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Estate Property
Care Manager Available






Why I am qualified to be
Your Estate Property Care manager     

Retired California licensed general contractor 
Retied. California licensed real estate broker

Skilled craftsman
over 30 years of experienced at:
Home remodeling,
Home care  and repairs
Home sales, and management 
Trained and experienced at mediation
(finding mutually acceptable problem solutions) 

I no longer engage in physical labor,
I will oversee the care and management of your property

My present avocation is as
Co-Director of TLC- life-Centers'






As Your Estate Property Care Manager,

Here's What I Have to Offer

I will oversee your property service personnel
such as gardening-landscaping, pool service,
cleaning-housekeeping  ---
thus  insuring that their jobs
are done correctly, completely,
and in accordance with your wishes.

I will oversee routine property repair work
to insure that quality work is done in a timely manner
using high quality materials.   

I will oversee major repairs  (or remodeling) 
and act as liaison between you, and the contractors and
between you and the government agencies. 

I will be available in the event of an emergency.  
I am qualified to personally handle whatever
property-related problems arise 
(i.e. plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.). 

I will be available if a personal emergency arises
or if an unusual situation occurs that needs immediate attention.  
In these situations, I will provide whatever assistance
is appropriate in the moment. 

I will be available in times of major crisis
(such as earthquakes fires, or floods)
when my on-site service may be of extreme value.  

I will be provide you with checks and balances
regarding property expenditures to insure 
that property-related moneys are directed to their rightful use
and then efficiently used.   

I will be provide you with peace of mind
so you can go about your daily business
knowing that your property is well cared for and safe. 






Real Estate Repair & Maintenance:    1975 to 1985  ---
Handled repairs and maintenance work
for the real estate company, Venture Investment Group.  ---
Obtained a General Contractor’s License.  
Obtained a California licensed real estate broker

In 1985,  began my own business.   
Specialized in small home repair, replace, and remodeling projects. 
I did most the repair and remodeling work myself.   

My contracting expertise and experience includes: 
carpentry,  electrical, roofing, masonry, plumbing, painting
and consulting on designs for new projects.   

My formal education includes:  
Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry
from the University of Maine (1962)   and a
Master of Sciece  degree in Forestry Economics
from the University of Vermont  (1966)  

In 1992, I began devoting my full time to The Life Center, 
a state and federally recognized  non-profit  organization.  
I focused on mediating problems for clients and on 
on officiating  weddings, 
I have been the minister for about 1,500 weddings.    

In 2006, added to my skills by becoming a
Theta Healing / Personal Transformation Practitioner.  
For about six years, I assisted Brent Phillips
in almost every one of his Theta Haling Training Seminars.  

In 2012, I shifted my focus to preparing myself
to be a guide for the coming global transformations.  
The process has evolved beyond my wildest expectations.  
When you are ready for the truth, go to www.TLC333.com  





Contact Information


Phone:   818-727-0727  

Email:   fahzoom@yahoo.com     







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