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Postal Address    

Robert Cote’ 

The Life Center  

8607 Oakdale Ave  

Winnetka, CA  91306





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Contact Us  

What We Have to Offer       

Why Send Us a Donation     


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Communication System     
Computers, Phones, Internet                        Donate or Barter 

Dependable, Functioning Automobile         Donate or Barter    

Home And Office                                              Donate or Barter  


Connect Us to Other People    And Receive Special Benefits    

Two For the Price of One                                Donate or Barter   

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Website Re-Design                                          Donate or Barter  

Text Editing and Typo Corrections               Donate or Barter

Publicity and Outreach                                    Donate or Barter

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What We Have to Offer


We have a comprehensive training program
to accommodate Source/ Creator./God-Goddess's
Cosmic Transformation.     

The shift is from our present (2016)    
third dimension system of
mind-controlled slavery,
a system based upon
scarcity, greed, money, 
service to self, and
separation from God. 

Fifth Dimension Consciousness,   
a social system based on joy, freedom,
Unity with everything, infinite  abundance,  and
Service to All.  

We have created a "How to . . ."  Training Manual
for freeing humanity from a mind control prison
in which most of the prisoners do not yet know
that they are in prison.  
The prison is invisible to the inmates.

How can that be?  
It's invisible because
the prison walls are made of lies,
incredibly sophisticated illusions,
intentional deceptions,
negative emotions  (such as fear andanger),
mind manipulation,
and false beliefs. 

Our websites and
our coaching and counseling services 
are the basic awareness tools we use
to guide your shift into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 


The entire Earth is shifting under our feet.  
The entire Solar System is shifting over our heads.  
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is transforming the The Entire Galaxy
to levels beyond our Imagination.  

We highly recommend that you start now.  
WHY  start now?    

Because tomorrow may be too late. 
About half of us are moving to the new Earth
Half of us are going to stay with the cabal criminals
and ride the old Earth into self destruction.  

We have a free will choice to do nothing,
to stay in 3d Consciousness
Learn the new Rules of Reality.    

It's OK for you to stay with the old Earth.   Why?  
Because we are all non-physical, eternal God-Beings. 
You will get back to source
no matter which choice you choose.       

What We Have to Offer





    Why Send Us a Donation



Why donate to TLC-Life-Center:  

Because we are here as part of the team
who will create something
so new and so profound that,
to those stuck in the old system,
we will be unrecognizable  

About TLC-Life-Center.  

<><><>   <><><> 


When enough of us wakeup and realize:
that we are God-Beings
that we are cells one gigantic being we called God
that physical reality is a holograph
that we are Great creators,
that our thoughts create our personal reality,
that our collective thoughts create
our collective, time line future.

we will find our selves  vibrating
with the new Earth.
This is such a high rate of vibration,   
that the third dimension criminals
will simply no longer be able to reach us

Why Send Us a Donation




Donate By Postal Mail


Donating by postal mail is used
primarily for large donations.  
Because it eliminates service fees by PayPal. 

For example,:
When you donate $10,000 online, the PayPal fees are $220.  
When you donate $100.000 online, the PayPal fees are $2,200.  

You can also send smaller donations by postal mail.  

Send your postal mail donation to:  

Robert Cote’ 
The Life Center  
12827 Borden Ave  
Sylmar, CA  91342   

Make your check payable to
The Life Center.   

Donate By Postal Mail



Technical Assistance  

Donate or Barter

Computer-Related Technical Assistance 


Technical  Assistance:   
We require competent technical assistance
*   When computer or Internet related problems arise,
*   when existing equipment requires repairs
*   when new equipment requires installation
*   when programs require updating, and/or
*   when special setups need to be made, 

Computer and Internet-related technology
is very often way beyond my skill level.  
It's also not my area of interest.  

Someone with these skills
will provide us with this very valuable service.     .

Computer-Related Technical Assistance



Donate Communication


Donate or Barter 

Communication System 



Hard-Wired Phones  
Internet Access

We require a minimum of two computers,
one Mac and one PC.  
Two of each would significantly enhance our functionality.   

We require the equipment, the technology and the training  
to produce simple videos and offer them
online by way of our websites,   
and to hold online meetings with
groups of clients/students.  


Whenever possible, we intend
to avoid WI-FI technology.  
Why?   Because anything and everything
that is wireless. 
radiates microwave energy.  

Microwave energy is electronic poison.  
For example,
Putting a cell phone to your ear
is like sticking your head into
a mini-microwave oven.  
The microwave energy is slowly cooking your brain. 

We refuse to  allow smart meters to be installed in our home        .

Communication System




Donate or Barter 

A Dependable Automobile


We require a fully functional and dependable automobile. 

Because we intend to regularly travel, with team members,
between Los Angeles and Sonora California.
about 300 miles,
our preference  is a SUV, 
such as a Dodge Grand Caravan or
some other similar vehicle. 

However, any dependable and fully functional vehicle
will be welcomed and sincerely appreciated. 


Dependable Automobile  




Provide a  Combined  Home  And  Office
for  Our  Cosmic  Awareness  Training  Center


Donate or Barter     


This may show up in any of four potential formats.  
We expose these possibilities to the public
because one of them is about to show up.    
We just don't yet know which one.   

Our preference is to be located
in northern California, however
 we will accept other locations.  

<><><>>   <><><>

Home and Office Together

Option One:  
The minimum requirement is a home
which can serve as a residence
for my wife and myself and
have at least one room for office facilities
to use for Internet and phone outreach for our
Fifth Dimension Cosmic Awareness Training Center.        

<><><>   <><><>

Estate Property Care Manager

Option Two:   
This is  a  Win-Win Proposal. 
Because of my background my working career,
(I'm retired now)
I am imminently qualified to be
Estate Property Care Manager,
not as a worker, but the one who oversees everything.     

There are numerous wealthy individuals
      who are in need of
      a qualified, trustworthy, dependable, live-on-site
      Estate Property Care Manager.  
My wife and I are eminently qualified to fill this need.  
See My qualifications.   

By filling our both our needs
and the needs of other
at the same time everybody wins. 

<><><>   <><><>

FahZoom Town - Phase Two

Option Three:  
This would be the first 
Fifth Dimension Cosmic Awareness Training Center
where we begin our in person training
for those who will become guides and trainers
to eventually work with  the general Public.  

This option includes a large fully functional
and fully functioning home
on a property zoned for farming.  
It must be large enough to accommodate multiple uses:  

*   Be the personal home of Robert and Ryce Cote',  

*   Have extra bedrooms or  adjacent structures
      to accommodate a least four additional people,  

*   Be appropriate for gathering of up to 15 people
      (with a private parking area), 

*   Have at least one room suitable for use as an in-home office,  

*   Have secure garage and storage areas,    

*   Have contiguous and adjacent structures or
     space to add additional structures, and   

*   Be at least 500 feet in elevation.

*   Ideally, the property will be large enough
     to accommodate Phase Two of our
     over all FahZoom Town Project.

<><><>   <><><>

Global Financial/ Currency Reset

Option Four is for those interested in
receiving a financial bonanza when
the inevitable Global Financial .Currency Reset finally occurs. 

If you own residential property and you are
a financial fool stuck in third dimension consciousness,
you'll ignore this possibility.   

If you are wise, open minded and realize that
the Global Financial Reset is coming and is inevitable, 
you'll at least examine your options here.     

Provide Home and Office Room





    Connect Us to Other People  


You know and have access to people that we don't know.   
Please make connections for us.

We are seeking  people:  
*   who would like to receive our service, and/or  
*   who can afford to support our work, financially, and/or
*   who can assist us in one or more of the ways listed on this page, and/or 
*   other ways that we haven't yet thought of.   

Two For the Price of One 


Find a partner to purchase our
Cosmic Awareness Training Services and
we'll  train both of you together for the price of one person. 

Not only will you receive our guidance,
having a learning partner will dramatically
speed up you learning,
make the process much easier and
both of you
will have much more fun.   

Find Major Donor -- Receive 6% Finder's Fee  

When you connect us to a major donor
who donates $2,000 or more
to the TLC-Life-Center Church,
you will receive a 6% finder's fee.  

Learn More about Major Donor finders Fee   

Connect Us to Other People



Website Redesign

  Website   Re-Design      


               Donate or Barter   



Our website is in need of a new design.   

We would also like a new website-building program.   





    Minor Text Editing and Typo Error Corrections 


         Donate or Barter     



Most people, when they find web pages with errors,
they assume the page content is not worth reading. 
We would like to avoid this.        

Our errors come from four sources: 

1)   I am less than a master typist.  

2)   I'm working under handicapped conditions.
       (not personal, situational)  

3)   Without outside funding, we cannot hire an editor, and  

4)   My Fifth Dimension Conscious 
       is constantly expanding.

       Pages written from old consciousness levels
       are frequently revised to accommodate
       my expanded perspective. 

      Thus, changes are scattered all over the place. 
       These changes get published unedited.  

Also, pages are revised, added, updated, and changed
       as new information becomes available.  
       Most of these changes are also published unedited  





Publicity and Outreach 


                  Donate or Barter     



We have a powerful and much needed service.  

We require assistance in reaching
potential clients / students.  

Can you help us and/or
do you know someone else who can<>





Meet the Goddess of Ayahuasca 


    Donate or Barter     


Ayahuasca and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) are
two of the most powerful spiritually enhancing
God-connecting substances on Earth.  

I experienced both in the late 1970's
with profound results.   
When the opportunity to again experience them arises,
I intend to experience both.     

I presently have the opportunity to travel
to a modern resort in Costa Rica and again
"Meet the Goddess of Ayahuasca."  
Funding is the only thing standing in the way.  

Watch the film:   The Reality of Truth.   
And you will understand the importance of
experiencing Ayahuasca. 


If you'd Like to Experience Ayahuasca:

I am an experienced religious and spiritual counselor. 
I have extensive experience
with spiritual journeys aided by
Marijuana, LSD, and Magic Mushrooms,
and limited experience with Ayahuasca. 

If you'd like to have an Ayahuasca experience,
I will prepare you for the experience and
travel with you to Costa Rica. 
We will both meet The Goddess Ayahuasca.  
You cover all expenses.    

Upon your return to your home,
I will also be available to assist you
during your integration time.

I will share with you TLC-Life-Center's
Fifth Dimension, Cosmic Awareness
Training Program.  
This will assist you
in realizing, learning, and integrating
some major facts of life
that are still unknown to most people.     





    Footnotes and References 


Major Donation  --  Finder's Fee     

TLC-Life-Center is legally known as The Life Center.  
We are a California and federally recognized 
501(c)(3)  non profit church corporation. 
Donations are tax deductible.  

At this time, we offer a 6% finder's fee
to the person who connects us to
a donor who donates $2,000 or more
to The Life Center Church. 

We will pay only one commission per major donation.  
To receive your commission you must be
the first one to make the connection.  

When you make an appropriate connection,
send us an email.  
The date of your email will be considered
your date of contact with your donor.      

This offer expires on June 1, 2018      


About TLC-Life-Center                   About TLC-Life-Center     

TLC-Life-Center is a meta-religion, inside-of-God,
spiritually focused organization
that transcends churchianity and religiosity.  

We acknowledge everyone's direct, personal connection
to Source/Creator/God-Goddess.     

Our goals include creating Personal freedom, 
Financial Freedom, and Enlightened Consciousness for all. 

More specifically, we teach
Universal Spirituality
Conscious Christianity.     

<Footnotes and References>




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