functionality.   

This new business structure is described in detail on one of TLC-Life-Center's websites.   You can find it at:  

http://www.New-Corporate-World.info#39    >


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The Story Continues Page Ten       

How the Women of Rosetta Ended the Forced Motherhood War




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We're Walking Our Talk

At TLC-Life-Center

We are demonstrating our proposals by creating two
corporations, one for-profit and one not-for-profit. 
They will function as partners.


The Corporation:   

The for-profit business (Mari-Med Corporation) will be based on The New Corporate World Foundation's Win-Win Business Structure -- a structure in which corporate employees, corporate customers, and the environment hold equal priority with making a profit.   Corporate focus is the production and application of Hemp.  

Hemp is an ignored gold mine  because when it is allowed to freely flourish, it will become a multi-billion dollar industry.   For example, hemp it will replace trees as a source of fiber for paper, it's medical benefits are profound, and as plastic for auto bodies, its strength and damage resistance will save billions of dollars in auto repairs.  

The Foundation:   

We are creating a medical-marijuana, access-assistance foundation.   The Mari-Med Foundation will provide funding and access to medical marijuana for those in need who cannot, by themselves, afford to pay for the products and services.   The Foundation will own controlling  interest in the Mari-Med Corporation so that the majority of the corporate profits will go to the Foundation.  

Do You Need a Job?   

You are invited to examine our websites and determine if you'd like to join the development teams for either our non-profit foundation or our profit-oriented corporation.   If you find the prospect of joining our team intriguing, please go to our website;   http://www.Medical-Marijuana-Foundation.com/mmt-how-to-join-the-team.html#gr   and  then contact us.   

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