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Household Affairs Manager


Household Affairs Manager 
Self-Employed    San Fernando Valley -- Los Angeles California


My service is assisting elderly and handicapped people
in managing their household affairs.  

Do you or does someone you know require assistance?

For example,
has your-life partner gone to meet God?
Are your children grown and
now live some distance away?
Are you left to handle
your household affairs all by yourself?  

Someone still has to make sure
that things like
the monthly bills get paid. 
I'll set up a system for you and/ or periodically
come to you with personal assistance. 

I can assist in situations 
where you must research something, and/or
deal with an organization
that require complicated and confusing paperwork.
This is one of my areas of expertise.    

Let me be clear .   
I am NOT a physical care giver.  
I do NOT clean houses! 
I do NOT work for any government agency
I am not associated in any way
with any for-profit corporation or 
any government agency.   
I am a self-employed, independent person.  

I can also assist you  finding and arranging
for the services you require.  
I can handle the arrangement detail

Contact TLC-Life Center
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and I'll call you

Household Affairs Manager



Skilled Experienced Office Worker


   Skilled and Experienced Office Worker

Seeking Employment --  San Fernando Valley -- Los Angeles California



Professional summary:  
I am a skilled and experienced Office-Worker Assistant.  
My job is  to help my fellow office workers
accomplish tasks that they don't yet know how to do. 

I have a broad range of experiences in
preparing, assisting and
completing tasks, large or small.    
I'm bi-lingual (English and Pilipino Tagalog) 
I'm fully versed in basic computer usage.

I am   Creative   Highly Dependable   Fast Learner   Adaptable
Very well organized,    Excellent Attention to Detail
Skilled at Computer Word Processing and proof reading    

I am skilled at  internet research,
such as finding articles, videos, books, etc.
related to any topic desired.   
Internet researching is one one of my favorite skills.  
If you need information about something and
don't know where to look, I'll find it for you.

My office skills include all kinds of normal business work
such as     setting schedules,     directing focus onto priorities,
postal mailing,    electronic mailing,     answering phone calls,
initiating phonecalls,     faxing,     photo copying,
handling the checking account,     dealing with the banks,    etc.

As an artist, I can designed and decorated and transform
the visual image of your office.
I'm also skilled in Arts and Crafts and Decorating for Events

One of my specialties is organizing.
I am really good at making order out of chaos.
I see to it that the office is clean, neat and orderly.

Contact TLC-Life Center
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and I'll call you




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Washington  State


Hands on Healer
With Kurt's Healing Hands and God's Divine Blessing,
Pain Disappears and Bodies Become Healthy Again.
Kurt Hach   818- 455-7896

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