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How to Maintain
Your Natural State of Being 








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First we must learn what our natural state of being is.   

Our Natural State of being.    
is to constantly be, do, have, express, and experience 
Joy, Freedom, Llove, Compassion, and
everything that inspires us feel good.   

In spite of what you probably learned as a child,
the truth is that you are much more than just a physical body and
you do NOT live in an external, objective universe
that you come along and experience.  

You and I are Eternal God-Beings having a human experience.  
Humans, including you and me, are Great  Creators.  
We live in Source/ Creator/ God/Goddess's Holographic Universe.   Everything is part of a Single Unified Whole.  

We have described this concept called
Our Natural  State of Being

extensively on these web pages:  



Bentinho Massaro offers an excellent description of how to do this at   


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Page Summary      

About Our Natural State of Being  

The Attributes of Our Natural State of Being   

How to Maintain Our Natural State of Being    


The Feel-Bad Release Technique       

My Declaration of Being   

What to Ignore     

Miscellaneous Notes       






 About Our Natural State of Being



Each one of the  words  and  phrases below
is the name for a state of being.  
A state of being is an expression of an Earthly experience.  
For Example,  To  feel and be Relaxed is a state of being.

In our Earth-plane reality, everything we experience
is a group/ family of vibrations.
Each state of being has its own set of rates of vibration.  
Our job is to match these rates of vibration
with our thoughts, our feeling, our emotions.  

Everything in our physical experience begins in our minds. 
For example, to Feel Relaxed,  we must first mentally
see and imagine ourselves to be relaxed.      

Let's follow this example.  
Breath in and as you exhale,
silently and in your mind, 
say I am relaxed.  

Breath in again and as you exhale,
silently and in your mind,  say,
"This is what it feel like to be
in that state of being called  I am   Relaxed
Notice how your body's muscle tensions begins to release. 

Repeat the breath cycle and this time,
pause for a moment after the exhale.   
Imagine and feel  your self to be
inside of
that state of being called, I am relaxed..  

Feelings are the keys to success.  

Imagine the state of being called I am Relaxed
See it , hear it, smell it, taste it, physically feel it,
imagine it in every part of your being.  

The longer you stay with a word or phrase, the more
you will feel  yourself as that state of being. 

You can also share a beingness
(your state of being such as I am Relaxed)
with every every part your body.  
Have a conversation with the organs in your body.  
Have a conversation with every cell in your body.   
Invite them to be calm and relaxed.  

To further empower your chosen state of being,
apply the 17 seconds technique.  
See:  17 Seconds - Abraham-Hicks.  

Notice how additional words,
such as Peace of Mind, or Comfortable, or Contentment,
will come into your mind.  
You can follow the same technique
with each of these words.  

In this way, you can build/ create
any state of being that you choose.  
In symbolic terms,
Your mind is your oyster
You can use it to create any "Pearl"
that you choose to create.  

Pick a word or phrase  from the list below and play with it. 
Every one of the words below is a statement of
your natural state of being.  

You can rebuild your entire physical word
using this simple technique.  
To learn more,
follow the links at the top of this page. 

Also See:  Feel-Good Words   
        Aahhh!    Uuhhh!   Mmmm!  Oommm!   FahZoom Home.  

About Our Natural State of Being






The Attributes of Our Natural State of Being 



*   My roots are in who I am.  
*   I am pure consciousness. 
*   I am Llove in all its forms.  
*   I am inside of Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.  

*   I am an intimate part, piece, spark, aspect of
     Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.  

*   I am all that is.  
*   I am Spirit.  
*   I am infinity.  
*   Infinite, endless  possibilities. 
*   I live in the Light of Spirit. 
*   I am a God-being. 

Remember to feel your self
inside of each state of being

*   I realize, I remember who and what I am.
*   I am Total Cosmic Awareness.  
*   Self realization. 

*   I know with confidence who and what I am.
*   I am confident as (being) who and what I am.  
*   I am Self Confidence. 
*   I trust myself.  
*   I trust who and what I am  
*   I believe in myself. 
*   I Trust the laws of the universe.  
*   Integrity is my natural state of being. 
*   Compassion, Caring, Sharing, Being of Service
         are my natural states of being.

*   Because I am an intimate part, piece, spark, aspect of
     Source/Creator/ God-Goddess,  I am
   I am Powerful  
     *   I am invincible.    
     *   I am immortal  

*   I am Llove and I am Lloving.  
*   Vibrations of abundance

*   Being who and what I really am
*   I am Already Perfect  
*   I am Endlessness    
*   I am Freedom  

*   I hold true to who and what I am.  

*   I am a master of the art of living in a physical body  
*   Excellent health is my natural state of being. 
*   I declare, I know, And I feel that my body is healthy.
*   I hold true to my vision of my desired life.  
*   I am an abundance of anything and everything
        I could ever want, need, desire or require.   
*   I am, I do have, express and experience anything and everything
        I could ever want, need, desire or require
*   I focus on what matters to me 
*   I stay focused on my visions of my desired life.  
*   I hold so strongly to who I am and to
         my visions of my desired life
         nothing in the physical world can distract me from
         choosing these vibrations


Attributes of Our Natural stte of Being 






  How to Maintain Our Natural State of Being 



Here's a process that will assist you in catching your self
whenever your thinking process, your emotions, etc.
are out of alignment with who and what you really are. 

***   I pay attention to my thoughts.  
         I notice when a thought is not in alignment
         with my natural state of being.  
         thoughts of fear, doubt, lack, anger, etc.  
Negative thoughts move me away from who and what I am.  

***   I pay attention to my emotions.  
         Negative emotions are a message saying 
         that my thoughts are not true, 
         that they are out of alignment with
        who and what i really am.  
Negative emotions move me away from who and what I am.  

***   I pay attention to my conditions and circumstances.  
         My thoughts are vibrations.   They produce feelings.
         If I don't deal with the negativity
         by becoming aware of my feelings, 
         the negativity will show up as
         conditions and circumstances.  
         If I don't pay attention to my physical circumstances,
         the negativity will become a physical ailment. 
Negative conditions and circumstances move me away from
        who and what I am.  

My intention is to feel really really good all the time.  
However, most of us we have been mind-programmed
to respond to our external environment and
to feel bad whenever we become aware of
something that appears to be wrong. 
The technique described below
will get you beyond that old habit.  

How to Maintain Your Natural state of Being  






  The Feel-Bad Release Technique 



It's almost impossible to avoid having a negative thought.  
That's not really a problem.   
The problem is the emotions that we feel
when a negative thought enters our mind. 

The power of manifestation is in the emotion and
not in the thought, itself.  
So,  our job is to avoid the negative emotion, 
to simple observe the thought and then let it go.  

If you are not familiar with
The Larry Crane Technique
or The Sedona Method
here's the essence of what they teach.   

When a negative thought enters your mind, simply notice it. 
Observe it as an outsider, as a witness.  
It's just a thought.  It's not you.   It's not part of you.  
Disassociate from it.  

If it triggers a negative emotion, simple notice it.  
Allow it to be.  
Do NOT fight it or be concerned about it.   
Notice it, feel it and let it be for just a moment. 
Decide to let it go, to give it back to Source/ Creator God-Goddess.  
Then, simply let it go with no emotions about its coming or its going.  

What to Avoid: 
Here's what I used to do:  
Because I was consciously and diligently working to improve my life,
I knew that when I was having a negative thought
I was also feeling bad, and 
I was to tell the Universe
give me more to feel bad about.  

I'd have an emotional battle with myself
about my negative though.  
I knew that my negative 
emotions added empowered the thought and
gave it life that it would not have
without my adding the emotions to the thought.  

I'd go into fear and negative self judgment.  
I'd fear that I was soon going to experience
what I was thinking and feeling bad about.  
My emotions and my negative self judgment 
gave the negative stuff  the power to persist.  
I simple stopped doing that by using the above technique.   

I became the observer of my thoughts and not the owner.  
I even created an imaginary character in my mind.  
I named him Ernie. 
Whenever I'd screw up, I'd say,
"There's Ernie doing his mindless stuff again.  
I know he means well. He just doesn't get it.  
Oh well, I'll just clean this up and move on. 
I did this (and still do) with ZERO emotions. 

Feelings (emotions) are the keys to success and failure.  

Also remember be inside of your feel-good feelings and
be an outside observer to all negativity. 

Reference:  The FahZoom Breath and Release Technique       

<><><>   <><><>    

*   I understand that I am in training to reach Total Cosmic Awareness.  
         Along the way, I  (we all)  make mistakes.  
*   Mistakes are learning experiences.  
*   I learn from them.  
*   I forgive myself for my mistakes.   

The Feel-Bad Release Technique  






My Declaration of Being 



*   I am a God-Being.  I am God.  
*   I am a great creator.  
*   I am in the context of the unity, the oneness, of everything.
*   I am in the context of living in a physical body.

*   I am in the context of living in a Holographic Universe

*   I am living in the transition period between
     control by third dimension Cabal lies and
     the Joy, the Llove and the Freedom of Total Cosmic Awareness

*   I am a God Being.  
*   I know how to apply the Rules of Reality to my life. 
*   My body's vibration rate if rising to match
     the new cosmic energies that are now coming to Earth.  
*   Everything in my life is occurring in divine right timing.  
*   I am totally and completely cared for simply because I exist. 
*   I am a channel for Source/Creator/God-Goddess's 
Llove vibration, vibrations such as those described
on this webpage - Joy, Harmony, Abundance, et cetera.

*   I am always safe and secure.  
*   I feel safe and secure.  
*   I am self-empowered   I feel self-empowered.
*   I am in control of my experiences.  
*   I am free.   I feel free.  
*   I am abundant.   I feel abundance.  
*   I feel total Peace of mind.  
*   I am and I feel gratitude and appreciation for everything.  

*   I am  calm, peaceful, relaxed,
    comfortable, contented, centered, grounded,
     and at the same time,
    I am excited and anticipating my next grand adventure. 

<><><>   <><><>   

*   I have created FahZoom Home.   
*  FahZoom Home is my home.
*   It's also the headquarters of our
     Cosmic Awareness Training Center.   
*   Aahhh!    Uuhhh!     Oohhh!    Mmmm!  Oommm!   FahZoom Home.  

*   I am god!   I know, I feel, I experience
    the joys, the LLove, the peace of mind, the freedom,
the power, and the abundance of FahZoom Home.   

*   I am empowered with God's ability to create
    by thoughts, by feelings, and emotions.  
*   By using my five physical senses I am able to
greatly enhance my  powers of creation.

*   I feel great joy, 
*   I know that I am always safe, secure, protected
     and cared for by source/ Creator/God-Goddess.  

*   I know that everything already exists. 
*   My job is to adjust my vibrations to match my desires.  
*   I feel my desires as if they were already in physical real. 
*   I feel my desires right now, right there in my physical body.  
*   I avoid any and all thought the indicate that my desires are missing,

Desire is God saying,
"You are loved.  
Here is your desire. 
Vibrate in harmony with it and
it is yours to be, do, have, express, an/or experience
in my holographic (physical) reality." 

"I already know what you desire. 
All you have to do is vibrate with
joyous feel-good feelings, and it is yours.  <> <> <>

Declaration of Being





  What to Ignore 



*   I ignore most of the physical world. 
Why?   Because everything in the external world
         is a holographic illusion.  
         Because you and I and all humans are aspects, pieces, parts,
         expressions of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 
         Source is not physical and neither are we.  

                                               Most:  We do focus on
                                               that which brings us feel good feelings,
                                               such as our Lover, our animal companions,
                                              our favorite food, et cetera.   

*   I avoid judgments of anything and anyone.  
*   I do NOT respond to external circumstances.
*   The external world is a mirror of my past creations.   

*   To focus on the physical, to react to it,
        to resist it, or to fight it
        creates more of it in my future.  

*   Regardless of what shows up in the external world,
         I stay true to who and what I really am.  

*   I see most of the external world as an observer only!  
*   It is NOT me.  
*   If it's a low vibration (feel-bad thought) I let it go.  

*   If it is a persistent  thought, fill it with Llove,
         turn it up side down, scramble it into gibberish and
         see it move away, get smaller and then
         disappear back into Creator's infinite manifested potential.  

*   If it's a personal experience that makes you feel good,
         enjoy it, feel it, be inside of it, focus on it.  
         This will bring more of into your life.  

What to Ignore 






  Miscellaneous Notes 



Feelings Match Thoughts:   
My thoughts and my feelings must match.  
If they do not match the creation process matches feelings.  
This is one of the main reasons why affirmations fail.    

<><><>   <><><> 

Prayer is giving directions to the universal consciousness.     
Correct prayer is NOT a request of something
outside of self that we commonly call God.  

As a god being. you are God.  
Prayer is a declaration of what is.  
Feel it and believe it and, in your mind, experience it
and it will soon be your physical reality. 

Notice how Jesus prayed. 
He never asked for anything as one outside of God.  
As a fellow God-Being,
He imagined his intention and
simply said thank you.  

<><><>   <><><>    

Our Job  
My job and your job is to stay in alignment with the vibrations
(the states of being) expressed in
the above list of words and phrases.  
Our job is to feel really real y good al the  time.

<><><>   <><><> 

Beliefs Control Your Life:    
Whatever I am convinced of,
whatever I believe
determines my vibrational state of being.  
This, in turn, determines what I

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