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      Safe-Haven Rescue N. CA    




  Building the Infrastructure  


What are the Possibilities?





  Concept Summary 



Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA is much more than
a stand alone facility for dealing with emergencies.  

It's one third of three, independent, intimately-interconnected,
fully-functional, joy-enhancing, social-service organizations.  
Collectively, this trilogy is known as FahZoom Town

We are  are blending
***   Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training Center, |
***   Safe-Haven Rescue N. CA , and     *
***   Nice Play Park
into an independent self-sustaining, sharing,
and mutual support community.  

We are building it one step at a time. 

Safe-Haven Rescue is phase two of this creation.  
Where it is appropriate, the infrastructure
is being designed for and will be shared
among the three organizations.  

For example, one of the first to be built
aspects of Nice Play Park will be a bed and breakfast.  
In an emergency, the restaurant and
the overnight accommodations will be instantly available
to serve the requirements of an emergency.  

In non-emergency times, the facility will generate an income.  
All income will be used to
***   Create more pieces of FahZoom Town,
***   Provide generous financial rewards for those
       participating in the creation of FahZoom Town, and
***  to pay expenditures for emergency services. 

There Will be
***   NO high paid executives, 
***   No money lenders demanding payment, and
***   Absolutely nothing hidden relating to
        money and the activities of management.  







  Page Content 


Concept Summary     

The New Context     

Who Is in Control?   Where will the Profits Go? 


The Infrastructure     

Where Do We Start     

Movable, Emergency Living Units   

Additional Considerations      







    The New Context  


We are no longer limited by the Cabal criminals.  
We are no longer living in the third dimension,
struggling for survival on a prison planet
controlled by an invisible prison
made of lies, illusions, and false beliefs.  

We are creating Fahzoom Town
with Fifth Dimension Consciousness
We are building it as Divine beings
having a human experience in a physical body.  
We are building it as Great Creators.  
We are building it in Source Creator/ God's Holographic Universe.   

The New Context  





  Who Is in Control?


Where Will the Profits Go? 



The property will be held, owned, and managed by We-The-People,
with all profits being used to expand the property, and
to pay a generous salary to all the FahZoom Town Residence
who participate in creating FahZoom Town and its products.  

Until the We-The-People organization is officially created,
The Life Center
, a California based, state and federally recognized,
non-profit organization will act as the coordinating, legal entity.  








  The Infrastructure 


Because we are building this facility
in the con
text of Fifth Dimension Consciousness,
it is designed to be the best that the world has ever seen.    We are designing the infrastructure to accommodate whatever is required to best serve We-The-People.   

Here's just one example.  
Our design is such that, in an emergency, 
everybody is NOT treated like cattle and 
will NOT be throw into a single empty hall
with totally inadequate facilities. 

As much as possible, we will have
independent sleeping facilities.  

In our workshop, standard twenty foot shipping containers
will be converted into the equivalent of campground cabins.  

They will be arranged in groups of about 3o units
with a central toilet and shower facilities
such as is common in campgrounds.  

During non-emergency times these facilities
will be part of our bed and breakfast facility.   

These facilities will also serve as accommodations
for groups of children
who come to our facility as part of our

Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training
for children age 7 to 12


Fifth Dimension Consciousness Training
for teens, age 13 to 17.







  Where Do We Start?



What Will Be the Initial Physical Setting?  

The  setting for Safe-Haven Rescue Complex
is in North Western California,  
north of Santa Rosa,  from Solano County
north into Mendocino County. 
The exact location has not yet been determined.     

It will be on a large tract of land with at least one existing structure on it.  It will be at a minimum elevations of 800 feet above sea level. 

The Workshop:  

The first structure we will add to the site
will be a large  pre-fabricated structure.  
It will be our workshop, and have the required
machinery, tools, equipment, and supplies capable of
building / Creating anything required

A portion of the shop that will be capable of
converting twenty-foot, international, shipping containers
into movable, emergency living units.







  Movable, Emergency Living Unit



Shipping Container Conversions:   
We have the designs and we have a construction engineer
waiting to begin converting shipping containers into 
overnight rooms for rental, for sale, and
for emergency use by Safe-Haven Rescue.  

These are standard 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers
like you see going by on the streets and highways.  
They will be converted into short-time living units
without kitchens or bathrooms.  
Think of them as cabins or hotel rooms
without individual toilets and showers.

Safe-Haven Rescue
will have several areas each
with a complex of these short-term living units.  
The design will be based on the campground format.  
Each complex will have about thirty living units
with a central toilet and shower buildings.  

These can serve as overnight accommodations
for tourists who visit Nice Play Park, and
they will be available
for temporary shelters
in times of emergency.  

Each living unit will be on its own cement slab.  
Each unit will have auto parking space for two cars.  
Our intention is to make each living unit
as convenient and comfortable as possible.  

We already have an experience construction engineer
ready to start building the units
as soon as the workshop is available.  

Versatility is the watchword here.  
Additional units can be made into mobile kitchens.  
Additional units can be made into mobile offices 
Additional units can be made into mobile
      emergency communication centers.  

Any of the units that can, in an emergency, 
      be transported to any location
     in a matter of a few hours.   
In any way that standard shipping containers can be moved,
our emergency units can be moved.  






  Additional Considerations 



Safe-Haven Rescue will have a sophisticated,
state of the arts communication facility,
It's two primary purpose will be: 
*   for use in times of emergency, and
*   in non-emergency times, it will be part
    Nice Play Park's Entertainment complex. 


Medical Facility:  
Safe-Haven will also have a medical center.   
This, too, will be available for both emergency and
non emergency uses uses. 

Fire-Fighting Facility: 
Safe-Haven Rescue will have 
high quality  fire fighting equipment
available for emergencies.   

The Safe-Haven Team:  
Some of the FahZoom town Residents
will manage the emergency rescue facilities  and
assist in times of emergency. 

Support for Existing Emergency Facilities:
We are NOT, in any way,
attempting to interfere with or replace
any already existing emergency facilities or organizations.   

With regard to presently existing
emergency facilities and organizations,
our intention is to support and assist them
in whatever we can.    

Multiple Use Facilities:  
Safe-Haven Estates will have a vacation facility,
tourist attractions, bed and breakfast facilities -
all designee to be very quickly turned into
an emergency rescue facility.  
The income will be used to expand the sites capacity
to create more income and
to provide more emergency rescue potential.  

When you look carefully enough to understand this vision,
you'll see that each one of these piece
supports very other piece.   
The potential here is awesome.   






Offer Your Suggestions: 

We welcome your ideas and suggestions.   Tell us:  
What we have overlooked.  
What  you like best.   
What  you like least.  
What  we can add to improve the quality of our service. 

A Place for You:  

If you can see a place for yourself
inside of this vision, concept, context,
you're welcome to join us. 

Remember, to Be Patient.  

Do NOT expect overnight magic.
Sometimes those steps are very big, however,
hange usually occurs slowly, one step at a time. 





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***  Safe-Haven Rescue's First Major Mission:
       A Mission of Disaster Prevention:      

To prevent The California Water Disaster
*   from killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people,  
*   from creating an ecological disaster,  
*   from shutting down the California Aqueduct,
     leaving 25 Million people without
     their major source of fresh water for two years, and  
*   from resulting in a social and economic nightmare,
     and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.  

We call this project   
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

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