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Phase Six of

FahZoom Town:


Hemp Farming   and   Hemp Products



FahZoom Town
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At FahZoom Town's Hemp Farms,
we do not drill for oil.  We grow it  

(Our Farms grows hemp, NOT marijuana)  

The Advantages:  
*   Hemp has literally thousands of uses  
*   Annual crop  -  Annual harvest  
*   Zero pollution     
*   100% recycling
*   Zero environmental destruction.  
*   NO expensive equipment required.  
*   NO huge corporate investments required 
*   No outside investors required   
*   Local ownership  
*   Local control 
*   All profits belong to the growers.  
*   Any small group of people (any farm)
     can become hemp producers.  
We share creation and use of
expensive hemp product production facilities.     


Phase three of FahZoom Town,
growing hemp and producing hemp products
is the next step after the building of
Part One and Part Two.   

Part One:      

Part Two   

The fiver parts of FahZoom Town
are NOT an either or choice.  
They are strongly interactive.  
Each new part added is built on the foundation of
the parts already built.   

Part one, our 
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center
is that basic foundation of the other four parts.  

Phase two, Home and Vegetable Gardens
provide the physical basis for everything. 

Hemp growth ands product production
will quickly become a source of building materials and
an income producer.  
Parts four and five will come along later.


What's the big deal about hemp?  

The big deal is that
hemp is one of the most useful plants on Earth.   

Hemp has literally thousands of uses,
some of which are extremely valuable,
such as food  (oils, supplements, etc.),
industrial lubricants, diesel fuel,
paints, varnishes, cloth, paper,
stronger-than-steel auto bodies, and
stronger-than-cement building materials.  

Just imagine what can be created
with a cement-like building material
that's stronger than steel,
considerably lighter in weight and
unlike cement production
which is highly toxic to the environment,
hemp creates zero pollution in its production.  

Imagine the safety and the financial saving
of dent-proof auto bodies. 

Imagine a fiber that rivals cotton for making cloth and
a fiber that surpasses  trees as a source of fiber for paper.  
As a fiber for paper, hemp can save
thousands of acres of forest land and
save the ecosystems in which those trees
are the largest and most obvious life forms. 

And a multi-billion dollar hemp industry
can and will be a major step in recreating
a healthy American economy.  

That's the big deal about hemp!

Q:   What are the other farm products will you produce?  

A:   FahZoom Town Farms will produce more than enough
fruits, vegetable, eggs, and dairy product and the like
to supply organic, toxic-free food
for every resident in the entire town
and leave a significant excess to be sold at profit.  

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Page Summary   

More Blessings from Hemp      

Additional Considerations        

What is Required to Create Part Three           .







  More Blessings from Hemp 



The Hemp Revolution    

Here's an amazing video to watch.  
This video will blow you mind:  

Why Hemp can Save Humankind: Research Scientist Speaks Out     


Hemp products can replace many existing products
at a fraction of the long-term cost.  
These products can be created
with far less environments damage.  

The products can be produced
without the need of multi-million-dollar investments.  
This dramatically reduces the need for
big, multi-billion-dollar corporations.  

Here's an example, 
"Every man-made fiber we wear, sit on, cook with, drive in,
are by-products of the petroleum industry --
all of which could be replaced by hemp."  

Q:        Can I get a marijuana high on hemp?

A:   "No.   Hemp is a non-psychoactive plant.   
Hemp has .05% to 1% THC while marijuana
has between 3% and 20% THC.  

Q:        Where can hemp be grown?   

A:  It and can be grown anywhere that corn grows.  
Hemp can be grown anywhere
in the continental United States.  
Thousands of now-struggling family farms
can easily shift into producing hemp  
Imagine the Kentucky tobacco farmers
shifting to hemp production.  
Imagine Mississippi cotton farmers shifting
much of their cotton production to hemp production." 

Q:        If hemp is so great, why isn't there already
             a hemp industry in the United States ?   

Hemp is a multi-billion-dollar industry that,
for decades, has been waiting for
Cabal criminal bankers to be removed
from their positions of control
over the lives of American people.  

They have been
intentionally blocking the hemp industry.  
At this time (June 2016) the last of these criminals
is being removed from the federal government.  

Hemp is already legal in three sates and
the rest will soon follow.  

Hemp production is about to become
a major industry in the United States.   

At FahZoom Town, we intend to be one of
the first major growers of hemp.  
We will also produce some hemp products.  
We will begin with the production of
hemp-based building materials.   

Hemp will play a major role in
building the structures of FahZoom Town 

The profits from this industry
will more than pay for everything else
we intend to create as part of FahZoom Town.  

In creating every aspect of FahZoom Town,
including our hemp industry
we are using the newly available creation process called
Fifth Dimension Consciousness.  
This will give us a strong advantage 
over other hemp producers that are still stuck
in very limited third dimension consciousness.      

Q:        Tel us about Henry Ford's Hemp Car.

A:   Here's a quote from
New York Times, 2 Feb 1941   
An all-plastic car 300 pounds lighter than comparable models built of steel and having ten times the impact resistance of steel is near completion in the Ford plant at Dearborn, Mich., Popular Science Monthly announced last week. In a special interview, it was said, Henry Ford predicted that his test car, made of plastic body, hood and fenders, would be lighter, safer and less expensive. He added: "It will be a car of darn sight better design in every form. And don't forget the motor car business is just one of the industries that can find new uses for plastics, made from what's grown in the land!"

Watch the YouTube video and see  for yourself.  

More Blessings From Hemp




  Additional Considerations 



There seems to be no end to
the possibilities of FahZoom Town.  
I am not saying we will do this, but
here is still another place where
we can easily provide a huge public service
and at the same time
create another significant income producer.  

With phase One, Two, and Three,
We will already have physical accommodations for guests,
food services, and a hemp farm.    

To this, we add another little known fact of life:  
Marijuana oil Cures Cancer.  
This was discovered in the mid 1970's and
hidden from the public until
Rick Simpson re-discovered that Marijuana Oil Cures Cancer.      .

We, at FahZoom Town could easily add to our services:

***   Growing Marijuana for the production of
cancer-curing marijuana oil.  

***   Inviting people who have cancer
to be our guest, staying in
one of our guest facilities along their care giver.  

***   The marijuana oil would be available to them.  

***   While they are at Fahzoom Town
they could be invited to learn about
Fifth Dimension Conscious.   

This would then open the door to the creation of
phase four of FahZoom town,
our education, entertainment and vacation facility.  
We could start with something a simple as
videos, perhaps a small theater, or  a swimming pool,
and/or whatever turns up that is appropriate.   

The Bottom line here:  
Instead of spending their life saving and dying any way,
people could spend a much smaller amount of money,
enjoy a vacation and
go home healthy and happy.   


Additional Considerations






  What Is Required to Create Part Three

Hemp Faring and Hemp Procucts



For Answers to basic questions that apply to all five parts of FahZoom Town, please see Part Two :  

What does Part three Add to FahZoom Town?           .

***   Creating a hemp farm and hemp-product production facilities
places FahZoom Town in a perfect position
in what will become a multi-billion dollar industry.   

***   It will provide a substantial income
for the residents of FahZoom town.   

***   It will produce high-quality,
inexpensive building material
for use in the creation of structures in FahZoom Town.  


How many additional people will be required? 
How much additional money will be required?  

As was done with Part One and Part Two,
we will begin with small steps.  
Answers will come when we reach this stage of growth. 
Hemp production can only be at a level that is
supported by the success of Part One and Part Two.  


What Financial Returns do You Expect?  

The potential here is measured in the millions of dollars.  
The practical answer  is we don't know.  

The financial returns will be directly related to
how much hemp  we choose to grow and
what hemp products  we choose to produce.   <><><><>

What is Required






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Phase Six of

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Hemp Farming   and   Hemp Products




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