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Rosetta's Hemp Revolution.

More Tactics and Strategy



Concept Summary



This page contains excerpts from the notes of numerous Rosetta strategy meetings as they planned taking back their nation from the Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.  


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Dramatically  Reducing

The Effectiveness of the Riot Police



My name is Jamie J.   That's not my real name.  It's my Hemp Revolutions Solution handle.   As unofficial secretary/historian for the Rosetta Hemp Revolution steering committee, I was present at numerous key strategy meetings.   The notes below are excerpts form meeting AG-33.   

Meeting Coordinator:   Let me remind everyone that we are not protesters.  We are all part of the New Multi-Billion-Dollar Hemp Industry.   There are no police/ protester confrontations.   When we do encounter the police, the functional language is a police/Hempster face off.  

The next thing we need to be absolutely aware of is that those who control the police are counting on us becoming violent and destructive.   This is the excuse they're looking for in order to initiate mass arrests and the internment of thousands of us.   Under no circumstances are we to become violent, destroy property, or threaten public safety.   Our job, at his stage of the movement, is to:   1) wake up the people, and 2) to create hemp freedom.  

At last week's meeting we were asked to spend the next seven days focusing on finding answers to this question:  How can we "Derailing the Riot Police?"   We were asked to sit quietly an think about the answer.  We were asked to focus our local discussion groups on answering this question.   We were asked to talk with as many people as possible on this topic, and we were asked to bring our ideas to the next meeting.  So here we are again.  

The topic is Derailing the Riot Police.  and  How can we countermand police power and effectiveness?  

Please remember during the first phase of this session there are to be no critiques, no negative comment.  We encourage you to add anything you'd like to any idea.   Be wild, be outrageous, speak up even if you think your thought is stupid.   In the second phase, analyze the suggestions.   Jamie and Sara are our chief note takers.  Andy, you up.

Andy M:  When one examines the police/Hempster face offs, we notice that commonly there are two large groups in a specific area, police and Hempsters.  

What if, in addition to the police/Hempster face offs, we also added several small groups of a dozen or so people and these groups just popped up in various locations all over the city, such as in bank lobbies and corporate offices and did things that were totally unexpected.  

For example, suppose the team slips into a bank lobby and one or two people start singing our theme song.  

Their theme song was very similar to the classic American folk ballad, This Land Is Your Land, written by Woody Guthrie in 1940.  

When the security people approach the singers, they stop singing and two or three others in an different place in the room continue the song.   A third part of the team turns on record music and everybody begins singing.  We encourage non-team members to sing with us.    Each group of singers has an interference team that when necessary, distracts or simply gets in the way or the security people while the singers disappear into the crowd or out the door.   Two other team members independently video tape the incident.   Videos like this are edited and put in on the Internet.  

Think about this for a moment.   There are dozens of the silly and attention getting things we could do in small groups that would create chaos for the opposition.   We could moon (drop trousers and show ass) to the so-called leader and then simply slip away.   We could have a beautiful woman (with her face concealed) flash the establishment and then slip away.   We could drop a thousand of very small pieces of paper in bank and corporate lobbies, with each piece of paper saying something as simple as Join the Hemp Revolution  Solution.   We could drop thousands of these tiny leaflets onto the streets from tall buildings.  

Small teams like this could raise havoc all over any city and the riot police would be useless.   They'd be standing with the main group doing nothing while the people in the main group simply sing and hand out fliers. if confronted the group disbands and reconnect at a pre-determined next location. 

And regarding the main group, wherever the police were the main group would simply go in a different direction.    When there were large numbers of Hempsters, they split into two or more groups.  

Suppose we let planning our group movements be in the moment and spontaneous.   The riot police would have no way to pre-plan anything at specific locations.   Another advantage is that when we keep the riot police moving, their vehicles are much more vulnerable to having flat tires.



The Ultimatum

Shutting Down the City



John K.:   At the moment, the city leaders can do anything they want and there are no consequences to the police, no consequences to the city leaders and no consequences to the people who control the politicians.  

What if we created consequences?  What if we gave them something to lose by interfering with Hempster activities?  What if we produced consequences that took away from them something  that they considered vital?

Questioner:    What kind of consequences?

John K.:   Consequences like shutting the city down.  

Questioner:   We can't do that?

John K.:   Instead of affirming a false, limiting belief, how about reframing that statement and turn it into a question:  "How can we create consequence?"I'm about to suggest a technique that puts the power position on our side.  

What if we create a direct face-off with the city mayor and make demands on the city under threat that if they harass us we will shut the city down.   We politely request that the city provide us with a local park in which we are given a city permit to occupy, that they provide adequate porta-potties on that site and that they otherwise leave us alone.  

Our team spent the last seven days brainstorming that question and here's the solution we came up with. 

We started by asking this question:  What are our opposition's weakest points?   We bantered that question about for two days before someone came up with the answer,   tires!   They can't drive a vehicle with four flat tires.  

That quickly led to another  "How do we do that?" question.   Grandmother Wilson spoke up and immediately gave us the answer.   She told us that when she was a very young girl, her mother worked for company that manufactured sports equipment and that she (grandma's mother) worked at home sewing covers on baseballs.   She had a tool that looked like a small ice pick.   She called the tool an "awl."   An awl is a sharp pointed hand-tool designed to punch holes in leather, to punch holes in or fabric, or to  . . . 

At this point, John stopped talking and waited until someone said the t-word.  

Tires!   That small seemingly insignificant tool takes us to our power point.   With it anyone can punch a whole or two in the side of an auto tire, or a truck tire or a patty wagon tire and that not only flattens the tire, a hole in the side of a tire causes the tire becomes un-repairable.  

The police at a riot-control site could easily be deprived of their means of transportation.   Vehicle associated with harassing Hempsters could turn up with one  to four flat tires.  All vehicles associated with such an event would require guards.   The guards could easily be distracted while their tires got the punched.  

Take a moment and think about the potential in this concept.   With the exception of emergency vehicles, such as police on their regular duty, fire trucks, and ambulances, almost every city vehicle could turn up with four flat tires.   Where would the city be if all trash-collections trucks stopped running because of flat tires?   Imagine the city with all taxi service out of business because of flat ties.   Imagine all the expensive cars and all limousines out of service because of flat tires.  

Imagine!  Imagine!  Imagine!   Any city that harassed Hempsters could be shut down in a matter of days.   Any city that defied the will of the people would be quickly turned  into chaos. 

The city computer system is another point of vulnerability.   In short, we the people can become the ones who dictate police and government activity.   That has not been the case in our nations entire history. 




Jamie J.   The first time this technique was put into action, six people were caught punching holes in the side of city vehicle tires.   The mayor put them on display on television along with their tire-hole punching tools.   The rebels had taken standard ice picks and ground them down so that the sharp end was only about an inch and a half long and could be easily and safely sheathed and hidden in a pocket.  

Displaying these five men and one woman and their mini-ice picks was an incredible stupid move.   The mayor's act simply inspired more opposition and more public outcry and more flat tires.  

The Hempsters began roaming around the city randomly in small groups singing their theme song and passing out fliers describing in detail their new, soon-to-be, multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.  

The mayor was given an unspoken ultimatum, drop the charges against the six people arrested and stop the harassment of Hempsters or the shut down will continue. 



Our Music Is Our Message


Carroll L.   We need to come up with more songs that relay our message.   I've agreed to be responsible for coordinating this.   Any of you who are musicians, please connect with me today, and any musicians song writers and the like that you know, request their participation.   Clancy's Pub will be our music teams headquarters.   We have free use of the facility when the pub is closed, that 3:00 am to noon every day.   We'll be showcasing our best songs three evenings a week.   Everybody is invited.  

Harry J.   I'm not a singer, I'm a comedian.   I'd like to add add humor and  ridicule of the establishment along with the music.  

Cindy D.  Let's create some thirty-second skits about what we're doing and why.  

Jan B.  We can create our own commercial messages and spread them via the internet.  

Danny P.   I have a small recording studio.   I'll get whatever you'd like ready for Internet distribution.  

Jerry M.   I have access to several well-known actor who support our work.  When we come up with something really good, I'm sure I can get some of them to be our actors.  

Wendy S.   The people supporting marijuana legalization  have a script ready for production.   Let's coordinate our advertising and publicity with them.  

Jan B.   Just remember, we want our public focus to stay on hemp.   


Editor's Note:    On Rosetta, one of the consequences of legalizing hemp was that it brought money (by way of both labor and ownership) directly to the people who played an active part in creating their hemp industry.   Also, please remember that making money is a huge faahzzoomm (feel good feeling) builder.

The Free Marijuana people on Rosetta adapted the Hempsters advertising and publicity ideas to their cause.  Here's an Earth plane example:



Inspiring Public Participation




      "How did the Hemp Rebellion inspire ordinary people like the grandmother brigade to participate."

Jamie J
      "This is the best part of the story."

      "How so?"

Jamie J
      "The organizers focused on millions of people that were already outraged at the callous and destructive actions of the super-wealthy.   The organizers used money and profit as a key to inspire additional participation.  

The Hemp Rebellion organizers offered an opportunity to every person over the age of twelve who declared him or herself to be charter members of the new hemp industry.   Every person who openly declared him or herself to be an owner and/or a grower of hemp was invited to send a signed and witnessed form so stating to their local group leader.   This entitled the person to purchase ten shares in the soon-to-be-formed, first Mary & Jane Hemp Family Corporation for three dollars per share.  

They said that the holder of 51% of of the Mary & Jane Hemp Corporation would b a non-profit foundation.   The Foundation's first reason for being was to organize, promote, and participate in creating a people-owned hemp industry.   The Foundation's second reason for being to to use a significant portion of the profits from the future network of Mary & Jane Hemp Corporations to enhance the well-being of everyone who was a charter member of the first Mary & Jane Hemp Family Corporation."   

      "Run that one by me again.   I'm not sure I've got this straight.  "

Jamie J
      "Let me give you some numbers.  Maybe that will help.   The organizers said, if a person declared him or herself to be a hemp seed owner and/or a hemp plant grower before the first Mary & Jane Hemp Foundation and its partnering Mary & Jane Hemp Corporation was officially created, he or she would have the right to become a corporate stockholder of ten shares of the very first Mary & Jane Hemp Corporation.   They'd have the right to purchase up to ten shares of stock for three dollars per share.  

About 100,000 people took advantage of that offer and openly declared themselves to be hemp owners and/or hemp growers.   Of that number, about 80,000 people actually purchased shares.   This gave the first Mary & Jane Hemp Corporation, more than $2,000,000 in start up money at the beginning of it existence."  




Facts of Life


You can produce all the evidence in the world and the illegal drug peddlers are still going to peddle drugs.   The super-wealthy Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts who own the illegal drug industry are not swayed by evidence, either.   Their focus is strictly on making more money.   It's not the money they are after.  It's the dopamine high that is produced in their brains when they make more money.


There are dozens of industries that do not want either hemp or marijuana legalized because hemp or marijuana or both would compete with them and reduce their profits.   Some examples are:  the pharmaceutical industry, the plastic producer, and oil industry, the people who make money providing trees for making paper, the cotton industry, the liquor industry, the auto industry, just to name a few.  

Hundreds of thousands of people make their living directly from marijuana prohibition, such as the police, the DEA, and the privatized prison industry.   The na´ve think that political corruption only occurs in other countries.   The evidence show that drug prohibition corruption is rampant and that it reaches every level of government.  


There are two ways to stop marijuana insanity.  One is to wake the people up to what the evidence tells us.   Eventually public pressure will force the prohibitionists to change.   People have spent years using this approach.   The support for ending prohibition is over 70%.   Marijuana and hemp are still illegal.  

The second way is to create a context in which the prohibitionists cannot function.   The Rosetta Hemp Revolution created that context, and in the process, transferred political power to the people.




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