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Those Who Call Themselves Leaders in Our Milky Way  Galaxy 

Robert Cote', 
Creator and Director of FahZoom Town

I do not intend to be unnecessarily crud or disrespectful.  
I'm well aware that in my present situation,
I do not have complete access to your levels
of knowledge and understanding.  
So, if I am in error in the following assessment,
I am willing to be forgiven.  

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We Begin with the Most Obvious

I refer to the evidence
as seen from the perspective of an Earth-dwelling human.

I /We refer to those claiming to be in charge of
freeing humanity from the Cabal-controlled mind-prison.  

Here are the most blatantly obvious
examples of either deception or incompetence. 

***   It appears that a new set of criminals is
is being allowed to replace the old set of criminals. 
Here's  the evidence supporting that conclusion.  

***   The first thing a competent leader would do is
completely decriminalize marijuana.  

***   The second thing a competent leader would do is to
direct the army Corps of Engineers to
IMMEDIATELY begin emergency construction
of a storm surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait
in North San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay)   

***   The third thing a competent leadership would do is
to stop the weather manipulation (chem-trails in the sky)
that are destroying the western United States.    

***   The fourth thing that a competent leader would do is 
examine all nuclear facilities and find and eliminate
the intentional set-ups that are designed to 
"Accidently"  result in another  nuclear disaster.  

The Disaster in Japan gives us
tfour easy-to-see examples of
built-in disaster invitations:  
1)  Inadequate Storm surge Barriers,
2)  Three nuclear power plants contiguous, 
3)   Locating a nuclear power plants
       not only at sea level, but actually next to the ocean.  
4)   The criminals who created the problem
       are still in charge of pretending to cleaning  it up.  

There are numerous locations where
hazardous materials are intentionally not adequately secured. 

Nothing is being done here, either  


***   The fifth thing a competent leader would do is  
Remove the Criminals who control
the mainstream medial and
allow the truth
to freely expressed on television.


Do you recall "Radio Free Europe from past WWII?
a similar simplified version of that could
 start a massive wave of awakening. 



*   Are you incompetent?  
*   Are you secretly supporting the criminals you claim to oppose? 
*   Are you secretly mind-controlled by demonic forces 

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><> 

Now  here's the Ultimate in lies

or in incompetence

What I see and what I have been experiencing
for the past 75 years  here on Earth is
in my opinion
incredibly stupid and self centered
on the part of those 
who claim to be wiser than the rest of us and
claim the title of leaders.  

***   Is it correct that Source/Creator/ God-Goddess
 has gifted ALL of us free will.  
***   Is it correct that we are all instructed
          to Honor the Prime Directive, Thou Shall NOT Violate!
***   Is it correct that Source . . . has ordained us to provide for each other
          to the best of our ability.    

***   Does it make sense to give rapist and murders
           the free will to Rape, Pillage, and Plunder?  

You have allowed a  cancer/parasite  
to grow inside of our collective body
for at least hundreds of centuries. 

It took self-interest and fear to wake you up to realize that
*   the cancer/parasite was deadly,
*   that it threatened your own lives.  
Fear is one of the things that you,
as our so-called leaders, tell us to avoid,

You acted only when
it was in your own, personal self-interest to do so. 
Shame on you!  
You chide our shortcomings and refuse to see your own.  

It's blind hypocrites
leading the innocent, the unschooled, the naïve, 
the heavily mind-controlled prisoners of planet Earth  
on a journey, eons long, of grief and misery.


You claim that you asked us
if we wanted your assistance
and you claim that you were turned  down.  
That is a gross lie!  

You asked the genetically altered
heavily min-controlled minions
who take orders form the Lizzerdz and the A I,  Arkons. 

You asked the prison guards and the slave owners.  

You have asked sick, sadistic, psychopathic,
rapists, torturers, and murderers.    



If the above assessments are true, you are as ignorant as
we are as a collective species of humans on Earth.  
We have had the universe's greatest con artists
altering our genetic make up and 
controlling our brains for about 30,000 years.  
What's your excuse?   

For at least the past 30,000 years
the galactic leadership
has allowed a cancer to grow among us.  
As our so-called leaders, you
sit on your thumbs and do nothing
until the cancer threatens you personally.  
That is pure, self centered bull Sheiyt.  
We hear your excuse,
"We cannot violate the prime directive."  

Are you brain dead?  
Are you mindless robots acting
under the control of others ? 

If not, then,
answer, please, these questions.  
You, as a parent, do you Llove your children? 
Imagine one of your children,
perhaps your nine-year-old daughter.  
Imagine that she is about to be gang-raped and tortured
by a mob of rapists and murders.  
At sunset, they intend to murder her and
eat her body at dinner.  
Now, please tell me about
how the Prime Directive
is going to influence you reaction
to your daughter's situation?  
Are you going to do nothing?

You have done  nothing  for thousands of years
while our sons and daughters
are raped, tortured and murdered!  
Why, we ask?  
You tell us that to stop the rapists and murderers
would interfere with their free will.  
30,000 years of hundreds of millions,
perhaps even billions of rapes and murders
and you do nothing because you claim that
taking action would violate the Prime Directive?   

I hear one of you ask, "Can you do better?" 
I respond and say, "Could I do worse?" 

You claim you fought the evil ones,
but could not defeat them.  
You defy the rules of reality -
To fight something is to feed it and
give it your life force energy. 
Why did you choose to support
that which you claimed to oppose.  

Again you defy the universal rules -
Nothing can exist in your reality
unless you put it there.   
So how did the evil ones get into our collective reality?  
You put them there.  

Get Real!
The Con is all over!  
You have been exposed!    

Is there not one among you who can figure out
how to deal with the violators of the Prime Directive
without you, yourselves, violating the prime directive.  

The Incredibly simple solution is for
all who incarnate in physical form
(such as here on planet Earth)
to simply and collectively declare
The Diarrhea Solution (The Poop Solution)
to be a part of their reality: 

I herby willingly declare that:

All who break the Prime Directive, including myself,
shall be immediately subject to Law of Diarrhea.   
The severity and the duration of the diarrhea
shall be in direct correlation
to the severity of the violation. 
I direct that The Law of Diarrhea is the irrefutable law of
my personal reality and of our collective reality.

Because, in such a collective reality,
violations produce immediate consequences,
the violators will, of their own choosing, simply stay away.  

You give violators a choice:  
They, along with others of like mind,
are invited to create and live in a world in which
the Prime directive does not apply. 

A Message to All Who Would
                       Violate the Prime Directive:

If you choose to live in a reality of your own creation
where  the Prime Directive does not apply to you
or anyone else in your freely chosen reality,
that is you right of free will to do so in your own world.  

We again remind you that
all the other Laws of the Universe continue. 
They are are still in effect.

You are hereby notified that 
if you attempt to violate the Prime Directive
in any of our realities,
We shall respond using your rules.  
You will experience the return onto yourself
of every act of violence that you commit.  

You will personally experience all the grief misery and suffering
that you caused others to experience.  
You will experience
all the negative energy that you caused others
You will experience it as your own self-felt pain.

Also be aware that every act of violation that you engage in
will be a message from you saying
"Please apply  The Law Of Diarrhea to me,
right now, immediately.

Remember, this is your free-will choice.   
Nobody is forcing you into our reality. 
You enter of your own free will with full knowledge of
how our reality functions. 
If you enter any our realities,  
your acts of violation will produce
immediate consequences for you.

To violate is to be violated. 
Not later.  Not in your next life, but NOW!  
Not hidden behind closed doors or time delays but
open karmic retribution where it is immediate
and it can be easily seen.  

Realize that to enter our reality,
is not to challenge us.  
It is to challenge the powers of The Ultimate Source of Creation,
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess, Herself.  

And one other thing, we direct Source Creator/ God-Goddess
to completely bath you in Llove
at all times, everywhere, inside of and
outside of time and space.  

<><><>   <><><>

Again Speaking to the Galactic  Leadership:
For minor violations, why has
The Diarrhea Solution (The Poop Solution)  
not occurred to any of you? 

Instead you sip the elixirs of your personal joy and
watch as literally billions of your fellow divine beings
are rapped, tortured, and murdered.

*   Rapists, torturers, and murderers and the vilest of being
      are allowed to roam freely.  
*   They are allowed to do as the will to us (humans on planet earth).
*   They are allowed to rape, torture, and murder our children.   
*   You respond only when your own self interest is threatened.  
This is, in my not-so- humble opinion,
incredibly stupid, self-centered, and arrogant.  

If you find me offensive, I direct you to incarnate
into the reality where none honor the Prime Directive.  

If you are so mindless or mind controlled that you
cannot learn form the misery or others, 
I invite you to enter the physical form world and
be raped, tortured, and murdered a few dozen times.  
Perhaps then, you'll wake up and
Do for others as they would be done onto.   
We are our brother's and our sister's helpmates and protectors.  

<><><>   <><><>

Consider who and what we are and
the Context in which we find ourselves: 

As God-beings:  
*   We are the co-creators of the Prime Directive.  
*   We are co-interpreters of its meaning,
      its intent, and how it should be administered.   
*   We are also co-administrators of the Prime Directive.  
We are at choice.  
Nobody, including Source, Herself, 
is commanding us to do or not to do. 
Consciousness, Conscience, Compassion, and
above all, Llove are our only guidelines.  
What comes first,  Llove or the Prime directive?  

I stand before my fellow God-Beings and ask: 
      "Have I willfully and intentionally violated the Prime Directive?  
      Violators of the Prime directive entered my reality and
      I gave them three choices,
      *   Abide by our reality's Laws,   
      *   Leave now, or
      *   immediately experience the consequences of your violations. 
The would be violators who refused options one and two,
experienced diarrhea so severe that it killed them.  
They freely chose their path, and thus, 
they died by their own choice.  

<><><>   <><><> 

We are creating and entering a new reality,   
a reality in which the rules and laws of
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess
are the only protection required.  

In a reality where people understand
The Nature of Reality,
there are no victims,
only unconscious creators.  
Under those conditions and circumstances,
if we experience violations, the
violators and the violations
are of our own creations.  

<><><>   <><><>   <><><>   <><><>

Again, I Remind you. 
(See the Top of this Document)  

***  Decriminalize marijuana.  NOT DONE!

***   Build storm surge barrier NOT DONE!

***   Stop weather manipulation.   NOT DONE! 

***   Examine nuclear facilities and find and eliminate
the intentional set-ups   NOT DONE!

***   Secure hazardous materials   NOT DONE!

***   Free the mainstream media.   NOT DONE!


Are you incompetent or
are some of you secretly supporting 
the criminals you claim to oppose,
while others simply play sheep?   

<><><>   <><><>

Here's an Additional Factor to Consider:  
The Law of Correspondence tells us that
a pattern that shows up on one part of reality
can also be found in other parts.  

Thus, finding secret con artists in Earth plane reality
tells us that the galactic controllers,
are themselves, in some way, being lied to, conned,
manipulated, and secretly controlled. 
So, instead of  pointing attention
to our lack of awareness, consider
cleaning up your own mess.

<><><>   <><><>

Perhaps, as part of the cosmic transformation,
it's time for you to resign from your positions of leadership and
request that all who have been violated  elect their own leaders.  

We request that you turn control of
all collective inter-planetary organizations
over to the New generation.  
The Generation of Aquarius.  

Rev.  Robert Cote, 
Creator and Director of FahZoom Town  







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