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  The Ultimate Worthy Cause 




Area Description







  Concept Summary 


At this time, the Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta area
is a social, political, economic, and environmental disaster
of monumental proportions just waiting to happen.  
The water supply for about 25 million people
in central and southern California
is in serious and immanent danger
of being shut off for about two years.  

Even though it's one of the most urgent and
vitally-needed  infrastructure  repair projects
in the entire nation, present updates and repairs
are using the "band aid" approach on a problem
that needs major surgery.  







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+++   Concept Summary     


+++   The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta 

            ```   About the Delta Area    

            ```   The Delta's Human Development History     


+++    The Present Status   

            ```   The Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta   

            ```   Delta Ecology  

            ```   National Economic Impact   

            ```   Southern California Water Supply    


+++    Three Considerations     

            ```Storm-Surge Barrier     

            ```Upgrade the Dikes 

            ```Bypass the Delta    


+++   California Super Storm<      

+++   The Real Truth - The Real Problem - Its Simple Solution    







The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

About the Delta Area:  

The Sacramento-San-Joaquin-River Inland Delta
is an inland delta.   It covers about 1,100 square miles. 
located just east of the San Francisco bay. 
It consists of rich farmland,
whole communities, several hundred homes,
and hundreds of square miles of cropland. 
will be severely damaged or destroyed.  
Food production from this area will be halted.
(See the page titled:   Maps, Drawings and Pictures.)  

It's called an inland delta because.  
It's an ancient lake bed
which has become filled with sediment
creating a huge marshland.  
This inverted, inland, river delta is fan-shaped and
converges downstream where the Sacramento River and
the San Joaquin River meet and
flow through the Carquinez Strait and
into San Francisco Bay.  

The inland delta area consists of
many small natural and man-made islands
and water channels.  
It consists of a system of isolated lowland islands
and wetlands surrounded by dikes or levees).  
The extensive system of earthen levees
has allowed wide-spread farming throughout the delta.  
It's one of the most fertile productive
agricultural areas in California.  

This area is home to tens of thousands of people
and several communities.  
Many people will face serious, negative consequences
if this avoidable disaster is allowed to happen. 
Also, the delta area is a very delicate ecosystem
that has been significantly altered by human activity.  


The Delta's Human Development History:  

1850s, a vast network of dikes and levees were built, and
many marsh areas were drained and
turned into very fertile farmland.  
The dead plant matter  (peat)
beneath the surface in these drained areas
began to decay, and as it did,
the surface of these areas slowly sunk 
(technically called subsistence).   
As a result, today, 165 years later,
much of the area is now below sea level.   
Some on the land tracts are now
more than fifteen feet below sea level.  
(See the Elevation Map on the page titled,
Maps, Drawings, and Pictures.) 







  The Present Status 



The Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta:  

The area is a disaster waiting to happen.   Why?  
Because much of the area is now below sea level and
the levees and dikes are in desperate need of repair.  
If major changes, upgrades, and renovations are not made,
a disaster is inevitable.  
If the present conditions continue,
it's not a matter of will a disaster will occur,
it's only a question of when it will occur.  

If a 6.7 or larger earthquake occurs in or near San Francisco,
or if the area is hit by a major winter storm,
many of the dikes, which are badly in need of repair
will all fail at the same time.  

In a massive dike failure, the below-sea-level land areas,
collectively, will become like a huge empty basin.  
The river water, instead of flowing out the Carquinez Strait,
it will begin filling the farm areas.  
Ocean water will rush in through the strait.  
As you saw in the pictures of the recent Tsunami in Japan,
this sudden rush of water will not only flood the area,
it will also cause severe property damage and kill many people.   


Delta Ecology:  

This area is also a very delicate and unique ecosystem.  
Here too, humans have dramatically altered
the Earth's natural balance.  
Prior to the dikes and levees being built,
this area was flooded each spring and
the sediments from the rivers recoated the basin
with fresh, clean fertile soil.  
Now, most of the mineral and organic matter
carried by the rivers is deposited in San Francisco Bay.  
The marshes, homes to billions of life-forms,
have been dramatically reduced.  
And now the entire human-created system of dikes and levees
is in serious danger of collapsing.  

When this delta area is examined in the context
of the already in process major global climate changes,
the problem becomes much worse.  
Rising ocean levels and the increasing chances of major storms
makes this pending disaster more likely
to happen sooner instead of later.  

For an excellent description of the area, past, present, and future,
and the controversy surrounding how to manage this area,
readers are directed to an article written
by John  Hart titled: The Once and Future Delta.    


National Economic Impact:  

One of the main reasons why the United States
has become the world's most powerful nation
is because it created the most productive
and functional infrastructure in the entire world.  
Our collective creation of dependable, reliable, and
readily-available transportation, electricity, water,
waste disposal, agriculture, education,
an educated work force, and the like
gave us the opportunity to focus our individual attention
on creating things that gave us (individually and collectively) 
joy, comfort, and convenience.   

The super-wealthy who believe
that they earned their millions or billions
actually were only directors and vision keepers
that guided millions of others
who produced the wealth that they
(the super-wealthy) now claim to own.  

For lack of upkeep and maintenance,
many of the nation's infrastructures
are in serious decline and are in danger of
completely breaking down.  

Each piece of that system is dependent upon
the functionality of every other piece.  
Because it provides fresh water for 25 million people,
the Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta system
is a vital piece of the nation's infrastructure.  
If that system fails, the repercussions, financially and otherwise,
will be national in scope and
not confined to central and southern California.   
It's in everybody's best interest to do whatever is required
to maintain the functionality of this delta area.  


Southern California Water Supply:  

Without major repairs and reconstruction, a disaster is inevitable.  
When it fails, salt water will flood into the fresh water basin,
flooding vast areas of highly-valuable farmland
with salty ocean water.  
The flood of salt water will move all the way
to the entrance to the Clifton Court Forebay Reservoir
which is the starting point of the California aqueduct system.  
The California aqueduct moves fresh water
to about 25 million people in Central and Southern California.  
The gates which allow water
from the Sacramento-San Joaquin rivers
to flow into this reservoir and then into the aqueduct system
will have to be shut down.  
The result will be that Central and Southern California
will be without a major portion of its fresh water
for the two years it will take to repair the damage.  

The price of fixing this problem after disaster strikes
is at least a several thousand times greater than
the cost of fixing it now.  
The California tax payers, like taxpayer in every other state,
have already been milked dry.  


With the government under the control of
the Cabal criminal bankers
There is no government money available
to avert this pending disaster.  
Fortunately, this is not the end of the story,
it's only the beginning.

For The Real Truth about
The Real Problem

The Real Cause
, and
Its Incredibly Simple Solution
See     The Section Below:  






Three Considerations 



The Storm-SurgeBarrier:   

No matter what else is done,
Building the Storm surge Barrier is a must   

The first phase of the delta restoration project
is to build a storm-surge protection barrier
in the Carquinez Strait following the concept,
but not necessarily the design of the storm-surge barrier
that presently exists in the Thames River
near London, England.  
See the photos below on this page.        
Carquinez Strait       Thames River Barrier   

The barrier is not a permanent solution to
a very large, complex, and controversial problem.  
The proposed barrier is simply
emergency, disaster management. 

In an emergency, the flood protection gates could be closed.  
This would prevent salt water from rushing into the delta
and it would dramatically reduce the detrimental effect of
a major flood or earthquake.  
With or without the proposed, peripheral channel,
this barrier is the essential for maintaining the flow
of fresh water to Central and to Southern California.  


Upgrade the Dikes:  

The individual dikes and levees require
major upgrades, rebuilding and/or replacements.  
This is such a massive and expensive undertaking
that to maintain the status quo is simply not practical. 
Very likely, only portions of the dikes and levees will be upgraded
and other areas will revert back to their natural state.   


Bypass the Delta:  

The second phase of the restoration project 
is to build a peripheral canal to move water
directly from the Sacramento river and
the San Joaquin river to the California Aqueduct system.  
This channel would bypass the lowland delta area so that,
even in an emergency, where the delta was flooded,
fresh water would continue to flow
to the 25 million people is Central and Southern California.  

The estimated cost of this additional channel ranges from
three to seventeen billion dollars.  
The project has been examined and a functional channel proposed,
but for lack of money. that channel has never been built.  

The bypass channel would not protect the delta area
from becoming flooded with salt water
as a result of a major winter storm or
 a 6.7 or stronger earthquake in or near San Francisco.  
Keeping out unwanted salt water will require
building a flood protection barrier      






  California Super Storm 



A California Super Storm  is inevitable.  
It has happened before.  It will happen again. 
Check the Internet for confirmation. 

Scientists are predicting a Super Storm in California
that will be the worst natural disaster to hit
the United States in its 240 year history.   

In addition to the storm's multi-billion-dollar,
water, and wind damage,
a California Super-Storm would devastate
the fragile headwaters of the California Aqueduct and
require that the aqueduct be shut down
while repairs are being made and
while the salt water is being flushed out of the delta. 

This would leave about 25 million people and
about 750,000 acres of farmland in
Southern and Central California
without their major source of fresh water
for about two years.  

Many of the farms, particularly the orchards,
would take decades to recover, or
they would simply cease to exist.  

Another aspect of this problem is that
the levees and deltas in the headwaters area
of the California Aqueduct System
are so desperately in need of repairs
that even a much milder storm
would cause the system to break down.  






The Real Truth -- The Real Problem- 
Its Incredibly Simple Solution 



There is one and only one thing
causing every one of our nation's financial problems,
including the water disaster facing California, its citizens
and the entire nation!  

The Cause Is:  
A huge portion of the nations money supply
has been intentionally pulled out of our nation's economy
by the Cabal Criminal Bankers
who controlled both the Federal Reserve and
our nation's money supply.    

The Solution Is Incredibly Simple!   
It's so simple that once you understand
even basic economics, you'll be amassed
that you hadn't see this sooner

Replace the Missing Money!  
Our nations economy can be likened to
a stare of the arts, high-quality automobile
sitting idle for lack of tires.  

There are literally millions of Americans
ready, willing and able to
rebuild this nation's infrastructure. 
This, in turn, will rebuild the nations economy.

We can quickly and easily and permanently
end every one of the nations financial problems,
including ending the highly destructive weather manipulation
that is causing the California drought.  

We can solve every one of the entire nation's financial problems
with one, incredibly simple, perfectly legal action.
Issue Debt-Free-Money directly form the U. S. Treasury, 

Or From Any  State Treasury
in the Entire United States.   

Readers are referred to     http://www.C-Truth-B-Free.com/k-interview-4-solve-27-major-financiak-problems.html    






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***  Safe-Haven Rescue's First Major Mission:
       A Mission of Disaster Prevention:      

To prevent The California Water Disaster
*   from killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people,  
*   from creating an ecological disaster,  
*   from shutting down the California Aqueduct,
     leaving 25 Million people without
     their major source of fresh water for two years, and  
*   from resulting in a social and economic nightmare,
     and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.  

We call this project   
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

+++   UWC - The Ultimate Worthy Cause      

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