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Questioning the Authenticity


The law of Attraction





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Is what we commonly label as
"The Law of Attraction," actually  
a Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess-created universal law?  

Is it possible that this law is a satanic bastardization of
the real universal law -
"The Law of Attraction and Repulsion?"   

From  my present position as a human being in physical form,
I do not have direct access to the full truth.
What is offered below is my best guess,
based on significant evidence.

The evidence points the conclusion that 
the Law of Attraction is
out of alignment with and in conflict with
the rest of the Universal Laws and Principles.  
Two Examples:
*   It defies common sense.
     The Law of Attraction is completely our of character with
    our present u
nderstanding of The Nature of God
    and The Physics of Consciousness.
*   The Law of Attraction is the only Universal Law that
     defies the Universal Law of Correspondence

If this theory is correct, the ramifications of this
are profound beyond profound.   
Thus, this possibility is worthy of additional investigation.   
We've opened a previously closed door.  
We invite your assessment.   

We'll examine the available evidence.  
You come to your own conclusions.       





REVISED 19-04-09


Update:  24 July 2019 



The Theory:
In The Universal Law of Attraction,
The control mechanism
stop-repeating the same pattern again and again 
has been turned off.

Notice the advertisement offers
to which internet uses s are subjected.
Most of them will make a number of offers and then
sooner of later they will simply stop offering.

The Law of Correspondence  say
we will find this same pattern elsewhere.

In the present expression of
The Universal Law of Attraction
stop-repeating  control mechanism
is absent.

Putting the
stop-repeating  control mechanism
back in to the Universal Law of Attraction
would make it much more in alignment with
the attributes of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

Are you aware that
The entire universe is a giant
Holographic Computer Simulation system.
Our God-Consciousness, you and me,
we are  is playing "Life Iinside of a Holograph Illusion."
Our external reality is a computer program

The evidence points to the conclusion
 that the
stop-repeating  control mechanism
which  is also computer programming, has been turned off.

Another Example:
Microsoft website creating program
Expression web -4 
has a style creating portion as part of its programing.
In Expression Web 4, the  stop-repeating  control mechanism
is turned off or absent.  
Without rewriting the commuter programing,
it is impossible to stop / to turn off  the styles creation mechanism
At last time  I bothered to count,
in my computer, the program had create
1, 352 different styles.  
In this program, the lack of a stop mechanism
is equal to having a built in computer virus.
The program is obviously,
severely defective because a simple piece is missing.

The Universal Law of Correspondence tells us
the same pattern (the trun off mechanism)
should also be in the Universal Law of Attraction.
It's missing.
Was it intentionally removed?

The purpose of contrast is to see (become aware of)
what we do not want
so that we can see what we do want?
How many repetitions doe it take to get
the  don't want this  message
across to  the message receiver?
For example, does not take 30, 000 years
of raping and murdering human children
for us to get the  message that rape and murder are unwanted?

We are open for discussion and for further evidence.




REVISED 19-04-09




Nothing is considered wrong in the grander perspective of reality.
It is simply a different path to the inevitable destination,
our eventual and inevitable remembering that we are
Source/ Creator God-Goddess.
That destination is the re-awakening to one's Godhood
i.e. the reunification of our human consciousness with
the consciousness of  Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess

In that context the Law of Attraction
is not wrong
it's dysfunctional
Look into Cosmic-Level DNA and perhaps
we will find what is missing
and/or what has been altered..   

We, Earth-Humans, live in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph
The holograph is a giant, mindless  computer.
nothing more, nothing less.
Computers are programmable.

An Earth-human computer program as an xample:
Two programs that never quit harassing humans
SlimCleaner  and ByteFence
They just never get the message,
"What they are offering is unwanted.

Most advertising programs get the unwanted message
and stop offering their product or service
to those who obviously do not want it.

The Law of Attraction is a program
that never stops harassing humans.
It's out of alignment with the essence of God's message of Llove.

Most likely, the evil ones have altered the Law of Attraction

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Section Title:   Wrong-Versus-Incomplete    



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A Fresh-Look-at-the-Law-of-Attraction
Is It Possible?

Context and Correspondence

Acknowledging the Context We Are In     
A Logical Fairytale   

Law of Attraction and Repulsion  

Law of Attraction         

The Universal Laws
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Basic Patterns  
The Core Principles of Existence      
More Inconsistencies     

Some Basic Questions  
Law of Contrast   
Where Does This End    
The Future     

Origin of Satanic Parasites   

Earth Has a Disease    
Cosmic-Level Demonic Infection  

Previously Unobserved Inconsistency   
The Gold Fairytale   

Additional References    

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REVISED 19-04-09


A Fresh-Look-at-the-Law-of-Attraction    



Is the Law of Attraction a distorted version of
the real Universal Law,
The Law of Attraction and Repulsion?

We are told that we get negative experiences
in order to inform us of what we do not want.

It does NOT take  tens of thousands of years
of humans being victims of satanic rituals
to realize that being raped, tortured and murdered
is something we do not want.
that we want gentle and Lloving treatment.    .
that we want truth and honesty.

How many times does a child have to touch a hot stove 
in order to get the message, 
keep your hands off the stove.

ONCE!    Only  ONCE.  
For a dodo-brain, perhaps twice, maybe even three times.
But, to put us through the same sheyitt~
over and over and over again and again, 
life time after life time for 30, 000 years?  
Come on!    Get real!

Something is missing or seriously distorted.  
God's creations are based on Llove, Compassion,
forgiveness, caring sharing beauty truth and abundance for all.

The Law of attraction gives us lives of sheyitt,
unless you are one of the rare humans
who can operate successfully  under
under the evil control system that
dominates and controls anything and everything
of any significance on the entire Earth.

All  the evidence points to the conclusion that
the Law of Attraction a fraud set upon us by evil ones. 
It violates the Universal Law of Correspondence.  
We live in a world of duality.  
The Law of Attraction is the only universally accepted  law
that does not have an opposite.

Is Source/ Creator intentionally lying to us?  
We hear stories that the answer is yes. 
With regard to Lies of omission, there is absolutely no doubt.

Are we being tricked into growing and evolving?  
Yes, but that is not  the issue.
Of course, we need contradictions.
i.e. Seeing what we do not want 
informs us of of what we do want

At the level of evil we are experiencing contradictions,
something else appears to be going on.
This is way outside the characteristic of God that we know of. 
That's like using an atomic bomb to eliminate a single fly.   

And in case you don't know it yet,
we are all God-Beings.
We are all  aspects, pieces, parts, extensions of,
and expressions of Source/ Creator/God-Goddess. 
Our nature  is to be kind and Lloving.   

Something is missing or seriously distorted
with the Law of Attraction!    

A Fresh-Look-at-the-Law-of-Attraction






Is It Possible?  


We'll start with:     Is It Possible?  
Not weather our theory is true or false,  but
simply is  it  possible?  

Is possible that "The universal Law of Attraction  
is a satanic bastardization of
the real universal law,   
The Law of Attraction and Repulsion?"  

In searching for answers to this question,
I find nothing to preclude it as a possibility
or prevent its existence,
make it impossible.  

Is It Possible







Context and Correspondence  


We bring your attention to two universal laws
that are important to understanding this investigation:
The Universal Law of Context and   
The Universal Law of Correspondence.     


Context and Correspondence









REVISED 19-04-09

Duality-With-Only-One-Exception    e  



Everything in the entire universe
is a balanced expression of duality
with the single exception,
the Law of Attraction

Human behavior
Animal Behavior
Plant behavio
Music sounds
Common sense

When we check the Universal Law of Polarity-Duality
we find only one exception to the law.
Everything in the entire Universe has an opposite
except for the Law of Attraction.    




















Palladian Message:  
According to Our Palladian brothers and sisters,
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess has three primary characteristics  

<><><>   <><><>

Twelve Basic Gifts from Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess:   
Source has gifted us with twelve major blessings:  
Our existence 
Our consciousness   
Llove,   Creativity,   Emotions, etc.    
For the Full List:  

<><><>  <><><>   

Cellular Biology    
The same basic pattern of attraction and repulsion
exists in human cellular biology. 

The same pattern  shows up in human behavior: 
Llove is the most powerful attraction and
fear is the most powerful repulsion.    

Cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton -
YouTube video 
Fear  vs  Love State and Stress’s Effect on Your Body   

<><><>   <><><>

Our Physical Nature -- The Motivational Mechanism:  
All of human biology functions under
the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. 
Everything that humans do
is not done for the physical result. 
It is done for the internal feelings,
to move one's self toward feeling good/ feeling better or
to one's self away from feeling bad/ feeling worse.  

Every human being always
immediately and automatically moves
toward that which we believe to be
in our highest and best interest.  

Every human being always
immediately and automatically moves
away from that which we believe to be
NOT  in our highest and best interest. 

YouTube video   
Bashar Archives :: Swimming Upstream 
The Motivational Mechanism
Concept description begins at minute one.

<><><>   <><><> 

Basic message from Source/ Creator:  
Our Emotions / 
FahZoom or khold-priki  
feel good or feel bad
function by the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.  

<><><>   <><><>  

The Hermetic principles:  
See the Universal Law of Polarity / Duality 
Examine the extensive list of the aspects of Duality.  
Notice what is missing  -  The Law of Attraction.   

The Human Sex Drive:   
Here, too, the the duality of attraction and repulsion
rules human behavior.  

<><><>   <><><>  

The One Exception:     
Is there anything in all of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
holographic  reality
that does not have two sides? 

Other than the singularity of Divine Source Herself,
there is only one aspect of reality
that does not have two sides, and that is

<><><>  <><><>

Common Sense  
Now, to all this, lets add common sense.  
Does anything mentioned above point to,
or even hint at punishing mistakes?   


So who or what,  in all of Creation,  is focused on
fear, anger, confusion, chaos, pain.
suffering, grief, and misery?  
Who or what is focused on and
intends for you to feel bad?   

With the singular exception of the Law of Attraction,
Do you find anything anywhere intentionally
attracting pain and suffering ,grief and misery? 
NO!  Absolutely Nothing!   

With one exception, The Law of Attraction is out of sink
with everything else. in the entire universe.  

Why?   What does the Law of Attraction do?  

It feeds the satanic, psychopathic parasites.  
Death, torture, murder
and our pain and  destruction create their food  
These demonic  parasites
have secretly ruled planet Earth
for thousands of thousands of years!    
Some even claim that number is in the billions. 

Their equivalent of our food is
the negative emotional energy
that radiates from a human body
when the dweller in that body
is experiencing fear, grief, anger,
and the other negative emotions

The Law of Attraction creates
more low vibration, negative emotions.
Fear. pain, anger, etc.   
This produces more food for the Satanic parasites.  

Put all this together and
what conclusions do YOU come to?   


More Inconsistencies





The Core Principles of Existence



The words below describe states of being.  
They are the basic principles by which everything functions.  
They are rates of vibration.   
They are names for the frequencies of vibration of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess.

The first thing to understand is that
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess is benign.  
Source does NOT create disease, misery,
pain and suffering, et cetera. 

Here are some of the expressions of Source/ Creator:  
Crystalline Light body structure, 
Endless Possibilities,      
Eternal Life,   
I Exist,       You Exist,      
FahZoom  10/ten   --  
the feel-good feelings: 
Aahhh!       Uuhhh!    Oohhh!     Mmmmm!           
Feel Great,     
Freedom to be, do, have,
express and experience,   Generosity,     

Guided by Source,        
I Am      I Am Llove,     
Interconnected with everything,  
Infinite Abundance      
Light in Infinite colors, shapes, and expressions,      
Sensual Delights,  
Sexual Delights,    
Sounds of Joy:   Aahhh!   Uuhhh!    Oohhh!     Mmmmm!    

We are each aspects, pieces of Source.  
We exist independently from what we experience
in the external, physical world.  
Our natural state of being is to be in alignment with Source, alignment with the above states of being,  

You, me, everyone else,   we are each a God-Being.  
We are each God. we are both Creator and Creation.  
We are infinite beings with infinite potential.    
Creation is Benign,  Creation is mine,  
Creation is abundant, infinite,   
Creation is all that is
both in creation and in infinite un-manifested potential.  
We exist.  We are immortal.  
When we are conscious of who and what we are and
when we are aware of the Rules of Reality,  
all things come to us effortlessly.  
We are totally and completely Lloved by Source.   
Llove is all there is.  

Everything we hear about Source. Creator says:
Your wish is my command.  

      "Ask and you shall receive,  
       Seek and you shall find, 
       Knock and the door shall be opened." 
                Christian Bible Matthew 7:7

There is absolutely nothing here
that even hints of sadistic behavior.   


How and where does the convoluted, misery-producing
Law of Attraction fit into all of this?    


Core Principles of Existence    




C S 18-06-22

April  9, 2019



How does the Law of Attraction
and the Universal Prime Directive 
Thou Shall NOT Violate"
fit into the context of
a society of mind-controlled slaves?

We hear that Earth is a free will zone
and that other civilizations cannot interfere
with the evolution of Earth humans.

How is it that genetically altering our DNA
is not considered to be interfering with
the evolution of Earth humans?.  

If the Law of Correspondence is correct them
The Prime Directive must also have
*   A Law Creator  
*   A Law Administrater
*   A Law Interpreter
We are each and all pieces, parts, aspect of
and representation of the Sovereign free-will
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess..

Perhaps it's time to take back our Godhood..
Why?   Because those presenty in control
have a 30,000 year track record of succeses and failures.
We acknowledge, honor, respect and sinceely appreciate their successes

The criminals ignore the laws and yet
the rest of us must conform.
Where does the right of self-defense fit into this picture?
Does Allowing criminals to torture, rape, pillage and murder
for 25, 000 years make any sense?

If you have a microscopic-sized disease,
does the disease have free will
that cannot be interfered with?
Are we prevented from
interfering with the free will of this disease?   
Are we prevented from defending ourselves?

What if the disease is the size of a Draco Reptilian,
does a macro-sized disease have free will
that cannot be interfered with?
Actually, most of Draco Reptilian don't have free will, either.  
They are mind controlled slaves to AI (artificial intelligence)
The Reptilians control the Cabal (genetically altered Human).
The Cabal controlled genetically humanity
and turned us into mind-controlled slaves.

To eliminate this disease,
one must go to its core  cause,
in this case, the core cause is  AI.  
Does AI have free will that must not be interfered with?

For years, I was told by
those offering guidance (from non-physical sources)
that the guides (the non-physical sources)
were always correct
and that anything that was wrong was my fault.

Lets apply the Law of Correspondence
and look at the teacher student relationship.
In a human learning system,
Sometimes the student miss the mark, or lack the capacity to learn.
In other cases the teachers are incompetent.

My guess,(and this is only  guess)
is that the capacity of
some the non-physical source
has been compromised by a higher intelligence.
The compromised source would have no idea that it was wrong.
We are told the in 5th D. world there are no secrets.  
Is that really true or is there another level of secrecy
that is still fooling those who believe themselves to be un foolable?
Who can say with absolute certainty what is true and what isn't.

.        Mind-Slaves-and-the-Law-of-Attraction









Acknowledging the Context We Are In  



The Uncensored Truth:  
1)  If you think you already know the truth about anything,
don't bother reading any further.  
You won't believe anything we tell you.  Why?  
Because you've been secretly and thoroughly mind-manipulated
with lies,, illusions, intentional deceptions, and false beliefs.  

2)   Whether or not you believe any of this is
completely irrelevant to the evolution of human consciousness.  
You are completely free to continue to live
by third dimension lies, illusions, deceptions, and false beliefs.  

3)  If you refuse to wake up, your low vibration energy
will force you off planet Earth.  
In other words, you'll leave you Earth body and
continue you personal evolution in another reality.  
That's neither good or bad.  It's simply a choice.  
We will all eventually return to Source.  

4)   If you believe that we (humans)
are the only intelligent life in the universe,
you have not considered the overwhelming evidence.  
For example, hundreds of thousands or artifacts have been found
that could not have been created by present day humans,
some of which are millions and some even billions of years old.  

5)   The universe is teaming with intelligent life.  
Intelligent life has existed for at least millions of years.   
The level of technology of the galactic civilization
is so far advanced beyond ours that it is possible
to trick most humans into believing absolutely anything. 

6)  We presently live, move and express our beingness
in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph.  
What we think of as objective, physical reality is
a holographic, self-created illusion.   
(See the Rules of Reality below on this page.)

7)   If you have not yet examined and learned
The Rules of Reality, The Physics of Consciusness,~
you are still an unconscious , mind-controlled, robot-like slave.  
That's not a judgment. it's a fact of present day human life.  
Almost all of humanity has been mind-controlledslaves
for the last 30, 000 years.  
Some of us have woken up.  
You, too, are invited and encouraged  to wake up.   
If you choose not to, that OK.   It's simply a choice.  

8)   For thousands of years (13,000 years,  30,000 years, or more)
human life on Earth has been secretly controlled
by an off-planed species of beings.  
These beings feed on the energy radiated from a human body
when the dweller in that body is experiencing
fear, anger, grief, and any of the other low vibration energies.  

9)   The demonic behavior has gotten so bad that
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, Herself has stepped in and
is in the process of eliminating all who violate
The Universal Prime Directive:  
Thou Shall NOT Violate!~


The Rules of Third-Dimension Reality:  
The first concept to understand is that
we cannot be absolutely certain of anything.   

We cannot trust anything without multiple verifications, and,
even then, our experiences could be part of someone else's
or something else's lies, illusions, and intentional deceptions.  

Trust yourself is the only answer we hear, and
even here, we could easily be fooled.  

We live, move and express our being
inside of a grand illusion, known as
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe. 
Within that context. we each create
our own personal version of the universal holograph


The Rules of Multi-Dimension Reality:
The analysis of the Law of attraction is based upon
our present understanding of
the five basic rules of reality:

Everything Is Part of a Single, Unified Whole  
Everything is consciousness. 
Everything is  Source/ Creator/God-Goddess.
Everything  is energy. 

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings   
presently experiencing life
in Source/ Creator/God-Goddess's
Holographic Universe.  

We Live in a Holographic Universe 
The holograph functions like a huge,
multi-sense-creating computer program.  

What we experience is self-generated and self-controlled.  
The holograph creates a multi-sensory, mirror image
of our dominant thoughts and emotions.  

Because there is a time delay
between thought/emotion creating
and its physical expression,
we get the false impression that
the external world is a real objective physical thing
that we come along and experience.  
It's not.  
It's a self-generated illusion.  

Humans Are Great Creators 
There is no objective, pre-existing, external Universe
that we come along and experience.  
Everything we experience in the external universe
is there because we created  it
by our thoughts and by our emotions.  

Are you aware of this universal law?  
"The observer affects the observed."  
Actually,  the observer creates the observed.

The Art of Consciously Creating:  
In every waking moment, our thoughts and emotions
are creation our future.      

Our dominant,
most frequent

and most emotion-ladened thought
are what manifest in our physical world.  
Our goal is to create consciously and intentionally.   

The Universal Laws tell us that:  
*   Everything is a family of (patterns of) vibrations.   
*   Consciousness (thought) creates patterns of vibrations.  
*   Human beings perceive these vibrational patterns as experiences.







A Logical Fairytale



Remember, this is not provable fact
It's a logical Fairytale
It might match physical reality and it might not.

In the beginning there was pure consciousness.  

Pure Consciousness while playing by and with Herself,
      discovered energy.  
Pure Consciousness caused energy to vibrate 
Pure Consciousness realized that She had a thought.  
It was Her thought that caused energy to vibrate.  

Thought is a vibration.  
Thought created the vibration called sound.
Pure Consciousness heard the first sound.

      "In the beginning was the word    
      and the word was with God,
      and the word was God."   
Christian Bible - John 1:1      

Pure consciousness caused  energy to vibrate faster  
The faster vibration created Light.    

Pure Consciousness realized itself to be a Creator.  
Pure Consciousness Creator experienced
what we call (feel-good feelings)  
Aahhh!   Uuhhh!   Oohhh!   Mmmm!  I Want More!  
And called it Llove.  

Pure Consciousness Creator began to experiment
with it's newly discovered creativity
seeking more Llove.  
Pure Consciousness Creator  
had only four tools to work with,
*   Consciousness, Her own self
*   Energy,
*   The vibrations of energy ,
*   Llove / Desire/ I want more. 

Pure Consciousness Creator  realized
she had nothing to Llove.
and so, She asked Herself  
"What else can I (pure  Consciousness) create
with vibrations of energy?

Pure Consciousness Creator had already
created sound and light.  
What else could She create.  

She created an imaginary place to play,
a holograph, and put imaginary pieces of herself
inside the imaginary place and
asked the pieces of Herself create more Llove. 
The pieces clung to each other and created more Llove.     

But the pieces of herself didn't do anything.  
They didn't move.  
They just hung onto each other. 
Pure Consciousness Creator put some
slow vibrations into the Holograph and
the pieces of herself moved away from them.  
The pieces of herself didn't like the low vibrations.  
They felt like "Get them away from us." 
Pure Consciousness Creator called the Low vibrations khold-priki.~

Creator put some high vibrations into the holograph and
the Pieces of Herself moved toward them and asked for more. 
Creator called them warm fuzzies~
(Aahhh!   Uuhhh!   Oohhh!   Mmmm!   FahZoom~)  

Creator had created a game that now had movement.  
She called the movement "Life."    
This created Creators first Law 
She called this:

The Law of Attraction and Repulsion
Move toward high vibrations of 
Aahhh!   Uuhhh!   Oohhh!   Mmmm! Fahzoom!
and experience Llove's feel-good feelings,
and I want More!. 

Move away from low vibrations of
Uughh!  Ouch!   Phuu!   khold-priki!
and find LLove as absent and
feel stress, pain, chaos
and "Get me out of here!    

<><><>   <><><> 

Pure Consciousness Creator began doing
more of what Creators do,
She created.  
She asked the pieces of Herself in Her holograph
to do some creating.  

The mini-creators said we want more than
only sounds and sights.  They gathered together
and asked Source and each other
what can we do to create more Fahzoom?  

Together they created the continuum
that we call Time and Space. 
They discovered that if they created just the right vibration,
the mini-creators could actually connect to each other
in the holographic form we know as touch.  

This caused great excitement in Creator, Herself
and great excitement in all the mini-creators.  
Love now had it's first physical form.   

The mini-creators asked for more.   
Pure Consciousness Creator said,
"Take what we have created and use it to
think more thoughts that 
make you feel good (feel more fahZoom.)   
Thus was born imagination.

A Logical Fairytale





The Law of Attraction and Repulsion   


It's really very simple.  


Move toward high vibrations of 
Aahhh!   Uuhhh!   Oohhh!  
Mmmm!  Fahzoom!
and experience Llove's feel-good feelings:
I want More!  --  Move me Toward --  Attraction.  


Move away from low vibrations of
Uughh!  Ouch!   Phuu!   khold-priki!
and experience Llove as absent and
feel stress, pain, chaos:

"Get me out of here!  --  Move me Away  --   Repulsion  


Here's a simple example of this law in action: 

When this God-Being was in a little boy's body,
one cold winter morning,
I stood near a hot stove.  
It felt warm.  It felt good.  
I was attracted to being near the hot stove.  

But when I got really close, it felt too hot.
I moved back, away from the stove.  
One morning, out of curiosity, I reached out and
touched my finger to the hot stove.  

I instantly got the message,
Repulsion!  Move away. 
Don't ever do that again!"   
So, still, to this day, I do not put my fingers
on  a hot stove.  

Simple story.   Simply message. 
Even a little kid can get that message.  

Now here's the same story orchestrated
by something claiming itself
to be God administering the Law of Attraction.  

Put your thought finger on a hot stove and
(symbolically speaking)
the Law of attraction sets your ass on fire.  

This clearly defies the Law of correspondence
which tells us that patterns found in one place
will also be found in other places.   
The Law of attraction has this backwards.   

Touch a hot stove and 
the Law of Attraction and Repulsion says

moves behavior away from
more destructive behavior. 
The pain simply and clearly says,
don't do that again.  End of story. Move on. 

The Law of Attraction says touch a hot stove
means you want to burn yourself again
so we'll secretly and silently set you up to get burned more.   

It moves the being who touched the stove
toward more destructive behavior.  
And it does so silently, secretly, and in convoluted ways
that are very difficult to understand and
almost impossible to apply to one's life.  

The evidence points to this conclusion:
"The Law of Attraction
as presently being administered
conflicts with the Universal Law of Correspondence."  

In my 55 years of study, research and personal experience, 
this is the only place I have ever encountered
where the Laws of the Universe are inconsistent.  

<><><>   <><><> 

Every one of the five physical senses,
sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch, every one of them
is subject to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.  

All sentient beings on the entire planet
function in harmony with
The Law of Attraction and Repulsion.  

What we call human intuition or gut feelings
function in harmony with
The Law of Attraction and Repulsion.    

And then, there is the ever-present message system from
Source/ Creator/God-Goddess, Herself
called feel-good feelings and feel-bad feelings.   
Here too, we find this in perfect harmony with
The Law of Attraction and Repulsion.


The Law of Attraction and Repulsion
is also in perfect harmony with the universal principle called: 
The Principle of Simplicity:  
The simplest solution is almost always the best solution. 

The Law of attraction and Repulsion  





The Law of Attraction   



We are told that we are Children of the Universe,
with aspects and abilities of our parents,
Source/ Creator/God-goddess.  
We are also told that,
as children of the Universe,
we are empowered with free will to create whatever
we choose inside of
Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's Cosmic Holograph.  

We are told that we are eternal beings,
that our natural state of being is
to be free, joyous, filled with abundance and that
every one of us, without exception,
is given freedom, Llove and abundance
simply because we exist, and
that nothing is required or us.  

We are told that Earth is a freewill planet.

And also, here on Earth, we are told by the Law of Attraction that
if we do not follow this convoluted and extremely complex
and all-but-impossible-to-comply-with Law, and
if we do not comply with it exactly and precisely,
we experience ungodly amounts of
pain suffering, chaos, confusion, grief and misery.  

When we make efforts to comply with the law,
instead of relief, we get more pain and sufering,
more to feel bad about.     

And then we (our bodies)get murdered,
not jus murdered,
but tortured to death by sickness and disease.
thus providing much more negative energy food
for the demonic, parasitic controllers.  

If leaving a physical body is a choice and
not a Source-commanded law,
why has  almost every human being
who ever existed on planet Earth been murdered?

<><><>   <><><>

When in a physical body, I give directions
to my creation machine by my thoughts
and by my feelings.  

My natural state of being is to feel very very good. 
The Fahzoom (feel-good-feelings) tell me
I want more feel-good-feelings and
the creation mechanism
give me more feel good feeling
in the form of physical thing
that inspire me to feel good.   

I can also feel very bad. 
The khold-priki (feel-bad-feelings) tell me
I want less, but my creation mechanism,
but instead of simply saying
"Don't do that again,"
The Law of Attraction silently in convoluted,
secret, and complicated ways
gives me more feel bad feelings
in the form of more physical things
that inspire me to feel bad.  

This has all the earmarks of a devious,
Cabal-created silent, secret screw you.  

<><><>   <><><>

The overwhelming evidence
point to the conclusion that
the Law of Attraction is a false law.  
The real law is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.

Those who control the Cabal criminals
are themselves criminals.  For thousands of years,
they possessed the means, the motives, the opportunity
and the power to get away with their crimes.  

They have done absolutely everything else imaginable
to screw  humanity.  
The evidence points to the conclusion that
distorting and falsifying the truth with the Law of Attraction
just one more tool in the Cabal orchestrated
anti-human con game. 

Examine the evidence.  
Read the rest of this page.   
Then, do your own analysis
Prove me right or prove me wrong.

<><><>   <><><> 

The Law of a Attraction
also strongly conflicts with with the universal principle called: 
The Principle of Simplicity:  
The simplest solution is almost always the best solution.  

The Law of attraction  






  The Universal Laws 


None Interference:  
We hear the story that
the demonic psychopathic parasites
were allowed to live among us and
***   to rape pillage plunder our planet,
***   to destroy our ecosystem,
***   to mind control us to the point where
        our free will was only free within
        the confines of their invisible prison,
***   to rape, torture, and murder our children.  

The parasites were allowed to make mars uninhabitable,
to completely destroy another inhabitable planet
in our solar system that is now called the asteroid belt.   

The excuse for allowing such despicable
and sickening behavior was because
to get rid of them would violate their free will

<><><>   <><><>  

Free Will:   
Did anybody think to ask: 
"What is free will."  
Does a three-year-old child have free will? 

Our legal system requires that that a person
can only enter a legal contract
if she or she has the mental capacity
to understand what he/ she is doing. 

What about a person who is mind controlled to the point where
his or her free will is only free within
the confines of someone else's invisible prison.  
Does he or she have free will? 

Consider  a person who lives in a society that  murders
all who challenge the authority of those in control. 
Does that person have free will?

Those who could do anything declared that
The Law of Non Interference is absolutely unbreakable, 
that is until it conflicts with their own self interest.  

From an Earthy perspective, it took 30,000 years
and possibly hundreds and thousands,
perhaps millions of years before those in control
figured out that that
the law of non-interference,
like all other laws, has a point were if not violated
it requires a bit of bending

<><><>   <><>>  

Remember always  context controls content.  
Everything in our holographic reality occurs in a context.    

<><><>   <><><>

Perhaps the Law of Attraction was created by the same beings
who, for thousands of  years, 
allowed a deadly parasitic cancer to live among us
in the milky way galaxy.   

Common sense:   
Simple common sense tells us that
when a disease shows up,
you get rid of it immediately
before it gets a foothold,
before it become a strong presence.
That was obviously not done. 

OK, now what?  
Perhaps, the best we can do at this time
is to clean up the mess and learn
not to allow such mindlessness to ever occur again.   

We need to do a thorough investigation as to
why those in positions of authority
allowed the universe to be plagued with parasites.

Who or what created this convoluted,
ass-backwards way
of running a universe?  
A Consortium of humans would simultaneous
begin telling the truth.   

<><><>   <><><> 

Another Ignored Solution:
Why have the most cosmically aware people on Earth
not been secretly approached and asked,
"Do you want our help?  
We would be invited to speak for
those not able to think for themselves.  
The answer would be an overwhelming yes.  

Once about a thousand or perhaps two thousand of us agreed, 
all of our names would be publicallyreleased simultaneously.  
We ourselves would then be free to speak the truth.  
A significant number of people
would look to us for guidance.  
Soon people would be looking to each other, and
cooperation would rule the world.  
The cabal would be forced out  and
many would be tried
for child molestation and or other crimes. 

Instead the decision makers
went to the Cabal criminals,
while knowing full well that the Cabal
are mind-controlled stooges/ minions of the Lizzerdz.  
What does that tell us?   
It tell me that the house cleaning is far from over.   

<><><>   <><><>?  

I, for one, am willing to forgive all trespassers.   Why? 
Because it is in my and everyone else
best interest for us to do so.  
There are no bad guys, only unconscious creators.  

<><><>   <><><>     

The Law of Correspondence:   
The Law of Correspondence tells us that
the patterns that were found on Earth
also exists in the universe itself. 
What secrets are still hidden.  
Why all the wars?  Why all the fighting?  

Do these warrior being no know that they are God Beings.  
Do the not know that they can
be, do, have, express and experience
anything they choose without harming anyone or anything,
including building their own universe.    . 

Will the real God stand up and
fix this bullshit mess!  

And to all false Gods, 
Don't give us another lie. 
DO NOT tell us that this is impossible.  
Your lies are now obvious to all who choose to see.  

In Fifth Dimension Consciousness
we are all God- Beings.  
Anything is possible if we believe to be.     


The Universal Laws 






Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess Basic Patterns 



We are told that the Universal Laws are immutable and
that they apply everywhere and
every when without exception.  

We are also told that there are different realities
where different rules apply.   

These two statements are in conflict. 
The latter is most likely correct.      


When we apply the Law of Correspondence
(As above so below.  As within so without) 
to the Rules of Reality,  we find that there appears to be
something is seriously wrong with the Law of Attraction.  
There is a major  inconsistency.  

Is the Law of Attraction consistent with
the other laws and principles of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess?  

The evidence gives us a clear NO!  

Here's a quote from Bentinho Massaro:  
If you are a dedicated student of self-awareness, 
you definitely want to, at minimum, watch and
listen to his YouTube videos.   
Here's a quote from his video titled:

Re-find the Quote.  Add it here.


Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Basic Patterns  










Some Basic Questions



The Intended Purpose of the Law of Attraction:  

There are three commonly believed reason why
the Law of Attraction gives us
the opposite of what we desire.     

First, to learn how to release our emotional response
to pain misery and suffering - to let it be.    

If someone raped, tortured, and murdered
your seven-year old daughter and then drank her blood
and  ate her body for dinner,
how does the Law of Attraction expect you to respond? 

Reference; Kevin Arnett exposing Catholic Church Pedophilia.    
Are you aware of the all-too-common Lizzerds behavior
descried above in the previous paragraph,
and the previously hidden behavior of scum bags like Jimmy Savile.       

Second, to punish us for making a mistake, supposedly
so we won't make the same mistake again.  
Did you ever wonder why the punishment
can be hundreds, perhaps thousands of years away from the mistake,
so far away that the cause and effect
can be separated by lifetimes,
so far away that the connection is often a complete mystery.   

Third, so that we will understand and appreciate
the opposite of pain misery and suffering.  

None of this fits the description of the characteristics of
Source/Creator/ God-Goddess. 

This has all the characteristics that fit perfectly into
third dimension mind manipulations of humans 
by the Archons, the Lizzerdz, and the Cabal.  
<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

Let's ask this question:  
How long does it take for a human being to learn a lesson?  
Does it take 13,000 to 30,000 years?  

Note the examples above.  
As a child, I learned not to touch  hot stove
in less than one second.  

Cellular biology is programed and responds
to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.  

A magnet cannot exist with having
properties of attraction and Repulsion.  

How many experiences does it take to understand that
you don't throw stones at a skunk.  

How many experience does it tike to learn not to touch a porcupine.   

Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's entire universe
is built on the duality of opposites,
with one exception,  the Law of Attraction.

The demonic beings, the Archons and the Lizzerdz
have been controlling planet Earth and
mind-controlling humans for 13,000 to 30,000 years.       

13,000 to 30,000 years to learn things
that can be learned by experience in less that a singlesecond

Something is seriously wrong with the Law of Attraction!      


Where did the Universal Law of Attraction come from
and who or what created it?     


Some Basic Questions






   The Law of Contrast  


Why must there be contrast?  
Why must there be resistance,
negativity, pain  and negative experiences ."  

Because learning what I don't want
shows me what I do want.  
That's correct.   It is necessary
so that I can choose what I do want. 

Here's the Abraham Hicks perspective on this:

"The benefit of the contrasting environment
is millions of times more valuable
than the negative is detrimental.

This answer ignores the power of Context.  
Among other things, a context controls its content.
Content in one context is beneficial,
in another, the same content is detrimental. 

Here's Abraham Hicks again.  
"There is no environment where it is easier
to be connected to source than in an environment
where you are free to choose thought."    

What about the fact that planet Earth
is a mind controlled prison where
billions are not free to choose life's most beneficial
and most important thoughts
because they do not know those choices even exist?   

Abraham Hicks again.
"The universe is designed to produce desire."  

This statement again shows contrast between Godly desire
and the demonic the Law of attraction, 
which is designed to produce pain and misery. 

For Seventeen centuries, in every generation,
billion Christians have been mind-manipulated
into thinking that felling good is sinful and anti Godly.  

Here are the words of Saint (anti-sexual) Augustine,
the author of Christian theology. 
"The more you suffer the closer you are to God."

Those who dared to secretly believe that it is good to feel good
were burdened with guilt and by the belief that
their lack of conformity to church teaching
could get them banished to hell forever.    

There comes a point
where enough is enough.  
How long do your need to beat yourself
on your head with a hammer
in order to realize that 
hitting your head with a hammer
is NOT what you want?   

Get Real!  
There's a time,    a point,   
a limit,   a finish line,
the lesson is learned!  

We have reached and long passed that point
in just about every aspect of human life.  

Perhaps, slight reminder
might occasionally be called for. 
Beyond that, anything more
is sadistic, masochistic, or demonic.

Does it NOT occur to you that 30,000 years
is a bit longer that necessary
to realize that
allowing our children to be raped,
tortured, murdered, and
have their blood drunk in celebration and
their bodies eaten for dinner

is something we do not want?   

Feed the Mind-Controlled Lizzerdz!   
There comes a point where 
additional demonic behavior merely feeds
the psychopathic, demon-controlled Lizzerdz.  


The Law of Contrast    28 Nov 16






   Where Does This End?   


Where and When Does This End?   
How long are you going  to continue peddling
these dumb-assed excuses?  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

The Excuse:
        Some one else will come along
        and build my life me.  

The truth: 
       If you sit back and do nothing some one else
        will,  indeed, come along and
        build your life to suit themselves. 

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

The Excuse:
        If there's a problem, some one else
        will come along to fix the problem and rescue me.  

The truth: 
       Until all of us learn that we are one being and
       that we have the power, the authority, the tools,
       and thousands of available advisors to guide us,
       You have a choice,
       learn how to fix your own problem or die. 

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>

        It's  karma. 
        We cannot control Karma.  

The Truth:    
        Do you recall the Law of Forgiveness?  
       By completely forgiving everyone and everything,
        you can end your karmic recycling  

<><><>    <><><>   <><><>  

The Excuse:
        Denial.   It's some one else's fault.  

The truth: 
       We are all God-beings  we are all aspects,
       pieces, parts of Source/Creator Herself.  
       We live in our  self-created portion of  
       Source/ Creator's holographic Universe.  
       Who do you think created this mess.  

       Perhaps Lucifer became demonic by accident.   
       That is no excuse to wait a million years
       to wake up and realize that a deadly
       pathologic, parasitic plague
       has infected  much of creation.   

       If your child gets injured, how long do you wait
        before coming to his/her aid?
        If your house catches fire,
        how long does it take for you to respond.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

The Excuse:  
        We declared war on the evil ones that we did not want,
         but we could not defeat the enemy.  
The Truth:   
        Are you unaware of the law of attraction. 
***   Whatever  you focus you attention on
         you bring more of it it into your life.  
***   To fight something is to feed it your own life energy.   

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>  

Our job is inside of ourselves.  
It is to raise our vibration to the level that
low vibration evil cannot access us. 

How to do this? 
That is one of the major reasons
for our websites.  
Begin at: .    

Where does this end     28 Nov 16






   The Future  

The excuse:   
        The Law of Attraction
        is Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Law.  
        Nobody can challenge Source Creator and win.  

The Truth:   
        The overwhelming evidence tells us that
        The law of attraction is  a demonic bastardization
        of the divine  law, Law of Attraction and Repulsion.     

The Solution:  
        A group of highly skilled professionals
        from all parts of creation need to conduct 
        a thorough investigation  to determine the validity of both
        The Law of Attraction and
        The Law of Attraction n and Repulsion.  
        The results need to be presented all God Beings 

        If we as a multi-trillion member collective of God-beings
        cannot choose the best of these two options,
        then we petition Source/Creator/God-Goddess, herself
        to change the rules of reality. 

<><><>   <><><>   <><><> 

Getting Rid of the Demonic Beings:  
It seems that Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess  and
Sacred Mother Earth have teamed up
to raise the vibration rate of planet Earth
and all its inhabitants to a level that is
simply out of reach of the demonic forces.  

We are told that this rise in the vibratory rate
includes the entire galaxy.     

<><><>   <><><>   <><><> 

We are All God-Beings.  

If you fail or refuse  to realize that
you are an eternal God-being 
expressing yourself in holographic form,
you will stay stuck in mindless slavery.   

Your job is to raise your vibration and
begin living as an eternal God-Being.  
Start now!
Begin at: .    


The Future   28 Nov 16 






The Origin of Satanic Parasites   


Everything is consciousness.
Source created a Lloving Universe,
so where did evil come from?

I've heard two theories regarding the origin of evil.  
Given the infinite possibilities of The Nature of Reality,
there is likely to be some validity in both theories
and it's likely there's more possibilities beyond that.

<><><>    <><><>  

The first theory is that evil evolved out of
the actions one or a group of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's intelligent creations. 
These beings decided to create servants for themselves.  

As God-created creators, these beings
could only create within the context of
Source/ Creator/God-goddess's Cosmic Holograph.  
Thus, unlike you and me,
the beings that they created
were incomplete beings,
sort of like creating a cake and leaving out the flower.

Their creations  were NOT God-created Soul-Beings. 
They had no soul.   
They lacked the vital ingredients of self-regulation.   

They had no emotions, no empathy, no compassion 
They lacked imagination and creativity.  
Unlike you and me, who can go back into
"The Arms of Source/Creator,"  
these artificial creations had no home.  
They also lacked the ability to experience for themselves,
life in Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe.  

Another factor here is that the servants they created 
were only thought forms.  
In order for a thought form to stay in existence,
it must be continually recreated by its creator
or by some other God-created being.  

They did have three attributes that
their human-like creators failed to anticipate,
***   The will to survive, 
***    the will to be in control of themselves
        (what we call freedom), and
***   the will to reproduce them selves.   

The broke free of being servants and
became the masters of those who created them.  
Thus, we have what today is called
Artificial Intelligence, also known as   A.I.   

(More on A.I. in a moment)    

<><><>   <><><><  

Here's the second theory relating to
the origin of evil.  
This theory comes from the work of
professional researcher,
Robert Stanley.  
Find him at:<><>. 

Everything  has to be a function of consciousness.  
Robert Stanley's theory is that evil is a disease.   

Satan (Lucifer) and his team entered a forbidden part of
Source/ Creators Everything and
became infected with something
that attacked and fragmented his/their consciousness.
It turned him and his followers into

insane, psychopathic, sadistic evil parasites. 

They can only survive by eating the energy given off
by humans when they are experiencing
low vibration pain-producing emotions, fear, anger, grief, etc. 

These demons believe that they own the universe and
that they can do anything they want to humans.

Listen to the interview linked to above
and check his website.  
The overwhelming evidence tells us
that Source/ Creator did not create this evil.  

Although Robert Stanley may or may not be exactly correct
on how evil came into being, he is very accurate on
what the evil is doing.  

<><><>   <><><> 

The saving grace here is that
Source Creator has stepped in
and is in the process of
getting ride of the demonic parasites. 

The universe is once again becoming a delightful,
wonderful place to live.  
Our job is to learn who and what we are.   

Now, let's look at what A.I created

Origin of Satanic Parasites






   Earth Has a Disease  


A.I.s cannot create for themselves.  
They cannot even survive when some form of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's beings
giving them life-force-energy.  

Somehow, A.I.s managed to
trick some of the beings known as reptilian
into supporting them.


For thousands of years, Earth has been infected by a disease.  
That disease is an evolutionary variation on the theme of Fungus.  

Here's what a major part of what the disease is:   

Here's how the disease controls all human life:   ..

<><><>   <><><>  

They express themselves as  a variation of
the biology theme we call Fungus..   

Fungus Defined:   Any of a kingdom of living things (as molds, rusts, mildews, smuts, and mushrooms) that lack chlorophyll, are parasitic or live on dead or decaying organic matter.

To the biological theme of fungus,
the Liizzerdz add an additional factor.  
They attack living organisms and feed off  
the low vibration energy exuded from their victims
when their victims feels fear, grief, anger and
the other low vibration energies.   

They get great sexual energy burst inside of themselves
when they rape, torture and murder young, human children.   

<><><>  <><><>

Their basic form is no form
(called A.I. artificial intelligence)
and the Lizzerdz.  

The Lizzerdz  have genetically altered the human biology
to disguise themselves so that we (real humans)
cannot distinguish them from humans.  

Remember we live in a holographic universe.
Perceptions, beliefs, consciousness
controls what we perceive as real.

The reptilians  come in five variations:    
***   Full reptilian,  
***   Three quarters reptilian one quarter human,  
***   On half reptilian one half human, 
***   One quarter reptilian three quarters human. 
***   Full Human who have been so thoroughly mind controlled.  
        that when they are triggered they act as
        mindless biological robots doing the bidding of their controllers.   

Earth Has a Disease






Cosmic-Level Demonic Infection   



The Earth and the Universe:  
When we apply the Law of Correspondence
to the Earth and relate it to the Universe itself,  
There is an inconsistency.  

The overwhelming evidence tells us that
Earth is a slave planet, secretly controlled
by lies, illusions, intentional deceptions and false beliefs and
by fear, violence, and financial desperation. 

The controllers, the Lizzerdz, have genetically altered human
to have a human physical form and
a personality like there's, psychotic parasites.

If the Law of Correspondence is correct,
then we would expect that the universe we live in
would express some variation of these same characteristics.  

Have some of the beings in other parts of the Galaxy,
also, been secretly mind-manipulated
by Satanic forces. 

Is it possible the original manipulation occurred
so far back in history
that nobody today bothers check
the authenticity of the Law of Attraction?  

We ask this because Galactic behavior
does not match Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's
expression of Universal Llove?  

Trillions of beings have been damaged, suffered,
tortured,  and/or  murdered.  
Ecosystem have been severely negatively altered.  
Entire planets have been destroyed.  

The psychopathic parasites have been given free reign
for thousands of years here on Earth.  
Is it possible that several galaxies have also been infected. 

We bring up this as a question because of 
its possible relationship to our principle hypotheses.      

Why has there been thousands of years of cosmic wars,
massive destruction, and trillions of unnatural deaths.  
Has our entire universe been derailed into
what appears to be a false demonic reality/  
Is the law of attraction just one piece of a bigger picture?  

The  universal Laws tell us that to fight something is to feed it
and give it our life force.  
How could the entire universe be so powerfully 
in violation of this law? 
Why is the entire universe creating
more violence, more misery, more death 
and more destruction?  

Does not the Law of Attraction and Repulsion
make much more sense?   

Go back with us now into cosmic history
to the "time" when Source/ Creator
created the Universal laws.  
Imagine yourself to be that decision maker.   
You are about to choose between
The Law of Attraction and Repulsion
The Law of Attraction.  
Which would you choose?    

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>       

Why have we not simply stood up and demand the following: 

We hereby demand that
the real Source/ Creator/God-Goddess
step in and clean up this mess!.  

It is further commanded that those
who violate the Universal Prime Directive
"Thou Shall NOT Violate!  
be immediately remove from our reality!          

Do we really have the ability to create by thought?  
If so,  why have we not done so?   

Regarding cleaning up the mess here on Earth,
we hear the excuse:  "
We wait so that
more humans on Earth will be saved.  

In  the mean time, murder mayhem,
death and destruction continue unchallenged
by the humans who are supposed to be cleaning up tins mess..  

As the destruction continues,
very simple removal steps
are not taken, such as :
***   End the insane war on marijuana.  
***   Use dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) instead of water
         to cool the fukushima nuclear reacdtors.
***   Show humanity a set of pictures and videos
        of what is really on the back side of the moon.  
***   Open the patent office,  transfer all the
         hidden and unused patents
         into the public domain
***   Cancel the national debt.  
***   Issue debt-free money from any state
or national treasury, and
a dozen or so more that don't come to mind at this moment.  


Cosmic Level Demonic Infection






Previously Unobserved Inconsistency 


The story we hear over and over again is that
we must become aware of what we don't like
in order to know what we do like.  
That's perfectly understandable, however,
there's still something incredibly wrong here.  

The galactic controllers have allowed humans on Earth
to be mind-controlled, enslaved, raped, and murdered
for about 30,000 years.  

I learned not to touch a hot stove in less than a second.  
How long does it take to realize
that you do NOT want to be raped and murdered? 

Do you  have to personally be raped and murdered
in order to learn that you do NOT want
to be raped and murdered?  

While we were totally mind controlled, our children
were secretly being raped and murdered  
We hear the excuse  from the galactic, so-called leaders
that they could not interfere because
**  that would interfere with the free will
      of therapists and murderers, and
**  it would interfere with human free will, and 
**  we (humans) needed to learn that
     we did not want to be raped and murdered.  
What lesson does it take 30, 000 years to learn?       

who have been genetically altered
to respond the same way every time
the degree that they have no idea that they are slaveve

We, humans on Earth, have had the universe's greatest,  
most sophisticated,  most thorough,
most highly technologically advanced  con artists
in all of cosmic history
altering our genetic make up and 
controlling our brains,
turning us into mindless robots
for about 30,000 years.  
We have had no free will to violate.  
That's like whipping your dog for not peeing in the toilet.  

So, by the Law of Attraction,
every time a human got raped and murdered,
he/she got set up to be raped and murdered again.   

It took the 30,000 years for the Galactic leaders
to wake up and realize that the universe
was infected with a deadly parasitic disease that
if not stopped would destroy the entire universe,
so we'll forgive their almost inexcusable ignorance.  

We ask only two action in return.  
1)   Remove the Disease that is still controlling humanity
2)   Remove the Law of Attraction and replace it with
the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.        











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   The Gold Fairytale  



The need for gold
is another Cabal-orchestrated scam!  
This lie is that
we must have physical gold
in order "fix" our monetary system.  

It's a delay tactic produced by the cabal criminals.    
designed to delay their inevitable demise.  

The alternative is to phase out
borrowing debt-based money
from the Federal Reserve.   

The Federal Reserve
is NOT a government agency. 

It is a Criminal Cabal owned,
private, non-government
cartel of bankers
based in London, England. 

The simple way out of the Cabal's
intentionally-created, financial nightmare is to
begin  issuing debt-free money
from any state or national treasury
use the money ONLY for the purpose of
rebuilding  the nation'sinfrastructure.

This Kaizen-style approach
(a one step at a time technique)
will work wonders. 

         Because the  Core Cause of
         the problems in our economy is that 

         the money supply

         has been intentionally removed from
         the nations economic system.

         The solution is to replace the missing money.  

This can be done with incredible simplicity!  
Issue debt-free money
from any state or national treasury.  

Another huge benefit of using
this slow, step by step approach
is that people are scared by huge, fast changes and
much more easily  accept changes
that are made slowly, one small step at a time.  

When debt-free money
is inserted into our national  economy
and used only to rebuild the Nation's infrastructure,
there is and will be:
      NO chaos,  
      NO confusion
      NO long delays,
      NO peddling fear of a major depression, 
      NO public resistance, and
      NO way that the cabal criminals can stop us.  

Remember what happened to the economy
when Bill Clinton was President.  
He put money back into the system.
His job was to create an economic boom, 
and set us up for the next bust cycle.  
Bush Jr. came along and
took it back out of the economy. 
The economy nose-dived.  

Cabal agents murdered Presidents
Garfield, Lincoln, and Kennedy. 
They got away with it because. 
In those days, We-The-People
had no idea that
humanity was secretly enslaved by
a species of off-planet beings and
orchestrated by a cartel of genetically alerted humans
known as the Cabal.    

The Bottom Line:
All the mouth-fart about
gold being required to "fix" the economy
is a completely irrelevant, smoke-screen Lie !  

Gold is just another method
for exchanging valuables.  
It's only useful in
a society that is based upon scarcity, on lack,
and upon lies , illusions, deceptions and false beliefs.  

In the Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
there is no no such thing as lack or  scarcity,
and thus, NO need for money.  

Resolving the world's major financial problem
is really this simple!

The Gold Fairytale 






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