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Looking for People of Like Mind 

People Who Share Our Commitment to
Fifth Dimension Consciousness




Page Summary / Overview


The purpose:
The purpose of this section is
to provide a context in which we can
connect to other people interested in learning
Full Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

It does not matter what your other mutual interests are
as long as both people are committed
to reaching full Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Third D.  or Fifth D.    
I won't overwhelm you with details. 
I'll just say that w
hen we compare
third dimension connections and relationships 
Fifth Dimension connections and relationships,
the differences are vast and
the two perspectives  are grossly incompatible.  

If you are interested, you can find
the details on page two
Compare Third D to Fifth D.      





Page Content  


Page Summary    

Ways to Find Others of Like-Mind<><>     

5d Compatibility Is Becoming Critical   


What Kind of Relationship are you looking for?       

Telling The World About YOU!      

First Contact   

Safety and Precautions      

Robert Cote'   An Example of an Online Profile   

How to add yourself tot his list


Page Content




  Ways to Find Others of Like-Mind  


The possibilities are only limited
by our imaginations. 
Here are some options to consider:      

***    Add a brief statement about yourself
on your half-page ad on our website.   

***    Create a private or a published page (or pages)
about yourself on your own website.  

***   Create a video about yourself. 
Make mutual Connections between 
your half-page ad on our website 
to your personal and/or business website.   

Connections can be made in three ways.  
1)  Open:  
Add contact information
in your statement about yourself
on our website. 

Add connecting links to the page about you
on your own website.  
Add connecting links to your video about your self

2)  Private:  
Use our connections services.  
Those attracted by your message on our web site.
People interested in contacting you send us an email. 
We forward it to you. 

3)   Join us as we set up our new website  
5d Friends and Llovers Connected.

Our new website is in the very beginning stages becoming
a Fifth Dimension version of Facebook,
only we leave out all the corporate control
and the useless  B.S.     

Ways to find other of like mind




5d Compatibility Is Becoming Essential  


The first thing you want to know
when connecting to another person,
regardless of your reason for connecting,
is Compatibility.   
What do the two of you have in common?    

Regardless of what type of relationship you are we seeking,
you need to understand that
the entire world is changing dramatically.  

The old, obsolete, dysfunctional,  Cabal-Criminal-controlled
world of service to self is rapidly dying. 
It's being replaced by joy-filled world of Service to All
Every person on the entire planet is facing two choices:
Change or die.   

5d Compatibility is becoming Critical




What Kind of Relationship Are You Looking For?   


What Are your interests?
***   Social Networking  -- 
***   Friends 
***   Create Something Together  
***   Sports 
***   Online Games, Such as Backgammon
***   Friends with Benefits   
***   Online Sex   Mutual Masturbation
***   In-person Sex   --   No sharing of Bodily fluids
***   In-person Sex   --   Sharing bodily fluids
***   5d Sex  Becoming multi-orgasmic   
***   Other    Describe your interests on your page

***   Participating in re-establishing
       Planet Earth as a

       Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.  

       Accessing the Living Library requires
       achieving extended, high states of orgasmic bliss.  
       Candidate invited to participate with us
       will receiving intensive  training in
       how to become 5d multi-orgasmic.  

What Kind of Relationship Are You Looking Fo?r



  Telling The World About YOU!  


What do you want others to know about you? 
Here are some possibilities to consider.

I am male seeking a female friend . 
I am female seeking male friend.
I'm male seeking friends of either gender.
I'm female seeking friends of either gender.

My name is    _________. 
My Friends call me  _____  

I was born  ____   years ago    
My body' s biological age is approximately:   ___ years old.
For my age, I am healthy  
Way above Average ___ 
Above average  ____   
About average   ___
Below Average  ____

Contact me by way of 
Via email:   ___  
Through the People to People  Service  ___  
Other   ___________   

You'll have a password  to access your page
and make changes 

<><><>   <><><>  

Until we create a fill-in-the-blanks questionnaire,
answer these questions in your own words.    

I'm Looking for:  

Online flirting  
Online Friendship
Casual Friendship
Pen friend
Long term relationship
A woman/ man who is good with children  
A woman/ man who already has Children

Choose Age Range of Person you are seeking
Example:   18 to 29       30 to 40     etc.

Does he or she have children
Yes   No    NO Preference

Does he or she want children
Yes   No   No Preference   Not sure

Choose her/ his range of  height 
Example:     5' 1"   to  5:8"

Choose his/her weight range
Example    110 lbs  to 140- lbs.

Choose his/ her body type
A few extra pounds
Big and Beautiful

Does she/ he drink alcohol?   
No preference

Does She Smoke
No Never
No preference

Does she or he
have any animal companions?

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Questions about yourself:  

Where do you live?
Country  _______ .
State   ______ .
Community   _______ .
DO NOT give out your personal address.

Your Height
Use Feet and inches   and/or  Centimeters

Your Body Weight
A few Extra Pounds
Big and Beautiful

Your Marital Status
Not Married   

How many children do you have?
None   1   2   3   4   5  More

Do YOU want more children
Yes   No 

What is your formal education Level
High school  not completed   
High School Completed
Some College
College Degree
Advanced degree
What other training have you had?

What Is Your Religious preference
Not Religious
Universal Spirituality  
Fifth Dimension Consciousness
Traditional Christianity   
Conscious Christianity

Do you Drink Alcohol?   

Beer    Wine    Hard liquor

Do you drink coffee?
No Never

Do you Smoke?
No Never

Describe yourself:

What is your reason for incarnating onto planet Earth?
What is your favorite pastime.
What is unique About you?

Include a photo of yourself.    

Telling the World Aboout You!




First Contact  


Assuming your are connecting to someone
for the first
start your conversation with
something interesting to talk about.

Start with an interesting question,
or an observation, or a comment.

You are looking for someone who is interested in
what you are interested in.  
Start there.  

For example,  "When I looked at your page in the
5d People to People Connection Services, 
I noticed  that _________."  
Ask a simple question about
his / her relationship to that topic.

Also consider telling a brief humorous story
about a recent experience.  
If you both have the same kind of animal companions,
that's an excellent topic.  

One of the keys to becoming successful in relationships
is to be a good listener.  
People want to be recognized, accepted,
approved of,  appreciated, listened to. 
Invite him or her  to talk about her / him self,
but avoid asking intimate questions,
particularly about money, sex, politics, or
what's presently  happening in the external world.

If a topic comes up
where you think you know something
that can assist the other person,
avoid offering your suggestions or solutions,  
unless you are asked. 

Why?   Because your un-requested intended help
may be received as interference or criticism. 
You did it wrong.  You are stupid. 
You are not worthy deserving or good enough.

Integrity is your watchword here. 
If you say you are going to do something do it.   
Remember, the person you are talking to
is seeking feel-good feelings
He or she is asking him-herself,
"Do I want  to continue this connection?    

Avoid anything that triggers fear.  
Avoid trying to be funny, 
Do not put down anybody or anything.

Be light. be happy. 
Be yourself.   
If you pretend to be something you are not, 
you are walking into a dead end. 
Failure is inevitable.    
The only question is when.  

All of us  are looking for connections,
for acceptance. for feel-good feelings.  
We are looking for someone like ourselves
with whom we can share joy moments,
or adventures, or our lives.     

When it's time to end the conversation,
be the one to end it.  
Master the art of "Right Timing."   
Leave it on a high note.  

Leave him or her wanting more.
Once the conversation has ended,
you want the other person to be still thinking about you.

Your job, now is to let go of all expectations.  
There is no goal here, only the journey called life.  
Turn everything over to your Higher Self and say thank you.   
Know that everything will unfold in divine right timing
and in whatever way is in your long-term best interest.

After the conversation has ended, take a few minutes to
follow the guidelines on the page titled,   Service to All   

First Contact




Safety and Precautions  


Safety and Caution Are Always  in Order:  
If you choose to meet in person:  
Meet in a public place,
such a place where you can share a simple lunch.  

If you are female, bring a friend with you.  
Take a picture of him.  
During the conversation,
look him directly in the eyes and ask: 
"Why did you want to meet me?"
Closely watch how he responds.  
At that moment, ask,
"What does my intuition tell me?

Until you are sure he is who and what he says he is,
DO NOT give him any contact information.         

Safety and Caution are Always in Order 




  For More Information 


The internet will provide
almost anything you want to know
about almost everything.  
Here Are some sites to check out: 

wiki How to Flirt Online  

Ask Mars Venus     John Gray, Ph. D. 
Looking for relationship advice



For More Information



Listing Example      Listing Example 

Robert Cote'  

An Example of an Online Profile'



I'm male seeking friends of either gender.
My name is  Robert Cote'. 
My Friends call me  Robin  

I am the founder, creator and
Executive Director of

I'm also creator of  the
5d People to People Connection Service.   


I was born  77   years ago    
My body' s biological age is
approximately:   63  years old.
For my age, I am healthy  
Way above Average

Contact me by way of 
Via email:      See our Contact Page  
Or  by Phone at 818-727-0727   

My home in in the west side of
San Fernando Valley,  (Southern California)
That is about 25 miles north west of
central Los Angeles California. 

Why am I listing myself in this service?
Because I'm male seeking friends of either gender.
Most of the  traditional contact factors are irrelevant to me
What does not matter:  
Your age, gender, sexual preferences,
Religious background, ethnicity,
skin color, body weight, body height, body type,
where you live.

What does matter:
If your already are or are interest in becoming
a fellow student of Fifth Ddimension Consciousness   
I want to connect with you.  
I am  We Are building the first truly Fifth Dimension village. 
I invite your participation in any way that works for you.  

More about myself:
I am widowed. 
Have a new wife and partner named Ryce,
A daughter age 52 and a grand daughter age 29.

I hold a B.S. from the University of Maine,.
An M.S. From the University of Vermont

I was raised in a traditional Catholic family
in southern Vermont
My connection to
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess is
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  

I do not drink Alcohol,
Do not smoke,
Do not Drink coffee,  
I eat mostly vegetarian.
I am a heterosexual male.
Blue eyes, Brown hair (hair dye)
I spend most of my time
expanding my Fifth Dimension Consciousness  and
in writing, expanding, and refining
the content of my websites.   

Our primary website is,
I have created a college level course in Self Awareness.

Why am I here on Planet Earth?
I am  We are building the first truly, Fifth Dimension Village
ever created on Earth. 

Our intention is also to return Earth to her status as
a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.


What is unique about me:
My uniqueness is my Fifth Dimension approach to human life.
I am also multi orgasmic,
I teach the art of becoming multi-orgasmic
to committed students of our
Cosmic Awareness Training Program

The Bottom Line Is: 
I have a very joy-filled way of
being of service to all of humanity.  
My Job is to teach others to do as I can do.

Our Core, Cosmic Awareness Training  Team
will consist of about 33 humans,
several animal companions and
an untold number of non-physical guides.      

An example of an Online Profile




  How to Create a Listing on our Website  


Follow the Listing Example above.
The standard listing size is
page width and up to five inches  high.  
Put whatever you want in your section. 
(Content must be tasteful, respectful, and legal)

If you have a website,
our listing service fee is waved for the first year
if you link back to our website with
at least three of the following  fifteen links.  

StA      MOMs       CATC       5dSEX      
PPC      5dHH      CCS      CC      5dBS     
SC-IP      EPCM      EGB       MJSJ      TLC   

        Links updated:   10-Oct-2017      

Send us what you want posted with us. 
Include your:: 
See the Listing Example above.   

Send your info to us at:  









What do you like best about this page.  
What do you like least?  
How can we improve this page? 

Contact us at:   <><>





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Looking for People of Like Mind  



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First Contact with Off-Planet Beings  


If a species of intelligent extra terrestrials (ETs)
come to Earth, with evil destructive intentions,
human technology would be no match for them.  

One of the main Laws of War is that   
the side with the most advanced technology    
always wins in a physical confrontation.  

The only way to live safely is   
NOT by building highly advanced weapons of war technology,
but in becoming aware of self as a God- beings, as God.  
The God-power of creation is the ultimate, unbeatable technology.   

Violence is low vibration,
third dimension Consciousness.  
Cosmic Awareness is high vibration,
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   
5d is knowing one's self to be part of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.   
God Consciousness vibrates so fast that
evil cannot even know it exists.  <><><>