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Guiding Your Awakening  into


Fifth Dimension Consciousness


Welcome to all. 
We are here to guide you through and out of
third dimension, chaos, confusion, struggle suffering
and into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

In 5d, the social structure  is called
Service to All.  
In 5d, our natural state of being is to be
healthy, joyous, abundant, and free,

There is one simple Truth that will allow you
to get beyond  
ALL   of your pain and suffering.
That Truth is knowing that
you are much more than just your physical body.
You are an eternal, non-physical  God Being
having a human experience.      


Everything, and I mean everything,
about our training program
is reflecting Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
including how you "pay" for
the services you receive from us.  

Nobody is excluded for any reason whatsoever. 
We'll explain how that works in a moment.  
We'll also define words we use, like
"pay,"   Fifth Dimension,   Service to All, etc.,   
but first,
let us share what we have to offer.    







 What We Have to Offer   


TLC-Life-Center has developed
a comprehensive training program
to accommodate Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic Transformation.     

The shift is from our former  
third dimension system of
mind-controlled slavery,
a system based upon
scarcity, greed, money, 
service to self, and
separation from God. 

Fifth Dimension Consciousness,   
a social system based on joy, freedom,
Unity with everything, infinite  abundance,  and
Service to All.  

We have created a "How to . . ."  Training Manual
for freeing humanity from a mind control prison
in which most of the prisoners do not yet realize
that they are in prison.  
The prison is invisible to the inmates.

How can that be?  
It's invisible because
the prison walls are made of
lies of commission,  lies of omission, ,
incredibly sophisticated illusions,
intentional deceptions,
secret mind manipulation,
negative emotions  (such as fear and anger),
money manipulation,  
and thousands of distortions,
twisted truths, and false beliefs. 

Our websites and
our coaching and counseling services 
are the basic awareness tools we use
to guide your shift into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 

(More on how to access our website content
and our services in a moment.)

<><><>   <><><> 

The entire Earth is shifting under our feet.  
The entire Solar System is shifting over our heads.  
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is transforming  The Entire Galaxy
to levels beyond our imagination.  

We highly recommend that you start now.  
Why start now?    

Because tomorrow may be too late. 
About half of us are moving to the new Earth
About half of us are going to stay with the cabal criminals
and ride the old Earth into self destruction.  

You have a free will choice to do nothing,
to stay in 3d Consciousness
Learn the new Rules of Reality.    

It's OK for you  to choose to stay with the old Earth.   Why?  
Because we are all non-physical, eternal God-Beings

You will get back to Source
no matter which path you choose.       

What We Have to Offer




   Page Content


Concept Summary        

What We Have to Offer     

About Your Guide Coach Way Shower   

Costs for Our Services   


Group Services     


Where to Start   

How to Decide Where to Start     


Things You'll Learn Along the Way    

You Actually Can Change Your Life   

Creating a Joy-Filled Journey    

A possibility to Consider    


A Moment of Cosmic Consciousness        

Meet the Goddess of Ayahuasca     


Footnotes and References:

         Where Will the Money Come From 

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Robert Cote' 
First Minister of
      Conscious Christianity~ 
Creator of
      5d People to People Connection Services~   
Author of
      Adventures into Consciousness~
aka  Robin FahZoom,
     Fifth Dimension Coach, and Consultant






    About Your Guide Coach Way Shower

Robert Cote'   aka   FahZoom



I am among the first wave of humans to access
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
I can tell you from first-hand experience,
it's absolutely amazing!    

I am here to create a team of way-showers. 
Our mission is to guide humans
into full awareness of who and what we all are.  

Eventually, our team will be among the leaders
who guide the process  re-activating  planet Earth
as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge,
but that's another story for another time.       

My Fifth Dimension name is "FahZoom." 
It means "Great Joy."   
I am regularly gaining more and more access
to the infinite wisdom of our ancestors. 
Our ancestors are simply us
recycling ourselves back on Earth
over and over again. 

Yes, reincarnation is real. 
That becomes obvious when you realize that
we (all of us) are much more than our physical bodies. 
We are eternal, non-physical God-Beings
having a human experience.  

If you've been indoctrinated
by the traditional Christian dogma,
you probable won't believe this until you
read it  in the words of Jesus in Christian Bible.

We have all shared
many lives here on Earth preparing ourselves for
the present, in-process, Cosmic Transformation.    

Our program is ready for you. 
Welcome Aboard!

Contact Us  

The place to start learning is at     

About Your Guide / Coach




   What Are the Costs for Our Services?



The Fifth Dimension Price:  
All of our services are offered on a sliding scale.   
Services are provided in two formats,
personal consultations
and group training sessions.  
Everybody is included,
everybody gets service.    
More on this in a moment.  

Third Dimension Price:
I'm sure that you are aware of the
standard, third dimension considerations  
for pricing a new, unique, and effective
product or service,
such as that which we offer.  

I won't bore you or overwhelm you
with the details
other than to say,  
"The prices are usually so high that
only the affluent and wealthy
can afford  them."  
Those without Discretionary Money get nothing      

In that obsolete context,
our consultation fee would have been about
$599  per consultation.  

Even though we have a new, powerful,
unique, and effective program,
we choose NOT to charge a high
single price for everyone.   

Our goal is to make the cost of our services
match  Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  and
to match our commitment in support of the shift
from 3d-service-to self
into the 5d system of Service to All.   

Thus, we offer our services on a sliding scale
and also in a group format. 

Nobody is ever turned away from the
Cosmic Awareness Training Program

for lack of money   

In some situations, we are even
willing to barter our services
in exchange for goods and/or services,
not only directly to us, but to others, as well. 


Our Mission is NOT About Money:
The price we ask  is NOT about making  money!
It is to maintain a balance between giving and receiving.

For example, if you are diligently working
as part of your own or a collective 5d service organization,
your service to others (not to  us)
is part of your giving.  

It's part of being of Service to All
Remember, humanity is transitioning
into a 5d social structure that is so abundant
that money becomes useless.


Cost for our services-1



New, Fifth Dimension, Service  Fees
are based upon Service to All, and
are provided in two formats, personal consultations
and in group training sessions.  
Everybody is included,
everybody gets (and provides) service.


Our Websites:  
The basic information regarding
shifting into Fifth Dimension Consciousness
is available on our web pages
to any and all who choose to read them. 

Without a guide and/or
some kind of human support,
the progress is slow and, at times, 
can seem overwhelming. 

We recommend that
everybody read our websites
and then either arrange for personal consultations
or participate in  our group training sessions.     


Use of our website data.
If you choose to study any of the 5d concepts
offered on our websites, here's what we suggest:
Study the concept online.  
Read about that idea as much and as often as you like.  
Follow the links wherever they lead you.

We suggest that you send us a donation of $50
for each concept you study.  
Please send more, if you can afford to do so,    
or offer a barter.  
Also remember that to read our websites,
no donation is required.  
Check our page titled:
Contact Us / Donate / Barter


Telephone Consultations:
Here, too, we suggest a sliding scale ---
a scale based upon your annual income.  
Those with higher income obviously pay more. 

This is also a lesson on  integrity
We DO NOT tell you how much you must  pay.  
You choose how much you pay for our services. 
This works well for all concerned because,
without integrity, you cannot reach
Fifth Dimension Consciousness .

Remember, in 5d consciousness,
you know and you understand that,
what you put out

is what you get back
Thus, those who attempt
to get something for nothing,
get back what they put out.  

What Is Your Measure of Value?   
Is it money?      or. . .       Is it integrity?

We are NOT here about money. 
It's about energy.   It's about Llove persoified.
It's about learning how to shift your consciousness
and thereby change your life 
from dysfunctional, 3d, service to self
to the 5d, joy-and-abundance-filled Service to All

So, do as you will and
notice what comes back.  

Suggested Consultation Service Fees:   
Annual income:  $25,000 range pay $90 per consultation 
Annual income:  $50,000 range pay $260 per consultation
Annual income : $75,000 range pay $400 per consultation.  

Annual income:  $100,000 range pay $600 per consultation.
Annual income:  $150,000 range pay $1,000 per consultation.  
Annual income:  $200,000 range pay $2,000 per consultation

Annual income:  $300,000 range pay $1,100 per consultation.  
Annual income:  $700,000  range pay $2,200 per consultation
Annual income:  $1,000,000 or more pay $5,500 per consultation

You have a choice.  
Make a direct payment to us or 
offer a donation to our non-profit organization,
TLC-Life-Center (Legally named:   The Life Center).

Donations are tax deductible.


Coat of our Services - 2




   Group Services


Sharing Each Other's Expertise:  
The 5d Transition Mission
is to guide everyone
into becoming their own leader and
to show others how to function
in the Service to All format.    

As the shift evolves,
those who know more will guide those know less. 
In the symbolic analogy of a 3d school,
the advanced grades teach the beginning students.   
In this way, everyone is included.  
Everybody learns at their own pace and
in their own way.  

Both individually and collectively,
we are re-creating our personal lives
and our collect iv reality
in any way we choose it to be.

Remember, everything is always
in the state of growing, expanding, and becoming.  
That which was becomes
the zero point foundation
and the fertilizer for the new.

What we become is determined by
what we choose to be, do, have, express, andexperience.


Group Services    >






If this is your first introduction
into the major positive changes
that are coming to all of humanity,
you probably will not believe
what you will find on our websites. 

Let us guide you through the transition,
one small, safe, and easy step at a time. 

We'll show you the future of humanity,
a future that is filled with
peace,  abundance for all,
a future filled with
joy, Llove
romance with a fellow God Being, and
romance with life, itself.

We'll show you how to
make whatever you are doing
much easier and much more fun. 

Check the Believability page on our website;.  





   Where to Start 


Let's start with some basic fact of life. 

If, by your own free choice, you choose to examine
our Fifth Dimension Training System,
you'll soon realize that
this is a college-level course and that
you are not going to master becoming
a 5d conscious being in one or two visits
to this website.   

The subject  and the goal is:  
To Know Thy Self.  
This is a lifelong journey.  
If you study with us,
your life will quickly become
a fun-filled journey.   

There are many steps and
many joyous plateaus of celebration along the way. 

Everybody starts from wherever they are.  
Your next step is to decide
what you want and where to start.  

Where to Start




   How to Decide Where to Start  


If you want   More and Better Sex,
           First learn   Who and What You Are.    

If you want   More Llove in Your Life
          First learn  Who and What You Are

If you want   Material Abundance,  
          First learn   Who and What You Are

If you want   To Make the World a Better Place,
          First learn   Who and What You Are

If you want   More and Better Sex,
           First learn   Who and What You Are.    

If you want  World Peace,
          First learn   Who and What You Are

If you want   Relief from Feeling Helpless and Hopeless,
          First learn   Who and What You Are

If you want   To Overcome a Major Challenge in Your Life,
           First learn   Who and What You Are.   

If you want   Your life to Be the Way You Want It to Be,
           First learn   Who and What You Are.   

If you want   Better Physical Health,
          First learn   Who and What You Are

If you want   More and Better Sex,
           First learn   Who and What You Are.    

If you want    To Be of Service,
          First learn   Who and What You Are
and go to our webpage titled Service to All.   

No Matter What It Is that You Want
           First learn   Who and What You Are.    

Decide Where to Start





    Some of the Things You'll Learn Along the Way


To reach your goal,
your old beliefs and behaviors
will be challenged by the new information.  

You may find that some of the beginning steps
to be quite uncomfortable. 

We are simply offering you new information,
a new perspective, a new way to view life.
What you do with it is your own choice
and your own responsibility. 

At any and every point along the way,
you may choose to quit learning.  
If you choose to stop further self-training,
you cannot un-learn the truths
that you have already learned.  


You cannot read one of our webpages once
and get its full message.  
Everything in life is
intimately interconnected
with everything else. 

Each piece of information
expand your overall understanding. 
Your overall understanding enhances
the meaning of each piece.  

Life ceases to be linear.  
The concept of time is replaced by
Here and Now and by Timelines.
You then see that your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors
lead you into an infinite number of potential futures. 


99.9% of what you believe will turn out 
to be only part-truths or completely false.  


You'll learn the Law of Context and
the importance of understanding what a context is.  
You'll learn about the contexts that your are in and
how those contexts control your life,
and much more.   

You'll learn the Law of Correspondence  and how literally hundreds of seemingly unrelated pieces of truth fit together in perfect harmony.  

You'll learn self-worth, self Llove, and that you really are
Worthy, Deserving, and Llovable.  

These are some of the basic steps.   You'll learn much more

Things You'll Learn Along the Wayt





   You Actually Can Change Your Life  



Becoming a conscious, Fifth Dimension Being
has no elixir or magic potion that brings it to you
complete and already made. 

Symbolically, it's like: 
How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  
How do you climb a mountain?  One step at a time.   

You actually can change your life.  
The journey requires patience.  
You must relax.   Stop rushing.   Stop pushing.  
Stop trying.   Let go.  Relax.   Allow.   Enjoy.   Just Be.

Allow what you see in the exterior world
to be as it is.
It's only an illusion.
Everything you see is history.
It has already been created. 
It's a multi-sensory representation
of your dominant, past  thoughts and emotions.  

It's completely changeable by you.  

5d training will show you
how to make conscious and intentional changes.

No Matter What It Is that You Want,
           First learn   Who and What You Are.


For most of those around you,
today is  just another day.  
It's yesterday, the day before, 
and last week all over again. 

With no mission, no goal, no visions,
no dreams, no conscious intentions, for them,
Tomorrow will be just another version of today. 

How about you?  
What do you choose to be your tomorrows.  

You are already in
an awareness building program. 
You've been in that program for many lifetimes. 
Your present life is just one more spin
in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's 
never-ending spirals of growth and expansion.   

At this time, examining our Fifth Dimension
Cosmic Awareness Training Program,
is simply a logical next step.

No Matter What It Is that You Want,
           First learn   Who and What You Are.





   Creating a Joy-Filled Journey


Above all, you MUST
make your shift a joyous journey.  
Because our collective destination is to bring
fun, joy, bliss, ecstasy, and orgasmic consciousness
and our Higher Selves into physical form.   

You can't get there while holding
guilt, anger, regrets, resentments,  and the like.   

One of the first steps is to realize that
you are much more than a physical body.  
You are an eternal, nonphysical, Divine Being.  

Learn the rules. 
Learn how to use them. 
Apply them to your life.


Be Patient.   




                                                                                              Just Be   

Create a Joy-filled Journey




   A possibility to Consider  


If you have not yet become aware of
your reason for being here on Earth 
in this time of great change,
let me make you aware of my mission,
my reason for being here. 

Perhaps it will be a catalyst
that exposes to you your own mission.  

Perhaps you you might even choose to participate with
the TLC-Life-Center Team. 
My/our mission is truly grand and involves
a basic team of approximately
33 divine beings like you and me. 
(All humans are eternal, nonphysical, Divine beings.)

I'll inform you of the Grand Vision and then,
walk you backwards, step by step to here now,
where you can decide what to do in this
and in every other present moment. 

My/our Grand Vision is to create
a functional team of about 33,
fully Cosmic Conscious, Fifth Dimension Divine Beings
and be part of fulfilling
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's mission
to re-establish planet Earth
as a Living Library of Cosmic Knowledge.  

<><><>   <><><>   

You are invited to read
the pages linked to below
related to accessing The Living Library.

See the basic description at:   
The Living Library  
and the page titled

Fifth Dimension Sex  -- Sensuality, Sexuality,
and Cosmic Orgasm
More information is available in:

The Yoni Dance Book Trilogy:  

You can familiarize yourself  with the training rules.    
We recommend that you read six chapters
in Book One of this author's book trilogy
titled The Yoni Dance

Begin at chapter seven and
read through Chapter twelve.  

You can also read the basic rules on a separate page titled" 
What Are CLICs  Caring & Loving Intimacy Connections.

When you are ready,
come back to this point on this page.    

<><><>   <><><>  

Welcome back.  
As you can see, this mission
is not exactly like facing a huge, painful  problem
or like working in a coal mine.

Now, let's back track from our goal,
our stated intention,  
all the way to here and now.  

The step prior to accessing the Living Library
is to master the art of Fifth Dimension sex.  
Once you understand the basic learning process,
this this art is not difficult to learn, however,
it does take a lot of practice. 

That step is preceded by mastering the art o 5d sex
of to learn how to live your life on Earth life
as a Cosmic Aware being.  

The step prior to that is
applying the rules of reality to your life.  

The step prior to that is learning
and understanding t
he way 5d consciousness functions.

The step before that is to begin letting go of
the old third dimension life of Cabal Slavery.

The step before that is learning the new 5d rules.   

The step before that is to read the five key pages in
TLC-Life-Center's Online Training Manual.   

The step before that is to decide to make changes in your life.  

OK, you are now at a choice point,
a zero point in choosing  a new life. 

What Are You Going to Do?   

<A Possibility to Consider>




   A Moment of Cosmic Consciousness


As part of your commitment
to Fifth Dimension Consciousness
you may have been spontaneously gifted with
a flash of Cosmic Consciousness.  

Those of us who have had this experience
report that it is a life-changer.  

It is possible to intentionally create
a cosmic experience with marijuana,
with  psilocybin (magic mushrooms)
and with Ayahuasca

A Moment of Cosmic Consciouusnes>




Meet the Goddess of Ayahausca   


Ayahuasca and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) are
two of the most powerful spiritually enhancing
God-connecting substances on Earth.  

I experienced both in the late 1970's
with profound results.   
When the opportunity to again experience them arises,
I intend to experience both.     

I presently have the opportunity to travel
to a modern resort in Costa Rica and again
"Meet the Goddess of Ayahuasca."  
Funding and project commitments are 
temporarily standing in the way.  

Watch the film:   The Reality of Truth.,  
And you will understand the importance of
experiencing Ayahuasca. 


If You'd Like to Experience Ayahuasca:

I am an experienced religious and spiritual counselor. 
I have extensive experience
with spiritual journeys aided by
Marijuana, LSD, and Magic Mushrooms.
I have also personally experience Ayahuasca. 

If you'd like to have an Ayahuasca experience,
I will prepare you for the experience and
travel with you to Costa Rica. 
We will both meet The Goddess Ayahuasca.  
You cover all expenses.    

Upon your return to your home,
I will also be available to assist you
during your integration time.

I will share with you TLC-Life-Center's
Fifth Dimension, Cosmic Awareness
Training Program.  
This will assist you
in realizing, learning, and integrating
some major facts of life, facts
that are still unknown to most people.     

Meet the Goddess Ayahuasca



Footnotes and References





What Is Your Measure of Value?    
What is important to you. 
That is commonly dependent upon
your level of understanding of
how how the Universe functions.   


Discretionary Money 
Discretionary money is money over and above
that required for  must have living requirements,
food, clothing, and shelter.  


The Old, Third Dimension, Service Fees
are based on Service to Self 
and are commonly
hundreds of dollars per consultation.   
Those with money get service.   
Those without money get nothing.   



  Where Will the Money Come From



In the old, obsolete, dysfunctional
third dimension world, for most people,
money came from working and struggling. 

If you were one of the criminal wealthy,  
money came to you from lying, cheating
fighting, secretly manipulation,  and stealing.  

In the Fifth Dimension,
the rules are dramatically different  
In 5D consciousness,
money comes as a function of
vibrating in harmony with
that which we are intending.  

Money is a part of the manifestation process. 
The manifestation process is
Source/ Creator/ God-Godess's job,
NOT ours.  

Your job is: 
1)  To stay out of the technical manifestation process,
2) To hold yourself in a joyous state of mind,
3)  To know and trust that you, yourself are actually
       applying the Laws of he Universe to your life, and
4)  Do what ever excites you the most

For each of us, our job is to wake up
and realize that, as God-Beings,
abundance comes to us as a function of
who we are and NOT from what we do.  

Learn more on the page titled:   Let's Talk Money

<><><>   <><><>  

Question:      Where will the money come from? 

Answer:     In 5D consciousness,
having money is a function of
vibrating in harmony with
what we are intending to manifest.  

We feel the feelings, the emotions,
the joy, and the excitement associated with
being, doing, having, expressing, and/or experiencing
our stated intention.

Our thoughts  and emotions create a context
in which our desire is the content.  

When we hold the primary focus
and our primary feelings
in that context, 
we  vibrate in harmony with
the complete manifestation of
our stated intention.   

The Universe responds with a
multi-dimensional "mirror"
of our thoughts and feelings. 

This is how the Universe functions. 
When we follow the rules, success is guaranteed.  

No matter what we are manifesting, 
our job is to stay out of the manifestation process.
The technical aspects of the manifestation process
is Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's job, not ours.  

Our job is to release regrets,  
self judgments,
false expectations,   and   
negative emotions. 

Our job is to wake up and
realize who and what we are.  
We are God-Beings
having a human experience.  

Our job is to know that we, as God-Beings,
can learn to be masters of
the art of intentional creating.  

Becoming aware of who and what we are
is our part of our evolutionary process.  

The other part of the creation process
is to do what feels right in every moment.  
Doing is NOT done for the purpose of manifesting.  
The doing is done simply for the joy of doing. 
During the gestation period, it is essential
that we maintain a positive and  joyous state of mind.   

The gestation period is the time between
creation in the non-physical world and
manifestation in the physical world. 

In case you are not yet aware of it, 
what you are experiencing right now
in your personal life is a function of
who you believe you are.  
It is NOT a function of what you do
or what you possess. 

Think about this for a moment.  
Your life, as you are living it right now,
is a product of the same process we just described,
only you re using  The Rules of Reality unconsciously.  

What you are getting is a life
built unconsciously, by accident, by happenstance,
and by whatever you bump into as you roam around
in our collective consciousness. 
It's time to change all that. 

Contact Us today.

 Footnote   Where Will the Money Come From?





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