30    Creating FahZoom Town:   Homes, Farms, and Organic Foods     14  June  2016  




Phase Two of

FahZoom Town:


Homes, Farms, and Organic Foods



What Are We Doing



We are creating the nation's first
self sufficient,
financially free
based on the four basic princes of reality: 

Everything Is Part of a Single, Unified Whole     
Humans Are Eternal God-Beings       
We Live in a Holographic Universe   
Humans Are Great Creators      .

Creating Homes, Farms, and Organic Foods
is phase two of creating FahZoom Town. 

It is our intention to create a role model of
a We-The-People owned and managed community,
the first of its kind in the entire country.  

All residents will have their own private living space. 
We will also have a central kitchen which will
provide home grown, organic food
for all residence
(and their families)
who participate in creating FahZoom Town.  

We will have products and services
that will generate funds to purchase what we require
that we do not create for ourselves and
to continue building FahZoom Town.  

From this small beginning,
slowly and with grace and ease,
we will build our entire town.  

Our success here will demonstrate the future of humanity. 





Why?  Why Are We Doing This


We, the creators of FahZoom Town
are changing our personal worlds. 
We are manifesting our own dreams.

We not only believe that it's possible,
we know that it's possible. 
Using Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
not only possible, it's relatively easy.    

Others will see that
we have manifested our visions
of a community in which
freedom, joy, and abundance
are for everyone.   

Many will rightly say,
"If they can do it, we can, too." 

When they follow our example,
the direction that the world is going
will change on its own,
and all we did was realize and
build our own community, a community
based on these four, basic 
Fifth Dimension Rules of Reality

Everything Is Part of a Single, Unified Whole     

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings        .

We Live in a Holographic Universe  

Humans Are Great Creators      .

We are creating a community
suitable for God-Beings to live in.  
What's a God-Being
That's you and me and every other human
on the entire plant. 


Learning these principles and
learning how to apply them to our lives
NOT a magic act.  
It's NOT an instantaneous transformation. 
It's an evolutionary process that,
like other aspects of personal growth,
changes occur step at a time. 
Learning how to consciously and intentionally
make these changes 
is what Part One of FahZoom Town is all about. 

I have simply taken enough steps and
had enough personal experiences
that I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that the above four facts of life are real.  

We are all evolving, including you.  
The only difference between us is that
I stepped onto the path of
personal transformation before you did.   

If you are like millions of others,
you are probably saying: 
"I'd like to help, but I don't know
what I can  do

that will make a difference. 

Here the Answer:  
Study, learn, understand, and
apply to your life the above
basic  Fifth Dimension Rules of Reality:
You are going to have to learn them anyway,
so, by starting right now will speed up
everybody's transition into
Fifth Dimension Consciousness. 

If you want to help, this is by far, the best way to help! 
The transformation begins with consciousness. 
Once you begin to wake up, you will know how to
stop supporting the present,
Cabal-criminal-controlled system
There is no need to march in the streets. 
That's actually counterproductive. 

<><><>    <>

If you want to take back control of your own life, 
If you want to work as part of a team
that owns everything it produces 
If you share our vision,
you are invited to join us
(physically or as an affiliate)
as we build FahZoom Town.    

Contact Information is
at the bottom of this page      

1 - Why Are We Doing This





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Why Are We Doing This    

Concept Summary        



Answers to Basic Questions   

Where Will the Money Come From       

We Wait For No One  


About Creating with Consciousness    

About the Project's Creator   

Our Door Is Always Open   





R. F.  18-04-01




Greenhouse Farming offers huge advantages.

The Marriage of Technology and Farming
Up-t0-date computer program is available
Computer technology
Climate is always controlled
Automatic watering with nutrients in the water.
Pest control with automatic organic garlic spray
Add Sounds  music chanting  whatever the plants respond to
Uses closed loop  watering system
     results in 80% less water that open farming.
No poisonous water runoff to contaminate nearby water flows.
Don't require farming training to grow food

With Greenhouse technology
      formerly seasonal foods
      can be available all year long

Significantly less land required  
      About one third of that required by traditional methods
Avoid crop damages by sudden weather anomalies 
Almost any location
Year around planting --  Year around harvesting
Significant pest elimination  

Role model:  
Go Green Agriculture, Inc.
495 Saxony Rd, Encinitas,
CA 92024 ||

Pierre Sleiman Jr.  CEO

               Picture from      Go Green Agriculture, Inc.

Go Green Agriculture








Orchards       Vegetable Gardens,
Milk & Egg production            Hemp Productions



On our property, FahZoom Town:
*   We intend to have fruit orchards, and vegetable gardens. 
*   We intend to have cows for milk and chickens for eggs.  

When Hemp becomes legal 
(This is about hemp and NOT marijuana.)

we intend to have a large area 
for growing hemp
the facilities to turn the hemp
into numerous products.       

Our intention is to have
a complete team to create and manage
all agricultural requirements.      

We choose to have on our team
several  skilled and knowledgeable people
who will be our farm team.
They will create, and manage all our farming activities. 

If you choose to become part of FahZoom Town,
you will have a home for you and your family. 
You will have your share of all food products produce on our farm.   

We will grow at least three times the food we require
for the residents of Fahzoom Town.  
Excess will be sold and all fahzoom Town residents
will receive a portion of the proceeds.  


Please remember,
this is a Fifth Dimension pilot project creation
You will NOT be an employee.  
We-The-People own Fahzoom Town.  
When you join us you are one of We-The-People.   

<><><>  <><><>

From our perspective, it does NOT matter
who you believe you are.
Attributes such as age, gender, race, religion,
sexual preferences, and where you live,  are all irrelevant. 

What does matter is what's inside of you.  
What matters is that you understand
and /or are willing to learn
the four major pieces of knowledge,
regarding The Nature of Reality.  

Unity of Everything     

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings        .

We Live in a Holographic Universe  

Humans Are Great Creators      .

3  - Agriculture 





  Answers to Basic Questions 



Project Name / Title  
Creating Phase Two oSZoom Town: 
       Homes, Farms, and Organic Foods.  

The Context In Which This Project Exists     
This is Part Two of Creating FahZoom Town.  

FahZ00m Town is made up of
five independent, intimately-interconnected,
fully-functional, joy-enhancing, social-service organizations.  

Each piece is designed to support and be, in some way,
a part of the other four.   

FahZoom  Town is being created step at a time.  
Each part, each phase of our project
is an addition to the phase that came before. 
For example, part two includes everything in part one.  
Part three includes everything in parts one and two.

The five parts of FahZoom Town are:     
1)   Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center
2)   FahZoom Town - Homes, Farms, and Organic Food
3)   FahZoom Town - Hemp farming - Hemp Products     
4)   Nice Play Park    
5)   Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA    

At this time, we are focused on phase Two.   

Name of the Project Creator:    

Robert Cote', 
Creator and Director of The Life Center,
a California-based, non-profit organization
that he established in 1972.  

Project Location: 
We are considering two areas in Northern California.  
(1)   North of Santa Rosa,  from Solano County
        north into Mendocino County.  
(2)  On the western slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains. 
       The exact location has not yet been determined.  

The property must be a minimum of
500 feet above sea level. 

Alternate Locations:
We are open to the idea that
a better location may show up.
When a site shows up that is 
more ideal in terms of location, conditions,
circumstances, financial considerations, et cetera,
we will accept that alternate option.   


What is the Projects Intention?

We (the creators of FahZoom Town)
are changing our personal worlds. 
We are manifesting our dreams.  
We not only believe that it's possible. 
We know it's possible.    

Others will see that
we have manifested our vision
of a community in which
freedom, joy, and abundance
are for everyone.   

Many will rightly say,
"If they can do it, we can, too." 
When they follow our example,
the direction the world is going
will change on its own,
and all we did was realize and
build our own community, a community
based on these four realizations:

Unity of Everything     

Humans Are Eternal God-Beings        .

We Live in a Holographic Universe  

Humans Are Great Creators      .

We are creating a community
for God-Beings to live in.  
What's a God-Being
That's you and me and every other human
on the entire plant.  

*   If you want to take back control of your own life, 
*   If you want to work as part of a team
     that owns everything it produces     

*   If you share our vision,
     you are invited to join us
     (physically or as an affiliate)
     as we build FahZoom Town.    

What Are the Projects Physical Objectives?

Our objective is to build a role model community, 
an independent, self-sustaining,
multi-service community
based upon a new understanding of
how the universe functions. 
We are creating the World's first
Fifth Dimension community.    

Our specific intentions for the
FahZoom Town Homes, Farms and Organic Food
portion of FahZoom Town are: 

1)   To provide a physical home out of which our
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center 
can become a major player
in teaching people about
Who and What They Are  
how to deal with the in-process
social, political, financial, religious,
and environmental changes
that are replacing the old, dysfunctional,
third dimension structures.   

2)   To produce organic food
for all FahZoom Town residents.  

Our goal is to start simple and
become food-self sufficient as quickly as is practical.  

FahZoom Town Farms will produce more than enough
fruits, vegetable, eggs, and dairy product and the like
to supply organic, toxic-free food
for every resident in the entire town
and leave a significant excess to be sold at profit.   

3)   To Begin Shipping Container Conversions  
into individual living units so that
all residents have their own private living space.  

These are standard 20 foot shipping containers
like you see going by on the streets and highways
converted into compact living units
kitchens or bathrooms.  

We have designs and a construction engineer
waiting to begin converting  shipping containers
into private living and sleeping spaces
for all FahZoom Town residents,
`For overnight accommodations for tourists,
`For sale to those who want
   an inexpensive addition to their property  and
`For Phase Five,
  emergency use by Safe-Haven Rescue.   

4)   To Create the first part of our
Multi-Service Central Kitchen Facility
The kitchen will serve food for FahZoom Town Residents. 
It's designed to later expand to also be a restaurant and
eventually to be a part of Phase Five   
emergency use by Safe-Haven Rescue.  

5)   To Create a Central Shower and Toilet Facilities   
for FahZoom Town Residents.  
It will have several rooms similar to
normal home bathrooms.  

6)   To set the stage for phase three
of the FahZoom Town project,
Hemp Farming and Hemp Product Production   


How Many People Will Be Required: 
The Number of people will grow as the project evolves. 
As we explained at the beginning of this document,
we have no intention of jumping into something
that is way beyond our capacity to accomplish.  
We have two of us working at this full time now. 
A logical next step would be to raise that number to six. 

Two people to set up our computer systems ,
     Internet connection, and everything technical.   
     They will handle everything related to
     media and product promotion,
     setting up seminars, arranging interviews and the like.   

Two people to focus on the farming/ gardening
     to provide home grown food and
     to research the possibilities and potential of
     hemp growing and hemp-product production
     (This is Hemp, NOT marijuana)    

Plus my wife, Ryce and myself.  
     We will be the primary guides, teachers, way showers
     for people seeking to reach
     Fifth Dimension Consciousness

Once we become functional with our six-person team,
we will know where to go from there.    

In order to avoid over-reaching our capacity,
we are taking the  Kaizen-Step-at-Time  approach. 
Once we reach the level of sustainable existence,
we will expand from there.      

As more funding and more of the physical pieces of
the FahZoom Town project manifest,
additional people will be involved. 
At the moment, we are in the beginning stages.


Is There Anything Special or Unique Required? 

No.  Everything physical we require already exists.  
We are simply putting things together in ways
that have never been successfully done before.    

As new technologies become available,
we will apply them to our project in whatever ways
are deemed most appropriate.   

What Is Required For Our Next Step? 

Phase one, our
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program,
is already functioning at its basic initial level of existence.  
Having a fully functional home
will provide the space to expand the program
into its fully functional level.  

What is required at this time is:  
***  A farm property with a large, functional home on it,  
***   A dependable automobile, 
         such as a Dodge Grand Caravan or
         any other similar style vehicle,  
***   A group of people who understand or are willing to learn
        the basics of Fifth Dimension Consciousness,  and
***   Start-up funding.            


How Much Money Is Required?             Money   Money Required
That will depend upon how big our next step is. 
Here are two possibilities: 


Simple Basics: 
***   The use of a suitable property provided free or
        funding to lease a property, including money
        to cover all costs related to the property
       for up to two years.  

***   A dependable minivan,
         such as a Dodge Grand Caravan
         or other similar style vehicle.

***   Money to pay a fair salary to all six team members.  

***   Money to pay for computers and
         everything else required for our
         Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program

***   Money required for everything related to growing food.  

We estimate that $490,000 will provide the Simple Basics.


Fully Functional Phase Two: 

We estimate that $1,900,000 will provide for
the purchase a home base and
whatever is required to make phase one
(Fifth Dimension consciousness Training Center
and phase two

FahZoom Town Homes, Farms, and Organic Foods   

into their basic functional states of being.  

This includes the purchase of a property suitable
for creating option two:   O
ur Pilot Project --
Creating a Mini-Version of  Fahzoom Town.  
The goal here is to learn by experience
what will be required to create
the Full version of FahZoom Town.

Ideally, we would like to create our pilot project
on the same property on which
the full version of FahZoom Town will later be built, 
however this will require an expanded budget -
expanded to accommodate higher price of a larger property,
funding more in the range of $3,500,000.

Essentially, we are seeking start up funding
for the acquisition of a physical facility.  
Once established, our combined projects
will easily become financially, self supporting.  


What Financial Returns Are Expected? 

That will depend upon how much of and how quickly
our infrastructure is created.   
As the project expands so will the income it produces.    

The overall project is designed to become
the producer of multi-millions of dollars in income. 

FahZoom Town facilities
are designed for multiple uses.  

For example, our emergency food service facility
will co-exist with and be part of
the income producing bed and breakfast facility.  
The overnight aspect of the bed and breakfast
will also serve as temporary shelters
for people displaced from their homes by an emergency. 

Profits we generate will depend upon
what infrastructures we create.  

Also, the value of providing organically grown food
for all FahZoom Town residence, and
the health benefits  thereof
cannot be measured in terms of money.  

For team member who choose to
most of the time, avoid preparing their own food,
already prepared food will be available
via our multiple-use kitchen facility.  

Please remember that shelter and food
are provide to all FahZoom Town residents
as part of their rewards for the services that they provide.   


        Control   Control  

Who Is In Control?  
Where will the Profits Go

The property will be held, owned, and
managed by We-The-People, a non-government and
a non-big business legal structure.
That legal structure will be created and managed
by FahZoom Town residence.  

All profits will be used to expand the property, and
to pay a generous financial rewards and other benefits
to all FahZoom Town Residence
who participate in creating FahZoom Town and its products.  

There will be absolutely NO high salaried executives or
any one else usurping funds
from the FahZoom Town Project.   

Until the We-The-People organization is officially created,
The Life Center
, a California based, state and
federally recognized, non-profit organization
will act as the coordinating, legal entity.  


Contact Information:

Robert Cote'
11589 La Grange Road       
Jamestown, CA 95327


The address of this page  is:

Write your donation checks to "The Life Center." 
Mail them to Robert Cote' 
at the address above. 

Thank you!       

4    Answers to Basic Questions   






Where Will the Money Come From?


Q      Where will the money come from to pay for all this?  

Updated Answer:
Money   -- Death of Money -- Overview

Original Answer
A      There are two separate, unique and
completely different answers to this question - 

There's the third dimension answer and
the Fifth Dimension answer.  
I'll give you a piece of each answer here
and then refer you to the page titled:   Let's Talk Money.   

The Third Dimension Answer:  
As part of creating Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA
we will build the complex as a multiple use facility.
In normal times, it will be income producing property,  
and in emergency times, it will serve those rendered homeless
by a disaster such as a fire, flood, or an earthquake.  

Here are just two examples:
The residence structure can also serve as a hotel - motel.  
The kitchen facilities will also serve as a restaurant. 
The facilities, themselves,  are/will bring in
more than sufficient money to pay for everything.  

The Fifth Dimension Answer:  
In 5D consciousness,
money comes as a function of
our vibrating in harmony with that which we are intending.  

Money is a part of the manifestation process. 
Our job is to stay out of the manifestation process
The manifestation process is Source/ Creator/ God's job, NOT ours.  

Our job is to get out of the way. 
Our job is to wake up and realize who and what we are.  

Abundance comes to us as a function of
who we are and NOT from what we do.  

Learn more on the page titled:   Let's Talk Money.   

5   Where Will the Money Come From?  






Related Information 



   We Wait for No One  

Our Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Program   
is already functioning by way of
our websites and telephone consultations.  

We have several people ready to join us in
the physical creation process.  
We simply await the arrival of our physical facility. 

In the mean time, we continue and we grow
one small step at a time
using whatever resources are available to us.   






  Creating with Consciousness


Please be aware that we are creating this entire project
from the newly available  (Oct-2015)
level of consciousness called 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.    

We declare our intention into existence
in the non-physical world of Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess. 

We witness - imagine it already existing.   

We feel the emotions of our creation
as if it were already physically manifested.

We release the result into
The Infinite Powers 
of Source/Creator/ God-Goddess 

Each morning we reconfirm our commitment
and then ask  
"What is the most appropriate action
for us to engage in, today?"     

We hold our vision and
take whatever steps seem appropriate
in every moment.   

We relish
in heightened excitement, 
and joyous anticipation. 

Slowly, piece by piece, in divine right timing
our vision turns into a physical mirror of
our dominant thoughts.   

We experience great joy
as the first physical expressions 
of our most cherished desires
show up.   

Aahh!   Uuhh!    Ohmm!    Home!  
We vibrate in harmony with our new home.   
Fahzoom Home begins to take shape
as we build it and/or receive the required components.  

With sincere gratitude,
we honor and respect all that is,
including ourselves.   

We float.   
           In the afterglow.  

We celebrate our success.      

We turn our attention to acknowledging,
celebrating and appreciating our successes
and to seeking still another new beginning!   

We know ourselves as God-Beings.   
We know The All That Is as ourselves.  
We realize that Everything is One, Grand, Unified Whole
We realize that Llove  is all that is. 
We live and function in our natural sate of being


We Are Also Aware of the Fact That
We push ourselves away from
our desires, and
they cannot reveal themselves to us
if we vibrate with the energies of:      

feel-bad feelings (khold-priki)       don't have       can't   
it's impossible       anger       hatred       fear       criticism  
pushing       struggling       arguing       blaming others  
passive aggressive       sadness       grief       misery       denial  
fighting       fixing       snafu       victim consciousness  

One of our jobs in to guide you to the point
where you, too,  realize:  

***   that you are much more than just a physical body,

***   that you are an eternal divine being
         having a human experience, 

***   that you live in Source/Creator/God-Goddess's
         Holographic Universe, 

***   that you are a great Creator,  

***   that you create your personal reality
        by your thoughts and your emotions,  

***   that there are no victims, only unconscious creators   

***   that everything you believe to be real is an illusion, 

***   that everything is made of energy,  

***  that energy is controlled by consciousness, 

***   That you are a part of the controlling consciousness.  

Welcome to FahZoom Town.   

Creating with Consciousness  






The Bottom Line

America,  May  22,  2016



Our job, as fellow Americans,
is to re-build everything so that it expresses
the fulfillment of everyone's needs, dreams, and desires. 

Our parents, grandparents and generations
going back to the pilgrims arrival in 1620
built America into
the greatest nation one Earth.  

Our job is to be grateful for all we have and then
get to work, rebuilding America until it fulfills
every person's vision of The American Dream,
a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

Welcome to FahZoom Town.    
There are people here ready, willing and able
to guide you gently and loving
into our new, joy-filled world
of peace, freedom, and infinite abundance.  






  About the Project's Creator

The entire project is a creation of  Robert Cote'.  

Rev. Cote' is the creator and director of The Life Center,
a California based, non-profit organization
that he established in 1972.  

Born 3:00 p.m.  September 1, 1940 -- Brattleboro Vermont   

Raised in a small New England town -- Brattleboro, Vermont   

B. S.  in Forestry from the  University of Maine, 1962  

Trained as a still photographer
in the Vermont Air National Guard - 1963 -1969  

M. S.  in Forestry Economics from
the University of Vermont:   1966  

From 1970 to 1989, The Life Center was an avocation for him.  
He studied and researched religion and philosophy
part time and eventually qualified himself
to be an ordained minister.  

From 1970 to 1989 he earned his living
as a general contractor.  
During that time period, he became
a California Licensed General Contractor and
a California Licensed Real Estate Broker.  

From 1989 to the present,
he has focused his work in The Life Center.  
As an ordained minister, he has been officiating weddings and
doing spiritual counseling  since 1992.   
He has officiated about 1,500 weddings.  

He has been a student of    self-awareness,   religion,  
Universal Spirituality, and Universal Consciousness   
for almost 50 years.  
He has clear connection with and
receives communication directly from
the non-physical portion of reality by way of his Soul-Self.  


The Personal Transformation:   

The above description is about who I used to be
in my third dimension life
of struggle and financial deprivation.  

I now realize who and what I am.  
I realize that I am living and having my being
as a conscious blend of
my body, my individual consciousness, and
the Soul-Self, the Over Soul that contains, guides,
supports and sustains  my Earthly self.  

To learn more about this, please go the page titled: 
About the Creator of FahZoom Town    

About the Project Creator  







  Our Door Is Always Open 


The idea of blending the five parts of FahZoom Town,     
1)   Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center
2)   FahZoom Town - Homes, Farms, and Organic Food
3)   FahZoom Town - Hemp farming - Hemp Products     
4)   Nice Play Park    
5)   Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA    

into an independent self-sustaining community
is so grandiose that    it will almost certainly
push your "It's Impossible" button.     

If your buttons get pushed, 
here's how to get rid of the buttons:  
Reference 1:   Believability  
Reference 2:   Fifth Dimension Consciousness  
Reference 3:   The Lunatic Fringe 

Keep in mind that we are no longer limited
by the Cabal criminals.  
We are no longer living in the third dimension,
struggling for survival on a prison planet
controlled by an invisible prison
made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs.  

We are creating Fahzoom Town
with Fifth Dimension Consciousness
We are building it as Divine beings
having a human experience in a physical body.  
We are building it as Great Creators.  
We are building it in
Source Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.   

<><><>   <><><>

The co-creators of  the multiple use, Fahzoom Town concept
are open to new ideas and new suggestions.     

When we create something as extensive and as grand as
what we describe on this website,
we cannot be certain about
what will show up and when it will show up.  
We see endless possibilities. 

People will show up with money and say,
"I'd like to build a ______ here.    
Mostly, we'll say yes.  

Remember, the complex
is being created, designed, and constructed
as an independent, self-sustaining community and

as a multiple-use, income-generating facility.  

Our intention is to go with the flow and
to be open minded.   
Our job is to become masters at
cooperation and mutual support.  

<><><>   <><><>

If you find our project of sufficient interest
that you'd like to join us and/or assist us in manifesting our vision,
all coaching services are FREE for you.  

Contact us and tell us how you'd like to assist.  

<><><>   <><><>

If you have not done so already,
we encourage you to take the time to
read our introductory pages: 
A Trainer's Manual for Fifth Dimension Consciousness  


Contact Information:

Robert Cote'
11589 La Grange Road
Jamestown, CA 95327


The address of this page  is: 

Write your donation checks to "The Life Center." 
Mail them to Robert Cote' 
at the address above. 

Thank you!       

The Door Is Always Open  






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