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Safe Haven Rescue, N. CA 

Avoiding a Trillion Dollar Disaster
with Nine Million Dollars of Prevention




  Supporting Evidence 







For an excellent description of the area, past, present, and future, and the controversy surrounding how to manage this area, readers are directed to the internet and an article written by John Hart titled: The Once and Future Delta.     







California Water Fix


Check the link below to better understand that
building a storm surge barrier in the Carquinez  Strait
is just one part of the solution to a huge California water problem.  

https://www.californiawaterfix.com/#problem         .

California's entire water resources infrastructure
is in desperate need of upgrades and replacements.  
Building the storm surge barrier is
the most urgently needed part of the solution.   







Four Assessments




California Water Update Committee Report  

Compiled information from Ron Sprague, Kern County Planning Commissioner who has been the CCPCA Representative on the 2005, 2009 and 2013 California Water Update Committee with the California Department of Water Resources. Ron was CCPCA President in 2008.   


"Earthquake of 6.5 to 6.7 is likely to result in major damage to the delta.    A 6.7 Earthquake in the Bay Area, could cause $30-$40 Billion Economic Losses to California which is a 62% probability between 2011 and 2031."  


"The San Andreas Fault is very active and a magnitude 7 to 8 is very possible according to Scientist evaluating the Fault daily."   


"Collapse of levees would allow salt water to mix with freshwater, making it  [the water  in the delta area] unusable for years.    This would force water users, i.e. Farmers and Municipalities to pump Groundwater from Water Banks and or Groundwater Aquifers, which would lower the water table in the regions.   This would also affect Domestic wells pumping from shallow water tables."  


"Statewide Agriculture in General and Vegetable & Tree crops and Vines of every kind would suffer and food supplies would dwindle due to contamination by saltwater and the inability to obtain fresh irrigation water supplies.   We must replace, repair and or rebuild the levees in the Northern California Delta and Bay areas in short order before a major Earthquake occurs to prevent a major disaster within California.   



The Looming Water Disaster That Could Destroy California, and Enrich Its Billionaire Farmers  

"There's an impending disaster in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and a handful of wealthy farmers seem to like it that way.   

Imagine the devastating flooding of Hurricane Katrina multiplied by epic sandstorms, drought and economic collapse of the Dust Bowl.   Now picture it happening an hour east of Apple's headquarters in Silicon Valley and spreading all the way down to the Mexican border.   It's not as far-fetched as you think.   A routine 6.7-magnitude earthquake would be enough to set it off, liquefying the decrepit levee system that walls off California's main source of drinking water from the Pacific Ocean and triggering a deadly flood that would submerge roads, destroy homes, wipe out thousands of acres of farmland, snuff out countless lives and possibly cut over 20 million Californians off from their water supply for a year or more. 

California's politicians have known about this looming catastrophe for decades. They also have had the power to neutralize the threat. But no one has done anything to prevent it.    

Just like the oligarchs who used the shock of Hurricane Katrina's destruction to tear down public housing, privatize public schools and pillage the city's poorest, California's most powerful business interests have positioned themselves to profit from this disaster. A handful of billionaire farmers and real estate developers are in line to pull off the most brazen water heist in American history, seizing control over much of Northern California's water supplies to do what they have always wanted: turn water, a shared public resource, into a private asset that can be traded on the open market."  
Additional Reference:   Cabal criminal bankers    



Researchers' Study Details Impact of Water Supply Disruption on Los Angeles County Economy  

November 29, 2012

"The report, conducted by a team of University of Southern California economists led by Professor Adam Rose, one of the nation's leading economic risk analysis experts of terrorism and other major disasters, finds that Los Angeles County could suffer startling job and gross domestic product (GDP) losses if a major disruption to the region's imported water supplies were to occur from a shutdown of the California Aqueduct due to a man-made or natural disaster such as an earthquake.     

The report shows that Los Angeles County could face severe economic scenarios resulting from a 12-month and 24-month shutdown of the California Aqueduct, for example: . . .    A 12-month shutdown would amount to economic losses of as much as 550,000 jobs and $55.6 billion in GDP. . . "



Study Details How Water Disruption Would Devastate Pasadena  

November 29, 2012    

"A sustained disruption of water flowing into Southern California . . . would cause massive job losses and wield other devastating economic effects in Pasadena."    








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What Is Safe-Haven Rescue?     

Building Safe-Haven Rescue Infrastructure   <

Creating the Safe-Haven Rescue Logo   


***  Safe-Haven Rescue's First Major Mission:
       A Mission of Disaster Prevention:      

To prevent The California Water Disaster
*   from killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people,  
*   from creating an ecological disaster,  
*   from shutting down the California Aqueduct,
     leaving 25 Million people without
     their major source of fresh water for two years, and  
*   from resulting in a social and economic nightmare,
     and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.  

We call this project   
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

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