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Thanks to Marijuana,
Cancer Is No Longer a
Deadly Disease.

Marijuana Oil Cures Cancer




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The Real Crime About Marijuana is Outlawing It    

Even More Reasons to Legalize Marijuana 

The False Claims Against Marijuana        

Additional Relevant Factors        






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Marijuana-Meditation---Create-Enhanced Spiritual-Connections

Spiritual Journey  -- 
Opening one's consciousness with the intention
     of experiencing  the non-physical aspect of life. 


Marijuana as a Spiritual Journey          

Meet Lady MJ         
The Goddess Of Marijuana 

Mind-Opening Medicines    MOMs    Why they are Illegal    







Fifth Dimension Cosmic Consciousness
are intimately related.   

According to M K Ultra Whistle-Blower,
Cathy O'Brien, marijuana interferes with mind-control programming   
Marijuana opens neuropath ways in the human brain.  
This makes it impossible for those in control to maintain their mind-manipulation programming.  
Learn much more at:  http://www.darkjournalist.com/s-obrien.php   

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The Real Crime
        About Marijuana
                Is Outlawing It.

Outlawing Marijuana 

<>   Funds the Cabal Criminals
          with about 400 Billion dollars per year,  

<>   Pays for the Secret
         Weather Manipulation War
         against the American People,

<>   Wastes 25 billion dollars per year on
         anti-marijuana anti-drug enforcement,


<>   Finances Terrorism,  

<>   Corrupts government officials,  

<>   Raises the Price dramatically,     

<>   Turns control of production, distribution,
          & profits  over to the cabal Criminals,     


<>   Makes the criminals wealthy, 

<>   Completely eliminates product standards,
          product safety, and product quality,   

<>   Destroys the lives of hundreds of thousand
          of young adults by making criminals
          out of otherwise law-abiding people,


<>   Is, itself,  responsible for over fifty percent of
          the world's criminal activity,

<>   Causes 100% of the drug-related violence 
          such as that presently going on in Mexico,  

<>   Isa major contributor to the gang violence
         presently going on right now on our city streets,   


<>   Supports a multi-billion dollar police
          and prison industry,

<>   Needlessly arrests, prosecutes, and imprisons
          hundreds of thousands of people,     

<>   Pushes our political system toward  a
          fascist-style police state,


<>   Prevents city, county, and state governments
         from collecting billions of dollars in tax money,,

    Needlessly wastes billions of dollars
          of vitally needed tax money,  

<>   Is a major contributor to environmental destruction,  


Does absolutely nothing to stop its use!   !!!

<>         And the above list,
                     that's just the light stuff.  

                           You'll be all but blown away
                                 by what you'll read
                                      when we look a little closer.    






  Even More Reasons to Legalize Marijuana 



Marijuana -  Simple, Home-Made Recipe Cures Cancer:  
Cancer is no longer a deadly disease.   A simple, self-applied, home remedy makes the entire anti-cancer industry obsolete, and useless.   Publicizing this fact will devastate the false, phony, multi-trillion dollar anti cancer industry.   This will deprive the Cabal Criminal of additional hundreds of billions of dollars, perhaps even reaching into the trillion dollar range.        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0psJhQHk_GI.  


Challenge to Drug industry:  
Legalizing both hemp and marijuana will also be a series blow to:  the "legal" drug industry, to the lumber industry, to the paper industry, to the cotton industry, to the oil and gas industry, to the plastic's industry, et cetera.   Literally trillions of dollars now being spent will no longer be spent because the present products will become obsolete.   This, too, will deprive the Cabal Criminal of additional hundreds of billions of dollars, perhaps even reaching into the trillion dollar range.   


Multi-Trillion-Dollar Hemp Industry:  
The Cabal criminals are using their anti marijuana war to intentionally stifle/ prevent the creation of the potential, multi-trillion-dollar hemp industry.   The positive potential here is so vast that it almost defies description.  

Hemp is a non-psychoactive plant that looks like Marijuana.  Legalizing hemp would allow the nations family farms to be dramatically revitalized by growing hemp for the production of fiber for paper and cloth and for literally thousands of other products.   Here are just two examples:  

   *   Hemp will replace wood for paper and
        save millions of acres of forest land
       from being destroyed by the lumber and paper industry.   

   *   Automobile bodies made with hemp are much lighter,
       much stronger, much safer, and
       almost indestructible in a miner accident.  
        You can beat on a fender with a huge hammer and
        the hammer blow will not even leave a dent or a scratch.  


Spiritual Awakening:  
Ending the war against marijuana will also end the prohibition of of the mind expanding substances that can be used for taking spiritual journeys into the non-physical world.   In these Sacred Journeys, the traveler has direct access to his or her own Soul-Self.   All knowledge of all creation can be accessed in this manner.   During a Sacred Journey, the Cabal criminals can easily be seen for who and what they are.   


The Bottom Line:   As you can see by the above examples, legalizing marijuana will cause both our entire national economy and our social structures to undergo dramatic, positive, people-favoring changes.   The cabal criminals will simply become obsolete.      


And Here's the Real Kicker:   
Presently, the criminals who run the illegal drug businesses, have about 400 Billion dollars every year with which to (indirectly) buy political power and political favors.  

Did you ever wonder how and why politicians just happen to stumble onto all those "sweetheart" business deals in which they make millions of dollars?  

Did you ever wonder how and where the 400 billion dollars in illegal drug money gets laundered every year?   

The bottom line is that every government in the entire world is being held hostage by the super-wealthy criminals who have more than enough money to buy political influence all over the world.  

The first three steps in ending criminal political dominance are underway in California: 
1) to legalize medical marijuana,
2) to decriminalize marijuana use, and
3) to make its use completely legal.  

Legalizing marijuana is the key to
stopping the criminals from dominating governments,
not only here in the Unites States, but everywhere else as well.  








Legalizing marijuana
will cause an increase in crime.    

Exactly the opposite is true.   Over fifty percent (some statists say about seventy percent) of all crime is marijuana related.   Here's how to dramatically reduce crime:   Take the cash out of the cash crop!  

Legalizing marijuana will drop the price from about $375 per ounce to about $40 per ounce and make it available to any adult who wants it.   With low price and no customers, criminals would have to go elsewhere of get a legitimate job.  

How come nobody robs grocery stores to obtain alcohol.   Why isn't there a black market for beer?   Because those who want alcohol can buy it legally at a fair price.    






Marijuana is a gateway drug  -- 
Legalizing marijuana is slippery slope
leading to addiction to heroin, cocaine,
and to other extremely harmful drugs.   

The evidence (from places like Portugal and Holland) does not support this conclusion.   This argument is based on the logic called, "After, therefore because of."   

To declare that a sequence of events has an after therefore because of relationship (a cause and effect relationship)  without additional proof is fractured and faulty logic.  

If this logic were actually correct, then we should also prohibit the use other mind altering substances that commonly precede a person's addiction to cocaine, or  heroin, et cetera, but outlawing nicotine, and alcohol is neither reasonable nor possible.  

The real stepping stones to addictive behavior are nicotine and alcohol.   Nicotine tends to reduce one's ability to resist addiction.   Type "nicotine gateway drug" into any internet search engine and you'll find several research studies that reach this conclusion. 

As long as we're playing the after therefore because of game, what about milk?   How many hard core addicts have never drunk milk?   What about the misuse of dozens of legal drugs?   Do they lead to cocaine or heroin use?  

What causes so many corporate executive
to become addicted to Profits at Any Price  or
to become addicted to high stakes gambling
Perhaps we should outlaw unbridled corporate power.       







If marijuana and other
presently-illegal substances become legal,
more people will become drug addicts.   

The overwhelming evidence from places like Holland and Portugal prove this assertion to be completely false.  

The research findings of Doctor Gabor Mate indicate that the propensity to become addicted to something as an adult, is primarily a function fear and stress in early childhood.   When one adds teenage use of nicotine and alcohol to someone with excessive childhood fear and stress, you have an addict in the making.  







Legalizing marijuana will increase health risks.

Quite the opposite is true.   Because marijuana is still illegal, there are presently, no health and safety standard for the marijuana users or for other illegal drug users.    The marijuana that comes from illegal sources can have any number of dangerous chemical sprayed on it by the criminal, marijuana growers.  Legalization of marijuana will bring with it health and safety standards.   Hopefully, those standards will become informative and not dictatorial.   

This claim is often stated as    Smoking  marijuana is a health risks.    If you are buying marijuana on the illegal market, they are correct.   Why?   Because the act of putting anything into your body that you purchased on the illegal black market is a health risk.   If you buy something form a criminal, you have no idea what you are buying.   The dangers related to marijuana will be dramatically reduced by legalization.  

First, because production will have health and safety standards.   Second, marijuana legalization will bring with it an entirely new way to use marijuana.   The active ingredient, THC, will be separated from the multitude of other chemicals the the users take in by smoking marijuana.    The THC. will be ingested.   Smoking MJ will become archaic to those who have access to the pill, or tablet, or liquid drops, or in whatever new form in which  THC will become  available.   Health risks will then be only those related to ingesting THC.







The Morality Peddlers 
"We have a deeply-felt, moral obligation
not to make things worse."  

This attitude is based on the false assumption that legalizing marijuana will "make things worse."    To see the fallacy in this argument, all you have to do is look at the long list at the top of this page which describes the problems resulting from marijuana prohibition.   You might also examine the history of alcohol prohibition to see the absurdity of making fundamental Christian  morality into the law of the land.   Check the Internet,  There are hundreds of excellent descriptions and stories of that era.  

Apparently, the prohibitionists believe that there's something inherently evil about the recreational use of marijuana that not found in nicotine and alcohol, or in football, or in hockey or in a multitude of other violent and/or dangerous activities that are considered to be recreational pastimes.   Some would-be doo-goodres declare that marijuana is the "gateway to hell."

There isn't anything inherently evil in marijuana use, but even if there were, the prohibitionists still have no right to use police violence to control the private behavior of consenting adults.   We might ask them, "What's in you that makes you think your job is to control other people's lives?"   






Additional  Relevant Factors  








Richard ("I'm not a Crook") Nixon's Anti-Marijuana Paranoia

Nixon was the granddaddy of
extreme anti-marijuana  paranoia.   
Nixon was responsible for one of
the most destructive policies
ever to be put into federal law.   

The Nixon anti-marijuana paranoia is extreme and extensive.   
If you listen to or read about the Nixon Whitehouse tapes,
it soon becomes obvious the he was a homophobic,
anti-sexual, anti-marijuana, anti-Semite.  

According to his logic, Jews, promiscuous sex, drugs,
communists sympathizers, and homosexuals
were about to destroy America.  

Nixon's Presidential Commission on Marijuana: 
Nixon, created a presidential commission to determine
if marijuana should be made illegal.  
When the commission recommended its legalization,
he ignored the commission's findings and
created the anti-marijuana disaster
we are still experiencing today. 


Nixon's Presidential Commission on Pornography: 
Nixon, also created a presidential commission to determine
if pornography  should be made illegal.  
When the commission recommended its legalization,
he ignored the commission's findings. 


Quotes From Nixon:

       "All people who use drugs are aberrant, deviant, criminals
       and should be treated as such."  

       "Immorality, in general, is the enemy of a strong society." 

       "Communists and left wingers are pushing marijuana.  
       They're trying to destroy us."  


Was Nixon was one of the people
responsible for the murder of President Kennedy?  

Based on what I've read, heard, the context of the times, etc.
I'd say the likelihood is somewhere between
95% an98% yes.   

When you add the fact that the entire human population
was being, secretly controlled and manipulated
by off-planet beings whose intention was
to destroy most of humanity and
keep enough humans to use as slaves,
as food, and as victims in their torture chambers,
the answer goes to 100%    







The Illegal Drug World Depicted on Film   

For a glimpse into what keeping drugs illegal is doing to the world, see the feature length film titled “The Untouchables,"  about the prohibition of alcohol, staring Sean Connery.    Then multiply the criminal activity seen in that film by about ten thousand  --- change the date to today  ---  expand the setting from just the United Sates to a global setting  ---  and you have an excellent symbolic description of the present-day criminal activity that is directly funded by the billions of dollars from the sale of illegal drugs  ---  drugs that the public will buy even at outrageous prices. 







Why Marijuana Is Still Illegal  

***   Because when marijuana becomes legal, its price will be drastically reduced and those making huge profits in the present system will literally be out of business.  

***   When marijuana becomes legal, the criminal sanctions against its use will disappear, and need for the present, huge police and prison industry will be drastically reduced.  

***   Many people will switch from consuming alcohol to using marijuana.  This will cause profits from the sale of alcohol to be significantly reduced.

***   Some people who have never used an illegal drug will experience Marijuana, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, or one of the other spiritual awakening substances in the context of a spiritual journey under the watchful eye of a qualified guide, and they will come off their journey with an entirely different perspective on life.   They will see the absurdity of our present economic, religious, and political structures and will begin calling for significant changes.

***   Most of the people engaged in police and prison professions will be looking for new jobs.   The prison industry will shrivel to a tiny fraction of what it is today.   The need for police will also be drastically reduced.

***   The people who presently make millions of dollars every year supplying the anti-drug hardware and technology will loose a very profitable market.

***   The drug lords who own politicians will be out of business.

***    A major tool for political control and manipulation will cease to exist.   Governments will no longer be able to justify spending billions of dollars creating and supporting their (disguised) fascist police states.

***   The billions of dollars that are annually laundered and inserted into otherwise legal businesses will no longer be available.

***   As a  result of the combined effect of all the economic factors mentioned above, the present economic structure on the entire planet will be dramatically affected.







The Bottom Line   

The anti-Marijuana war is not about marijuana,
it's about money, political power, and
the intentional destruction of the American people.   

The marijuana prohibitionists are defending
their multi-billion-dollar source of secret money.  
Their history is filled with lies and failure.  
Their present success is based on  violence, 
intimidation, threats, blackmail, bribery, murder,
and financial payoffs.    

For those whose financial well-being is,
in one way or another, tied to prohibition,
their anti marijuana war is a success.  

But that success can only be for the short-term
because prohibition has a built in Crash & Burn.  
In the long-run, everybody loses.   

Here are the only two anti-marijuana argument
that actually makes any sense at all:  

1)  Because half past tomorrow will get you to
     the day before yesterday,  marijuana should remain illegal.   

2)  Because water is wet, therefore
     marijuana should remain illegal.






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