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FahZoom Town's


Business Structure








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We manage our businesses by way of 
Foundation-Corporation Partnerships.  

An example of this is the FahZoom Town's Hemp business.  

The FahZoom Town Foundation
sets up and owns  afor-profit hemp corporation. 

The profits from the hemp corporation
belong to the foundation.  

FahZoom Town and its residents
are the foundations named beneficiaries.  

Thus, the business profits go to the foundation.  
The money is used for serving the people
and not into the vaults of the super  wealthy.  

The Foundation pays for  all community management
and all social services.      


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  Legal Title  



The property (FahZoom Town)will be held, owned, and
managed by We-The-People, a non-government and
a non-big business legal structure.
That legal structure will be created and managed
by FahZoom Town residence.  

Profits will be used to expand the property, and
to pay a generous financial rewards and other benefits
to all FahZoom Town Residence
who participate in creating FahZoom Town
and its products and services.  

There will be absolutely NO high salaried executives or
any one else usurping funds
from the FahZoom Town Project.   

Until the We-The-People organization is officially created,
The Life Center, a California based, state and
federally recognized, non-profit organization
(created in 1972  by Rev Robert Cote')
will act as the coordinating, legal entity.   








Changing the Way the World Does Business  


A new business structure now available.  
It's an incredibly simple, and easy-to-implement
corporate management structure.  

When implemented, it will return billions of dollars
to the working class and
give equal priority to four factors

1) corporate employees,
2) corporate  customers,
3) making a profit and
4)  the environment,

and at the same time, it will
put an end to outsourcing American jobs
to foreign countries.  


FahZoom Town is using this format
to co-partner with its hemp corporation.   

We manage our businesses by way of 
Foundation-Corporation Partnerships   
FahZoom Town's hemp industry is an example of this.  

The FahZoom Town Foundation
sets up and owns for profit hemp corporation. 

The profits from the hemp corporation
belong to the foundation.  

FahZoom Town and its residents
are the foundations named beneficiaries.  

Thus, all community management
and all social services
are paid for by business profits. 







    Converting Existing Organizations 

The FahZoom Business Structure.  




Any non-profit organization
can set up a corporation
any corporation can establish
a non-profit organization. 

Here's how it's done:

There are two major ways to create
The FahZoom Business Structure.  

One way is when an NPO
sets up a for-profit corporation.  
FahZoom Town's hemp business
is an example of this.  

The second (described below)
is for corporations with publically traded stock.

The existing corporation sets up
an independent, partnering foundation.     

The profit-making corporation  and 
the newly-created foundation 
work together as a team.  

By way of a very simple, easy-to-implement process,
the foundation slowly becomes
the controlling stockholder.  

How is this accomplished? 
Each month, the profit-making company
donates a small percentage of its profits
to this foundation,
such as a portion of the money
it normally donates to charity.  

The foundation uses this money
to buy stocks in its partner corporation.  
During the initial phase,
the foundation uses the dividends
from owning the stocks
to buy more stocks in its partner corporation.  

When the foundation has acquired
a controlling interest in the corporation,
the corporation and the foundation,
begin to function as a team,
first, by redefine the corporation's reason for being.  

This allows the corporation
to redirect its profits to the highest good
for all concerned in the long run.  
The foundation works on behalf of its named beneficiaries.  

The corporations focuses on creating wealth,
producing high-quality goods and services,
selling its goods and/or services at a fair price,
rewarding its employees with financial
and other benefits, and
minimizing its effect upon the environment.  

Instead of all the profits going to
the outside money lenders,
(the traditional corporate stockholders) 
most of the profits stay with the corporation
and its partnering foundation.  
The corporation, with the advisement of the foundation,
can spend much of its profits
for the benefit of employees, the environment,
and for any causes they are inspired to support.  

The excess profit money is donated to the foundation.  
The foundation uses the money for it's intended purpose
and at least ten percent goes into
the foundation's endowment fund.  
The foundation uses the profits from the endowment fund
to service its named beneficiaries.    
The corporate  money can be used:  

***  To create healthy, safe working environments,

***  To financially reward management and employees
at rates that are  just, fair, and equitable, and
that are in line with the amount of money required
to produce comfortable and sustainable living conditions,  

***  To rebuild, re-model, update, and/or replace
the company's infrastructure.  

***  Products intentionally designed
to break down and fall apart
can be replaced by high quality products
designed for maximum use-life and maximum efficiency,
and also designed with end-of-life recycling in mind,  

***  Instead of price-gouging its customers,
product prices can accurately reflect
product-production costs, and
be sold at a fair price. 
Are you aware that a product's production cost
is about 10% of its retail price?  
For example, a product that costs one dollar
to manufacture sells in the retail market for about ten dollars. 

***  The new business structure
will dramatically reduce the amount of money
going to the middle men,
to the Wall Street speculators
and to the bankers.    

***  The constant need to produce a short-term profit
will simply disappear.  

***  The never-ending war between labor and management
will also end.  

***  Excessive pay to top management
will be replaced by fair compensation
for all employees.  

***  Outsourcing American Jobs to foreign countries
in order to make more money
will simply become an archaic relic.  

The Foundation/corporation partnership
is by far, the best economic revitalization process
yet proposed by anyone, anywhere. 

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R. R.

   The Underlying Principles  


The Fifth Dimension,  Foundation /
Corporation Partnership, Win-Win, Business Structure

is described  extensive detail (5 web pages) at:

<><><>   <><><>  

This section below explains the underlying principles
of what we are doing and why we are doing it.  

The Present-Day ,Major Corporate
Profit Disbursement System

The vast majority of business profits go to the super-wealthy.   
Why?   Because they 0wn most of the stock. 
(A stockholder is another name for a money lender.)

The money lenders take such a huge portion of the profits
that there is little or nothing left to run the business.  
As a result, the corporation has to borrow money
to keep the business functioning.  

The major money lenders own and control
those who manage the company
so the company debt is never paid off.   
is multi-billion-dollar cash cow.  
(a money machine)   that gives the Cabal criminals

money, power, and political control!  

It's called a cash cow because it generates  huge profits
with almost no effort.  
The only thing that the money lender s have to do
is collect money and
keep the corporate executives 
following orders of the money lenders.

A tiny fraction of the money goes to the workers. 
They are heavily taxed to pay for highly inefficient, 
government controlled services.  
Most of the people's money is stolen
in dozens of financial scams.
Reference:   Let's Talk Money

The New Foundation / Corporation Partnership
Business System

The unique aspect of this business format is that
the foundation owns the corporation
so the profits go to the foundation
to be used in service to all
instead of disappearing into the hands of
service-to-self stockholders.  

any already existing corporation
can easily be transformed into this format.

Here are just two examples of the multitude of benefits of
The Fifth Dimension,  Foundation /
Corporation Partnership, Win-Win, Business Structure

****   When it becomes the major corporate business format,
           it will forever eliminate the need to
           tax the people for anything

***   Trillions of dollars will become available
for any purpose requiring large amounts of money
such as rebuilding the nation's infrastructure

The only people who will lose
by the use of this business format are the Cabal criminals.  
They presently (September 2017) completely control
the 3d banking system. 
They run it  for their benefit and at the expense of
everyone and everything else.    
They will simply be left out of the new system.    

About Foundation Corporation Partnership






   Note the Major Differences 



The Old System:  
In a traditional, independent corporation,
the stock holders are the ultimate controllers.  
The term "stockholder" is simply
another name for money lender.
Stockholders are commonly outsiders whose interest
is usual profits and money and only profits and  money.  
The money lenders demand profits which they take.  
Thus, a major portion of the corporation earnings
are siphoned off to pay the money lenders.  

The New System:  
In the corporation/foundation partnership business system,
most of the money lenders are replaced by the foundation.  
The foundation is the controlling stockholder.  

The foundation has a very different intention.
Instead of taking the money and
ignoring the corporation's employees, its customers,
and society at large, and the environment,
the foundation is, by design and intention of its creators,
focused on the well-being of everybody.  

For example, if the partnering corporation decides
to spend $500,000 building a new school
for the local community,
there will be no Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts 
complaining and demanding money. 

If the partnering corporation sets up
a dental and eye care clinic
for its employees and their families,
there will be no Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts 
complaining and demanding money.  

Unlike the traditional corporation,
the partnering corporation, itself,
can be a huge, deep pocketed public server of the people.    
The foundation can have a very specific project
as its main point of focus; such as
Fahzoom Town's
Cosmic Awareness Training Center.   

The foundation can be for any number of purposes
as long as it is within the IRS guidelines and is for:   
"Religious, Charitable, Scientific, Testing for Public Safety,
Literary, or Educational purposes." 









  Bypassing the Bureaucracy  



The FahZoom Business Structure can bypass the bureaucracy.   Organization that us the FahZoom Business Structure
can become the source of money to do the things t
hat present-day bureaucracy can't or won't do.  

Corporations will have the money to spend  and
they will also have local control of that money.  
They will no longer have to limit their activities
because some outside stockholder demands it.  

The Bottom Line:  
The FahZoom Business Structure  
bypasses much of the government absurdity.  

It bypasses the government's bureaucratic bungling,
it bypasses its special interest favoritism, 
its incredible inefficiency, 
its constant fighting for control,  i
its heartlessness,  i
its graft and corruption, 
its complete lack of common sense,
and the list goes on.  

Existing corporations that adapt
the corporation/foundation partnership management system
become financially  independent entities.  

The corporate/foundation partnership business system
is self-regulating.  
When you examine the e details of

The FahZoom Business Structure

you'll see that corporate management secrecy and
unbridled power are simply not possible
in this new business format. 

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Additional details
The  Foundation Structure 
The  Foundation Bylaws,
et cetera. 

will be uploaded as time permits  








  No-Secret-Dual-Corporate Control-System


Are you aware that
every major corporation
all social service organizations and
most government agencies
have in them  a secret dual control system?

The secret control system is made up o Cabal agents
whose job is to cause as much chaos and damage as possible
without getting caught..

The foundation-Corporation business structure
will test its employees for any hidden or destructive activities.

Cabal's Secret, Corporate-Control Sysem

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Business Structure

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