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  What Is Safe-Haven Rescue? 








  Concept Summary 



Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA is an updated,
post cabal control
, Fifth Dimension,
Emergency Rescue Facility

Unlike the obsolete third dimension emergency systems,
Safe-Haven Rescue includes all four aspects of
a full-service, emergency facility:  
***   Disaster Prevention,  
***   Emergency Preparedness,  
***   Emergency Rescue,  
***   Follow Up - Rebuild.  

It is being created as a role model for
creating in the post-cabal controlled world.  
It's a role model for creating   
in a new world based upon Fifth Dimension Consciousness.   

It is being created in a world that is dramatically different
from the old third dimension society
based on false Newtonian-physics,
based on  fraudulence fiat money,
based on  struggling to survive.  

Safe-Haven Rescue is being created by people
who understand that humans are Eternal Divine Beings
having a human experience in
Source/ Creator/ God-Goddess's Holographic Universe.  

We are creating Safe-Haven Rescue in a reality
that is NOT dominated and controlled
by the lies, illusions, and false beliefs of the Cabal Criminals.  

Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA is one third of
three independent, intimately-interconnected, fully-functional,
joy-enhancing, social-service organizations.  

It is the second  phase of
the FahZoom Town trilogy of Fifth Dimension creations.  
We began with our Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center.  

This page describes our second phase,
the creation of Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA.






  Page Content 



Concept Summary    

Disaster Prevention   

Emergency Preparedness      


Emergency Rescue   

Follow Up -- Rebuild       

More About Safe-Haven Rescue    







  Disaster Prevention 



The disaster prevention portion of Safe-Haven Rescue
is, by far, the wisest, the least expensive, the most efficient
anti disaster activity we can possibly engage in, and
it saves the most lives.  
It also requires the least amount of
time, effort, and attention.   

With prevention, there is zero destruction,
nobody is injured or dies, and nobody requires rescuing.  
Prevention produces the maximum benefits
to the people with a minimum of
pain and discomfort and inconvenience.  
See   The Ultimate Worthy Cause
for an example of disaster prevention.

The two major reasons why this aspect of
Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA is vitally needed are:  
***   because the major third dimension
emergency service organizations
were secretly controlled by the Cabal criminals, and
***   because these organizations were told to
completely ignoring disaster prevention.  
This sounds crazy until you understand
how the human population has been controlled
by lies, illusions and false beliefs.   

With disaster prevention as our first priority,
the men and women
who regularly risk their lives to save others
will risk their lives on far fewer occasions.  

Active disaster prevention is, by far,
the wisest choice for all concerned. 

One of our primary objectives is to find situations
where we can prevent major problems from occurring and
intercede by taking whatever action is required
to prevent a major problem from occurring.   
Let us demonstrate this with a short two-question quiz:   

The Two-Question, Multiple-Choice Quiz     

Quiz Question One:  
It's raining outside.  
The kids are playing in the living room
with a ball and the family dog.  
There are three glasses of chocolate milk
on the coffee table.  
What's your best response?   

a)  Do nothing.   Ignore the situation.  

b)  Get out the cleaning materials and
be ready to clean up the spilled milk.   

c)   Throw the kids and the dog out into the rain.   

d)   Move the glasses of milk to a safe location
on the kitchen counter.   

Quiz Question Two: 
An easily-preventable otherwise-inevitable,
California Water Disaster is about to devastate California,
the nation, and the profits of every corporation
and every business in the entire country.   

If a major earthquake occurs in or near San Francisco
before a storm-surge barrier is built in the Carquinez Strait,
that earthquake will trigger a chain of extremely destructive events.  

Step four in this chain of destruction is that
25 million people in Central and Southern California
will be without their major source of
fresh water for about two years

At the end of this chain of events,
We The People
will find ourselves in a
severe, national, financial depression.  

***   The problem has an incredibly simple solution.  
***   The money is available to pay all construction costs.

What's your best response?

a)   Do nothing.   Ignore the situation
        because you don't believe it could happen, or
        because you want it to happen.       

b)   Write a letter to the Cabal criminals who secretly
       controls the government.  
       Tell them to solve this problem.   

c)   Go out somewhere with a group of activists.   
        March in the street.  
       Yell and shout.  Go home and pretend that
        you did something about the problem.   

d)   Work with and/or support
        Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA as it
       takes positive steps to solve this problem.  

<><><>   <><><>   

In this case, the difference in financial cost
between the cost of Disaster Prevention and
the cost of Follow-Up-Rebuild
is somewhere in the range of 10,000 to 1.    

The financial cost of building the Storm Surge Barrier
is a few million dollars.  
The financial cost of Follow-Up-Rebuild
is in the trillions of dollars range.  

When you add in the grief, misery, and
loss of life that can easily be prevented,
the difference between the price of prevention and
the price of cleaning up the mess is so vast
that to do nothing is literally an insane choice.  

At the moment, 
Choice One (Do Nothing)  is the choice of
99.9% of the residents of California and
99.9% the residents of the entire nation.  

You've heard the old saying,
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  
Let us rephrase this in terms of a storm surge barrier
preventing a national depression.  
In this case,
"An ounce of prevention is worth  several tons of cure."  

The primary reason that most people do nothing
is because they do not know that there is a choice to make.  
They do not even know that this problem even exists.   

<><><>   <><><> 

There are undoubtedly many other situations
where disaster prevention is the best choice. 
We have only to find them and thus prevent
these otherwise inevitable problems.  

That is the top priority of Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA        

Disaster Prevention





  Emergency Preparedness 



Emergency Preparedness is another area where
we can be extremely helpful in times of emergency.  
Our intention is to be as prepared as possible
for anything that shows up, be it an earthquake,
forest fire, flood, tsunami, et cetera.  

Present emergency shelters are far from adequate.  
They are hopelessly inadequate to handle a major disaster
such as a California Super-Storm.  
Our intention is to create a network of multiple-use,
Emergency Safety and Emergency Rescue Facilities.   

They are to be multiple use facilities.
This provides the money to pay for them.   
The multiple use concept is one of the major positive benefits
that existing emergency service organization DO NOT HAVE.

Emergency Preparedness  






  Emergency Rescue 




There is already in existence and well-established,
extensive network of organizations with well-trained and
highly-skilled men and women
who respond to every disaster imaginable.  
Local, state, and county organizations
of medical, police, firefighters, etc.
are always standing by and
respond immediately when called upon.   

Unfortunately, they are often under-funded, under-staffed,
under-paid, and under-appreciated.  
Our intention is to assist these people by having available
facilities, equipment  and supplies
for their use and a team of civilian volunteers
to assist in caring for the people and animals that they rescue. 

Emergency Rescue 






  Follow Up -- Rebuild 



As you know, when the immediate emergency is over,
most of the rescue people return to their home base and
prepare for the next emergency.  
The clean-up and rebuilding is left to others -
to the people, themselves, and
to government agencies and
private organizations like the Red Cross.  

Both the federal government agencies and
the Red Cross have proven themselves to be
secretly cabal controlled and both have been
seriously derelict in actually doing their job.   

Our job is to assist in any way we can.  
For example, the newly-homeless require significant assistance.  
Mobile emergency shelters can be available to them.  
We can provide assistance in structure repairs,
assistance in physical clean-up of destroyed structures, and the like.  

Because Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA is part of
the FahZoom Town Community,
funding will be available for assistance.  

We will also be on the side of the people
in seeking financial assistance that goes directly into and only into
a fund for assisting those requiring re-build assistance.

Because we are neighbor helping neighbor,
(neighbors within auto driving distance)
we can with relative ease create work crews to assist.  

Do you recall seeing, in an old western movie,
the concept of "Barn Raising?"  
On a particular day, all the neighbors would show up
at a designated ranch where the building materials
had been previously gathered, and

everybody would work together
to build the rancher's new barn.   
That's an example of the energetic support of
Neighbor Helping Neighbor.  

Follow Up -- Rebuild 






  More About Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA 



Safe-Haven Rescue is a one seventh partner in FahZoom Town.  
FahZoom Town is the home and headquarters of
five independent, intimately-interconnected, fully-functional,
joy-enhancing, social-service organizations.  

Safe-Haven Rescue is a multi-use Facility.  
In normal times, it will be income producing property,  
and in emergency times, it will serve those rendered homeless
by a disaster such as a fire, flood, or an earthquake.  

Because all FahZoom Town creations
such as farm crops 
have NO outside owners
to take away the profits, 
the money that comes in from the sale of goods and services,
it will stay with the FahZoom Town  and be used for
expanding FahZoom Town facilities and
to pay for Safe-Have Rescue emergency services.  

The Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center
will also share the physical facilities and
bring in its portion of the income.  

Remember, this is the long-term vision.  
The facility will become whatever we make it.
This will only come into physical reality if and when we build it.  

About Money:  
In 5D consciousness,
money comes as a function of
our vibrating in harmony with that which we are intending.  

Money is a part of the manifestation process. 
Our job is to stay out of the manifestation process
The manifestation process is Source/ Creator/ God's job, NOT ours.  

Our job is to get out of the way. 
Our job is to wake up and realize who and what we are.  

Abundance comes to us as a function of
who we are and NOT from what we do.  

Learn more on the page titled:   Let's Talk Money.   








  Our Door Is Always Open 


The idea of blending
Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center and
Safe-Haven Rescue N. CA  and Nice Play Park  
into an independent self-sustaining community
is so grandiose that   
it will almost certainly push your
"It's Impossible" button. 

If your buttons get pushed, 
here's how to get rid of the buttons:  
Reference 1:   Believability  
Reference 2:   Fifth Dimension Consciousness  
Reference 3:   The Lunatic Fringe     

Keep in mind that we are no longer limited by the Cabal criminals.  
We are no longer living in the third dimension,
struggling for survival on a prison planet
controlled by an invisible prison
made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs.  

We are creating Fahzoom Town
with Fifth Dimension Consciousness
We are building it as Divine beings
having a human experience in a physical body.  
We are building it as Great Creators.  
We are building it in Source Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.   

<><><>   <><><>

The creators of  the multiple use, Fahzoom Town concept
are open to new ideas and new suggestions.   

When we create something as extensive and as grand as
what we describe on this website, we cannot be certain about
what will show up and when it will show up.    
We see endless possibilities.

People will show up with money and say,
"I'd like to build a ______ here.    
Mostly, we'll say yes.  

Remember, the complex is being created, designed, and constructed
as an independent self-sustaining community and

as a multiple-use, income-generating facility.  

Our intention is to go with the flow and to be open minded.   
Our job is to become a master at cooperation and mutual support.  

<><><>   <><><>

If you find our project of sufficient interest
that you'd like to assist us in manifesting our vision,
all coaching services are FREE for you.  

Contact us and tell us how you'd like to assist.  

<><><>   <><><>

If you have not done so already,
we encourage you to take the time to
read our introductory pages: 
A Trainer's Manual for Fifth Dimension Consciousness.

The Door Is Always Open  






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***  Safe-Haven Rescue's First Major Mission:
To prevent The California Water Disaster from
killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people
and from shutting down the California Aqueduct,
leaving 25 Million people without
their major source of fresh water for two years.  
We call this project

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