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  The Ultimate Worthy Cause 






Avoiding a multi-Trillion Dollar Disaster

with a Few Million Dollars of Prevention






The Multi-Trillion-Dollar Problem 


An Easily


Otherwise Inevitable


Water Disaster

is about to devastate

California, the Nation, and

The Profits of Every Corporation

and Every Business in the Entire Country.



Here's an overview of the problem
If a major earthquake occurs
in or near San Francisco, California
before a storm-surge barrier is built in the Carquinez Strait,
at the north end of San Francisco Bay,
that earthquake will trigger
a chain of extremely destructive events.  

For Example, here is  step four  in that chain of events: 
If we continue to ignore this problem,
when a major earthquake occurs in or near San Francisco,
it will require the California aqueduct
will be shut down for repairs for about two years

If we continue to do nothing:
*   25 million people, thousands of farms, and
     hundreds of thousands of businesses
     in Central and Southern California will be without
     their major source of fresh water for about two years. 

*   Hundreds of thousands of Central and
     Southern California farms and businesses
     will simply shut down.
     Thouisands will  permanently go out of business. 

If we continue to do nothing,
at the end of this chain of events,
*   we will find ourselves in a sever,
     national, and perhaps a worldwide, financial depression.
*   A major source of food will suddenly be gone.
     Over half of our nation's fruit and nuts
     come from California, as do a 25% of our vegetables. 
*   hundreds, perhaps thousands of people will die directly or
     indirectly as a result of us doing nothing.
*   Without the barrier,
     California  is facing another sever ecological disaster.

The Bottom Line:
If we continue to do nothing,
we will experience a social and economic nightmare,
and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.

The Solution:
to this problem has and incredibly simple.
Build a storm surge barrier
in the Carquinez Strait at the north end of
San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay).






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The Trillion-Dollar Problem   

The Incredibly Simple Solution   

Editor's Note     

Our Role In this Project       


Description of the Problem    

The Price of Disaster    

The California Economy  

The Bottom Line    






  The Incredibly Simple Solution 



This problem has and incredibly simple solution. 
We cannot prevent an Earthquake from occurring
in or near San Francisco.  
However, we can prevent that earthquake
from triggering a series of very negative events.

The solution is to build a storm surge barrier
in the Carquinez Strait at the north end of
San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay).

The money to pay all construction costs could simply
be issued as debt-free money directly from
the United States Treasury.   

Unfortunately, those who
secretly controlled the government
didn't want this problem solved, so
they intentionally ignored it. 

That's all changed now.
See the Editor's Note in the next section, below.


At Safe-Haven Rescue, N. CA, we intend to do what ever it takes
to force this issue into public awareness.  

Our job is not in the construction portion of the project.  
Our job is to see to it that the barrier is built.  

***   We will hire profession engineers to find
         the ideal location for the storm surge Barrier.  

***   We will hire professional engineers
         to design the storm surge barrier.  

***   We will commit all our resources and all our actions
         into forcing the government bureaucrats into action.   

***   We will do whatever it takes
        to get this storm surge barrier constructed
        as quickly as possible.  





  Editor's Note 


In 2011, Rev, Robert Cote', Director of The Life Center, established
The  California Aqueduct Headwaters Restoration Foundation
(CAHR Foundation)
for the express purpose of getting a storm surge barrier
built in the Carquinez Strait.    

After extensive research and after making
well over a thousand emails and phone calls and
after sending out several hundred
oversized,  graphically designed post cards,
he realized that all government agencies and
all major corporation were secretly controlled
by the same cartel of Cabal criminal bankers
that ran the Federal Reserve, that
controlled child sex slave trafficking and
 the illegal drug industry.  

He also ran out of money and was forced
to abandon the CAHR Foundation.   


Today, May 2017, everything is dramatically different. 
The Cabal Criminals are no longer in total control of
the United States government.  
Millions of people are waking up and demanding
social, political, economic, and environmental changes.

In this new context, the FahZoom Town Project,
(Safe-Haven Rescue),
again sponsored and created by Robert Cote',
is taking up where the CAHR Foundation left off. 

It's now obvious that efforts to build the storm surge barrier
while everything was  under Cabal control
was a guaranteed failure.  

Where Will the Money Come From?
Debt free money is available right now, today
directly from the United states treasury.  

In the new context, success is all but guaranteed.   
The only issue is will the storm surge barrier be built
before the next inevitable major earthquake
occurs in or near San Francisco?   






Our Role In this Project  



Our Role is to make sure the storm Surge barrier
is built as soon as feasible.  
Our job is not to do the building. 
Our job is to focus so much attention
on this potential disaster
that the people wake up and demand action.   

We will hire experts to make a feasibility study. 
We will hire experts, versed in each phase of this  project,
such as finding the best location, 
creating designs for a barrier, itself.  

We will hire publicity experts
to make huge waves
about the problem,
the simple solution and
THE DISASTER of continuing to doing nothing.  

Why are we not doing these things today?  
The answer: Lack of funding and
apathy or fear on the part of those
with the resources to prevent disaster.  

The bottom line is that YOU have a choice 
Action or National Disaster!    





  Description of the Problem 


The Inland-Delta Area for both
the Sacramento River and the  San Joaquin River

is only a few miles east of San Francisco.  
This inland river delta is the source of fresh water
for the California Aqueduct.   
Much of this area is 15 feet or more below sea level.     

The California Aqueduct delivers fresh water
from this inland-delta-area to 25 million people,
thousands of farms and hundreds of thousands of businesses
in  Central and Southern California.     

The eleven-hundred-square-mile area of rich farmland
in the Sacramento-San-Joaquin-River Inland Delta Area
east of San Francisco will be devastated.  
Whole communities, several hundred homes, and
hundreds of square miles of cropland
will be severely damaged or destroyed.    
Food production from this area will be halted

A Storm-Surge-Barrier is essential in the Carquinez Strait
to protect this 1,100-square-mile, inland, river, delta area
from being suddenly flooded by salty ocean water.  
At this time, there is no Storm Surge Barrier

Without this barrier, the area will be devastated
by the next 6.7 or larger earthquake in or near San Francisco. 
It's not a question of will these events occur;
the only unknown question of when will they occur   

If we allow this easily avoidable destruction to occur,
it will not only be one of the nation's
most devastating natural disasters,
it will also trigger the worst financial downturn
in the nation's entire history.  
Almost overnight, millions of jobs will simply disappear.  

Here's another major factor
Are you aware of the fact that
a huge percentage of the nations food supply
is grown in California?   See the chart below in his page.






  The Price of Disaster 



How Much Will It Cost Us To Do Nothing:    

A major San Francisco area earthquake will cause
tens of thousands of people in the delta area
to die, be injured, and/or lose their homes.  

It will cost California,  its counties, its cities,
and the people, billions of dollars
in expenses and in lost revenues.  

It will cost businesses and corporations
millions of dollars, or hundreds of millions,
and for some corporations,
even billions of dollars in lost profits. 
The corporate loses will occur in both in California and
in the rest of the nation as well.

Fresh Water for
25 Million People,
Thousands of Farms and
Hundreds of Thousands of Businesses 

in Central & Southern California

Will Be Shut Off for About Two Years
while repairs are made.  

If this delta are is flooded with salt water,
it will have a huge impact on the entire nation.   
Millions of people will lose their jobs.    

It will dramatically reduce the nation's food supply.  

It will devastate the already-fragile national economy.   

If this disaster is allowed to happen,
there are two additional problem
that will make the consequences even more devastating: 
***   California is experiencing one of
        the worst droughts ever, and
***   The major water corporations
        are draining already-extremely-low,
       California reservoirs and selling the water
       in toxic, plastic, water bottles.

If the California Water disaster is allowed to happen,
the entire nation will fall into a Severe, Economic Depression
that will likely last for decades.  
Your children and grandchildren
will experience untold grief and misery. 
Many will die prematurely.






  The California Economy 



Over half of our nation's fruit and nuts come from California,
as do a 25% of our vegetables.  
The percent of vegetables would be higher
if we excluded our favorite vegetable, potatoes, from the calculation.  
That said, which specific crops would we no longer grow
if California stopped farming?    

Crop: Percent Grown in California in 2007
Pomegranates: 100%
Artichokes: 99%
Kiwi: 97%
Olives: 96%
Figs: 96%
Pluots: 95%
Plums and Prunes: 94%
Brussel Sprouts: 93%
Avocados: 90%
Nectarines: 89%
Garlic: 85%
Celery: 83%
Grapes: 83%
Dates: 82%
Apricots: 82%
Cauliflower: 82%
Broccoli: 81%
Lemons: 79%
Persimmons: 77%
Honeydew: 77%
Tomatoes: 76%
Lettuce: 73%
Nuts: 65%
Carrots: 62%

Strawberries: 59%
Spinach: 59%
Tangerines: 58%
Chinese Cabbage: 49%
Asparagus: 47%
Cantaloupes: 46%
Peaches: 44%
Limes: 42%
Non-Valencia Oranges: 37%  


*All of this data comes from the 2007 Census of Agriculture






  The Bottom Line 


The solution is to build a storm surge barrier
in the Carquinez Strait at the north end of
San Francisco Bay (San Pablo Bay).

We can't prevent natural disasters, but
by being prepared, we can minimize their damage.  
Building a storm-surge barrier in the Carquinez Strait
will prevent a local problem from becoming a national disaster. 







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***  Safe-Haven Rescue's First Major Mission:
       A Mission of Disaster Prevention:      

To prevent The California Water Disaster
*   from killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people,  
*   from creating an ecological disaster,  
*   from shutting down the California Aqueduct,
     leaving 25 Million people without
     their major source of fresh water for two years, and  
*   from resulting in a social and economic nightmare,
     and a financial depression of unprecedented proportions.  

We call this project   
The Ultimate Worthy Cause

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