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We Are the New America    2016-06-09    

An Invitation to the Inspired    2016-06-11      

Ask Why - Ignore How    2016-06-23   


How to Maintain Our Natural State of Being 2016-08-14

Fear of the FALSE and heavily promoted coming financial collapse  

How We-The-People People Will Respond,    2016-06-24   
       when the new, gold-backed financial system
       is put into place.  

Debt Forgiveness    2016-06-25     

The Creation Process Simplified    2016-06-28  


Consensus - The Great In-Between    2016-06-29   


The Truth about Being Worthy and Deserving   

Breaking Ties to the Past   


How to See Yourself as a God-Being   

The Convoluted Law of Attraction     

Getting Beyond Sin, Shame, Guilt, & Punishment 

How to Master of the Art of Feeling Good    

How to feel Good About Feeling Bad  


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How to See Yourself as a Great Creator  

How to Master the Attitude of Gratitude  

The Art of Intentionally Shifting Realities       


Llove Is Not a Four Letter Word    

The Receiving Side of Llove   

Abundance Follows Passion, Not Reason     

Imagination and Emotion Create Your Life 


Stay in the Mental State of Constantly Imagining   

How  to Consciously Create Your Future    

Manifest an Amazing Life     

How to Find the Passion of Your Life    







We Are the New America



09 June 2016

We hear much talk about fixing the government,
change this or that out there in the external world and
then, we and everybody else will be fine.  
Fixing transmuting the government is a nice idea,  BUT,

It's still looking outside ourselves
for the solutions to the challenges in our personal lives.   

I certainly support the creation of a government
“of the people, by the people and for the people.”

However, changes in our lives
are NOT made in the out-there-somewhere world.

Who are we going to be and
what are we going to do
until the new government shows up?
And when it does show up, what will it do?
And where do you and I fit into that
long, long  300,000,000-million-person waiting line?

The old government is either dead or dying.
The new government may show up soon 
or it may be years away.
If the past and present rate of speed is any indication,
the most likely wait for its arrival 
will be measured in years.

So, the bottom line is,
“Who do we choose to be and
what do we choose to do
Right Here, Right Now, Today?”

Food and shelter are still critically needed and
still in short supply.

Yes, let's add our mental and our emotional support
to the transformation of the political system
and then:

Get up!
Join with your family and friends and
begin building our New America.
Begin at home.
Begin inside of your self.  
Begin by learning The Truth that
has been withheld from us for our entire lives.

Begin by remembering and realizing
who and what you are.

Begin by remembering and realizing we are all,
every one of us, everything, every life-form,
every rock, pebble, and mountain,
we are all part of a single Divine WHOLE.
We are an inseparable Oneness.   

Begin by remembering and realizing that
we live, move, and have our being in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic Holographic Universe.

Begin by remembering and realizing that
we are incredibly powerful creators.

Now, from our newly remembered, four-fold state of being,
what are we going to do that will both 
feed and house ourselves and at the same time,
inspire others to do likewise. That's how to change the world.

Become an expression of the New America and
the world will, of its own choice, change with us.

We have already begun building our part of the New America.  
It's called FahZoom Town.   

We Are the New America  9-Jun 16






An Invitation to the Inspired:    

11 June 2016  

I'm offering you this message
to give you a heads up on
what's happening
that is still hidden from public view,
things you won't hear about
in the mainstream media.   

If you haven't been following 
the alternative news media
on the Internet
you'll likely find this unbelievable.  

<><><>   <><><> 

Major global-level changes
are going on everywhere.  

Many new opportunities
are now available for all
who are wise enough
to apply the new rules of reality
to their lives.  

For example,
I'm now functioning in a reality
that until recently
I didn't even know it existed.  
I'm also working on a project
that would have been absolutely impossible
two years ago.   

If you listen only to the mainstream media,
you'd think everything was gloom and doom.  

What they don't tell the viewers/listeners is that 
Huge, Overpowering,
Positive Changes
are also occurring.  

Below is the message
I'm sending to all my contacts.  
I hope you find this helpful.    

<><><>   <><><>

An Invitation to the Inspired:  

I have now confirmed by personal experience
the reality of the four basic  laws of the Universe.  

Unity of Everything     

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings       

We Live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic, Holographic Universe    

Humans Are Great Creators   


Learning these principles and
learning how to apply them to our lives
NOT a magic act.  
It's NOT an instantaneous transformation. 
It's an evolutionary process that,
like other aspects of personal growth,
changes occur step at a time. 
Learning how to consciously and intentionally
make these changes 
is what Part One of FahZoom Town is all about. 

I have simply taken enough steps and
had enough personal experiences
that I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that the above four facts of life are real.  

We are all evolving, including you.  
The only difference between us is that
I stepped onto the path before you did.   

If you are like millions of others,
you are probably saying: 
"I'd like to help, but I don't know
what I can  do

that will make a difference. 
Here the Answer:  
Study, learn, understand, and
apply to your life the above
basic  Fifth Dimension Rules of Reality:
You are going to have to learn them anyway,
so, by starting right now will speed up
everybody's transition into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 
If you want to help, this is by far, the best way to help!   

<><><>    <>


Here Is What Is Presently Transpiring:      (June 2016)

***   The old system of the Cabal controlled, invisible prison,
a prison made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs,
is in the last stages of being dismantled and eliminated.  

***   The world of Infinite Possibilities
has opened its doors for us.    

***   By learning and applying
the four basic laws of the Universe,
we  (that's you, me, and every other human)
have the potential, 
(the power, the ability, the tools, and the capacity)
to re-create / transform our world
into any form we choose it to be.  

***   I and a team of fellow-inspired people
are building the first new community ever built
using the four basic Rules of Reality
(i.e. Fifth Dimension Consciousness).     

If You Are Inspired by the  
Huge, Overpowering,
Positive Changes
that are occurring,  
join us at FahZoom Town or
from wherever you are 
as an affiliate.    


Contact Information:

Robert Cote'
11589 La Grange Road       
Jamestown, CA 95327



The address of this page  is:  

Write your donation checks to "The Life Center." 
Mail them to Robert Cote' 
at the address above. 

Thank you!       


Check our website.  
You'll find us at:  

An Invitation to Be Inspired   11 Jun 16






  Ask Why?        Ignore  How.  

Create Your Vision / Your Ideal Life! 



23 June 2016  

Why do I choose _  (fill in the blank)___?   
Why do I want  __  (fill in the blank)__?   

Answer these two question in the most general,
most non-specific way possible. 

The Answers:  
To create more joy in my life.  
To create more feel-good-feelings.  
To feel better than I feel right now.   

Because we are beginners at the art of creating intentionally,
cannot yet manifest what we want instantly,
or even  in a day, but
we can begin feeling better immediately.    


I look at my vision and answer the question,
"Why do I want this?"  
I avoid focusing on how it is to be accomplished and
I avoid focusing on what steps are required.    

There are thousands of 
,  and 

that, together, lead me to the manifestation
of my next grand success.  
Each step is a follow up to a thought.  

There is no end to thinking.  
There is no end to in-the-moment-steps.  
There is no end to grand successes,  
Each leads to still another thought, another step 
and to another success. 

The nature of reality is that 
life is an ongoing, never ending series o changes,
and never ending movement to higher and
more joy-filled experiences.   

Granted, that there are stumbling blocks and
what appear to be failures. 
Each step, no matter how uncomfortable it feels
is a step toward the vision being manifested.   
You do have vision, don't you?  
If not, the steps below will show you
how to find your own vision.  

If you are still curious about
what physical things were done,
when we are on an evolutionary plateau
and celebrating a success,
then you can look back see
the physical steps that were taken. 


Creating is a shift in consciousness.  
Creating physical things
is NOT done by doing physical things.  
It's done from thinking, believing, expecting,
allowing, feelings / emotions, et  cetera.   
Physical steps are merely follow-ups to thoughts.  

Physical actions are not the causes nor the cures,
nor the solutions to anything. 
Why can I say that?    

Because we live in Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's
Grand, Cosmic, Holographic Universe.  
We call this form of creating
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
Thoughts are the rulers here.   

Actions come from inspirations,
from desires,
from setting intentions,
from the desire for to feel better,
from the desire for feel-good feelings.  

To intentionally create something
in our physical world,
we begin by feeling good
for no reason other than to feel good.  
This connects us to our
personal vortex of infinite possibilities.  

We begin to notice that certain physical experiences
bring us feel-good feelings.  
We want more.  
Soon or eventually we say to ourselves, 
I choose to create  __(name your vision)_
because this physical experience will
bring me and abundance of
the feel-good feelings that I desire.  

Let that be your vision, your goal.  
Think about it.   Define it.   Describe it 
Make it your stated intention.  
Describe it, see it, and feel it
as if it were already physically real..  
If you are less that completely satisfied
about any part of your vision,
you can    change it,   expand it,   or   improve it,  
at any time.  

Begin taking the step related to your vision, 
steps that make you feel better.  
Keep taking the steps that result in
your feeling better. 

Soon, you'll will notice that the Universal energy
is supporting your intention.  
Unexpected and delightful things start occurring.  
This is called synchronicity

Using your newly acquired Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
you can transform, edit, and/or expand your vision
into anything you choose  it to be.  

For example, my vision called FahZoom Town
started many years ago as simple desire
to be a teacher of self-awareness. 


Abraham Hicks has an excellent
YouTube video on this topic.   
We highly recommend listening to it.

Ask Why!   Ignore How   Creating Your Vision  






  How We-The-People Will Respond When
the New, Gold Backed Financial System
Is Put into Place  



June 24, 2016  

The introduction of the new, gold-backed financial system
is going to trigger a financial evolution - revolution,
an unstoppable  transformation.  

The aware people will be the first
to say the statement below and
soon, the masses will follow.

"The cabal criminal bankers loaned me money
under a fraudulent contract.  
They had no money to lend me. 
They lent me fake, phony, make believe  money. 

They no longer exist! and
now, based upon what the cabal criminals did,
you claim that I owe you the
new gold-backed money 
to replace the fake money
that they loaned to me!  
Who the hell are you?" 

I am and we are
We own ourselves.  
We owe only ourselves.   

What right do you have to claim that I owe you money?  
I take the money I used to pay
to the cabal*  criminal bankers and
I spend that money on food and clothing and
health care for my children."     
                                                                              *Notice that cabal is no longer
                                                                                spelled with  a capital "C"

"This is now my house, MY home.  
I own it and you do not.  
Go away and leave me alone.  

The Student Loan Money was also a fraud.  
You have no right to claim
that loan is valid and that I owe you
student loan money.

I am a sovereign being.  
I answer only to Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.   

Who are you? 
I have no contract with you.  
You have no contract with me 
Whom do you represent?  
You represent nothing and nobody except yourself. 

You dishonor
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's
Prime Directive: 
Thou Shall NOT Violate!    

Get lost!" 


See the next Blog - Mutual Debt Forgiveness
for a look at its social and economic impact of canceling all debts. 


Response to the New Gold-Backed Monetary system  






  The huge Positive Impact of  

Mutual Debt Forgiveness 



25 June 2016  

A Quid Pro Quo  
(You do this for us and we'll do that for you)

The Bankers***
forgive all existing loans
taken out b
y individuals and families for their private use.  
The bankers forgive homeowner mortgage debts.  
They forgive all student loans, all credit card loans ,
all auto loans, et cetera.   

We The People forgive the super-wealthy bankers
(the money lenders)
for a hundred years of
fraudulently charging us and
our parents and grandparents,
and great grand parents
trillions of dollars in interest
on the use of make-believe money. 

                  ***   By "Bankers," we mean all corporations
                           that lend money for profit.  

The Financial Impact:      

We use home loans as our example. 
Forgiving other personal loans, such as
student loans and credit card debt,
would significantly increase
the positive results shown here.  

The numbers below are not exact,
they are approximations
based upon Internet searches.  
The goal is not statistical perfection,
rather it is to give readers a sense of
the vast amounts of the money
that is regularly being transferred
from the pockets of the people into
the vaults of the money lenders
under highly unethical, and illegal circumstances.    

According to WikiAnswers.com
there are approximately 75 million home owners in the United states.  
The average home loan is $225,000, and
the average monthly payment is $1,780 per month.   

Regarding the average interest rate, we found a wide range of rates. 
To avoid being accused or exaggerating,
for our purposes we will make an estimate that is
at the low end of the scale and use five percent.       

75 million homes  times   $225,ooo per loan 
equals about 17 trillion dollar in outstanding home loans.  

At five percent interest rate, that's about
85 billion dollars per year in interest payments
being transferred from American home owners
to the banks and other home mortgage  lenders.  

Each month those 75 million homeowners each
pay an average of $1,780 to the bankers --
that's about 133 billion dollars per month
(just under 1.6 trillion dollars per year)
being transferred from the pockets of
the American home owners
into the money vaults of the banks and
other home mortgage  lenders.  

Now let's ask that tough question:    
Who has 17 trillion dollars to loan to home owners?  
hen, where did all  that loan money come from?  

Charging Money for the Use of an Illusion

The financial industry is unique in that
it's the only industry that has succeeded in
lending/selling customers a non-existent product and
charging its customers rent (interest)
on the use of its product.  

The money that the bankers have been, and
still are, lending their customers is non-existent money. 
Do you recall the child's game called "Monopoly."  
Well, the bankers have been lending you
a glorified version of Monopoly money.  
They call it fiat money.   

Borrowers are paying their hard-earned money
(transferring some of their wealth,
their  goods and services)
to the super-wealthy money lenders 
for the use of this fake. phony,
make-believe (fiat)  money.     


Now let's take this one step farther.  
Suppose the bankers forgive all homeowner mortgage debts and
We-The-People, forgive the super-wealthy bankers
for a hundred years of charging us and
our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents
trillions of dollars in interest
on the use of make-believe money.    


What would be the result? 
It would create the ultimate economic stimulus package!  
75 million homeowners would have an average of $1,780 each
to spend each month for goods and service.  

That's about a 133 billion dollars economic  stimulus package
inserted into the economy each and every month.  

Forgiving other personal loans,
such as student loans and credit card debt,
would significantly increase the positive results shown here.  

The home foreclosure problem
would be stopped dead in its tracks.  
The so-called toxic bank assets would simply disappear.  
The results would show up in a matter of days not years.  
It would cause zero inflation.  
It would cost the taxpayers zero dollars.  
It would dramatically stimulate the economy. 
That stimulus would occur at the level of We-The-People.

        This is only one step in the present-day, (June 2016) 
        huge financial, social. political, religious,
        and environmental transformations.     

Mutual Debt Forgiveness






  The Creation Process  -- Simplified! !  !   !   



This process is based upon
the reader of this essay
understanding three Universal Facts of Life

1)  We (all humans) are vibrational beings,

2)   We live in a vibrational Universe.    

3)   We are not simply physical bodies.  
Only a small portion of each of us is experiencing life
in a physical body on planet Earth.   

There is also a non-physical part of each of us. 
That part exists in the   
,     Spiritual,    Non-Physical   
portion of Reality.      

The non-physical part of each of us
is called is  "I Am That I Am.   
We commonly refer this part of ourselves as   
Inner-Being     Soul-Self     Higher-Self      
I Am That I Am
     Spirit-Being     Spiritual Being.       

We use the term Spirit Being
because the name says what we are.  
We are eternal,    non-physical    Spirit Beings!  
Each of us is a combination of
a Spiritual Being and a physical body. 

The sooner you learn these fact of life
the faster your life will improve. 


We create in the Spirit world.  
We experience in the physical world.

The Three Steps
1)   Joyous Vibrations  
      Feel   feel-good feelings.  

2)   Thoughts with Emotions   
      Think about whatever you choose to experience.  
       Think about whatever inspires you to feel feel good feelings  

3)  Get out of the way.   
      Allow the object, the condition, the circumstances to show up.
      Allow your desires to come onto your life.  
      Stay in the feel-good, state of expecting.  

STEP ONE:    Feel Good. 
Feel joy, happiness, freedom.  
Feel feel-good feelings.  
Feeling good feelings cause you
to vibrates in harmony with
the true nature of who and what you are.   

We are, by your nature, Spirit-Beings.  
As a Spirit Being, we already have
everything we could ever possibly
need, require or desire.   

All we have to do
in order to experience
who and what we are
in your physical form
is to think about the things
that make us feel good.    
No matter what want or what we do,
the intention ALWAYS includes
Feeling better than we feel right now.  

This aligns us with the vibrations of

STEP TWO:   Think about what makes you feel good.    
a relationship,   a material object,   a set of circumstances,   
an event,    money,    and/or   
whatever you choose to experience.  
Feel the emotions you will fee
when you intention is fully manid=fested.   

STEP THREE:  Expect, Welcome, and Accept
all kinds of things and the experiences 
that are in harmony with
what you are feeling good about.   
Accept them in the most General way possible.  
Focus on your feelings and NOT on
specific physical things and experiences

For example: 
I see, feel, and  sense
the calmness  that is in my mind (in my thoughts),  


I see, feel, and  sense
the calmness  in my emotions ( in my internal feelings),     and

I see, feel, and  sense
the calmness  in my body (in my physical sensations).   

Calmness is my sate of being.  

Repeat the above, and in place of Calmness,
say words like 
Relaxed,  Comfortable,     Safe,     Secure,     
Joyous,    Abundant,   
Grace and Ease,     Peace of Mind, 
Healthy,    Wealthy,    Handsome,    Wholesome    and Wise.   


Pieces, things and experiences related to
your new and desired conditions

will soon begin to show up.  
There commonly is a time delay
(a gestation period)
between asking/declaring and receiving.  

If something shows up that
is a product of feel-bad feelings,
DO NOT fight it.  
DO NOT  resist it.  
To fight something is to
give it your life-force energy
and make it stronger.   

Welcome it as if it were a necessary step
in the process of reaching your goal. 
Ask,  what can I learn form this experience?   

Realize that all things you experience
are for your long-term, highest and best interest.  
Seeing and/or experiencing the things you do NOT
want clearly tells what you do want.


Do you believe that all humans
     are a divine beings having a human experiences.   
Do you trust your internal emotional guidance system? 

Your job is to Allow what is to be as it is.
to Allow what shows up to be as it is and
re-focus your attention onto something
that generates feel-good Feelings.     

Are you ready to receive?  
Are you willing to receive.  
Are you capable of receiving.  

Are you prepared to receive
only that for which you are
ready, willing, and able to receive?.  

Are you willing to trust that Divine right timing
will bring you exactly what is require
when it is required and
when, and only when, it is appropriate
for you to receive it.  

Are you willing to accept the perfection with which
Divinity is carrying you to your goal.     

Do you trust the Laws of the Universe?  
Do you understand    The Intentional-Creation Process?  
Do you believe that there is such thing as
     a Your Personal Vortex of Infinite Possibilities
Your Vortex is your personal Matrix of Infinite Possibilities   her job

STOP pushing.   Stop trying to hurry things up.  
Stop Trying to help
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess 
to do Her job. 

Reduce your intensity. 
Stop doing with an urgency or an intensity.  
Relax!   Let go.  It's already done.  

Be content with the way things are unfolding.  
Stay in the receptive mode.  
Celebrate every small success. 

Stop trying to prove that you deserve to receive you intention.  
Your worthiness is a function of who and what you are  
You do not require proving or approval   


To Learn more about creating intentionally, go the page titled:
Creating with Emotions.      


The Creation Process  -- Simplified





  Consensus -- The Great In-Between 



What Is Consensus?  
Consensus is thoughtful compromise.  
It brings accord, harmony, consent,
unity, and peaceful  agreements. 
Consensus brings ration, reason, logic, the evidence,
and the needs and desires of others
into a decision making process.  

Our Present System:  
It is quite different from
the present American political process
which is tyranny by a majority vote of one.

"If I can muster up one more vote that you can,
I'm going to force my way down your throat.  
If you don't like, that's your problem!   
We leave no tree standing. 
We take no prisoners."  

Where Does Consensus Come From?     
A consensus is similar to a Context.   
It's a non-physical co-creation of all the people involved.  
Consensus  brings people together and
minimizes differences by
making harmony more important than
getting one's way.  

Where opinions differ, decisions are often
outside the will of either side.  
Often, there are more than just two sides to consider.  
For example, the controversy between religions a multi-faced issue.  

Unfortunately, in most controversies
that require someone to become a major looser,
the warring parties consider
only two of the three possible outcomes.  

They completely ignoring the third alternative.  
The critically important, third  alternative is Consensus.   

Consensus in Greater Detail:    
There are several parts to a consensuses.  
The intention is to make the most appropriate decision,
after looking at all the evidence, including
the present conditions and circumstances, 
the needs, desires and differing beliefs and 
opinions of those affected.  

Consensus is sharing ideas.   
Consensus is discussing questionable issue
with others directly involved in and/or
affected by a particular behavior,
or position, or belief, policy, rule, law, etc.  

In a consensus, the intention is
to get all sides of an issue openly and freely discussed,
to put all the evidence on the table.    
Hidden Agendas  are out of place here.   

The goal is not domination or the peddling of a position.  
It's sharing, it's bringing everyone in,
it's talking with others rather than talking at them. 
It's listening to others.  
It's being open to new possibilities.  
It's asking questions like: 
"What are your needs, desires, feeling and beliefs."  
It's answering the following 

Critical Questions:    

***   What will this action produce?      

***   Who will be damaged or hurt
by the each of the possible outcomes?  

***   How can reduce the total amount of damage done to all concerned?  

***   How can we arrange things so that everyone receives a little damage as possible and that all receive the maximum of benefits possible?  

What is required here is information gathering
regarding each possible outcome,
Who will gain?  What will they gain?  
Who will loose?   What will  they loose?    

The Goal Is To:  
Produce the long-term, highest good
for the greatest number
at the  lowest cost,
cost being measured by the expenditure of:  
time, money, and effort,   
resources consumed,
environmental damage,    
grief and misery produced, 
loss of life (human or other life forms).       

***   How can we work together now that
the decisions have been made?  

We hold this as a lesson learned and
another victory for Llove, cooperation and gratitude.  
We give the unwanted remnant back to source. 
We say thank you.  
It is declared to be so and So It Is! 
We move on. 

To learn more about this, see the section titled: 
Consensus - A guide to decision making.     


Consensus -  The Great In-Between 



10 July 16-2hr


  The Truth About Being Worthy and Deserving 



The Statement of Declaration: 

I Am Deserving and worthy of Receiving   
Llove, financial abundance, excellent health, and
everything else the Universe has to offer. 


The information included below
is stream of consciousness thinking
that came from
the 120 minute practice 
Raise Your Frequency & Vibrations
.   This section is now on site 29

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>    .

The question,
"Are you deserving and worthy of receiving?" 
is a false question. 
It implies that there are some who
are not worthy of receiving.   

Because every one of us is
a Child of The Universe  (child of God),
that question is no applicable to us.   
We already are everything.  
We already have everything we could
ever possibly want, need, require, or desire.  

We are eternal, non-physical God-beings.  
We are Great Creators.   

The idea that you could be not deserving
or not worthy is ridiculous. 
It was a lie that you were ticked into believing. 
Don't judge of blame  your self for believing it.  

When you were a baby, did you mother say that
you must earn your food or
that you must do something in order to
be worthy of receiving Llove and care?  

Now apply the Law of Correspondence and
see yourself as a Child of God.   

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is everything, has everything and created everything,
including you and me.   

A child is a duplicate of it's parents in potential form.  
So it is with you.  
You have your parent's attributes.  
You are a child of God.  
You have the attributes of God  

Where does a requirement for worthiness or being deserving
fit into a picture of a God-Being?  I doesn't!    
It's a non squitter
It's like measuring distance with a thermometer or
measuring time with a hammer.  

Does a fish have to earn water
Does a bird have to earn the air? 
Did you have to earn the Earth you walk on?  
Every aspect of everyone and for every living creature
is part of its natural state of being.  
Fish do not exist outside or water. 
Birds cannot fly in the absence of air.  

You live, move, and have your being
inside of the context that you are a God-Being.


You have created everything you experience,
including the  fish, water, birds, air, and the ground you walk on. 
It's all part of our holographic matrix which we
(the personal and collective we) created
in order for us to experience Llove, joy, and
feel-good feelings while in physical form.   

Our job is to release the old, false, obsolete
belief in scarcity, in deserving, and
having to earn our existence.  
These are false, third dimension beliefs.  

Here's our release process:    
Sit quietly and relax.  
Allow your mind to drift into
a very relaxed sate of being
(theta brain wave state of consciousness). 

Speak to Source.  Say,
Creator it is commanded (declared to be) that
you leave the lessons with me and
remove from every aspect of my being
regarding the concepts of
having to earn my existence.           
It is further commanded that
you fill the every aspects of my being
with the knowledge, the feelings and
the understanding that
I am a God, and that
I already am and that I already have everything.   

Witness your declaration be seeing and feeling
each one of these three false concepts 
being  washed out of you. 
Declare it done:   So be it and so it is.   Thank you.  

Now that you know the truth and
have released the false beliefs,
Restate your intention to feel good.  
Focus on situations, things, and experiences
that make you feel good.  

Learn why feeling good is critically important for yourself. 
You feeling good is also a major benefit  for everyone else, as well. 
Learn this at:

When the old patterns come to mind,
simply observe them and then
release them back to source.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Truth about being Worthy and Deserving  >







  Breaking Ties to the Past 



The Statement of Declaration: 

I have broken the ties to all aspects of the past
that no longer serve me.  
All that remains are the lessons learned and
the Joy-filled memories.  . 


The information included below
is stream of consciousness thinking
that came from
the 120 minute practice 
Raise Your Frequency & Vibrations

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   

I hereby cancel, revoke and declare all commitments,
contracts, vows, and the like
that no longer serve me
to be null and void.  

I hereby cancel  all mind programming
that no longer serve me.      
I keep the lessons learned
and the joy-filled memories
and let  go of all else from my past.  

I declare all ties to negative entities to be broken.   
I have released all the emotional ties to past experiences.  


Letting go of the past is like being born into a new reality.  
I declare that today  my life is starting new and fresh.  
In my new reality, I see only that which I choose to see.  
Why see only what I choose to see?  
Because I now realize that I am Consciousness.  
I am God-Consciousness.   I am the creator of my reality.  

I created everything that I am now experiencing
in my Earth-plane reality. 
Everything I see is what I have unconsciously chosen to see.
I did so because I did not understand how the universe functions.


I only share my visions and expectations
with fellow visionaries.  
I avoid sharing ideas with vision busters.  
I avoid sharing ideas with those
who do not understand at least the basics of
The Nature of Reality

My FahZoom Home Partners are fellow visionaries.

I am now a master of divine right timing.  
I know when to speak and when to remain silent.    

I am consciousness.  
I understand that I can be, do, have, express,
and/or experience any thing I choose. 


I have become and I am now a master at the art of completions.  
Now that I have completed with my past
I'm ready to create a new reality. 
Everybody get's to choose what they create.   

To learn how to re-create your life, see the section titled:  
Imagination and Emotion Create Your Life      

Breaking Ties to the Past  




4 July 2016 -- 2hr


  How to see Yourself as a God-Being 



The Statement of Declaration: 

I know that I am God.  
I am that I am. 
I m God in non-physical form.  
I am God in physical form.  

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that
I am God.   

I feel that    I am that I am.   
I Exist!   I Am!


I used the 120 minute practice 
Raise Your Frequency & Vibrations

with the above statement.  

The information included below
is added for your information.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>    .

I am a Child of the Universe

Humans are Eternal Divine Beings  

We Live in a Holographic Universe  

I See myself with an ever expanding understanding
of who and what I am.    
I am a non-physical being
seeing a portion of myself in physical form.  

What I see in the external world is a n expression of my past.  
To focus on it is to create more of it in my future.  

There are no victims.  
Everything that I experienced was self created. 
I created it unconsciously,
because I had no understanding of
how the universe functions.  

I now focus on who and what I am. 
I am Consciousness
I cannot not be consciousness.  
I am a Great Creator.  
My powers of creation cannot be turned off.  
My best option is to use my powers of creation consciously. 

I now know that I live in a vibrational reality
that is ever growing, ever growing changing,
ever evolving. 
I am an intimate part of a never ending transformation.  

Physical reality is a way of experiencing myself
as God in physical form  
Physicality is not the cause of anything. 
It is an expression of thoughts.  
It's myself as consciousness experiencing myself in physical form. 

I do not react to the external world, because I created it. 
My job is to learn from my physical experiences. 
My job is to learn to be a conscious creator.  
My job is to experience myself as a great creator,
creating in perfect alignment with the nature of my reality..     

I know what it feels like
to be a God-Being in physical form.  
I feel powerful.  
I feel free.  
I feel safe and secure.  
I feel Lloved.  
When I am in one of my physical bodies, 
I feel internal feelings that we call emotions.  

My body's talents include: 
I can see,  I can hear.  I can smell.   I can taste, and
I can feel physical sensations.  

My positive, personality attributes include: 
Llove,  Compassion,  Empathy, Allowing,
Wisdom, Gratitude, Appreciation.  

I am a multi-dimensional being. 
Part of me perceives myself to be inside of a physical body.   
The real me has no physical body.  

In order to expand who I am,  
I, the non-physical self (Source/Creator/God-Goddess)
created a holograph in which I can experience
a physical version of myself.     
When in a physical body, I am a physical creation being.    

My primary characteristic is that I am Consciousness.  
My universe is made of energy vibrating
at an infinite combinations of vibrations.
In my physical form,
I control energy, I control vibrations
by thoughts, by thinking, and by emotions.  

Thoughts are vibrations.  
I have the power to create by thought, by declaration.  
As I think, I vibrate.  As I vibrate, I attract universal energy
that vibrates like I am vibrating.     

<><><>   <><><>

I Know That I Am God  




4 July 2016 -- 2hr


  The Convoluted Law of Attraction 



The Big Question?  
Is the Law of Attraction, 
as we presently know it,
a distortion of one of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Universal laws?


When in a physical body, I give directions
to my creation machine by my thoughts
and by my feelings.  

My natural state of being is to feel very very good. 
The Fahzoom (feel-good-feelings) tell me
I want more feel-good-feelings and
the creation mechanism
give me more feel good feeling
in the form of physical thing
that inspire me to feel good.   

I can also feel very bad. 
The khold-priki (feel-bad-feelings) tell me
I want less, but my creation mechanism,
but instead of simply saying
"Don't do that again,"
it silently in convoluted, secret, and  complicated ways
gives me more feel bad feelings
in the form of more physical things
that inspire me to feel bad.  

This has all the earmarks of a devious,
Cabal-created silent, secret screw you.  

It doesn't take much looking to figure out
that there's something screwy here.  
Perhaps those who controlled the Cabal criminals
had a hand in turning this law
upside down, inside out, and backwards.  

Remember we live in a holographic universe,
and for thousands of years,
human life of Earth has been
dominated, manipulated, and secretly controlled
by criminal, psychopathic parasites
who live off the negative energy
radiated from a human body when
the dweller in that body is feeling bad
(anger, pain, fear, grief, misery, etc.).  

The evidence points to this conclusion:
"The Law of Attraction
as presently being administered
conflicts with the Universal Law of Correspondence."  

In my 45 years of study, research and personal experience, 
this is the only place I have ever encountered
where the Laws of the Universe are inconsistent.  

Here's the Evidence: 
When this God-Being was in a little boy body,
I put my finger on a hot stove.  
I instantly got the message,
"Don't ever do that again!"   
So, still to this day, I do not put my fingers
on  a hot stove.  
Simple story.   Simply message. 
Even a little kid can get that message.   

Now here's the same story orchestrated
by something claiming itself
to be God administering the Law of Attraction.  

Put your thought finger on a hot stove and
(symbolically speaking)
the Law of attraction sets your ass on fire.  

This clearly defies the Law of correspondence
which tells us that patterns found in one place
will be found in other places.   
The Law of attraction has this backwards.   

Learning not to touch a hot stove
moves behavior away from
more destructive behavior. 
The pain simply and clearly says,
don't do that again.  End of story. Move on. 

The Law of Attraction says touch a hot stove
means you want to burn yourself again
so we'll set you up to get burned more.   

It moves the being who touched the stove
toward more destructive behavior.  
And it does so silently, secretly, and in convoluted ways
that are very difficult to understand and
almost impossible to apply to one's life.  

Another tell tail sing that this is
part of the Cabal con is that
the Law of Attraction as we presently know it,
also violates The Universal Law of Simplicity.    
"The Simplest Solution Is the Best Solution."  

Those who control the Cabal criminals
are themselves criminals.  
They possessed the means, the motives, the opportunity
and the power to get away with this crime.  

They have done absolutely everything else imaginable
to Screw  humanity.  
The evidence points to the conclusion that
distorting or falsifying the Law of Attraction
just one more tool in the Cabal orchestrated
anti-human con game.  

Who or what created this convoluted, ass-backwards way
to correct dysfunctional behavior?  

Will the real God stand up and
fix this bullshit mess!  

And don't give us another lie. 
DO NOT tell us that this is impossible.  
That would be being inconsistent again.  

We are told that in Fifth Dimension Consciousness
that anything is possible.  

Perhaps the Law of Attraction was created by the same beings
who took 30,000 years to figure out that
a deadly parasitic cancer was living among us
in the milky way galaxy
(in the form of the Cabal criminals and their controllers).   

The parasites were allowed to live among us
because to get rid of them would violate their free will
to rape, pillage plunder, torture,  and murder.

<><><>   <><><>

I challenge you or anybody else to prove me wrong.   

Reference:   The Declaration of Sovereignty

The Convoluted Law or attraction  






  Getting Beyond Sin, Shame, Guilt, & Punishment 



For centuries, the human population
has been mind control programmed
to be intelligent enough to work,
but not intelligent enough to think for them selves.   
Here are a few examples:       

Mistakes are learning experiences.  
If you are conscious and aware of
who and what you are 
each mistake is a step closer to success. 

If you live as an unconscious mechanical human,
each mistake is another step toward more mistakes and
more grief and misery.    

Sin is a fraudulent creation pushed onto
the uneducated and unthinking masses
by those who controlled the Roman Catholic Church.   

This fraud is still being peddled today.  
There is no God up there in the sky
punishing those who do not obey church rules.  

Pleasure, particular sexual pleasure
has been peddled as a crime against 
the God who lives in the sky.  

Sexual Repression:  
Sex is a natural part of life.  
Our biological programming
pushes us toward sexual expression.  
If the sexual expression is suppressed,
the energy  comes out as violence.  

Shame is heavy duty self-loathing.   
It was part of the mind control programming
pushed onto the people by those who controlled
the Roman Catholic Church.

Stealing is done by two classes of people,
those desperate for survival and
those who do not yet realize that they are
both eternal God-Beings and Great Creators.  

Punishment is another false construct.  
This one is much bigger than the Churches.  
It's rooted in the programming of our so called leaders
who are minions / puppets of the off-planet beings
who, until very recently, control the human population.   

Forgiveness is another illusion.  
There is nothing and no one out there to forgive  
Everything is self-created as a potential learning experience.  

To be grudging and angry at someone who has harmed you
is to be blind to the consciousness underlying the experience.   

Getting Beyond Sin, Shame, Guilt, and Punishment  




4 July 16 2hr


  How to Master of the Art of Feeling Good 



The Statement of Declaration: 

I am a master of the Art of feeling good. 
I know how to feel  Fahzoom-feel-good-feelings.  

Feeling good is my natural, God-Self  state of being.  


I used the 120 minute practice 
Raise Your Frequency & Vibrations

with the above statement.  

The information included below
is added for your information.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>    .

Feeling good is a choice. 
Feeling bad is also a choice.  

I know that no matter how bad I am feeling,
I always have the ability and the choice to feel better.

I know that no matter how good I am feeling,
I always have the ability and the choice to feel even better.  

As a master of the art of feeling good,
I'm free to choose anything I desire  require, and/or intend  
that inspires me to feel even better.   

No matter what I am doing,
I make sure that I'm feeling good while I'm doing it. 


As an eternal God-Being,
I am free to feel intense bliss.  
I am free to feel joy, bliss, and ecstasy
at full-body, orgasmic intensities and beyond. 

I am free to be an absolute master at the art of Fahzoom.  
Fahzoom is the art of feeling feel-good-feelings.     

To feel feel-good feelings,
that's the doorway to my personal vortex
of infinite possibilities.   

Everything I do brings me an opportunity 
to experience more feel-good feelings and with it, come
more things conditions, circumstances,
expressions and experiences to feel good about.  

Every thing, every experience, every situation,
every condition, every circumstance
is for me, as a god being, 
an opportunity to directly feel really really good,
or to make the experience into
a stepping stone to a situation, condition,
circumstance and expression of more feel-good feelings.  

I know how to see, feel, and be any fahzoom experience.  
*   On my in-breath, I see the intended experience.  
*   On the outbreath, I feel the intended Experience.  
*   In the pause following the out-breath,
     I Am the essence of the experience. 


The food that, for me,  inspires to most Fahzoom
is  vanilla ice Cream and fresh strawberries.  
Freeze and the the strawberries,
crush them slightly and
top your dish of ice cream with them.  

Fahzoom!   Fahzoom!   Fahzoom!    


To learn more, see the page titled 
How to Find the Passion of Your Life  

I am a master at the art of feeling good






  How to feel Good About Feeling Bad 



These notes are mostly base on.  
Bentinho Massaro  Video
See minutes 13 to 22 on video   


The Prerequisites / Setting the Context:  
This exercise assumes you are at least
familiar with the basic principles
regarding The Nature of Reality.  
It assumes that you trust that
the rules of the Universe are consistent and
apply to everyone without exception.  

This exercise also assumes that you understand that
feelings are the key to adjusting
your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.  
You feel bad when you are out of alignment with your true nature.   
You True Nature is to feel joyous, Lloving, and abundant.  
When you are in alignment, you feel good.  


To feel bad is actually an act of Llove,
an act of service to you
by Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  
The message is that you are
out of alignment with
the truth of Creation,
that you are out of alignment with
the nature of who and what you are.   

Feeling bad is merely a wake up call.  

To feel bad is NOT a punishment
for doing something wrong.  
It is not a sin.  
There is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about.  
There is no God in the sky threatening you
with eternal damnation. 

Sin, shame, guilt, and punishment are part of
the now obsolete third dimension,
Cabal-criminal system of
controlling humans with
lies, illusions, and false beliefs.   

The old pattern included things like:
Reacting to and feeling stuck in a negative situation  
Focusing on feeling bad. 
Regret the bad behavior. 
Feel guilty. 
Feel like a victim. 
Getting angry,
and the like. 
This commonly turned into
a negative downward spiral.  


All that is no loner necessary.  
Once you get the message that you are out of alignment,
you can stop feeling bad immediately.  
Think of feel-bad feeling as if feeling bad was
a cosmic telephone calling you.  

Receiving a message tells you that
you have a connection to source.  
You realize that you have Divine guidance for
adjusting your behavior, your emotions,
and your thought process. 

Once you get the message
you can stop the cosmic phone from ringing
by getting the message. 
Source is telling you there is something to learn here. 
Answer the question. 
What is the lesson for me here?  

When you get the message,
you'll know how to respond differently.   
When a similar situation arises,  
you can completely skip the negative event.  

Ask,  "What's my lesson here?
What can I focus my consciousness on?  
What behavior can I change?
What will inspire me to feel good? 

Once you reach this level of understanding,
When a feel-bad feeling shows up,
you can immediately recognize
that you are out of alignment,
say thank you to Source,
shift you thoughts attitude and/or behavior,
realign yourself with who and what you really are, and
never have to repeat the same thing again. 


Define feeling bad it a good way.
Minute 13 to 22 on video 
Bentinho Massaro
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3LJwjkt4P8     <> <> <>

How to Feel Good About Feeling Bad  




1 July 2016 - 2hr


  How to See Yourself as Financially Free 



The Statement of Declaration: 

I Am Financially Free!   

I just know it. 

I remember how I felt
in those delightful moments
when I first realized and remembered that
I am Financially Free


I used the 120 minute practice 
Raise Your Frequency & Vibrations

with the above statement.  

The information included below
is added for your information.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>    .

Even right now, in this moment,
I feel the great joys that are part of
Being Financially Free.  

I feel all the other joys
that are partners with  
Financial Freedom:    
I feel happy and pleased.  
I feel relaxed.
I feel safe and secure.    
I feel complete peace of mind.  

I feel great relief,  
as if I've just returned home
after a long, arduous, and
very successful  journey.

I know that every requirement
that can be fulfilled with money
is already fulfilled.  

I feel the personal freedoms
that are the partners of Financial Freedom.    

I now do anything I choose to do.  
I go anywhere I choose to go.  
I have anything I choose to have.  
I experience anything I choose to experience.  

Whenever I choose to do so,
I share experiences
with fellow God-Beings.   

I have so much wealth,
both financial and otherwise that,
by way of FahZoom Town,
I freely and Llovingly use much of the wealth
to create an entire town that is
a physical expression of
Financial Freedom.

I now realize that
The Nature of My Being ,
like every human being,
is to be, do, have, express, and/or experience
anything I choose.  

I Am   Financial Freedom!      

I Am Financially Free




2 July 2016  - 2hr


  How to See Yourself as a Great Creator 



The Statement of Declaration: 

I am a great creator.  
I see myself as a great creator.  
I feel the joyous feeling of being a great creator.  
I see my creations all around me.


I used the 120 minute practice 
Raise Your Frequency & Vibrations

with the above statement.  

The information included below
is added for your information.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>    .

The first thing to understand is that
humans are much more their physical bodies.  
Actually, we are non-physical Divine God-Beings.  
We are having a human experience in a context in which
we do not remember who and what we are.  

We, by our basic nature, have the creation power of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, Herself.  
We are Consciousness.  
We are each individual expressions of consciousness.  
Our job is to learn how to relate to the world
as a consciousness having a human experience.  

We create our Earthly experiences by our thoughts.  
Our thoughts are vibrations that create
states of being in the universal energy
called the Matrix of un-manifested potential.  
While we are focused in a physical body
we experience this as physical reality.


I feel really good knowing that I am a great creator.  
I enjoy feeling self confidence, safety, security, and
a sense of self-power.  

I now know that I have the personal power to
re-create my life any way I choose it to be.  
I now know that I am in control of my life.  

I now know that everybody and everything
in my external world is there
because I created them there.  
I created everything that appears to be outside of me.

I can create a different reality at any time I choose.     

I'm analogous to  to an old fashion projector in a movie theater
in that I project my outside of me experiences
from inside of me.  

Each scene, each image, each experience
is a projection of my consciousness.  
Each moment is a new universe.   
Like the film in an old fashioned movie theater
each frame, each moment is complete in and of itself.  
They flash in my consciousness so fast that
they appear to be single continuous objective,
outside of self reality.  

I now know how to consciously and intentionally
shift among the different realities.  
I am easily able to shift my realities
to match my intentions. 

I am an awesome creator!      

I Am a Great Creator




2 July 2016 -- 2hr


  How to Master of the Attitude of Gratitude 



The Statement of Declaration: 

I am a master of the attitude of gratitude.  
I feel the fahzoom-feel-good-feelings 
associated with appreciation.  

I am an appreciator. 
I am a master appreciator.


I used the 120 minute practice 
Raise Your Frequency & Vibrations

with the above statement.  

The information included below
is added for your information.

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>    .

I feel the fahzoom feel-good-feelings
associated with gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness.  

I appreciate everything,
even the less than joyous thing that
I see in my external world. 
I appreciate them. 
I accept them.
I allow them to be.  
I Ignore Them!     

I see every situation as I choose it to be.   

I focus my mind and my intentions upon
fahzoom (feel-good feelings) and
I do so only for the purpose of feeling good.  

I focus my mind on the things,
the conditions the experiences
that inspire me to feel more fahzoom, feel-good feelings.    

I'm thankful that I know how to be grateful. 
I appreciate appreciation.   
I know what it feels like
to be a master of the attitude of gratitude.    <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

I Am a master of the Attitude of Gratitude






  The Art of Intentionally Shifting Realities 



Linear time is a false illusion.  
The concept called multiple realities
is fact not fantasy. 

Do not believe this. 
Do not disbelieve it either.  
Simply hold it as a possibility. 
Open your mind to new possibilities. 
Let go of resistance. 
Do not insist on anything.  

Here's how to master the art of
intentionally shifting realities.  

Start by declaring yourself to be a master reality shifter.  
I hereby declare that I am a master at
the art of intentionally shifting realities.  

I know how to consciously and intentionally shift
into the realities that bring me
more fahzoom-feel-good-feelings.  

Because I am an eternal, non-physical Divine Being and
because I am also a Great Creator,
consciously and intentionally shifting realities
is easy for me. 
I simply had to remember the technique. 

The Technique in Summary:       
Release the old.         
Imagine the new.   

To get rid of a khold-priki
(a feel-bad feeling, thing, situation,  or experience),
see it as outside of yourself. 
You are witnessing, not experiencing.  
Fill it with Llove.  
Turn it upside down and backwards. 
See it as gibberish all mixed up. 
Declare it to be meaningless.  
Watch it move away from you. 
Watch it get smaller. 
Watch it fade back into the infinite un-manifested potential.     

Then fill the void
with something joyful
and exciting.  
Feel yourself experiencing
one of your great joys.  

See, feel, experience yourself
as the source,
as the zero-point
of the new experience.  
See, feel, experience yourself
as if you are experiencing
the new reality.  

You are NOT outside
You are inside


Imagine the picture, the sounds,   
the smells, the tastes, the feelings
blossoming into your world.
Imagine it as the opposite of
a fade out.    

If you add  sexual content
to what you are imagining,
you can significantly amplify
your positive feelings.

        Here is another God-Being,
        another Divine Master
        who has come to Earth
        to teach me the art of
        loving and being loved.   

How to use parallel realities --
Shift into an alterative Universe.

The Art of Intentionally Shifting Realities




9 July 16 2hr

  Llove Is Not a Four Letter Word 



Did you know that  Llove  is way too big
to be a four letter word?  

It's also has the biggest meaning in all of creation.  
I think we should spell it with two ells,
like Lloyd is spelled with two ells.  
Let's also spell it  "Llove,"  with a capital  L.  
That would make Llove a five letter word,
like sweet, and sugar,
like happy and honey.  
What do you think?   


We encourage everyone to learn the art of
Lloving and being Lloved. 

By the nature of who and what we are,
all humans are masters at
the Art of Lloving and being Lloved.  

Most humans don't come anyway near
fully expressing their Llove because.  
They don't yet remember their true nature and
their true talents and abilities.   


Because I focus on and practice the
Art of Lloving and Being Lloved,

I'm better at everything I do,
not just Lloving, but  everything
is constantly growing and expanding.  
My challenging task was to learn
how to Llove unconditionally.  
My most challenging task was to learn to Llove myself. 

The concept we call Llove
holds the highest state of being we can reach
while here in physical form.    

Llove is an expansion of feeling good.  
Feel-good feelings are an aspect of Llove.  
Unity, compassion, caring and sharing
are also aspects of Llove. 
So is freedom, abundance, and passion.  

One of almost everyone's favorite toys
is to get together with another God-Being and
share each other's bodies.  

Most men and many women have no idea about what
physical Llove is all about.  
They think it's connecting genitals,
grunting, groaning and struggling
for an few minutes,
experiencing a strong fell-g00d feeling
for a few seconds, and then collapsing into sleep.   

When you decide to study, learn, and
become a Fifth Dimension being, 
the art of sexual sensuality
will take you into a world of delight that,
at this time, you don't even know that it exists.  

As a hint:
Orgasm is a small sample of
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's Llove.  

Are you aware that
Non-sexual sensuality is a great tool for
accessing the high, feel-good vibrations of Llove.

Did you ever ask the question:  "What is Llove?" 
Llove is the highest vibration in our holographic universe. 
I'm sure there's much more beyond that.  

What is Llove? Llove is fun, joy, happiness,
contentment, freedom excitement, and
dozens of other states of being (vibrations) we label with words.  

Llove is a vibration that, 
when combined with other vibrations,
creates the vibration family we call
our Natural State of Being.  

Llove is way beyond words. 
Llove is a state of being.  
It's physical sensations are beyond description.  
Let Llove be your guide/ teacher/ mentor.  

Llove opens doors to experience that which
will make your heart sing and you life a state of bliss.  
Here's how it works:  

What you truly want is to feel good.  
Feeling good is your natural state of being.   
You cannot be in state of being called Llove
without feeling good  
Feeling good will automatically connect you to
who and what you really are.  
This, in turn will bring you 
as much of anything and everything
as you could ever possibly want, need, desire, and/or require.  

Llove is Not a Four Letter Word  





  The Receiving Side of Llove 



When you were a child, did you ever hear the adults tell you,
"It's better to give than to receive."  
That's not true.  
They are equal.      
For every giver their must be a receiver.  

Although your parents and the church leaders
were telling you the truth as they knew it,
a significant piece of information was missing.  
We'll share the missing piece with you
at another time, for now we'll focus on Llove.  

For centuries, the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church
have been telling billions of people,
"The more you suffer the closer you are to God." 
"You are in inherently evil sinner."   
"You have to Earn God's Llove,"
(by obeying church rules or
you'll burn in hell forever)
These are gross lies. 

Exactly the opposite it true.  
Bliss,  joy,  feel-good feelings  are your access to
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.   

Our job is to un-learn the lies and
learn to be receivers of everything
for one reason one reason only.  

Because our natural God-self, state of being is to
receive and experience Llove, Joy and
an abundance of anything and everything
as you could ever possibly want, need, desire, and/or require.   

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

In full Fifth Dimension consciousness,
Llove has replaced money. 
Everyone who chooses to work,
works for the Llove and the joy of
doing what they are doing. 


No matter what the question or the problem is,
Llove is the first answer. 


Llove and abundance often comes to us
in unexpected forms and in unexpected ways. 

Your job is to fill your self and your world with Llove
and then pass it on.         

The Receiving Side of Llove  






  Abundance Follows Passion, Not Reason 



The message below is from  Bentinho Massaro 


If you combine a dream-like, confident attitude
with a commitment toward, and a love for all beings,
you will become one of those creators
who rises above the crowd of unconscious followers.  

You will naturally leave a legacy of benefits and
transformation behind for next generations to come.  
You will help lift this planet's consciousness
simply by being awesome and believing in
something more than what is already manifest.  

Abundance follows passion, not reason.  
It comes in bunches, and
it comes in all ways when you start believing in something
bigger than just your own personal circumstances.  
It comes when you commit to
being of greater benefit so full-heartedly that
you become practically fearless in your endeavors.  

You will have everything you need and desire
by living a life of passion, inspiration, and
total faith in your ability to move mountains.  
The bigger your vision and the brighter your passion,
the more abundance and creative power
will flow through your hands.

You can change the world. Yes, you. 

Enjoy life to the fullest.  
Do not be afraid to receive infinite amounts of
everything you truly desire,
yet always be inspired to
give back more than you receive.  
And Llove your heart out.   Break the mold.  
Be free.   Dream big.   Have faith. 

The more you give to this life,
the more you get out of it and back from it.
Give everything you are, and
you will receive everything you desire-
and even more that you cannot yet conceive of.

I salute you, my fellow imagineers.  
Let's make this planet amazing
by holding back nothing.  
You are precious, you are a gift to this world;
realize this and actualize yourself. 

The world is in your creator-ship hands
so make it into something epic and beneficial for all beings.  
You've got the infinite power and
abundance of the Universe
on your side.

Much love,

Abundance Follows Passion and Not Reason  






Imagination and Emotion Create Your Life



A portion of the notes in this section
are based on a video of
Bentinho Massaro.      

Imagineer Your Life    
We highly recommend that you watch the video.   


As an analogy, think of your life
as a ship sailing on the sea of infinite possibilities.  
Imagination steers the ship and
emotions are the engine, the power that moves the ship.  

You are the Helmsman.  
You tell the ship where to go
with your imagination (i.e. with your thinking.) 
You have a choice to consciously direct the ship or
to unconsciously direct it.  

If you walk around unconsciously
you are still directing your ship.  
Your ship (your life) is guided by accident, by chance,
by happenstance, by what you watch on television.  


Start seeing only what you choose to see.  
See it and feel it as if it were already
physically manifested in your life. 

See only your preferences. 
Become only what you choose be.   

Lear how to be who your are.  
You are consciousness.  
You cannot not be consciousness. 
Experience life as what it is,  
a dream, a lucid waking dream.  

Humans are eternal, non-physical God-Beings
We are also Great Creators
We live in a Thinking Person's Universe.  
You are creating with every thought with every moment.  
You are creating unconsciously, 
Your job is to learn to create consciously.  
You r job is to learn how to no longer be in 
a numbed down state of consciousness.  

Take a moment to just be.   Let go of everything.  
Focus on your breathing.  
With each exhale, feel your body relaxing.  
Notice the stillness after your exhale
and before your next inhale.  
Apply the  Aahhh!   Oohhh!   Uuhhh!  Mmmm Breathing Technique,
and notice how you feel.  

Do this first by remembering who and what you are and then
by deciding how you choose to express who you are.  

How?   By ignoring what is already manifested and
imagine anything and everything to be as you choose it to be.  
As you define who you choose to be in this Earth life,
the Universe brings that into your physical experiences.   
See it Feel it.  Be it.  


Where humans get lost is
reversing the cause and the effect and
in attempting to create in the physical world and
ignoring the invisible world of thoughts and emotions. 

We are God-Beings.   We are consciousness.  
Everything physical is a mirror of thoughts and emotions.

Imagine and Create:
I created all of my external, physical experiences.  
They are all part of my past creations.  
We create our tomorrows by our today's thinking.  
To look there for my future in my past
is to go around in a circle and
create more of what I am already experiencing.  

***   I remember/realize/ focus on the fact that
        I am a God-Being.  
***   I decide who I choose to be in this Earth life.  
        What thought, what idea, what can I imagine
       that gives me my greatest joy.  
***   I use that thought as the basis and decide
        who I choose to be in this Earth life.   
***  I declare that thought, that vision,
       to be the title of who I am.  
        I declare myself to be ____(my vision)___ .  
***   I feel the feeling  associated with
      who I have declared myself to be.   
       Feel what is in alignment with infinite abundance
***   I begin to experience my new self.   
***   As necessary, I make mid course corrections.  
***   I Do NOT try to fix anything or fight anything.  
        I let what is be as it is and create a new reality.          

In the process, I always honor my integrity.  
If the changes I am making involve others, I negotiate.   

We can be who ever we choose to
be without hurting others and
without taking anything form others.  
There is an absolute abundance of everything,
more than enough for everyone.   

I always express myself in the contexts of
Llove, compassion, wisdom, and freedom for all.   

To find out if it's right for you, try it out.  
If it's right, create more of it in not
adjust it or create something else.   

Imagination and Emotion Create your Life  


  Stay in the Mental State of Constantly Imagining  



Keep generating new visions, new ideas, new desires.  
In other words, stay in the mind-set of
constantly imagining the world as you would like it to be.  

Imagination is the core of who and what  you are.  
You are a great creator. 
You create with imagination empowered by emotions.     

Keep your consciousness focused on the non-physical. 
Live in your imagination.  
Deny / ignore what you see and experience
in the physical world. 
Overwhelm the external world by imagining, see and
feeling (with strong emotions) your world
as you would like it to be.     

Here's how?  
Use your imagination!  
Imagine what excites you the most. 
Imagine it as if it were physically real.  
Do that with commitment, 
Do that consistently.  
Do that while understanding that
you are God-Being and that
you are a great creator.  

Get excited.   Expand.   Play.   Have fun.
That's why we are here on Earth.  
Overwhelm the external stuff with your chosen reality.  
What is your desired state of being? 
Choose it.   Imagine it.    Feel it.   Be it. 

Stop waiting for what you created to manifest.   
Stop watching how your creation grows..  
Move on.   Focus on creating something else.  

Stay in the Mind-Set of Constantly Imagining 





  How to Consciously Create Your Future  



The technique offered
in the notes in this section
are based on a video of
Bentinho Massaro.      

Become a Manifestation Powerhouse: 
We highly recommend that you watch the video. 

This process assumes you are aware of
the basic rules of reality and that
you have full integrity in your behavior, 
That you respect the rights of others.   
It assumes that you see the
present day third dimension life as a false illusion.    


This process will probably not make any sense to you
until you have at least a basic understanding of
two of the basic rules of reality:  
Humans are non-physical Eternal Beings  
and we live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess' s
Holographic Universe.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

Most people create their future by default,
by accident, by chance, by happenstance,
by copying what other s do and
by what gets programmed into their minds
when they watch television.  

The second major reason why
most people live in struggle, chaos, and confusion
is because they have no idea of
how the universe functions.    
They have cause and effect reversed.  
They believe that by changing something
in their external world they will feel better.
The reverse is true.  
Thoughts and feelings(emotions) are first cause.  
Physical experiences are the result.   

First, understand that there is no external reality.  
There is no external objective world
that we come along and experience. 
There is nothing out there. 
There is only our own internal consciousness. 

Nothing comes to us
from out there in the external world.  
We each create everything from our own consciousness.  
By our nature as God-Beings,
we create our Earthly experiences. 

We each control our own lives. 
We cannot control anybody else's life. 
We can only control ourselves. 


Here's the process: 
Ignore everything you see outside of yourself. 
Realize that it only exists in your imagination. 
Your external world is not real.  
You are not part of anything out there. 
You are the creator of everything out there. 
Everything comes from inside of self.  

What you are experiencing
is a multi-dimensional holographic illusion. 

Take a moment feel what that feel like.  
Look at the external world and see it as your creation.  
Feel your power of creation,
not in the ego sense, but with an understanding
that you are a God-Being,
temporarily living in physical form.  

Feel yourself as a Great Creator.  
Take a moment and feel how good that feels.     

Your job is to imagine people and  situations
as you would choose them to be.   
Remember you are consciousness.  
You have the power and the authority to
create your personal Earthly experiences
any way you choose them to be.  

You are not in any way interfering with
the rights of any body else.  
You are simply re-creating your life
as you choose it to be.  

Maintain your integrity.   
Be compassionate and Lloving 

When you see someone (or something) out there,
they are not actually there. 
The only thing  you is see is an image of them that
You are creating in your own self-created holographic reality.    

You are already creating the images of
the people situations and thing that
you find in your realityin your reality.  
You can adjust those image by seeing them
as you choose them to be. 
You are not changing the other person or the situation. 
You are changing a multi-dimensional holographic image
of them in your own self-created earth-plane holographic reality. 

You appear to be separate from
what you see in your out there world.   
The separation is an illusion.  
You created your out there experience.  
You have the power to change the images (your experiences).  
You change them by by imagining everything
as you would choose it to be.  

You are NOT changing anything in the physical world. 
You are changing an image in a holographic illusion.  

This is done by seeing only what you choose to see. 
Ignore the out there world and continually focus inside you mind.  
You  are a God-Being.  
Use you power of creation and change the image
by seeing only that which you choose to see.  

Slowly (or rapidly if you are skillful at this practice)
the external world will shift
to match the images you hold in your mind.  
The more emotion you apply to this process
the faster the changes will show up.  

You can use this process to completely transform your life.    

How to Consciously Create your Future 






Manifest an Amazing Life    


Notes mostly based on:  
Attract an Amazing Life -
Instant versus Gradual Manifestation 

Bentinho Massaro    
We recommend that you watch this video    


To change your experiential reality
choose a different family of vibrations.  
Do this inside of your consciousness.
Change your vibrations by changing your thoughts
to positive thoughts accompanied by strong feel-good emotions
(fahzoom feel-good feelings.) 

If you think of your desire as existing out there,
you will never experience it.  

Remember that for every one of us,
the creation cycle begins inside of our consciousness.   
Our personal consciousness is part of Universal Consciousness. 
We don't go out there into the external world seeking anything.   
It's inside of us.  
Everything already exists inside of our consciousness. 

I feel it right now. 
It's already here.. 
I feel really, really good.  
I hold the thought and mostly the feelings. 
Remember feelings are more important than physical things.  

What we desire appears to come to us.   
Remember, there is almost always a gestation period
between creation (which occurs in the non-physical world) and
manifestation into the physical world.  

Remember to feel your desire as if there is no difference
between imagining it and experiencing it.   

It's actually our internal creation, but
it appears to come to us from out there.  

What to Avoid:  
Avoid focusing on anything in your external reality.  
The mind is creative and not reactive to circumstances. 
Everything you see in the external world
is a creation from your past. 
To avoid repeating the past, stop thinking about it.  

Become delusional.    
When you become intentionally delusional,
you alter your family of vibrations. 
You shift realities and produce a different experience.  
You change the image in your personal holograph
Your holograph is what appears to be real in the external world   

When you begin to feel good,
you are in the beginning stages
of shifting your reality.
Feel it as real.   Pretend / imagine that it as real. 


Life will become easier  and
the challenges less stressful
when you pay attention to your emotions and
immediately take notice
when a negative feeling shows up,
particularly when the same story
shows up again and again.  

Notice, I'm feeling bad.  Ask:   
What am I missing?  
What false belief am I carrying.  
Immediately address the issue. 

For example,
I feel a lack of money. 
Why?    I tell myself that I know I am a powerful creator.  
Is that true?   Yes, I am a a God Being and a great creator. 

Then, what is the cause of my feel bad feeling? 
If I don't have money, I'll become homeless.  
I'll be a failure.  
I'll be punishing myself again.  
Why Am I punishing myself?  
Because there is something wrong with me.  
Is there really something wrong with me, or is this another false belief? 
I am god in physical form.  Is that true?  Yes, I'm a powerful god-being  
Then, where is the source of the fear about lack of money?   

I'm a victim of my circumstances.  Is that true?  No.  
Then, what is wrong wit me?   What Am I missing?     

The Cabal is attacking me.  
They drive people away from me.  
I can't succeed.   Is that true?  
Yes, That has been my past experiences.  

You create your own reality. 
Tell me again who is attacking you?  
I don't know how to use the rules of reality.   

There is a hidden failure mechanism inside of me
that sabotages my efforts. 
I gave power to something. 
I don't know  what it is.  
It's sabotaging my life. 
It's like I'm always almost home, but I never reach home.  

That's the physical symptom.  What's the core cause?  
The automatic rebuild-the-problem mechanism inside of me. 
Is that the hidden source of your belief in failure  Yes. 
Shall we clear this?  Yes.  
Shall we clear it now?  yes.   
It's like ants.  there are thousands of them.
Shall we clear all of them?  Yes.. 


Add this technique to Bentinho's message  

Externally Witnessing   
Internally Experiencing

You can imagine something in two ways:

***  As a witness, watching something out outside
       in what appears to be an external world.  
***   As a participant being, doing, having, expressing
and/or experiencing something that inspires feel-good feelngs.  

If an image comes to mind that is FahZoom,
(feel-good feeling)
imagine it as the experiencer.  
Feel yourself experiencing the event.  

If an image comes to mind that is khold-priki,
(feel-bad feeling)
See it as outside of yourself.  
Fill it with Llove.  
Turn it upside down and backwards. 
See it as gibberish all mixed up.  Declare it to be meaningless.  
Watch it move away from you. 
Watch it get smaller. 
Watch it fade back into the infinite un-manifested potential.  

Then fill the void with something joyful and exciting.  
Feel yourself experiencing one of your great joys.  
See, feel, experience yourself as the source,
as the zero-point of the new experience.  
See, feel, experience yourself
as if you are experiencing the new reality.  
You are NOT outside witnessing.   You are inside experiencing.  

If you add a sexual content to what you are imagining,
you can significantly amplify your positive feelings. 

Manifest an Amazing Life








  How to Find the Passion of Your Life  



Remember we bring our desires into physical form with emotions
Thoughts are statements of creation
in the non-physical world.  
They point us in a direction.  

Emotions tape the powers of creation.  
Thoughts without emotions don't take uw anywhere. 

Our natural state of being is to express attributes like
Llove, Compassion, Joyous, Expansive, Creative,
Blissful, Excited, Calm, Centered, Clear Minded, At Peace.  
Notice that none of these are physical characteristics.

<> <>  <> <> <> <> <> <>

Here's how to find a passion that serves yourself and
at the same time, serves everyone else as well.  

If you don't know whereto start,
start with feeling good just for the sake of feeling good.  

Begin today.  
Simply declare  "I choose to feel good, right now, right here." 
Imagine and then feel what it feels like to feel good
for absolutely no reason at all.  
You'll be amazed where that will take you. 

Focus on our breath.  Breath in.  Breath out. 
Focus on your breath for several cycles.
As you breath out, allow your body to relax. 
Choose to feel good
for absolutely no reason at all.  
No mission.  No goal.  No outside reason.
Leave your mind outside of this. 
Be mindless.  Be quirt. Be still..  

Notice what it feels like to feel good
for absolutely no reason at all 
Notice how your body responds.

How to Find the Passion of Your Life  





  Miscellaneous Notes Mostly Based on Videos
from Bentinho Massaro



Place a Future Event into Your Past   
Think of something that you desire to be in your future. 
Imagine it to be in your past. 
Remember what it felt like when it manifested it in your reality.   
Intentionally let go to what you see in the present-moment,external world
In your mind, imagine, re-live the memories,
feel the joyous feelings of your chosen experience
as if it were, once again, real right now. 

When you begin to feel it,
you are in the beginning stages
of shifting your reality.
Feel it as real.   Pretend / imagine that it as real. 
When you become intentionally delusional,
you alter your family of vibrations. 
You shift realities and produce a different experience.  
You change the image in your personal holograph
Your holograph is what appears to be real in the external world

Give yourself permission to feel the joy
of the experience that you have put into your past. 

The Key is getting into the feeling space. 
With practice, what you imagine
will become more real to you
than your present physical experiences.

Think of it as a delicious memory. 
These thoughts place a new version of the past experience
into your future, and
you get to experience that experience all over again.  

A word of  caution,
if you think things that make you feel bad,
things like, that will never happen again
you are pushing your imagined  experience away. 


Become a Conscious Creator  
22 Minutes
I do not receive anything from creation. 
Because there is no exterior reality.  
We each create everything.    

Overpower your present perceptions
with your imagined preferences.  
Feel the joyous feeling
associated with your preferences.  
Your imagined preferences
will begin to become your perceived reality.<> <> <> <>









  Footnotes and References 



W <>

Footnotes and References

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Always be on a treasure hunt for that which
inspires you to feel better than you do right now.  
Even when you feel wonderful, do not stop seeking.   Why? 

First, because you are a joy-seeking being.  
That is the nature of who and what you are.  

Second, because there is always another,
even grander level of joy beyond where you are.  
Say, "I'm deeply grateful for my present here and now.  
How can I inspire myself to feel even better?"    

When you feel less than ideal,
you may not be able to quickly
change your circumstances, but
you can always decide to feel better.  
No matter what you are experiencing,
continue to Llove and appreciate yourself.  

Say to your self,
"This is just another step on my way to
the manifestation of my vision, my goal, my intention.  
What is the lesson for me here?  
What's the Buddha gift here?"  

This sounds crazy until you remember that
to resist or to fight the external circumstance
ties you to it more strongly and
it steals your life-force-energy.  

Seeing what you don't want gives you a clear picture
of what you do want.  


Whatever you are thinking, no matter what it is,
is a message to Source . . . saying:  
"Give me a physical version of what I am thinking and feeling."  

That is The Nature of Reality.  
That's just the way things are.  

The sooner and the faster you realize this,
the sooner and faster
your life will shift from confusion and frustration
to joy and abundance.  

If you are feeling bad right now,
your future will be to experience more to feel bad about.       


What is the most exciting thing you can think of right now? 

Always be in your future present moment.  
This is a non-physical focus.   
It's a focus on what you desire for your future,
not on what is in you present physical experience.  

Always be in the state of intentionally creating something new.  
When you intentions start to show up,
take it and allow it to be.  
e grateful and let it be.
Focus on what else you desire to create.  

Because of the time delay between creation and experiencing,
what you are presently experiencing
is a creation created in thepast.      

Care more about how you feel
than about how it manifests.     

Trust the higher self.   
Trust the rules of reality<> <> <>

Super Accelerated Living - 10 Ways to Live as a powerful Creator - Bentinho Massaro  2-16-15   


We Are Thinking Creating Beings     


 <> <> <>

















W <> <> <


That was then.  This is now.

Since there is no time, we can re-experience
something from our past.  
We can also experience a different version of
a past experience.  


It matters more what you feel than what you do.  

I live in a beautiful, joy-filled, Llove-filled reality.  
My fahzoom feelings (feel-good-feelings)
are constantly growing.  
My Llove is always growing and changing.  

FahZoom Town is my joy and gift to me, and
to all who choose to transform themselves
into Fifth Dimension Consciousness

I Llovingly call light to myself now
through the Great Central Sun,
through Alcone (another sun) and
through the Earth's sun/star.  

I am an Awakwener. 
I Awaken to the truth which flows through me.  
It is commanded to be so, and so it is.  

> <> <> <> <>















  About Thoughts 



For each of us in a physical body, 
every thought we think
is a declaration of our personal reality.  

A thought is a state of being
that alters your manifested potential.  


Everything is Consciousness  and Energy 

Energy is controlled by consciousness.<>
Energy takes form by vibrating 
Thought is vibration.   
Thought is a profound frequency of being .  
It's a state of being.  
Thought is a chamber of vibration.
Thought is in between you as consciousness and
      the world you perceive.  
Thought imposes itself upon energy.  
Thought creates our perception of reality.  
Thought is frequency. 
Frequency creates reality. 

Learn how to master your vibration and
intentionally re-create your reality.  
This will shape everything.  

It will shape your state of being,
your additions thoughts,
the actions you take,
to what degree you will be expressing yourself,
the relationships you have,
the lessons your learn, 
how effectively you learned then, 
how much you learned from them,
how much you expand or contract from them,
your circumstances,
your space time experience  
It will shape your entire physical reality.    


Stop thinking for a moment and notice what you are.  
Relax, Let go of al ideas, entities thoughts. 
Give it all back to Source.  

Notice the clarity, freedom, space that you are.  
You are the consciousness that never leaves.  
You are the context, the container for the content.  
Content is presence energy formed by presence energy.  
You are both container and content. 
You are the expression of energy.  



Thought is the great in-between --
between each of us as consciousness and 
the world we perceive of as our physical reality. 

Thoughts are vibrations in a world of vibrations.  
The frequency (the rate of vibration of the thought) 
determines what show up for each of us
in our personal universe.  

Think feel bad thoughts and experience
things, situations, and experiences  
to feel bad about.   

Think feel-good thoughts and experience
things, situations, and conditions
to feel good about.   

Thought control your world,
your personal universe.   <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

About Thoughts 












  The Longest Search Ends in Success 



We are here to create, things, situations and experiences that never existed before.  We are not here to find thing out.    <> <>

Why am I here on Earth?  
One of the reasons is to create a heavenly place on Earth,
a place worthy of hosting the God-beings
who choose to visit us.    Why am

I am currently experiencing this ugly place? 
It's certainly not a place a visitor would choose to visit.  
It's a stepping stone to where you choose to be.  
It's also a mirror of my past thinking.  

Look for the Buddha Gift.  
What learning opportunities are available for me here?  

One of the reasons we are here is
to learn how to be in physical form and
to be the great creators that we are.   

We are creation beings.  Our job is to learn how to control the energy of creation that flows through us in every waking moment.  

<> <> <> <> <>








  We Are Thinking Creating Beings 



Be aware of your vibration and choose what you send out. 
What are your thinking? 
What are your believing?  
What are your expecting. 
Your emotions - Feel Good - Feel Bad.  
These are the energies you are radiating 
This is what you are telling the Universe
to give you in their physical form. 

To focus on 
what you see in your external world
is to live in the past.  
You are the creator of your universe.
What you see in the external world
is a reflection of what you have already created.  

If you focus on what was, you create a time loop,
always recreating what was and never what you can be.  

To live intentionally, let go of circumstances
(what you see in the external world)  and
choose your preferred state of being
(who you intend to be). 
Ignore your external world.  
Imagine, see, and passionately feel your world
as you would like it to be. 

We are Thinking/ Creating Beings 








  I am Consciousness 



I do NOT ask what reality is all about.  
I declare what reality is.    
I am here as a great Creator and not  as  a sheep. 
I overwhelm my present experiences  with my chosen frequency.  
My chosen frequency is
Llove, compassions, peace of mind, et cetera<>

I know what's  real. 
I know what isn't. 
I am God Experiencing physical form.  
I am a Child of God.  
I know that I am a child of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.    .    


"I AM my I AM Presence, and
I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity.  
As One Breath, One Voice, One Heartbeat, and One Energy,
Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I proceed.   

As I invoke this Activity of Light for myself,
I invoke it on behalf of every person on Earth
in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the
highest good for all concerned."


<>Everything is inside of consciousness. 
I am God. 
What we think of as physical life
is a dream inside of consciousness. 
I dream my life into existence.  
See only my excitement and thing in my physical world
will change to match my excitement.  
I pick the thought that feels best for me
regardless of what I see out there in my external world.   
My job is to overwhelm the external world
with my thought. 

In the 2hr process all kinds of feeling will show up <><><>

There is no a universe that supports me.  
I am the universe that supports me.  
I am God.   
Pick another thought.  
Feel the feel god feelings     <> <> <>

I am Consciousness  









6)   Trust your Higher-Self/ God/ The rules of Reality, etc. 
(Whatever name you choose to call it, it's all  the same thing.)  
Let go of how and when things should manifest.  
Your job is creating by thought and with emotions.  
Source. . .'s job it to take care of how and when it manifests.  


7)  Focus on what works and what has worked. 
Avoid focusing on what doesn't work. 
To focus on what does not work slows down our vibration.  
We become denser, more solid, more physically focused.  
We feel separate.  We live in the world scarcity and limitations.  
Time steps in and ewe become linear (i.e. this before that).  

Do not try to fix or fight anything.  
Notice physical reality,  then let it be.  
Shift your focus onto your creative imagination.  
Focus on what works and what has worked.  
Celebrate your successes. 
Ignore your mistakes, except to see them as learning experiences. 


8)  Commitment.  
Commit yourself to be in the game and to be successful. 
Your false beliefs will be challenged.  
Do you trust the rules of reality,
or do you trust your beliefs.  
Which side makes you feel better, trusting Source. . .
or trusting your own beliefs?   

Remember, feelings are more important than physical stuff. 
Why? because doing so places you into
the consciously controlling position.  
You, yourself, become the only authority figure in your life. 


 9)   Every morning, upon waking up, immediately ask : 
"What is important to me? 
How do I choose to experience this day?"  
Notice, then ignore the physical.  
Instead, focus on your choices  about
who and what you are.  
Focus on your choices about
what you choose to be, do, have, etc.  


10)   Always feel good and self confident.  
Realize that you are God, that you are a great creator.  

What you see in you external world is your personal creation. 
Everybody sees the world as their creation.  
Everybody is the creator of their world. 

Focus on feeling good.  
Avoid thinking about
what you don't have.  
Avoid focusing on what's wrong.  

<><><>  <><><>  <><><>  

What do you choose that is
in alignment with your Higher-Self?  
Honor your feelings.  
Trust that feel-good feeling are an expression of
who and what you are.   

Changing your thought changes your frequency,
your vibration , your state of being.     



<><><>   <><><>  

From Feeling Bad to Feeling Good     56 of157 minutes  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYcxx4NduBk&spfreload=1    >

Challenges (feel-bad feelings)
are an opportunity to better understand who I am.    I exist.  On the I Am level suffering (feel-bad feelings) are nothing of any concern.  

When we understand the law of gravity,
it becomes a totally accepted state of  our consciousness.  

When we first learn about the nature of what we are, 
we see that perspective with a lack of confidence.  
There are unanswered questions, doubts, fear,
and/or feeling of lack/scarcity. etc/.

When we understand who and what we are
we see that as a n accepted totally confident part of our consciousness.  

We are here so that we as I am consciousness can
also experience itself is a physical form.