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C S 18-07-16




The Two-Sides-of-Reality:        Two-Sides-of-Reality

What you will read on this page
are the basic Rules of Reality,
They are the most vital-to-know
 part of this instruction manual
for living life in physical form on planet Earth:
Adventures into Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

However, if you are just waking up
from lifetimes of
Sheyitt~  and  Secret Slavery,~
we recommend that you temporarily
delay reading this page until later.
Why?  because it's  goint to turn
everything you think you know into
a Cabal-orchestrated lie.

What we do recommend is examining
The First Lost Secret of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Love.
you may prefer to
Follow the flow, below:

Welcome to Our Collective
Fifth Dimension Version of Planet Earth

We have found that, for most people,
their major obstacle between themselves
and the life they like to live is
"All those things they Know That Just AIN'T SO"

Here's a piece of truth you probably don't yet know:
  The existence of God is NOT
     something you prove or dis-prove.
     It's something you realize you are.

Page-Summary      .




C S 18-06-22




Here's the Universal Truth Regarding Reality:
Reality has two sides,  
One physical  
One non physical.

Einstein spent the last 20 years of his  life
seeking the Unified Field Theory.  
He Faild.
Because he ignored the non-physical side of reality

Tom Campbell spent years
studying and exploring
the non-physical side of reality..  
He Succeeded

Nikola Tesla quote:
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena,
it will make more progress in one decade
than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

Bottom line:
We live in a virtual reality controlled by Consciousness.
Consciousness is information.
Consciousness is knowledge.
Consciousness is perception.
Consciousness is awareness with a choice.
"Know the truth and the Truth will set you free."

What we call physical reality is NOT physical.
It is a non-physical, multi-sensual, multi-dimensional
representation of a physical world.
Every human being is part of the controlling consciousness.

Non-physical consciousness is  NOT  Magic.
There's  NO  Woo-Woo. 
It's  NOT  Crazy.
It's Pure Physics,
     much of which most humans 
     do  not yet understand.

Non-physical consciousness
follows an exacting set of rules.  
Everything we know,   everything we are.
Everything we experience here of Earth
is based on and is a function of
non-physical consciousness.

It's what Quantum Physics refers to as 
"The Theory of Everything."  
It's the largest system of Consciousness that we know of.

Consciousness creates physical reality.
In other words, we can make changes
in the non-physical side of reality
that cause changes to occur
in the physical world,
but it does NOT occur the other way around
Consciousness always leads,.   The physical always follows.

Consciousness is bits of information
that have meaning to us
in the the holographic world
in which we find ourselves.  .
Meaning is related to
the collection of pieces of consciusness
that we call Earth reality.
everything is related to everything else.

Consciousness creates the perception of a physical reality
Physical reality is only a simulation  of a physical reality.
For each of us, our physical world
is a multi-sense illusions created in our consciousness.

As explained to us by Tom Campbell,
is the theory of absolutely everything.
It is science.    It is logical,
I contains no strained assumptions.
It has only two assumptions,
1, that consciousness exists,    and
2, that evolution exists.
From that point on, it is just logical.

Tom Campbell tell us that the consciousness system is evolving.
Cryon  (Lee Carroll) and Abraham  (Esthar Hicks)
tell us that Earth-Humans are on
the leading edge of cosmic evolution.

Here's a description of Reality
by Tom Campbell, the physicist
who discovered the Unified  Theory Of Everything
From Consciousness To Big Bang - Tom Campbell - YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJKjLFf3FS4   ..   ...
Begin listening at minute 16.
Minute:16---21   Introduction to Tom Cmpbell
Minute 21---38   The physical world is a function ofconsciousness.
Minute 28---113   The observer affects the observed

Here's a second interview with Tom Campbell:
"Consciousness is Immortal.“ | An In-Depth Interview with Tom Campbell - YouTube  1:37:21
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBoCHBKitK4    >..     .....
Begining at minute  6 to minute 9,
Tom Campbell tells us about the Physics of Llove

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*   Section title:     .Reality-Has-Two-Sides.     .....
*   Section Address:     .https://www.tlc333.com/k-how-the-universe-functions.html#Reality-Has-Two-Sides.     .....





C S 18-07-16


Self Over Situation --
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati & Dr. Bruce Lipton

- YouTube   1:39:51
Dr. Bruce Lipton describes the physics  of human reality
Begin listening at:4:15  Introduction to the concept of
how thinking creates physical reality. 
Bruce begins at:  6:15  end at  13:49.


All Is One:
It's Time To Wake Up - We Are All One - YouTube
Beginning at minute  6:15  and going to minute12:20 on the video,
listen to a masterful description of unity
by Dr. John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist
and PhD in Physics and Consciousness.   


The Theory-of-Everything       The Theory-of-Everythingo
Tom Campbel
From Consciousness To Big Bang – Tom Campbell 
[interview] with Freeman Fly
[VIDEO] Galactic Connection   1:13:40
Tom Campbell explains  the basic
 Theory o Everything.    T.O.E.
Consciousness is the basic fundamental principle 
underlying everything,  i.e.  How he universe functions
Reviewed 16 Mar 2019  
Start listening at  minute 16:00     
Listen at least to  minute 47:04
He offers a basic description of

The physics of Consciousnes


For a more in-depth version of
How the Universe Functions:

Tom Campbell Becoming Love Unity North 6-9-2012 12 -
YouTube     2:09:56
minute 38:27   On becoming Llove

The Basic Assumptions regarding  How the Universe Functions:
*   I exist.   You exist.   We each exist.
*   Consciousness Exists.
*   Evolution Exists.
*   Humans, are unit's of consciousness.
*   We interact with each other inside of
     Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
     Cosmic, multi-dimensional holograph.

*   We are inside of  a series of contexts.
     Each context is nested inside of larger contexts
     (like the Russian dolls)
*   As the contexts get bigger,
     We reach a point where
     we cannot know anything about the context we are in.
*    Like cells are part of our physical bodies,
     We, all humans, are cells, unit of consciousness
     within a bigger body, a grander consciousness, called humanity.
*   We are each players in the evolution of Consciousness

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Section Title Index

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*   https://www.tlc333.com/k-how-the-universe-functions.html#Listen-to-What-the-Experts-Say




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Introduction  to How the Universe Functions

The Most Basic Facts of Life:   


Everything is Pure Consciousness    

Everything is Part of a Single Unified Whole     

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings       

We Live in a Holographic Universe 

Humans Are Great Creators  

An Introduction to A God-Being      

We Live in a Thinking person's Universe    

The Universal Law of Returns


More Universal Truths:      

Why Internal Feelings Are much More Important than Physical Things  

Thinking Is the Source of Experiencing      

Consciousness, Energy, and Vibrations     



The Six-Great-Lies              Six-Great-Lies
and   One Amazing Truth

The Lie Called Separation       

The Lie Called Scarcity        

The Lie Called Money         

The Lie called Violence Solves Problems       

The Lie Called Humans Are Powerless Victims       

The Lie called Religion and the Lie called Money~  

One More Amazing Truth






C S 18-07-16




The Physics of Consciousness is
an explanation of consciousness,
an explanation of how reality works. 

What is written below is based on 29 years of intense research,
Here is this author's assessment of The Nature of Reality:

Our task is to wake up and realize:

*   What Are We?
     We are eternal, non-physical divine beings.
     We are pieces, parts, aspects, and  expressions of
      Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

*   Who Are We?
     We are Our Soul-Selves.
     We are the sum total of all other lives
     we have ever lived and experienced.)

*   Where Are we?
     We are in what appears to be physical bodies
     on what appears to be a round,physical ball called Earth.
That's an illusion.
     W are inside of  Source/ Creator/ Goddess-God's
      Multi-Sensory, Multi- Dimensional Holograph.
     Goddess-God's Holograph is the ultimate, Illusion-Maker.

The big secret all along has been
keeping you from howing
what and who you actually are.

Everything here on Earth is made of consciousness
You are part of that consciousness.
Your life is self-created and up until you woke up,
it was managed by your slave masters.

We now realize that we each have the capacity and the power
    to control our own  lives.
Do you have Goddess-Level-Knowing about 
     how to consciously and intentionally
     direct your power of control?

We are talking about
for absolutely every one of us.
All are also advised about
     The Goddess's Prime Directive
    Though Shall NOT Violate.

Your willingness  to learn and live the truth,
will be entrance cost into the
Our Service to All Social structure
We are here, waiting, ready to  teach you how.
Fifth Dimension world of
The Seven Lost Secrets of Llove.
and our

Remember, Your life is self-created and
it can be self controlled.
If you are willing to learn how to take control
you can
run your consciousness us from
the context of knowing our true nature

*   The Circumstances in Which We Find Ourselves:
     We find ourselves in the middle of a huge LIE.
     You, me, and all of humanity
     have been mind-manipulated   (secretly hypnotized)
     into believing a huge, incredibly sophisticated
     set of lies, illusions, and false beliefs
     created by extensive network of
     well-organized cartels of con artists.

    Our minds have been programmed
     to disbelieve, deny, and ignore
     anything and everything that could wake us up,
     including everything that you will read on this page
     and all other information on the TLC-Life-Center Websites.

     ///  ///   ///  

In sharp contrast to present beliefs
that humans are separate from
God, Nature, and each other,
the overwhelming evidence
points to the conclusion that
humans are a vital, integral, essential piece, part, aspect of
the reality in which  we find ourselves. 

We are all one, single unified being.  
Sacred Mother  Earth is also
a fellow, self-aware  God-Being
who has taken on the role of
being a host to humans on Planet Earth.  

We, all Earth Humans, are also on
the leading edge of cosmic evolution

We are presently focused on transforming ourselves
*   FROM  
     The third dimension (3d)
     A system based on
     pain, misery, ugliness, lies, illusions,
     and Cabal-controlled, service to self.
     This is where we presently find ourselves.

*   TO:
     The Fifth Dimension (5d) based on
     Llove, Truth, Compassion, Beauty, Joy, Caring , Sharing,
     and Service to All.~
     This is our future, if we choose it and create it.

Because your physical body is a part of Earth,
think of the Earth as your mother.  
Treat Her and all fellow Earth-dwelling beings
(animals, trees, plants. etc.) 
with the same Llove and respect
you would treat your 3d physical mother. 

These explanations turn cosmic science and technology
into practical, everyday language.

We live in a self-created and self controlled reality.~ 
Our reality is based upon our collective reality and is
individualized by each of us according to 
our personal perceptions~ of what reality actually is.   








  The-What--and--The-Why of

The Physics of Consciousness     

The Physics of Consciousness
an explanation of consciousness,
an explanation of how reality works. 

What is written below is based on 29 years of intense research,
Here is this author's assessment of The Nature of Reality:

Our task is to wake up and realize:

*   What we are:

We are
     We are pieces, parts, aspects, and  expressions of
      Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

*   Who we are
     We are Our Soul-Selves.
     We are the sum total of all other lives
     we have ever lived and experienced.)

*   Where are we?
     We are in what appears to be physical bodies.
         .a multi-dimensional Holograph

*   The Circumstances in which we find ourselves
     We find ourselves in the middle of a huge LIE.
     You, me, and all of humanity
     have been mind-manipulated   (secretly hypnotized)
     into believing a huge, incredibly sophisticated
     set of lies, illusions, and false beliefs
     created by extensive network of
     well-organized cartels of con artists.

    Our minds have been programmed
     to disbelieve, deny, and ignore
     everything that you will read on this page
     and all other information onthe TLC-Life-Center Websites.

In sharp contrast to present beliefs,
the overwhelming evidence points to the conclusion that
humans are a vital, integral, essential piece, part, aspect of
the reality in which  we find ourselves. 

We are all one, single unified being.  
Sacred Mother  Earth is also
a fellow, self-aware  God-Being
who has taken on the role of
being a host to humans on Planet Earth.  

We are presently concerned with
two levels of consciousness:
*   The third dimension (3d) based on
     pain, misery, ugliness, lies,illusions,
     and Cabal-controlled, service to self.
     This is where we presently find ourselves.

*   The Fifth Dimension (5d) based on
     Llove, Truth, Compassion, Beauty, Joy, Caring , Sharing,
     and Service to All.~
     This is our future, if we choose it and create it.

Because your physical body is a part of Earth,
think of the Earth as your mother.  
Treat Her and all fellow Earth-dwelling beings
(animals, trees, plants. etc.) 
with the same Llove and respect
you would treat your 3d physical mother. 

These explanations turn cosmic science and technology
into practical, everyday language.

We live in a self-created and self controlled reality.~ 
Our reality is based upon our collective reality and is
individualized by each of us according to 
our personal perceptions~ of what reality actually is.       


Introduction  to How the Universe Functions







The Seven Hermetic Principles   

Hermetic Principles Plus One More       




      Polarity  Duality     

      Cause and Effect   




      Nothing rests.      Everything moves.      Everything vibrates.    

Descriptions of these principles come primarily from the book    

The Kybalion   ---  Hermetic Philosophy.    by Three initiates

Use this book as s role  model in creating an affiliate rrogram.




More About How the Universe Functions   

A peek into the Future of Humanity   

Kaizen Versus Innovation        .

What Is Missing in Our New Fifth Dimension Society         .

The Observer Affects That Which Is Observed        .


  Supporting Evidence  

The Physics and Science of Consciousness

The 12 Universal Laws Change your Life Forever

   The Law of One   The Law of Unity:  
      Everything is connected to and
      is a n intimate part of everything else.  
      Everything affects everything else.    

   The Law of Vibration:
      Match the vibrational frequency of
      that which you desire and
      the Universe will present it to you, (provide it for you.)






  The Most Basic Facts of Life 




  Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess  

When I first started examining
religion and philosophy, in the mid 1960's
The only thing that I knew about
that mysterious something that was called "God"
was what the Catholic Church had taught me.  

Since them much additional knowledge
has become available. 
"God" is still the ultimate mystery, however,
much of how that mystery relates to human life
is now known.  

We have created a separate page that
will, give you some insights about Life
as we know it here on Earth.  
     Source/Creator/ God-Goddess  






REVISED 19-04-09




What We Are

We are all 
  ***   Eternal   (timeless)  
    ***   Invisible   (to the human eyes),
      ***   Non-physical,
        ***   Multi-dimensional,
          ***   Self-aware,
           ***   Divine beings   (having a)
              ***   Human experience   (in a)
                ***   Physical body,
                  ***   Here on Earth    (in a)
                    ***  Holographic Universe In an
                       ***  Electric (electro-magnetic)  Universe.

*  Time and space are an illusion
*   Everything is always in motion
*   Everything moves in spirals
*   Nothing ever repeats itself

*   physical reality follows patterns in a fractal structure
     Be aware of the Universal Law Corresondence

*   All Structures manifest inside of
    their own torus energy field
*   Earth is inside of  torus energy field.

Our individual consciousness is part of
our collective consciousness.  
Our Holographic experiences are all
observer-created  and  observer controlled. 


We are extensions of -- aspects of -- sparks of --
holographic images of  -- Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 

Together and collectively we are God

Our Higher-Self  --   Our Soul-Self
On the soul level,
we each are a combination of every life
we have ever lived.

We are Devine Beings.
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a single, divine,  unified whole.   

*   Section  Title:
*   Section Adddress






*    All the secrecy surrounding Antarctica
     is for he purpose of
     hiding four, major,  illusion-busting truths
    Here's just one of them:

     ***   An  five-year research project
     by several cooperating teams
     of highly-qualified researchers
     has produced extensive evidence 
     proven with absolute certainty
     that all the oceans on earth are on a single flat plane.

     ***   Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.
     This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
     an evidence-based
truth that will completely shatter
     one of four major, false belief about
     human life on Earth.

More secrets
*2   Admiral Bird  "huge land area other side of ice wall"
*3   Remains of non-earth space craft under the ice
*4    Entrance way to inner Earth

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C S 18-06-22

Lady MJ---The Goddess-of-Marijuana




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Consciousness is everything.  
Everything is Consciousness.  
There is nothing else.  
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess is pure consciousness.  
You are pure consciousness.  
I am pure consciousness. 
Every human is pure consciousness. 
Every sentient being in the entire Universe
is pure consciousness.   
The Universe, itself is pure Consciousness.  
There is nothing else. 

Interconnectedness,     Connections 
Unity,    Oneness,     Wholeness,
Dance of Energy     Absolute,      All that Is

<><><>   <><><> 

Consciousness expresses itself as vibrations.  
Consciousness, Energy, and Vibrations      





  The Unity of Everything 



Everything is all part of
a single unified whole. 

The properties of the universe
      Non-material,  Non-physical  
      Dynamic - Always in Motion  
      Constantly Creating   
      Infinite Power  
      The ultimate Authority   

The Universe is pure abstract potential.  
The Universe is pure intelligence.  
We experience the Universes
as vibrations of consciousness, 
as waves of consciousness.   

The oneness of the universe is the ultimate context
in which everything else is content.  
Everything is made of waves, of vibrations
of pure abstract, non-physical, dynamic,
self-aware consciousness.   

We invite you to realize that believing yourself to be
outside of and separate from God is.  
total poppycock!  Nonsense! 
Gibberish all mixed up!   
One could almost call it blasphemy
of Source/Creator/God.  

You and I, and everyone else, are all intimate,
integral individuations, sparks, pieces,
aspects  of Source/Creator/God.  

There is no such thing as separation.   
Separation is simply the way
the Cabal Criminals mind manipulated humanity 
to reverse-view the holographic reality we call human life.     

We are all equally Sacred.  
We are all part of a grand  consciousness
that we commonly  call
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

The same basic God-principles
are in each and every one of us
from the weakest and least talented among us
to the most gifted masters,
we are all Gods playing our chosen role in this lifetime.


We highly recommend viewing the YouTube video titled:
"It's Wake Up Time - We Are All One"    


Please note, beginning at minute  6:15  and going to minute12:20 on the video, a masterful description of unity by Dr. John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist and PhD in Physics and Consciousness.    



<><><>   <><><> 
Warning: This Story Might Change Your Beliefs!   

<><><>   <><><> 

Still another Perspective:

Magenta Pixi  

Denouncing the New Age in Favor of Christianity
and Vice Versa (Rainbow Unity For All)  


<><><>   <><><><
*   Section Title:   
Everything is Part of a Single Unified Whole

*   Section Address:   







  Humans Are Eternal God-Beings   



Here's What Is Real:  
You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
Eternal God-Beings.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.    

We are having a
Human experience   (in a)
Physical/Holographic Body
Here on Earth
 (in a)  
Holographic Universe

         In-Between  --  The Great In-Between     (Part One)   .
         <>   <> 
         Part Two     Creating with Emotions:

Problem / Challenge/ Opportunity / Discovery
There is one simple solution
to every third dimension problem. 
That solution is to first remember / realize
that we are all God-Beings.   
This knowing gives us the power
to overcome every third dimension problem. 

Problem / Challenge / Opportunity / Possibility / Discovery /  
New Knowledge / Resolutions / Solutions /
Growth / Expansion, / Wisdom / Self-Confidence

5d vortex of Health and Healing           

Here's What IS NOT Real:    
Just about everything you've been taught.  

Life is not what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.  

The only thing between
you and knowing yourself as
an intimate integrated
aspect, piece, spark of
are your false beliefs about
who and what you are.  

Once you see the external world
from the new, multi-dimensional perspective,
your life will begin to improve dramatically. 

To learn More about
Who and What You Are   

Attributes of I Am    Core Beliefs:  
Who am I?   What Am I?   

These words, phrases, and sentences
define states of being.  
I vibrate in harmony with theses states of being. 
How about you?  

I exist.  
I am consciousness.
I am absolute.   
I am whole.  
I am complete.  
I am am Llove.  
I am infinite Llove.  
I am a God-Being  experiencing physical form. 
I am a non-physical, spiritual  being.    
I am a piece, part, aspect of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
I am  immortal.    I am endless. 
I am Infinite, free, and fearless.  
I have, I am endless possibilities. 
I am totally Lloved by Source.  
I know the truth of creation.  
I trust source and the laws of the universe.  
I trust myself.  
I am Llovable.   
I Llove myself.  
I am Worthy.  
I am Enough. 
I am intimately inter-connected with Source/ Creator. 
I am self-confident.  
I am already perfect. 

An abundance of everything
I could ever want, need require,
and/or desire is already mine.   

To experience abundance of everything
I could ever want, need,  require, and/or desire.  
All I have to do is learn How the Universe Functions. 

I intend it to be. 
I see it, be it, feel it,
allow it, accept it.  
When get myself (my mind, my beliefs) out of the way,  
things come to me effortlessly.     

To experience abundance of everything
I could ever need require,
and/or desire all I have to do is
intend it to be, see it,  feel it,
allow it, accept it.  
When get myself (my mind, my beliefs) out of the way,  
things come to me effortlessly. 

Source/ Creator God-Goddess is benign  
                                      (harmless,   good-natured, friendly  
                                      Oriented to Llove, kindness,) 

I am (we are all)  part of creation)   
I am abundant  
I am infinite 
I am self realized.  
I know why I am here on Earth.  

I am here on Earth
to create and bring into physical form
a way and a place for
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
to experience physical reality.   

These words, phrases, and sentences define states of being.  
I vibrate in harmony with theses states of being


Here is another version of the above message
given to us by Bashar,
a being of the civilization known as the Essassani.  


Here's still Another Description.    
Kryon Gives Profound Information on
How to Instruct Your Body to Reverse Aging

And another:    
Kryon Reveals What it Takes to Reach Your Higher Self
and Channel Personal Solutions From Spirit     






    We Live in a Holographic Universe  



A Holograph is a multi-dimensional
representation of something.  
It is NOT the something  which it represents. 

It gives the impression of being physically real,
but it's actually a mental construct of our consciousness.

It's a multi-dimensional, multi-sensual "picture"
of a physical universe.  
It's structure is a variation of  the form called fractal.  
It's also an Electrical Universe
The Energetic structure of everything, large or small is Torus.

It's made of energy - vibrating energy
The energy is controlled by consciousness.  
You and every other human being
are part of that controlling consciousness.  

We live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
cosmic, multi-dimensional holograph.  
This holograph not only contains the sensations of
vision, it also contains the sensations of 
sound, taste, smell, and tactile touch.  
As we begin to wake up,
we find ourselves inside of God-Goddess's Holograph. 

None of what we experience
in the physical world is real. 
It's not real in the sense that
it is NOT made up of out there somewhere ,
physical stuff that we come along and experience.  

In our holographic reality, there are no solids.
We exist in a universe that consists entirely of
energy at different frequencies, different rates of vibration. 

Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration.  
Sound, sight, taste, smell, tactile sensations, 
are all rates of vibration.   
For example, it's easy to perceive and understand that
musical sounds are rates of vibration,
they are family of vibrations, like cods on a guitar..  

You are pure God-consciousness.  
Everything you experience,
including brain waves (i.e. nerve impulses)
and the body, itself,
at their most common denominator,
are all  families of frequencies,
amilies of vibrating energies.   

You are inside of a torus energy field

Your heart is at the center of the torus.
The Earth is also inside of a torus energy field
***   Are you ready for The Big Surprise?~
        The Antarctic-Ice-Wall-Mystery-Is-Now-Solved.
        This is a False-Belief-Busting disclosure of
         an evidence-based
truth that will completely shatter
         a major, false belief about your life on Earth.


We actually are eternal Divine Beings
creating our personal experiences in
an observer-created reality of infinite possibilities.   

By our pre-incarnating free will choice,
our individual consciousness functions
within the context of human collective consciousness.  
Our Holographic experiences are all observer-created 
and  observer controlled.    


Isaac Newton's Perspective of Reality
When we compare our traditional,
Newtonian-based perspectives of the Universe
with the present-day evidence-based view, 
we find that they are literally worlds apart. 

Newton's perspective is totally third dimension.  
The Newtonian world is a material-based reality.  
It says that the Universe
is like a huge machine made of separate parts.  

The evidence tells us that Newton was wrong.  
The Universe is not made of physical stuff.    

The Universe is made of consciousness.   
Consciousness expresses itself as energy.   
Energy expresses itself as vibrations.  

Thoughts are electric, positive vibration. 
Emotions are  magnetic, negative vibrations. 
Vibrations are directed by consciousness
and empowered by emotions.  
Together these vibrations express themselves
in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic universe
as the illusion of physical matter.  

Perceptions of a Holograph:
Let's put a few "dots' together and see if
we can get a "picture" of a holograph.  
Everything begins with consciousness.  
Everything in every aspect of anything and everything
is consciousness.     

We live in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's 
Multi-dimensional  holograph.
in a holographic reality,
each piece is a smaller part of the whole thing,
like a wave is part of the ocean, 
like your hand is part of your body.  
Each piece perceives  the the rest of the holograph
from its own perspective.   

You and I are each a God-Being.  
Your non-physical self is pure consciousness.  
Our true selves are pure consciousness. 
I,    You,    We,    and I and all other sentient beings, are each
a very tiny, but incredibly important and powerful
piece, spark, aspects of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddesss.  

Source/ Creator/ God/ Goddess  is pure consciousness. 
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess expresses  Herself
as vibrating energy that is so powerful that 
a physical form like our human bodies
could not possibly hold more than
the tiniest of tiny fractions of Source/ Creator.  

To get past this problem, Source/ Creator
created a non -physical, make believe playground.  
We call this non-physical playground a holograph.      

Within this playground,
we use our power of consciousness
(our thinking process)
to create vibration patters.  

These vibrational patterns are also
known as families of vibrations.   
We use these patterns of vibration to produce,
things, situations, circumstances, and experiences.  
For example, your body, your car, your job, and
making Llove are all patterns of vibration.   

These, in turn, create feeling, and emotions  
that we call states of being.   
For example, Joy, compassion, and sadness are states of being.  
All this, together, creates the  illusions that we call physical life. 

What does all this tell you?  
Yes, your right.  
You've guessed it.  
What you perceive as your physical world is not physical.  
It's mental.   It's mind-created.    It's an illusion.  
The entire world, the entire galaxy, the entire universe 
is a holograph illusion.  

It's the way for Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess to experience
Self-Exploration,   Self Gratification, and Self- Expression.   

<><><>   <><><>      

A holograph is made of energy.  
That energy vibrates
at billions of different frequencies.  
We perceive these vibrations
in groups (families) of vibrations.  

We experience these groups of vibrations,
as thoughts, things, and experiences.  

In other words, the world is not what it appears to be.  
Remember, we are non-physical, eternal God-Beings
living in a Holographic Universe.  
It is our consciousness that creates
the perceptions of physical reality.  

It is our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes,
expectations, et cetera, plus our emotions
that create the perceptions of
an an external physical world.

Each of the infinite possible groups of vibrations
that we experience
is is self-determined.  
Did you know that
we choose what shows up by our
thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, expectations, and
by and our emotions.  

We are actually in charge of and
we create our own personal universe
within the Context of
Cosmic, Holographic Universe, and
within the context of our
collectively created social structures.   

Most of us do so unconsciously
because we do not remember and,
thus do not adhere to the rules of
intentionally creating our own reality.  
Most of us are still creating our lives by chance,
by accident, by default, by happenstance and
by what we watch on television.  

Our personal reality, combined with
everyone else's personal reality,
creates what we call the collective consciousness. 
Our collective consciousness determines
the structure of the world we live in.  

To Learn more about
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.   

Holographic Universe FULL Documentary Movie
(the truth behind reality) 

The Holographic Universe (Part One) - YouTube

The Holographic Universe (Part Two) - YouTube


Our Quantum Reality: Our World As A Hologram !

A Thin Sheet of Reality: The Universe as a Hologram








  Humans Are Great Creators  


Basic Reason:  
Humans are God-Beings.   We are God's Children
The Nature of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
is to create.
By our very nature, we are Great Creators.  

Look around you in your personal home. 
Everything you see was
either created by you using something
that some other human being created.
or attracted to you
by your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and actions.
The arrangement of your home's content
was your creation.

Go outside and you'll see collective creations
of yourself and  your fellow  God-Beings.

God/ Nature set the context
in which humans do their creating.

In Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe,
we have the power to create absolutely anything
we could possibly need, desire, or require.  

However, our ability to create is directly related to
our understanding of how the universe functions. 
If you are completely ignorant of the rules of reality, 
your ability to intentionally create is zero. 

For example, people believe that
they get money by working.  
Actually, we get money while working.
*   It's our dominant thoughts, beliefs, attitudes,
     anticipations, expectations, and or emotions,
     (our internal feelings) that actually do the creating.
*   Actions and external activities
     support the internal creation process

*   In a holographic reality,
      it's not what you do that creates physical things.  
*   Our powers of creation are a function of
     what you believe, expect, and allow.
*   This, coupled with our emotions is
     what causes physical things to show up.  

If you believe that you must work to obtain money,
then, that's how you experience the holographic world. 

If you know about some of the rules,
but don't understand them,
your ability to intentionally
create is next door to zero.   

<><><>   <><><>                                   Healing Your  Physical Body    

Healing Your Physical Body:  
Are you aware that your body has no physical reality?
Are you aware that it is a multi-sensory
holographic representation
of your beliefs about your body.     

When you appear  to be healing your physical body,
you are not altering your physical form.  
You are altering a holographic image.  
So, if your intention is to heal your body,
forget about your body. 
focus on changing your holographic image.

Change the image by imagining
a new version of yourself
as you choose yourself to be.  

Place an empty chair in front of you.  
Imagine a copy of your body setting in that chair.  
Change something about it that you would like to change.  
Start with something simple,
something that is relatively minor
so that there is no huge emotional block
keeping you stuck  where you are.  

In your mind see the new version of you
sitting there in the chair in front of you.  
Notice the change.  
Imagine what your new self looks like.  
Imagine what your new self feels like.   
Imagine the joy of living in your new body  

Now get up, move to other chair and sit down.  
Imagine yourself taking on the new body image.   
Sit quietly and integrate yourself into your new self-image.  
Practice this daily.   

Do  this for the joy of imagining. 
DO NOT focus on the result.  
Make it a lets pretend game
with no emotional hook to the result. 

Once you get used to playing this game and when 
minor changes are beginning to show up, you can
see, your picture, your image  
to be that of a healthy, vibrant, strong, flexible,
ideal weight, ideal everything body.  

<><><>   <><><>

Learn More:  
We (humans) are great creators  for several reasons.  
First, because we are much more than our physical bodies.  
Humans Are Eternal God-Beings   
having an Earth-life-experience in a human, physical body.

Second, because we have very creative imaginations,
Third, because we have very strong emotions, and
Forth, because of our very diverse genetic makeup.   

Another factor is that
we are extremely powerful creators
when we function as teams and
co-create in tandem with each other. 
(Genesis 11:16

What most humans are expressing here on Earth
in the Cabal-controlled Third Dimension
is only a tiny fraction of our potential. 

According to Alex Collier, humans are considered to be
Genetic Royalty.  Why?  
      Because we have powerful imaginations,
      Because we have very strong emotions,
      Because of our very diverse genetic makeup, and
      Because we are extremely powerful creators
            when we function as teams and
            co-create in tandem with each other.  

In the interview transcript titled:   What's Real and What Isn't,  
we offer  a basic introduction to creativity.  
We describe how the rules of creativity work.  
We describe how to be in Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
We use a combination of mind, emotions,
and the five physical senses to master the art of manifesting.   


Genesis11:16 - English Standard Version
And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.   

The universal laws tell us that in a Holographic Universe,
words (thought or spoken) are tools of creation.   Again this is expressed in the Christian Bible:  John 1:1 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.     

<><><>   <><><>

The External World Is an Illusion:  
The external world is NOT something
made of physical stuff that we come along and experience.  
There is nothing out there (in the physical world) 
independent of yourself.  
For each of us, what we experience in the external world
is a creation of our own consciousness.  
You, like every other human being,
are an aspect of Source, and you are great creator.  

If you are new to the study of the nature of reality,
this probably won't make ay sense to you.  
For an understanding of this, we refer you to
a YouTube video by Bentinho Massaro titled: 

Become a Manifestation Powerhouse. 

Humans are Great Creators





  The Universal Law of Returns     


What you put out is what you get back.   

Whatever goes around comes around.
"As you sew, so shall you reap."

Whatever I do TO you I also do To me.  
Whatever I do FOR you I also do FOR me.   








     25  APRIL 2019




Bashar in a non-physical entity channeled by Daryl Anka.
Text below, courtesy of Jed Shlackman

Bashar states that there are a set of basic rules or laws that are true Everywhere/Everywhen in the universe -including ALL dimensions.

1. You exist. (I AM)
2. Everything is Here/Now.
3. The All is one, and the One is all.
4. What you put out is what you get back.
5. The only constant in the universe is change –
     except for the first 4 postulates, above,
     They  never change.

*1.   You exist. (I AM)
If you exist now, your existence is eternal:
You have always existed and you always will exist.
You may change form,
but you are existing always .
So…..relax…..you’ll be around forever.

*2.   Everything is Here/Now.
Time and Space are illusions. (But your experiences within Time/Space are “real”.)
There is only Here/Now.

*3.   The All is one, and the One is all.
Just as each tiny section of a hologram contains the information for the entire
hologram, likewise we are all inter-connected.
Everything is truly just one totally-interconnected “thing”.

*4  . What you put out is what you get back.
The “outside” is a reflection of the “inside”.
Physical reality is actually a mirror:
Your physical reality is just a holographic reflection of
what you most strongly believe to be true. And like a mirror, physical reality
will not change unless you change first (change what you most strongly believe).

*5  . The only constant in the universe is change – except for the first 4 postulates, which never change.
So…..might as well get used to eternally-changing Creation.
Enjoy the ride! Surf the changes!

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>
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  An Introduction to A God-Being  


Here's somebody else giving you the same above messages:  



When you look at the sections above,
you see the primary aspects of divinity.  

Now,  its time to introduce you to
a real live God-Being. 

I'd like Kryon to do the formal introduction.  
Please go the the YouTube video titled:

Kryon - Opening Your Akash 

The introduction
begins at minute 17:30  in the video
and goes to minute 43:30   


And a follow-up video:  
Kryon Teaches Lightworkers How to
Pull New Skills From Their Akashic Records.   

Introduction to a God-Being




Why Internal Feelings
Are Much More Important
                        Than Physical Things 



Care more about how you feel
than about how your desires manifest. 

What we each truly want
is to feel good.  
Feeling good is our natural state of being.     
Feeling good will automatically connect each of us  to
who and what we really are.  
This, in turn will bring to us the things we desire.

Internal feeling are the keys to physical manifestations.   
Internal Feeling are much more important
than external conditions and circumstances.  

Why is this true?    
Because mastering the art of feeling good
will bring each of us as much of anything and everything
as we could ever possibly want, desire, and require. 


After enough expereince,
our physical manifestations
will prove to ourselves
that we are a great creators and that 
we are each the creators of our own reality. 

Constantly remind yourself:  
"I am the chooser.  
I am the creator of what is."  

DO NOT concern yourself with how, when and
in what form your desires manifest.  
That's Creator's job, not ours.  

If what shows up is different from
what you thought your original choice was
if you desire  an upgrade
simply create it again in your new format.  

Another thing to consider is that , for each of us,
everything is inside of our own consciousness.  
There is nothing "out there somewhere'
in what appears to be a real and objective, external world."  

We DO NOT come along and experience anything
that is already there.  
There is nothing there except a multi-sense
holographic projection of
our past dominant thoughts and feelings.  

We each create everything we experience.  No exceptions.

We each simply project it from inside our consciousness. 
It's like looking at a  movie screen and perceiving
everything from the perspective of being  inside of big ball,
with each of ua  at the center of our own multi-sensory projection.  

We are each the Creator of absolutely everything
that we experience as physical reality.  


To listen to this concept explained in great detail:  

Why Internal Feelings Are Much More Important Than Physical Things.     

Internal Feelings Are Much More Important Than Physical Things   CR1/2






    Thinking Is the Source of Experiencing   



Where ever your mind is,
What ever you focus your attention on,
the images you see
are the image you are putting into
your future- experience-creating machine 

What comes out of
your future-experience-creating machine
(your mind,  your consciousness)
is a blend of your dominant thoughts and emotions.  
You experience them as your physical reality.  

Your mind creates everything
that goes into your
future-experience-creation machine.  
You probably did this unconsciously,
but consciously or not, you created it. 

To break this cycle
simply remembered that
when you are in physical form,
you not only create by  thoughts, 
you are your thoughts. 

The piece of vital information 
that most people do not yet know is  that
thinking is the source of experiencing.  
They are two very different, and
intimately interconnected
pieces of the same game.  

Here's where most people get tricked. 
Observing the past puts that past into the future.  
Eventually we see it come back and be
our present-day experience. 

It's a time loop, in which we
repeat the same thing over and over again
with only minor variations. 
This is an an excellent example of an unconscious belief
that dramatically alters our behavior.  

Now that you know the difference,
this law will only control you
if you allow yourself to be controlled. 
This is also an example of
two more, previously undisclosed truths. 

Truth Two,  it's an example of
Cabal, mind-control programming.   

Truth Three, It's an example showing us that
Fifth Dimension Consciousness is
not pre-created and presented.  
Rather, it is infinite potentials
given to us for our use to create
any worlds we choose to create.  


As much as possible, keep your mind
focused in the future.  
Generate images that are positive of neutral  
These images are aligned to your natural state of being.  
will become  part of your future physical reality.  

If you are wise,
what you are generating only
positive or neutral thoughts. 

Here's why:

What you truly want is to feel good.  
Feeling good is your natural state of being.     
Feeling good will automatically connect you to
who and what you really are.  
This, in turn will bring you 
as much of anything and everything
as you could ever possibly want, desire, and require. 







  Consciousness   Energy   and   Vibrations 



Consciousness is first cause.  
Consciousness controls everything.
Everything is conscious energy. 
In source/ creator/God-Goddess's Holographic Universe,  
Energy expresses itself as groups (like families) of vibrations.  

We commonly think of groups of vibrations as
sights, sounds, and physical sensations.  

Internal states of being are also vibrations. 
We control our personal rate of vibration
by our internal, emotional states of being,
by our emotions:
*   by our feel good feelings (Fahzoom) and
*   by our feel bad feelings  (khold-priki).  

Vibrations   -->   Thoughts  Emotions    -->   Conditions /Experiences  
Feel Good    -->   Positive Emotions        -->   Joy, Llove, Abundance    
Feel Bad       -->   Negative emotions       -->   Grief, Pain, Misery   

You ask, "How can that be?  
The answer is that, up until now,
you have been prevented from
knowing the truth about
who and what you are  

You have been systematically mind controlled
to deny the reality of anything non-physical.  
The truth is that:  
Non-Physical Consciousness

creates and controls everything in physical reality.

You are an intimate part of that
controlling consciousness. 

You are presently having
a human experience
in a physical body
in a Holographic Universe.  

In a holographic universe, humans are great creators.  
You are great creator.  
That is simply the nature being who and what you are.   

The truth is that we are much more than physical bodies.  
We are
part of the controlling consciousness
that we call Source/Creator/ God-Goddess.     







F.R. 18-03-09





Everything is consciousness
Everything is growing or dissolving 
The dissolution is called Entropy  
Think about something and it grows stronger
Ignore it and it's energy fades.

This is true in every aspect of life.

When you stop thinking about something
it' source of power is cut off.
Without though energy,
it begins to fade out of physical reality.

For example,  When we stop thinking about
scarcity (Iwant ____,  but I don't  have it)
the power of your fear energy
is no longer supporting not having.  
It fades as our  power is directed elsewhere.  

See the section on being in the Zone-Vortex
Abundance is

I am Food, clothing shelter and production capacity
Freedom and Llove
Everything has a Llove component except for the creations by evil








  SEPARATION     IS     The BIG LIE     


In our obsolete, false, third dimension consciousness,
we were taught that there was one
single, objective, physical-only universe.   

We were taught that we lived on a big, around ball called Earth.   

We were taught that the world of our experiences
was created by something
separate from and outside of ourselves,
something that identified itself as God,
not jus a God, but,  the one and only God. 

We were taught that
we were supposed to
fear and Llove God, at the same time.  
This, in itself, is a mind-smasher,
but we've barely begun.    

We were taught that we,
got created into this world by God, Himself,
as inherently evil sinners.  

We were taught that we were each here
to see if we are good enough
to get into heaven.  
We'd better pass this test, because
losers burn in hell forever.  

We were taught, indirectly, by observing 
His fruits, His behavior, and the result of His actions,
(as disclosed by the Christian Bible)
that He, God, held all the following behavior characteristics, 
angry, fickle, self centered,  self-contradicting,
unpredictable, child murderer, mass murderer. 

Notice that the behavior of the God of the Bible and
the behavior of Church leaders at the time when
the Bible was declared to be  the Christian Bible. 
(Council of Nicaea 325  a d)  

They are identical!.  

As you will recall, that from 1325 AD
and for over a thousand years,
Christian Church leaders ran
a ruthless, violent dictatorship.  


We were taught that we must Llove God because 
he ordered soldiers to murder one of his own children. 
He claimed he committed the murder
of his own child as an act of Llove,
to saved us from the devil
and eternity in hell us.  

What he didn't tell us is
why he created humans
as inherently evil.  

Here's why  
Because he didn't!  He couldn't!.  He can't.   
He lied!
He's a Fraud-God

The overwhelming evidence tells us that
We The-People,

regardless of religious persuasion,
are inherently kind, generous, Lloving, caring,
sharing and compassionate.  

How many times have you heard of
people risking their lives to save the life of another?  
For some people,
risking their lives in service to others
is their occupation.  

Saying the humans are inherently evil is pure Sheyit.


Here's still another piece of the fraud.  
This, Fraud-God's  act of murder was not a gift. 
It was a business deal.  

We were also taught that we
must also follow the orders of
Fraud-God's  human agents at,
The Vatican, in Rome.  

Welcome to the


Have you had enough?

<><><>    <><><>. 

So, here you are, totally confused and
in unconscious, overwhelming fear
of burning in hell forever.        <>

Now what?     

The truth is that we are so grand and so all-inclusive
that there is nothing outside of ourselves.  
We are each actually a Lloved and cherished
part of God.  
YES, you!  
You and I and everyone else,
we are all God-Beings.  

We agreed to come here
to participate in
the waking up humanity to the realization that
we are each an Individual God-Self.    

Our second job is to transform Earth into
an updated Fifth Dimension version of
the Garden of Eden.






 The Truth About the Five Great Lies




  The Lie Called   Separation 



This lie states that: 
Humans are separation from Source/ Creator/ God,
separation form Nature / Sacred Mother Earth,  and
separation from their fellow humans.  

The truth is:   
Everything is Part of a Single Unified Whole
The unity of all the oneness of Creation
has been expressed by the wise ones
thousands of time and yet, billions of people
still function in the context of separation.  
Let us tell you one more time.   

On the video titled:  
"It's Wake up Time - We Are All One" , 
the section  from minutes 6:15 to 12:20
you can hear the truth about unity as told to us
by Dr. John Hagelin
Quantum Physicist and PhD in Physics and Consciousness.  


The Truth about Unity: 

"An Ocean of Existence is at the basis of everything."   

"An ocean of pure potentiality."      

"An ocean of abstract potential existence."   

"A single, unified field of intelligence."   

"Everything is one."    "Pure being."  

"We are single ripples in a unified field of existence."   

"Non material, dynamic, self-aware intelligence
made of Consciousness.   

"We are all waves of vibration in an underlying,
unified, string field of intelligence.   

"There is only one consciousness.   We individualize
our awareness of it through the filter of our nervous system."    

"The self is universal.  Knowing that through experience
is called Enlightenment.   

"Scientists call this the Unified Field or Super String Field."   

"We live in a thought universe."   

"Intelligence is the fountainhead of all the laws of nature." 

Also see: 








  The Lie called  Scarcity 



This lie states that:  
There is not enough for everybody.  
If I am to have, others must do without.     

The Truth is:  
That Humans Are Powerful, Eternal God-Beings      
who have forgotten that humans are great Creators and
that we live in a Holographic Universe       

In a holographic universe, abundance is created
first by consciousness.  
Consciousness is then translated into
the multi-dimension image we call Earth-plane reality.  

Scarcity Is a Lie.  

It is a Cabal-created illusion that
tricks humans into believing
that there is not enough goods and services
for everybody to live comfortably.  
The lie goes on to say that if I am to have
someone else must go without.   

This lie promotes two other major lies, 
***   The lie of Separation and
***   The lie that Violence Solve Problems.  

Our rights come from our Creator.  
Our so-called government is a fraud.  
It Can grant NOTHING! 
It has nothing to grant. 
Everything we could possibly need, want, desire , or require
is already ours.  

We've been tricked into believing in scarcity.  

<><><>   <><><>

In our holographic universe,
what we believe is what we experience.  
Lies or truth both show up as real in a holograph.  
If you believe the truth, the truth shows up.  
If you believe in a lie, the lie shows up. 

For example,
The lie is:  
You are a powerless, inherently evil body-being
sent here to suffer, struggle, and toil
for the benefit of your masters in order to
avoid burning in hell for ever.  

The truth is:  
You're an eternal, powerful, shape-shifting
divine being having a human experience
in a physical body.    

Here's a Second Example:  
In  ____  of the Christian Bible, Jesus tells his disciples
"Greater works than these you shall do and more"  
This passage is commonly paraphrased as
"Anything I can do, you can do and more."  

How many believe that they can do what Jesus did?  
Somewhere between zero and none!   

The Lie:   
How many people believe:  
***   That they are their body  
***   That they are powerless, 
***   That they are inherently evil, 

***   That they must toil and struggle
        for the financial gain of someone with all the money
        so that the rich bastard 
        will give them a meager amount of money
        in exchange for their labor,
         their minds, and a huge portion of their lives? 

***   How many are still afraid that
         they may burn in hell forever?  

How many human believe one or more of these lies? 
The number is somewhere in the billions. 







  The Lie Called  Money 



This lie states that:  
Money an essential ingredient
if human life is to survive and
flourish here on planet Earth.   

The Truth Is:  
That money is another tool in the Cabal criminal's
rat-pack of lies, illusions, intentional deception, and false beliefs

It's a aspect of the  Lie Called Scarcity  
It's used to control the people and
to destroy the environment.  

The Truth is
we live in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
Cosmic, Holographic Universe.  
We live in a world of infinite abundance.  

<><><>   <><><>    

The three primary characteristics of money are:  
1   A medium of exchange, 
2   A measure of value, and  
3   A storage of wealth.   

As we become aware of our powers of creation,
we will create so much abundance
that the three attributed of money
will no longer be required.  
Money will steadily decrease in value
until it fades into history.  






The Lie Called   
Violence Solves Problems



This lie states that:   
Violence Solves problems.  

The Truth Is:  

That violence DOES NOT solve problems.  
It creates them.    

Violence is a symptom of ignorance

Answer this question: 
If you could be, do, have, express, and experience
absolutely anything and everything
you could ever possibly
want,  need, desire, or require
and you could do so
without harming anyone or anthing,
Why would you get violent?
You are absolute, total, whole and complete

You are absolute, total, whole and complete

Weare absolute, total, whole and complete!







The Lie Called  
Humans Are Powerless Victims



This lie states that:  
Human beings are powerless and
are at the effect of all those things
they experiences outside of him or her self.  
It's part of the lie that those things and situations
that a human experiences were created
by something or someone other than themselves.     

The Truth Is:  
That to believe this lie, we have to forget
who and what we are. 
It's a denial of our power  to create by thought.  
Here is who and what you are: 

You are much more than a  physical body.  
You and I and everyone else, are
all part of a Single, Unified Whole.   

We are each
Eternal   (timeless)  
Invisible   (to the human eyes)
 (mobile / alive)
Spiritual  God-Beings
experiencing the illusion called
physical reality.  

We are having a
Human experience   (in a)
Physical/Holographic Body
Here on Earth
 (in a)
Holographic Universe



There are no victims,
only unconscious creators.   
Being a victim is a  choice.  
Usually its an unconscious choice.   <><><><>






  More Lies 


Also see
Lies  ---  Laundry List of Lies

There are dozens of additional lies. 
We'll list some of them here:    

The Lie Called    If it's Not Physical,  It's Not Real.  

The Lie Called    The Universe Is Made of Physical Matter.  

The Lie Called    God Demands Worship and Obedience.

The Lie Called    The Denial of Reincarnation.   

The Lie Called    Heaven and Hell Are Real Places.     

The Lie Called    Original Sin.   

The Lie Called    A Lie of Omission Is Not a Lie.    

Liars eventually get suckered in by their own lies.  
They come to believe their own lies.  


Here's a quote from Adolph Hitler:  
"Tell a lie loud enough, long enough and often enough
and people will believe you."






 More -- How the Universe Functions




  What Is in the Future of Humanity 



Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has recently gifted all of humanity
with a new (new for  us) way of being.  
It's called Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   
See the Four Most Basic Facts of Life at the top of this page.  

When you choose to shift your mental focus
into this new level of awareness,
you'll quickly notice that
Life is NOT what we have been led to believe it is
by those who claim to know.   

On this page, we will share with you
some of the differences we have found.  

Please be aware that these changes are not instant. 
There is a transition period, a gestation period,
during which some things may get confusing and chaotic. 

Also be aware that this is not someone out there some where,
such as a government doing thing for us.
The transition is up to us.  
The new reality will be what
we (the collective we) make it..  
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
has given us the tools (the new Consciousness)
It's up to us to create our new reality

<><><>   <><><>

Here are some of the changes we can expect: 

From Old Ways  ------------------->   To New ways 

Third Dimension Consciousness --->  Fifth Dimension Consciousness 
Control from Top down -------------->   Control from Bottom up 
Outside of Source/ Creator/ God -->  Inside of Source/ Creator/
God is out there somewhere ------->   Humans are God-beings
Humans are their bodies ------------->   Humans are eternal,
Masculine dominated ---------------->   Gender equality   
Racial Bigotry --------------------------->   Racial Equality   
Separation form Source -------------->   Unity of everything  
Separation from Nature --------------> intimately interconnected
                                                                   with Nature
Separate from Fellow humans ------>  Oneness of all
Beginnings and endings -------------->   Endless   
Time -------------------------------------->   Timeless  
Limited ---------------------------------->   Infinity  
Trapped on the surface of the Earth>   Infinite galactic travel
Old age ----------------------------------->    Youthful body for entire life
Death  by sickness/ Disease --------->   Leave body by choice 
                                                                     non-physical Divine beings  
Facing certain death ------------------>   Only the body can die
Overweight sick /damages bodies -->   Healthy body for entire lifetime 
Limited Vision -------------------------->  Expanded vision
Polluted processed food -------------->   Healthy Natural  Organic food 
Life is a struggle ------------------------>   Life in grace and ease  
Challenged to survive------------------>    Accepting challenges is a choice
Secret  ------------------------------------>   Open
War  --------------------------------------->   Peace 
Chaos & Confusion -------------------->   Clarity
Competition   --------------------------->   Cooperation/ Sharing  
Complex   -------------------------------->   Simple 
Boring Sameness ----------------------->  Infinite variety
Ugly and Trashy  ------------------------>   Clean And Beautiful 
Scarcity ----------------------------------->   Infinite abundance for all 
Deserts ----------------------------------->   Forests adnd Garden 
Poisonous plants, insects, snakes --->   None 
Mosquitos, flies, Killer bees ---------->   None 
Innovation ------------------------------->   Kaizen  
Excesses and extremes ---------------->   Moderation 
Victim consciousness ------------------>   Self responsibility 
World mad of physical stuff ---------->   World made of consciousness  
Religion ----------------------------------->  Total Cosmic awareness 
Work for money ------------------------>   To work is a choice
Money ------------------------------------->   No need for money
Must, have to, should, can't ---------->   Life by choice 
What can I sell you. -------------------->  How can I help/ assist you 
Me first  What's in it for me ---------->   Everybody together 
You do it  --------------------------------->   How can I be of service
Separate languages --------------------->   Universal Language 
Mindless ---------------------------------->  brilliant 
Conformity ------------------------------->   Vreativity

Time is no longer linear.  
In the old system, things occurred in a linear sequence,
one thing after another,  this had to come before that.   

In the new consciousness, there is no time line.  
Because everything is consciousness,
we can focus in on anything at any time.  
There are no required sequences.  

<><><>   <><><>

When you realize that you are a great creator, and
that we live in a
Holographic Universe
you'll understand that you can create anything you choose
without money and without asking anyone else's permission. 
<><><>   <><><>

You are a God-Being.   You are a spark, piece,
aspect, of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.  
Religion is a false, third dimension construct
designed to manipulate your mind and
thereby control your behavior. 
Rather than worship something outside of yourself,
to honor, respect and appreciation are the watchwords. 
To honor, respect and appreciation is the 5D attitude
toward our fellow God-Beings and
to Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, Herself.
<><><>   <><><>

Other than coordination, there will be
very little need for government.  
What will be totally absent will be
the use of force of any kind against the people.  

We are all sovereign divine beings. 
No person or group has the right
to use force against another. 

<><><>   <><><>

Crime Control:  
There is None!   None is needed.  
There is no crime.   no criminals,.  no prisons,
no courts to judge you.
no lawyers to steal your wealth.  

How can that be? 
Because at the Fifth Dimension level of understanding,
no one would even consider violating somebody else.  
When you realize that
Humans Are Eternal God-Beings    
and that we are all
one, unified whole,
the though of violating anybody or anything is absurd.  
That would be like your left hand declaring war on your right hand.  

Everything you could ever require or desire
is yours already yours. 
There are no enemies.  
There are no bad guys. 

You will also realize that there is nothing outside of yourself
that you did not put there by you own emotion laden thoughts,
beliefs, attitudes, expectations, and behavior. 
You will realize that everyone and everything is all part of
a single unified whole.  

 <>  <>     

Including information found on the the Internet at: http://galacticconnection.com/using-the-law-of-attraction-to-merge-timelines-into-a-positive-outcome-for-humanity-2/ 

***   Greed and hate have been replaced with compassion and love.  

***     Prosperity, freedom, joy, abundance is our natural state of being.  

***   Excellent heath, a beautiful youthful body are also
        part of our natural state of being.  

***   All health issues are healed, treated and cured holistically.  

***   Leaving the body and not retuning is a choice.  
        Our life span is as long as we desire.  
        Biological aging, no longer exists.  
        It was part of the Cabal, third dimension fraud.  

***   Our Earthly environment, land water, and air
        are as God and Nature intended them to be. 
       Our food supply is natural and healthy.  

***   No matter what the question, Llove is the basis of the answer.  

***   All Low vibration beings have left or have been removed.  
       Everything is now based on Llove, compassion, sharing and caring.  

***   Bigotry has been replaced by equality of race, gender, sexual preferences and the like.  

***   Religion no longer exists.  Why?
        Because we realize, remember, know and understand
       that we are God beings.  

***   In peaceful co-existence, we have rejoined and reconnected
       with the beings that inhabit the rest of the universe.

***   We are able to teleport anywhere in the world, galaxy, or universe.
We share our experiences with one another.  

***  The old, third dimension ways of thinking
      have been replaced with empathy, compassion, wisdom, and Llove.   

One of the tools we use to create our new, positive reality is
by saying and feeling the following truth:

The old, third dimension matrix has collapsed. 
We are ALL now living in
abundance, prosperity, health, joy, and peace.

Because we create our personal reality
and our collective reality
by thinking with emotions,
we will live this truth as soon as
we start believing and expressing this truth in large numbers.  

Write it down,.  Post it on the wall.  
Every day, several times a day,
say it with strong positive emotions.

Use your imagination to FEEL as it it’s already happened!  
Immediately, you’ll begin to feel
the stress of everyday life going away.  

We are still seeking who we are.  
Stop seeking and realize / remember that
our natural state of being is to be 
safe, protected, healthy, joy-filled, and abundant.

<> In notes see pages 432 --<> <>







   Kaizen Versus Innovation   



Kaizen is taking many small steps toward ones goal
with integration time in between the steps.   

Innovation is  making a huge step all at once. 

Kaizen works.   Innovation usually fails.    

To learn more on this topic, go to  







  Resistance  To Fight Something is to fed it 



W <><><><><><><>







  Books Versus Website Pages 



This section has a new home;     







  What's Missing in Our New Fifth Dimension Society 



When we reach full Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
life will be dramatically different. 
Here are a few of the things that you'll find missing
when we reach our new destination.    


Poverty:     You are a Divine creator in a Holographic Universe.  
Everything you could ever require or desire is yours already.  
Scarcity is a third dimension illusion. 

Sicknesses and Diseases:    In full 5D, there are
none.  Also, there are no mosquitos, house flies, poisonous insects,
poisonous snakes  poisonous plants and the like.   

Sexual Frustration:   I'll guarantee that you have absolutely no idea
of sexual joy you can experience
when you live at the level of Fifth Dimension consciousness. 

Ignorance and Stupidity:  In Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
you have access to all knowledge
We call it Cosmic Awareness.  Some call it Cosmic Consciousness. 

Environmental Destruction:    The thought of
intentional causing destructing is absurd.  
There is no littering, no graffiti,
no street gangs of drug peddling hoodlums.   

<><><>   <><><><>

If any of this is confusing to your,
we recommend that you learn more about 
Who and What we Are and about
Source/ Creator. God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.    







  The Observer Affects That Which Is Observed  



Although this principle is everywhere,
it's rarely given proper consideration.  

Sub Atomic Physics: 
This principle was first brought to our attention
by those studying sub-atomic physics.  

The Full Version of this Principle:  
The observer Creates that Which is Observed.  
In a Holographic universe, everything
is thought-created and thought-controlled.  

Intentional manifesting:
Observing is a critical factor in
the art/ science of intentional creating.  

As intentional creators,
we declare our attention into existence
in the non-physical world, but
it will not manifest into our physical world
unless we also witness our creation. 
We witness by imagining our declaration
as if it were already physically real.   

Mind Control:  
On the sinister side, the Cabal criminal
have used this principle for centuries.  
When a human being believes that
he or she is being watched,
this changes his or her behavior.  
In recent years, several scientific studies
have proven this to be true. 







This page is a work in process  

Universal Laws RARE Life altering concepts MUST SEE  

1   The law of one  Unity   Everything is energy  

2   Everything vibrates at its own family if vibrations 

3  Law of Action     Do what feels right in each moment 

4 Correspondence 

5 Cause and effect 

6  Law of compensation    As you give out is how you get back  

7  Law of attraction 

8 Perpetual transformation of energy  

9  Gestation  Divine timing   thoughts are like seeds  

10 Relativity   challenges we experience 
      Perception  Everyone sees the same thing differently

<>11  polarity     What we focus on expands 

<>12    rhythm  

<>13  Belief     What we believe eventually becomes our reality.  
                 "Jesus"   It is done onto you as our believe.

<>14 Gender   


<>1  Law of Harmony

<>2  Reincarnation

<>3   wisdom  

<>4   Grace  

<>5   Soul Evolution  Every failure is a success in that
         its vibration moves  me closer to my eventual success.  
         Celebrate every success.   

<>6  Bodhi Satve   One who comes back to assist others.

<>7  Vibrational  Attainment 

<>8  Law of free will  

<>9 The Law of One

<>10  Law of manifestation 
              Everything begins with a thought.  
               Thoughts create beliefs.   Beliefs manifest. 

<>11  Law of allowing.   Allow all to be as it is   Law of Conscious Detachment

<>12  Gratitude  

<>13    Fellowship   Co-creation amplifies the power of creation 

<>14  What we resist, we become attached to  

<>15    Law of Attraction   I attract that which I am and that which I focus on

<>16    Law of Reflection   Everything outside of myself
               is a mirror of what is inside of myself

<>17    Law of unconditional Llove   Accept all as it is

<>18   Law of Magnetic Affinity    Astrology affects 

<>19   Law of Abundance

<>20   Divine order     Fear is the problem   Llove is the answer  

<>21   Law of Attitude  

<>22   Law of Threes

<>23   Law of Association   Diet and exercise

<>24   Law of Commitment

<>25   Law of Dissonance   when attitudes and beliefs conflict   
             When  attitudes and behavior differ

<>26   Law of experience   New information replace old experiences 
              The mind does not distinguish between a fantasy
               and a physical experience.

<>27   Fearful Confrontation

<>28   Law of Group Consciousness    beta endorphins    100th monkey 

<>29   Law of Personal Return   What you put out is what you get back 

<>30   Law of Activity    Action follows thought  Motive  intend desire

<>31   Denial  Refuse to live up to your potential

<>32   New beginning     Everything changes

<>33   Law of compensation   There are no victims     Attitude comes back 

<>34   Law of psychometric influence   
               Contact influences contactee long after contact is over

<>35   Law of Totality  Individual and whole 

<>36   Law of Dominant Desires manifest   Dominant emotions control

<>37   Duality  

<>38    Law of self destruction  
              One must continue to grow to challenge oneself 
               or stagnate and die  
              Energy must move into the new.

<>39  Environmental manifestation    Express my self image  

<>40   Law of restrictions    limited only by    ---- 
               Must work from Cause not from effect

<>41   Law of Self Worth    
             I have only what I feel worthy of Having.   Self Llove is the key.

<>42   Law of Growth   one is always either growing or dying

<>43   Law of self truth    What I believe dominates my life.

<>44   Law of summarized experiences   
              I am all that I have ever experienced.

<>45   Law of belief   If I believe it, I can have it. 
              Cannot hurt others in the process

<>46   Law of Darmic direction    3-Service  4  Creativity  5  Science  
              6 Philosophy   7 Government

<>47   Law of purifying action   Generosity  Moral Restraint  
                        Meditation   -- concentration oo Insight

<>48   karmic excepts

<>49  Law of release  Let go of what no longer serves self.   
             Release the past to receive the new

 <>50   Law of Ritual   Acts repeated become a ritual.   
               Focus on the intention  add non-physical assistance   
               Use an existing ritual because it already has much power











The human population has been mind controlled for about the past 30,000 years by the most sophisticated the most technically advanced technology of mind control that the universe has ever seen.  The people of the United Sates have been the primary target of the beings in charge of controlling humans.   <>

Everything has been designed to create as many problems as possible.  
Our job is to find those things and replace them.  
For example, the ink in cash register receipts
is designed to fade and become unreadable. 

Another example<><

(o)>   Maps - South-Oriented Maps   provides a much more direct connection
                                                             to where you are.    








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The 12 Universal Laws  Change your Life Forever - YouTube

Fifth Dimension  People to People  Connection Services 
Universal Laws

     ///  ///
How the Universe Functions
(5) David Icke 2018 ☯ You Have Only Two Choices!! -

Reviewed  26 Nov 18  
Watch from 10:40    to  1:16:33
David describes very clearly how the universe functions.
Ignore the rest of the video because it takes
you point of focus far down into negative emotions,
well below emotional. neutral.~  
Notice his hands.
See what a life in anger does to one's physical body.


Additional--References       . 




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