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Schumann Resonance is the name for the measuring system
which measures the rate at which the Earth vibrates.  
It's measured in cycles per  second.  
Instead of saying cycles per second,
scientists use the term Hertz,  aka  Hz.  

Think of this rate of vibration as
the pulse, the heart beat of planet Earth. 

In 1952, when this phenomenon was first discovered
the rate of vibration was 7.83 Hz.     
In 2016, the Earth is vibrating at an average rate of 10 Hz.  

In some locations where there is
war, fighting, struggle,  and strife
the rate is much lower.   
In other locations it is much higher that 10 Hz.   

For hundreds of years, monks in a Tibetan Monastery 
have been meditating to keep this vibration steady
against the destruction, the wars and
the turmoil caused by humans.   

The monks have moved to a secret location to Chile.  
The Earth's rate of vibration at that monastery
is presently (June 2016)  about 35Hz.  

Why is this important? 
Because to stay alive on planet Earth,
all life forms, including humans must vibrate
in harmony with the Earth.  

This rate of vibration is directly tied into
the planetary transformations that are presently occurring,
not only on Earth, but in the entire galaxy. 

Let us set the context by briefly describing
some of the basic facts of life on planet Earth
and then tell you how you can adjust
your personal rate of vibration
to match the vibration rate to the monks in Chile. 

This will amplify all the positive aspects of your life. 
It's also an answer to the question: 
What can I do to help change the world?  

Also, understand that the old
third dimension beliefs and
your old ways of thinking
require you to let go of them.   
In other words, unlearn just about everything
you ever learned.    Why?  
Because life is not
what you've been led to believe it is
by those who claimed to know.    




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+++   The Context We Live In    

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  The Context We Live In 



Take a few minutes to examine
a very brief description of

The Four Most Basic Facts of Life

+++   The Unity of Everything       

+++   Humans Are Eternal God-Beings     

+++   We Live in a Holographic Universe    

+++   Observer Created & Observer Controlled Reality    








Schumann Resonance - Lucia Rene'  


Notes  about
Audio Recording   
Lucia Rene'  
Ascension Game Changer 
May 22, 2016  


*   Schumann Resonance  
*   Earth's Transition form carbon to crystalline form     

*   Human body's transition form carbon to crystalline form  
*   Assisting people and assisting the Earth
     in this transition by tuning your body and your home 
     to match he Earth's vibration rate.  

As you probably already know,
the Earth is a conscious, living being. 
In spiritual circles, she is known as Gaia and as
Sacred Mother Earth.  

The Earth is ascending (increasing) 
in her vibration rate.  
All life-forms on the Earth
must also raise their rate of vibration,
die, or leave the planet.  

This, in and of itself, is putting an end to
all low vibration beings who have been violating
Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's
Prime Directive - Thou Shall NOT Violate!  

When we reach the higher vibrations,
the violators will simply not be able to reach us. 
Thus, to end all violations, we need only to
become higher vibrational beings.  

The Cosmic Transformation is
NOT about doing something and then getting a result.  
It's about being someone and
allowing the universe to
match your vibration in its physical form.  

Source/ Creator God-Goddess is the ultimate power . 
I stand in my own power as a God-being in physical form.  

You asked: "What can I do to help?" 
Well, here's one of the simplest and
most helpful things you can do.  
Aligning yourself with
the highest vibrational rate of Earth.  
Even if you used to be part of the problem,
you can now become part of the solution.  

This page and the audio recording of Lucia Rene'
(see the link at the top of the page)
will explain how to make the shift.  


We live in Source/Creator/ God-Goddess's Holograph Universe.
We call our present holograph,  planet Earth.
Everything  that is perceived to be physical
is actually a rate of vibration.  

Although it is perceived to be physically real
by our five physical senses, it is actually a mind construct
created by who and what we really are.    
We are much more than physical bodies.
We are non-physical, Divine God-Beings


Our first and simplest job is to increase our vibration rate
to match the Earth's vibration rate.  (described below)

Our second job is to let go of our old ways of thinking and being. 
Let go of anger, fear and other negative thinking.  
Let go of obsolete emotional and belief baggage
For how to do our second job, go to www.TLC333.com





Earth is being slowed down
in her ascension process
because there are numerous areas on Earth
where the collective consciousness is very negative. 

It's also being slowed 
by all the negative activities of those controlling
and/or manipulating society.  

Examples of this include:
microwaves from WiFi, cell phone towers,
chem-trails in the sky, fluoride in toothpaste and
in our drinking water.  

The negative activity is intentionally being done
to limit the ascension
of both humans and the Earth itself.  
Why is this being done? 
Because the dark negative energy being cannot survive
on the Earth at its higher vibration rate.  

If we, as individuals, raise our personal vibration rate,
we help ourselves, we assist the Earth and
we speed up the overall transformation rate.  

Original vibration rate was 7.83 Hz. 
In 2016 it's on average about 10 Hz.  
In some places the rate of vibration is much lower,
and in other places it's much higher.  

For example, where fighting is still going on
in the Middle East, it's at 1 Hz.   
In New York,  where the Earth is covered with
cement, with  pavements, and with buildings and
where cell phones are everywhere and
WiFi technology is very high,  
the vibration rate is 5 Hz.  

In Chile, where monks are meditating for the purpose of
holding the Earth's vibration rate high, 
the rate of vibration is about 27 Hz.  

When we examine our non-physical  spiritual selves,
our level of consciousness determines
the rate of our spiritual vibration. 
Chaos, confusion, and negative emotion
lowers our vibration rate.  
Peace, harmony, and Llove raise our vibration rate. 

In the human body, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland
are the command centers of the spiritual aspects
of a human being.   

The Earth also has a command center for its kundalini energy.
That center has been moved from Tibet to Chile.  
The Tibetan monks in this new monestary in Chile
send out a frequency into the electromagnetic grids
around the Earth.  

This anchors the Earth's kundalini energy and
greatly assists the transformations that are occurring
in the Earth  and in the human population.  

Our 12 strands of DNA are being reactivated.  
Our bodies are shifting from a carbon base
to a  crystalline base.  





An anti-negativity filter has recently been put in place
so that the people who choose ascension can tap into it.  
The non-physical Divine Beings who are assisting
in the ascension of the Earth, our spirit guides, et cetera, 
have been asked to create a filter that
allows the people and the Earth to continue to evolve, and
at the same time, filters out the low vibration, negative energy. 

The filter has been placed in, through, and around the Earth
to nullify , cancel out, and return to source
all man-made and natural, non-beneficial interference
with the transition process.  
The filter is designed to limit all dark / negative energy
no matter what form that energy takes. 

We encourage you to listen to the YouTube Audio recording
(linked to at the top of this page)
to learn more about this filter. 
The bottom line is that with the filter now in place,
the highest, Earth vibration rate
jumped up significantly to 35Hz.  





Here's where you come in
and where you can increase
your personal rate of vibration
to match the highest rate on the planet. 
You can also do this for your residence.  

This will amplify all the positive aspects of your life. 
It's also an easy answer to the question: 
What can I do to help change the world?  

Sit quietly and make the following declaration:  

Source/ Creator, I declare myself to be in alignment with
the anti-negativity filter (described above) and that
I function in harmony with it.  

Source/ Creator, I declare that my internal Schumann Resonance
to be directly connected to the Earth's highest
Schumann Resonance in Chile.  

Source/ Creator, please do so to whatever degree is optimal
for my personal evolution.  
Please adjust my personal Schumann Resonance
in whatever time frame (rate of change) that
is optimal for my highest evolution.  
Let all this be done with grace and ease.    

Source/ Creator, I declare that my property, my residence, my home
to be directly connected to the Earth's highest
Schumann Resonance in Chile.  

Source/ Creator, please do so to whatever degree is optimal
for my personal evolution.  
Please adjust my property/ my home's  Schumann Resonance
in whatever time frame (rate of change) that
is optimal for my highest evolution.  
Let all this be done with grace and ease.    

Source/ Creator, please adjust this connection
in whatever way is optimal for all living on the property,
so that the increase in my vibration rate
affects me in the optimum ways
and at the same time, allows
others who reside on property,
in my home, apartment, et cetera,
to be and have their own response.  

Source/ Creator, please continue to adjust
my rate of vibration to rise
to match
the highest rate on the planet 
as anchored by the monks in Chile.    


I also ask this for my spiritual vibration.
The spiritual vibration rate
of average person is about 500 Hz.
For those on the spiritual path,
the rate is  2,000 to 3,000 Hz. and
for some, its as high as 6, 000 Hz.   

If others can do it, you and I can do it, too. 
Ask to connect to where
the highest Earth's kundalini is anchored.  
Declare that level to also be anchored where you are. 

Acknowledge this connection daily.  


To connect to Lucia Rene': 

To connect to  Rev. Cote' 








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In 1952 German physicist Professor W.O.Schumann of the Technical University of Munich began attempting to answer whether or not the earth itself has a frequency — a pulse. His assumption about the existence of this frequency came from his understanding that when a sphere exists inside of another sphere there is an electrical tension that is created.   Since the negatively charged earth exists inside the positively charged ionosphere, there must be tension between the two, giving the earth a specific frequency.   Following his assumptions, through a series of calculations he was able to land upon a frequency he believed was the pulse of the earth. This frequency was 10hz. 


It wasn’t until 1954 that Schumann teamed up with another scientist (Herbert König) and confirmed that the resonance of the earth maintained a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This discovery was later tested out by several scientists and confirmed.   Since then The Schumann Resonance has been the accepted term used scientifically when one is looking to describe or measure the pulse or heartbeat of the earth.

Even though the existence of the Schumann Resonance is an established scientific fact, there remain few scientists who fully understand the importance of this frequency as it relates to life.   In the 1920’s another German scientist, Hans Berger, built an EEG machine himself which led to the first ever recording of frequency transmitted by the brain. While this was a profound discovery on its own, it is when we link it to the Schumann resonance that we see an even more profound truth.

Dr. Anker Mueller, a colleague of Hans Berger, stumbled across Schumann’s published research results in the journal Technische Physik. Upon reading Schumann’s results about the earth’s frequency, Dr. Anker Mueller was astonished to discover that the frequency of the earth was an exact match with the frequency of the human brain. Herbert König, who became Schumann’s successor at Munich University, discovered and further demonstrated a clear link between Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms. He compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of the environment (1979) and found that the main frequency produced by Schumann oscillations is extremely close to the frequency of alpha rhythms.  

Research carried out by E. Jacobi at the University of Dusseldorf showed that the absence of Schumann waves creates mental and physical health problems in the human body. Professor R.Wever, from the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Erling-Andechs, began a study where he built an underground bunker that completely screened out magnetic fields. He then got student volunteers and had them live in the bunker for four weeks where they were hermetically sealed in this environment. Throughout the four weeks, Professor Wever noted that the student’s circadian rhythms diverged and that they suffered emotional distress and migraine headaches. Considering that they were young and healthy, no serious health conditions presented — which likely would not have been the case with older people or people with compromised immune systems. Wever then added the Schumann frequency back into the environment and the results were astonishing. After only a brief exposure to 7.8 Hz (the frequency which he had been screening out), the volunteer’s health stabilized. This demonstrated a direct link between humans and their connection with the pulse of the earth. This was later confirmed in 2011 by Luke Montanye who stumbled upon a discovery during research of water memory.

We go back to the statement that all life must come from life. This life was always believed to come from material forms like egg and sperm or spore and cell division.   The professor showed that DNA sequences communicate with each other via frequency.   Further, he was able to show that the frequency communication was so advanced that it was able to organize nucleotides, which are the ingredients that make up DNA, in such a way that it could make brand new DNA. While other previous studies were able to show this, Montanye did something different that no other study had done. He removed all DNA from the water and introduced a frequency. That frequency was 7.38 Hz, Schumann Resonance. When introduced, the test tubes were producing new DNA helixes. When the frequency was not present, no new DNA formed. Thus we have a link between Schumann Resonance and the creation of life.

Even though Schumann Resonance could be confirmed by measurements at the time of discovery, it is now much harder to detect that resonance due to the fact that our atmosphere is now heavily inundated with manmade radiation and various frequencies. This suggests that our wireless technologies of today are drowning out the natural signal our mental and physical body requires to function in a healthy way. Could this be a link to the increase in cancer cases over the past few decades? Considering the importance of the Schumann Resonance as it relates to health and the creation of life, one would assume our energetically polluted air space is certainly not helping.






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